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Presentation Title: Low Cost Cathode Catalysis for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells. Discipline: Chemical Engineering School: University of Montana Presentation Type: Oral and Poster Presentations Abstract: Low Cost Cathode Catalysis for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells. Delilah Friedlander Dr. Di-Jia Liu Argonne National Laboratories.

Along with many other sustainable energy research groups at Argonne National Laboratories one group is currently researching proton exchange membrane fuel cells in hydrogen storage and catalysis. At present time one could run a car engine with the platinum based catalysts, but the automobile would market for around a million dollars. My research efforts primarily focused on finding lower cost catalysts that work as effectively as platinum based ones in proton exchange membrane fuel cells. My team at Argonne National Laboratories is currently investigating non-precious group metal catalysts. The catalysts are synthesized at Argonne then activated using diverse techniques such as acid treatments as well as heating under different temperatures, under different gasses and at different pressures. After the catalysts are synthesized and activated they are tested with Rotating Ring Disk electrodes instrumentation. Recent tests have proven some non-precious group metal catalysts effective and nearing the efficiency of that as platinum based catalysts. Repeated RDE tests have shown the number of electrons transferred, mass activity, and efficiency of these non-precious metal catalysts to start to mimic the platinum catalysts. Further research is imperative in this area of physical chemistry/engineering so that fuel cells can someday contribute to new forms of sustainable energy.

Presenter: Delilah Friedlander Tribe: Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Primary Email: Biography I grew up on the Flathead reservation in northwestern Montana. I will have completed my second bachelor's of science degree this winter, and hope to apply to graduate school soon. I definitely found a calling in research by working three consecutive summers with Argonne National Laboratories and hope that I can do research as a grad student in either fuel cell chemistry or batteries.


2011 National Conference Student Research Abstracts  
2011 National Conference Student Research Abstracts  

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