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Presentation Title: The Impact of Persulfate ISCO on Soil Organic Matter Discipline: Environmental Science School: Clarkson University Presentation Type: Poster Presentation Abstract: The Impact of Persulfate ISCO on Soil Organic Matter Jaliza Burwell, Clarkson University

In situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) is a remediation method using oxidants to treat hazardous waste site contaminants in the subsurface. Persulfate is one oxidant used for ISCO and it requires activation to generate free radicals that are able to react with and destroy the contaminants. Iron, iron with a chelating agent (EDTA), or alkaline pH are all capable of activating persulfate. Activated persulfate not only destroys the contaminants, but also has the potential to alter soil organic matter (SOM), creating dissolved organic matter (DOM). DOM may enhance post-ISCO and/or downgradient bioactivity by providing a carbon source for the microorganisms that then can be used for contaminant biodegradation Experimental studies were conducted to investigate the extent and nature of DOM generated using different persulfate activation approaches with three different porous media types. Standard methods were used to quantify total organic carbon (TOC) and chemical oxygen demand COD). Results indicate that COD generated varies with the type of persulfate activation approaches and using alkaline pH as an activation method had the greatest impacts on two of the soils. It has also been found that persulfate alone does not have an impact on the organic matter. Results will enhance our ability to design more sustainable coupled ISCO and bioremediation treatment systems.

Presenter: Jaliza Burwell Primary Email: Biography I am a junior at Clarkson University in the process of gaining a bachelor’s degree in bio-molecular sciences. Over the summer I worked in Dr. Michelle Crimi’s lab at Clarkson doing environmental research on the effects of activated persulfate on soil organic matter. Going into the fall semester, I continue to work in her lab to gain lab experience. I hope to go to a graduate school and gain my PhD in cancer pathology and prevention because I hope to work in a research lab doing cancer related research.


2011 National Conference Student Research Abstracts  
2011 National Conference Student Research Abstracts  

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