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Presentation Title: Determining Levels of Dissolved Oxygen Along Various Sites of Smugglers Slough Discipline: Native Environmental Science School: Northwest Indian College Presentation Type: Poster Presentation Abstract: Determining Levels of Dissolved Oxygen Along Various Sites of Smugglers Slough Lance Brockie, Northwest Indian College

Reconnecting Smugglers Slough with the Nooksack River is of great interest to me as a science student here at Northwest Indian College as well as to the Lummi Nation Natural Resource Department. Evidence suggests that the reconnection of Smugglers Slough to the Nooksack River would allow greater opportunity for juvenile salmon to acclimatize before their journey out into the Pacific Ocean. The following is what I am hoping to find throughout this study. Are the levels of dissolved oxygen high enough to sustain a healthy ecosystem for juvenile salmon as well as other fish that might inhabit this particular body of water? Such a study should give insight into what conservation steps might need to be taken to ensure that the quality of the water is healthy enough to sustain such a culturally important animal as the salmon. Optimal dissolved oxygen levels for salmon are 7-9mg/L, while levels 3.5-6mg/L are considered poor. Levels that drop below 3.5mg/L are considered fatal to salmon.

Presenter: Lance Brockie Tribe: Gros Ventre Primary Email: Biography I would first like to start by introducing myself. My name is Lance Brockie; I’m an enrolled member of the Gros Ventre tribe from north central Montana. I am married and the father of two wonderful children, Sydney age 9 and Brodie age 2. I am currently studying at Northwest Indian College in Bellingham, WA pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Native Environmental Science. Currently I am enrolled in my upper level science courses, which I must say are challenging but very rewarding. At this moment I am on schedule to hopefully graduate after the 2011 fall quarter.


2011 National Conference Student Research Abstracts  
2011 National Conference Student Research Abstracts  

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