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Presentation Title: EV 360: A Different Kind of Vehicle Discipline: Mechanical Engineering School: University of Hawaii at Manoa Presentation Type: Poster Presentation Abstract: EV 360: A Different Kind of Vehicle Christopher Ahuna, Russell Chang, Hienie Davis Mentors: Dr. Mehrdad Nejhad, Michael Menendez University of Hawaii at Mnoa College of Engineering, Honolulu, HI

The word utility is defined as the state or quality of being useful. In this specific instance, we wanted a utility vehicle (UTV) to fit the task at hand. Specifically, a farmer required a vehicle that could navigate hilly and muddy terrain while being constricted by design requirements such as environmental impact, safety, size and weight, and power. To conclude our design phase, we decided on an electrical motor vehicle. Inevitably, the world is going to run out of fossil fuels. Thus, we need to reduce our dependence if not completely eliminate our need for fossil fuels. Through a combination of SolidWorks and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), we conceptualized a vehicle that would be safe and relatively lightweight. Normal vehicle frame types didn’t suit our needs, so building a full-tubular 4130 Chromoly (a steel alloy) frame was the logical choice primarily because of the large strength-to-weight ratio Chromoly provides. Trials arose throughout such as remodeling various portions of the frame and installing essentials like the motor, the controller, and the batteries, but ultimately we reached our goal of creating a UTV which we have called the EV 360. Throughout this project, my group members and I learned about engineering processes and their conflicts. Eventually, our hard work and persistence paid off, while learning valuable life lessons as well.

Presenter: Christopher Ahuna Tribe: Native Hawaiian Primary Email: Alternate Email: Biography Christopher Ahuna is a Native Hawaiian who graduated from Kamehameha High School, Class of 2009. He is currently a junior studying at the College of Engineering at the University of Hawaii at Manoa striving to attain a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He enjoys putting hard work into the things he finds most important such as forming and maintaining relationships with those around him. He is proud man who loves to talk about his achievements, but always acknowledges his faults and accepts constructive criticism graciously.


2011 National Conference Student Research Abstracts  
2011 National Conference Student Research Abstracts  

A comprehensive list of the student research topics that will be presented at the AISES 2011 National Conference