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2011 Undergraduate Student Poster and Oral Sessions Sponsors: All Nations Louis Stokes AMP (ANLSAMP) and Merck

EV 360: A Different Kind of Vehicle, Christopher Ahuna Development of New Antibacterial Dendrimers, Devin American Horse At Sea Level - Yup'ik People and Salmon Living Through Change, Rita A. Asgeirsson

Identification of Heparan Sulfate 3-O-sulfotransferase 1 Using Proteomics Approach, Raquel Auwae Investigating Virulence Factor Duplications in Mycobacterium marinum, Kekaihalai J. Avilez, An Investigation into the Presence of Mercury in the Waters of Reservoir Sakakawea, Destiny Baker Prescribe Fire Effects on Selected Grasses in the Mixed Grass Prairie, Noel S. Baker Clogging Microchannels with Micro Gel Particles, Joshua Begay Evaluating Sampling Protocols on the Little Big Horn River, Adrienne C. Bird Conversion of Primary Forest Residue to Biochar with a Mobile Pyrolysis Blanket, Burdette J. Birdinground Uranium Removal of Contaminated Soils Using Rhamnolipid Coupled with Sequential Extraction Marsha Bitsui Investigation of Sources of Metal Contamination on the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Reservation Elizabeth Bluestone Determining Levels of Dissolved Oxygen Along Various Sites of Smugglers Slough, Lance Brockie Using Diatoms to Reconstruct a Healthy Growing Environment for Wild Rice (Zizania palustris ) of the Fond du Lac Chippewa Reservation in Northern Minnesota, Cristina Bunch The Impact of Persulfate ISCO on Soil Organic Matter, Jaliza Burwell The Hydrologic Impact of Antecedent Soil Water Content and Straw Mulch on a Burned Area, Fourmile Canyon Wildfire Near Boulder, Colorado, Carnicle, Melissa


2011 National Conference Student Research Abstracts  
2011 National Conference Student Research Abstracts  

A comprehensive list of the student research topics that will be presented at the AISES 2011 National Conference