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hair myths uncovered part 1 Most of us have a great desire to have beautiful, shiny, lustrous and fuller locks and this could be the reason why there are many myths associated with hair due to the over empowering desire to have good locks. This article would cover up all the myths which are prevalent in Indian society. Know them and after knowing it's your responsibility to make people more knowledgeable and free them from their myths. Myth 1- Brushing your strands 100 times a day will keep it healthy and also help in increasing the length. The fact is that brushing your strands 100 times a day will only make it very dry as well as unmanageable and also make the scalp oily. Myth 2 - Shampooing daily on more regularly is really harmful for your strands. Shampooing is nothing but a routine which helps in getting rid of all the excess of oil on the scalp as well as the dirt. So if you have got a very oily scalp you can go for a regular shampooing routine as well. Just make sure to use a mild natural based shampoo which is formulated for daily use. Myth 3 - Shaving your locks more regularly will make it thicker and will also help in decreasing your hair loss problems. We come across many people who shave off their head if they have hair fall problems or else they have thin growth. In fact it is become very common to shave off head of the babies regularly till they get thick growth. The fact is the thickness of the hair depends on the nourishment what the follicles receive from within and it is nothing got to do with superficial shaving off. Myth 4 - Cutting the hair more frequently will make it grow longer and better. Again very commonly associated myth in the Indian society, actually hair-cutting is important to get rid of the split ends and also to make it more manageable. Myth 5 - Regular oiling of scalp helps in better and faster growth of your hair. Oiling is really prevalent in the Indian society and it also helps in improving the texture as it is an excellent scalp conditioner. It by no means improves the growth of the hair.

Oiling regularly just helps in keeping the scalp healthy. Do you know the secrets of having picture perfect hair that you want to be proud of? Do you want to finally regain your confidence having perfect, healthy locks that you have always dreamed of? If yes, watch this advanced free hair care video. Plus you will also get a free telephone counseling session where one of our senior trichologists will call you personally and help you one-on-one to answer any hair queries you might have. This hair-analysis test will help you to know any kind of mineral imbalance in the body. Read this amazing article - hair test.

Hair Myths Uncovered Part 1  
Hair Myths Uncovered Part 1  

Most of us have a great desire to have beautiful, shiny, lustrous and fuller hair and this could be the reason why there are many myths asso...