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rom remote outback stations to inner city airports the PC-12 operates day and night to keep the Flying Doctor in the air. WIth twenty four aeromedical PC-12’s in operation throughout Australia

the Royal Flying Doctor Service is an indispensable member of the Pilatus family. We invite you to call and find out more information about the PC-12 aircraft.


Pilatus Australia Pty Ltd. Tel: +61 8 8234 4433

Welcome > With the year coming to a close we highlight in this magazine some of the many people and groups who have helped us out by raising or donating money. There are many thousands of generous people who support us, so with these very few pages it is difficult to cover everyone and every activity, but this does not diminish the gratitude we have for you all. This year, we have set ourselves a challenging and long-term goal to focus on providing equitable access to comprehensive quality health care for rural, remote and regional Queensland. It is a task that requires us to examine everything we do and the way we do it. The RFDS began as an innovative idea and innovation will support us in achieving our goal. I hope that you will continue with us on this journey and celebrate as we improve health service availability for the large number of people who rely upon the Flying Doctor.

Russell Ousley General Manager Marketing and Fundraising



> A message from the CEO A quarterly review from Nino Di Marco. > A message from the Chairman A yearly review from Julia Leeds. > Staff profile Pilot Peter Brooke celebrates 25 years of service. > Community support We thank our valued supporters. > Spirit of Queensland Awards Awards winner to be announced. > Program story Promoting good health. > How you can help Find out how to support the RFDS. > Patient story Flight lifeline for survival. > The wonderful work of our Volunteer Auxiliaries Highlights from a great year of fundraising. > RFDS farewells Dr Graham Anderson One of Australia’s most respected surgeons and past president of the RFDS.

OUR PATRON > We are proud to have Her Excellency, Ms Penelope Wensley, AO, Governor of Queensland as our patron.

This magazine is produced by the Marketing and Fundraising Department of the RFDS in Queensland. If you do not wish to receive future editions of this magazine, please contact the RFDS on (07) 3860 1100 or email: > 12 Casuarina Street, BRISBANE AIRPORT QLD 4007 > Ph: (07) 3860 1100 > Fax: (07) 3860 1122 >

> Carols in the City RFDS announced 2010 charity partner. > Thank you for your donations We recognise some of the recent generous contributors to the RFDS. > What’s on Upcoming events.

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> November 2010


Nino Di Marco CEO

Queensland Section

A message from the CEO

As 2010 draws to a close, it gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect on our achievements, while also looking towards 2011 with optimism. The year 2010 was significant for the RFDS and, indeed, it was significant for the nation too, with renewed focus on equity of health care access. The recent election brought with it a spotlight on the challenges experienced with rural and remote health care. The RFDS will be doing all that we can to ensure that this focus is maintained and concerns addressed, as we continue to work towards our 2020 vision of providing equitable access to comprehensive quality health care across Queensland. We are currently working hand-in-hand with organisations such as Queensland Health, General Practitioners Queensland, Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council and other health service organisations to put forward a proposal for the national health reform agenda. It is fantastic to see the RFDS playing a major role, alongside government and key organisations, as a voice for those living in rural and remote areas. I hope that over the next 12 months we will be able to further consolidate our role as a leader in the provision of primary health care.

almost 5,500 vaccinations provided. This growth has only been possible with the outstanding people that work for the RFDS and the dedicated support from our donors, sponsors, funding partners and supporters. Our greatest strength is our people, and their passion for rural, regional and remote health. With their dedication, we provided nearly 85,000 consultations and services to patients in Queensland in the past year, including 10,500 patients transported through aeromedical evacuations and inter-hospital transfers. This is a rewarding achievement. To continue providing excellence in health care, utilising technology and being innovative is vital. In 2011 and beyond, maintaining our involvement in the growth of e-health will give us the opportunity to reach into the future to assist in improving health services for rural and remote Queensland.

‌further consolidate our role as a leader in the provision of primary health care.

With the recent awarding of a new Queensland Government tender, we will be in an even better position to improve services with three new aircraft. Over $24 million worth of aircraft will join our fleet starting from this month, bringing the total to 20 aircraft. Townsville, Rockhampton and Brisbane Bases will each get a new Beechcraft King Air to support the aeromedical work that we do.

When I look at the figures at the end of every year, I am always overwhelmed by the number of services our employees provide, and the support they give to Queenslanders. This year in particular, our primary health care program has continued to expand with 10% growth in clinic patient consultations on 2009. Our immunisation program also grew by 18% with

Through the continued support of each and every one of you; and in particular our three corporate partners Ergon, BAC and QCoal, I am confident that in the coming year we can add yet another fulfilling chapter to the long story of the RFDS. I wish you all a happy Christmas, filled with family and friends, and encourage you to travel safely during the holiday season.

Welcome Sally-Anne Witherspoon Sally-Anne Witherspoon joins the RFDS (Queensland Section) Board of Directors as a self-employed grazier from a remote area of north Queensland, with direct experience of the services that the RFDS provides. As a mother of three children who have been recipients of both RFDS primary and emergency care, Sally-Anne is well positioned to provide insight into living and raising a family in extremely remote and isolated areas. Sally-Anne and her husband operate properties in Queensland ranging from Weipa on Cape York to Richmond and Charters Towers. For over 30 years


> November 2010

Sally-Anne has lived and worked alongside people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent, gathering an understanding of issues and concerns, especially on Cape York. She and her husband have also worked in the mining industry in earthmoving operations. SallyAnne also has a Multi Combination Licence and is an experienced road-train driver. Last year, Sally-Anne became a fixed wing pilot and continues to work towards gaining experience in this area. With such broad knowledge and insight the RFDS welcomes Sally-Anne to the Board.

Julia Leeds Chairman

Queensland Section

A message from the Chairman

The driving force behind the Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section), and the basis on which all decisions are made, is our 2020 vision: to provide rural, remote and regional Queensland with equitable access to comprehensive quality health care. This was one of the important outcomes from our strategic plan review held in March 2010 that engaged representatives from all bases and disciplines. This review helped to define strategic initiatives and to describe our core values, which have essentially remained unchanged since the time of Reverend John Flynn. I believe that this work will help us to remain a modern, vibrant, competitive medical organisation, relevant in the constantly changing and challenging health environment. Our commitment to broaden our primary health care delivery saw us launch two Cessna Caravan aircraft as part of a dedicated primary health care fleet in Cairns, and open four Wellbeing Centres in the far north. These are great additions to our primary health care programs which, while continuing to treat patients as individuals, have the potential to provide real and measurable improved health outcomes for communities. This is important for all areas but critical in a small number of Indigenous communities which include some of the most disadvantaged members of Australian society. The organisation has also invested significant resources over the year to improve efficiency and productivity to make us more competitive without compromising quality. It is a focus of our current strategic plan to ensure that this work will continue into the future. We were delighted to welcome Brisbane Airport Corporation and QCoal as principal sponsors and to celebrate over $4 million raised by our long-term principal sponsor, Ergon Energy. I also acknowledge all our supporters who contribute their time and effort and are essential to the provision of our service, some

Welcome Michael Burnett Michael joined the Board in September 2010. Michael is a judicial officer having previously practised as a barrister in Brisbane for 23 years. His practice areas principally included commercial, administrative and construction law. He also worked as an accredited mediator, registered as a BCIPA adjudicator and was a graded arbitrator with the IAMA. Following admission as a solicitor in 1982 and prior to practicing as a barrister he was employed as

of whom I met at our Flying Doctor Day celebration at the Brisbane Base and the Inspirational Evening event. The Board, members of which give so generously of their time, wisdom and skills, has seen some changes this year. We welcome Sally-Anne Witherspoon from the very far north of the state and Michael Burnett from Brisbane, and said farewell to long-serving members Alan Wallace and Kenn McCall both of whom contributed additionally with committee work, in particular Kenn as inaugural chairman of the risk and compliance committee. The Board has undergone a rigorous external board evaluation process and is well-positioned to fulfil its duties into the future embracing the notion of continued education and improvement. Rapid change has been the hallmark of the RFDS in Queensland during the last few years: this has been very capably led by CEO, Nino Di Marco, who has gathered together an exceptional general management team. This team gives drive and direction to enhance the standards of all our people and also reflects the quality of those who make up the organisation across the state. Special mention must be made of Captain Peter Brooke who celebrated 25 years flying with the RFDS and also of the sad and sudden passing of Mary Grogan from Cairns whose dedication as an RFDS employee spanned over 40 years. I believe that the RFDS in Queensland is well positioned to retain its values and fulfil its 2020 vision. I am honoured and humbled to be the current chairman of this organisation for which I have such affinity and affection.

a solicitor and in government in regional Queensland. He has been a member of the reserve forces for over 25 years and is presently the Deputy Judge Advocate General (Air Force) for the Australian Defence Force. He maintains an active involvement in the RAAF Reserve and is an enthusiastic private pilot. The RFDS welcomes Michael to the board. > November 2010



RFDS pilot Peter Brooke celebrates 25 years of service He has an uncanny knack of getting alongside others and mentoring them to greater heights of skill development and operational safety.


> November 2010

Captain Peter Brooke commenced with the RFDS in Mount Isa in July, 1985 when the RFDS had three bases and just a few pilots. He has grown with the organisation which now has seven aircraft bases with nearly 60 pilots and 20 aircraft. Peter has the honour of holding the company ID number of four. Along with this he holds the company pilot seniority number of one. His beginnings in aviation go back to 1963 when he trained as a Commercial Pilot in Moorabbin, Victoria. He spent his early years in the industry as a Pilot Instructor and also functioned as a Charter Pilot in the Pilbara, Gascoyne and Kimberley regions of Western Australia. During this period he was seconded to the Victorian Section of the RFDS for 12 months to assist them out of Derby, Western Australia. Peter returned to dairy farming for a number of years before returning to full-time flying with the RFDS (Queensland Section) at Mount Isa.

Throughout Peter’s 25 years with the RFDS, he has served at the Mount Isa, Cairns and Brisbane Bases in varying roles from Line Pilot, Training and Checking Pilot, Senior Base Pilot at each of the three Bases and Head of Training and Checking. Additionally he has served as Acting Chief Pilot for the organisation six times. As Peter’s career developed within the RFDS he showed a particular passion for flying standards and became a key figure in the development of the training and checking standards and procedures that are evident in the organisation today. These standards and procedures are regarded amongst the aviation industry within Australia as exemplary and are the standard that much of the industry, and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), benchmark for their own operations. Peter has been a teacher and mentor to those in Queensland’s RFDS who now have the responsibility of carrying his standards and methods forward for the continued safe operation in a very demanding facet of the aviation industry. Peter still holds CASA approvals for all aspects of training and checking within the RFDS (Queensland Section). As Peter has enjoyed training and mentoring others, so too, he has sought training opportunities for himself where he has seen benefit for the organisation. He attended a number of external aircraft specific training courses as well as crew resource management and team development training with the Australian Institute of Management. Occasionally, RFDS operational crew make such a positive impact on patients and their families that letters of appreciation and compliments are received from them. Sometimes this positive impact may be to the extent of saving the life of an individual, or it may just be a gentle word of kindness that has made all the difference in a difficult situation. Over the years, many of these letters of appreciation have been as a result of the work of Peter and his crew members. This is a great testament to the level of empathy that his kind and gentle nature exudes and it brings great credit to him and the organisation that he represents. His extensive operational experience was a key in the success of the RFDS (Queensland Section) involvement in the evacuation operations following the Bali bombings in October, 2002. Peter is a very humble man with a calming and tolerant nature. He has an uncanny knack of getting alongside others and mentoring them to greater heights of skill development and operational safety. He is a man who can never be led into a position of compromise on safety or operational efficiency and

…he has consequently touched many thousands of Australians in ways that even he could not imagine. effectiveness. He has contributed immensely in guiding the Aviation Department of the RFDS in Queensland from just three Bases flying just a few thousand hours a year, to a seven-aircraft-base organisation flying close to 25,000 hours annually. In 1985, he commenced flying relatively simple piston engine aircraft and progressed to a fleet of state-ofthe-art, pressurised, turboprop, Hawker Beechcraft B200 Super King Air and Pilatus PC-12 aircraft. As a result of this experience, he is the corporate memory of the Aviation Department of the RFDS. Peter is not only the most experienced aeromedical pilot within RFDS (Queensland Section) but within the whole country, with around 15,000 flight hours in RFDS operations (from a total of approximately 20,000 hours). Recognition of Peter’s contribution to aviation and the wellbeing of Queenslanders go beyond the Royal Flying Doctor Service and letters from individuals whose lives he has positively touched. In 2001, he was awarded the Paul Harris Fellowship from Rotary International. This is a rare award and is presented by the International President of Rotary International. It was awarded for his service to the community of Queensland at large and to the RFDS. In 2003, Peter was awarded the Captain John Ashton Flight Standards and Aviation Safety Award from the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators. This award recognises outstanding contributions in the area of flight standards and aviation safety within Australia. Peter’s contribution was also acknowledged with a nomination for the Lawrence Hargrave Award in 2005. This biennial award is provided by the Australian Division of the Royal Aeronautical Society and honours individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the aerospace and aviation industry within Australia. His nomination is indicative of his standing within the wider aviation community. Even after 25 years service to the RFDS in Queensland, and a lifetime of contribution to the aviation industry within Australia, Captain Peter Brooke is continuing on with the RFDS in a training and mentoring role, albeit mostly ground-based. After such an outstanding life of contribution, Captain Peter Brooke deserves to be well-satisfied that aeromedical aviation in Australia has his very conspicuous fingerprints on it, and he has consequently touched many thousands of Australians in ways that even he could not imagine. > November 2010


The Learning Link Bridge This year, The Learning Link Bridge, a pedestrian overpass bridge between Brisbane’s Mabel Park State School and Mabel Park State High School was opened and named in honour of Indigenous education counsellor, the late Auntie Linda Link. Auntie Linda Link, mother of RFDS employee of seven years and Senior Indigenous Mental Health Professional, Johnathan Link, worked for over 20 years nurturing and inspiring thousands of students, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, at Mabel Park and Woodridge State High Schools and Kingston College, as well as many other schools. The Learning Link was officially opened by her long-time friend and ALP Member for Woodridge, Desley Scott, who described Linda as “a remarkable lady who dedicated so much of her life to her much-loved students and family.” Auntie Linda also had eight children, 20 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. She was not only an inspiration to her own family but to many other community members and always took time to listen and mentor those that needed it.

Above from left to right: ALP Member for Woodridge, Desley Scott, Johnathan Link, RFDS Senior Indigenous Mental Health Professional with wife, Margaret standing on The Learning Link Bridge, named in honour of Johnathan’s mother, Auntie Linda Link. ALP Member for Woodridge, Desley Scott and Johnathan Link, RFDS Senior Indigenous Mental Health Professional opening The Learning Link Bridge.

In a professional context, Auntie Linda held many positions on various boards of Indigenous organisations, held directorships and was a successful strong advocate in the improvement of Indigenous education in the Logan City region. She will be sorely missed by those that knew her and what she stood for.

Rockhampton Base celebrates years ago the RFDS commenced 15th anniversary Fifteen operations in Rockhampton to provide interhospital transfers and emergency evacuations to people living in and around the region. In its first year of operation, the Rockhampton Base assisted an average of two patients per day. Today, with a second Beechcraft King Air B200 aircraft and an increase in shifts from two per day to three, the Base has tripled the number of lives it touches helping an average of six patients per day to receive the vital medical attention they require.

RFDS Rockhampton Senior Base Administrator, Trish Short (centre) with past patients Bianca Reynolds of Dululu (left) and Katie Dobsa of Rockhampton (right) at the 15th anniversary celebrations.


> November 2010

For over fifteen years the RFDS has been incredibly lucky to have attracted the support of a number of passionate and dedicated volunteers who have formed the RFDS Rockhampton Auxiliary. Their tireless work over the years has helped to raise over half a million dollars to support RFDS operations. To read more about the Rockhampton Auxiliary, see pages 18 and 19.

Our wings play an important role to ensure that we are able to provide vital medical care - a crucial lifeline for those in need.


One in five people living in rural, regional and remote locations in Queensland have been transported by the Flying Doctor

Our wings play an important role to ensure that we are able to provide vital medical care - a crucial lifeline for those in need. You can help to keep the lifeline going by joining the RFDS Wings regular giving program. As a Wings member you will form the backbone of our Service and become part of an important community to support our growth and sustainability for the future. A regular giving program allows us to plan into the future for additional aircraft purchases as well as replace and update essential medical equipment. It also greatly reduces our administration expenses, increasing the value of your donation. The Wings program offers four levels of support. The affordable monthly gift can be deducted from either your credit card or bank account.

Members’ Corner • Have you told your friends and family about the difference you are making to the lives of others as an RFDS Wings member? Why not get them involved, too. If your friends or family would like to join Wings, please ask them to mention your name and we will send you an RFDS pack to say thank you for your support.

Join us today To become a Wings member or receive further information about the program, please call Katrina Garvin on (07) 3860 1149 or email Please see below for the membership options available to you. Flying Doctor Supporter $12 per month or $144 annually Pilot Wing Partner $24 per month or $288 annually Flight Nurse Crew $44 per month or $528 annually RFDS Custodian $66 per month or $792 annually

• Is your credit card about to expire? Are you moving? Please contact us to update your details by email or call (07) 3860 1149.

> November 2010


Community support

4WD enthusiasts gather for a weekend of off-road fun at Pomona.

Photo courtesy of the Cooktown Local News.

Australian Dirt Bike adventurers overcome difficult challenges to raise funds for the RFDS.

The Shakers and Movers team: Barney Clark, John Woods, Sharyn Hyland and Marilyn Clark at the Cooktown Police Charity Bowls Day.

Expert chefs have the guests’ full attention at the Moble Masterclass.


> November 2010

Sharon Chandler, Clare Ryan and Tracey Lines from the Port of Townsville team get ready for a great day of golf.

keeps the Flying Doctor flying Every year, hundreds of people organise and participate in community events to raise funds to support the RFDS. Each dollar raised goes towards the purchase of aircraft and lifesaving medical equipment. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to produce and run an event and people give so generously of their time and money to support the RFDS. Some of these events have been going year after year, becoming part of the social calendar for communities. While we would like to feature every event, space is restricted so here is just a sample of some of the events that took place this year. The RFDS would like to thank all of our supporters, the organisers and the participants who have contributed to a wonderful year of fundraising. We sincerely appreciate your support. > Clermont Show The Clermont Show Committee fundraised for the RFDS via a range of activities before and during the Show in May. The entire proceeds from the sale of a pen of cattle was also donated. Over $25,000 was raised for the Flying Doctor. The RFDS thanks everyone involved in achieving such a wonderful result. > Outback Car Trek Thanks to all the intrepid Queenslanders that took part in this year’s Outback Car Trek, taking their treasured vehicles across some very tricky terrain from Hay in New

South Wales to Hamilton Island in Queensland to raise funds for the RFDS as part of the 21st Outback Car Trek. > Moble Masterclass For several years now, Kylie Rutledge from Quilpie has held cooking master classes at her home to raise funds for the RFDS. Attracting the best chefs from the region as well as visiting guest chefs from afar, attendees are able to watch and learn from the experts and then enjoy a wonderful gourmet lunch. This year, $2,500 was raised for the RFDS. Thank you Kylie and everyone involved for your ongoing support. > Australian Dirt Bike Adventures Led by Ray Buchanan, the team at Australian Dirt Bike Adventures held a charity ride from Atherton to Cape York and back. Fun and adventure was had by all and over $6,000 was raised for the RFDS. Thank you to Ray and all who took part. > Australian 4x4 Gathering Hosted by the Mitsubishi 4WD Owners Club of Queensland, the 8th Australian 4x4 Gathering was held at Pomona over the Queen’s Birthday weekend with trips and talks to keep the off-road enthusiasts entertained. Fundraising over the weekend raised a wonderful $10,000 for the RFDS. Thank you to everyone involved in achieving such a great result. > Port of Townsville Charity Golf Day The Port of Townsville team held their annual charity golf day in July and the chosen charity this year was the Flying Doctor. Following 18 holes of golf, the guests moved on to the 19th hole where a variety of fundraising activities resulted in a cheque for over $15,000 being presented to the RFDS. Thank you to the Port of Townsville, event sponsors and all players for such a great result. > Cooktown Police Social Club The annual Cooktown Police Social Club barefoot bowls event involved 28 teams having fun for a good cause. This year, the RFDS was very grateful to receive a donation of $3,000 from the event. Thank you to Cooktown Police and everyone who took part.

> Help keep the Flying Doctor flying. Are you interested in holding your own event to raise funds for the Flying Doctor? Please contact Mike Greasley, Community Fundraising Coordinator on (07) 4040 0143 or email for more information. Queenslanders Graham Stockwell and Hans Lyrstedt in “Roy the HG”.

> November 2010


Spirit of Queensland Awards Winner to be Announced Anticipation is mounting for the finals in November. Entrants in their respective communities have been busy all year organising fundraising activities and events. Those who raised a minimum of $5,000 have become finalists and eligible for judging. New and returning entrants have the opportunity to meet at the State Final in Brisbane and share their experiences over three days of fun and activities which includes showcasing their wonderful achievements at the judging interviews. The winners will be announced at the Gala Ball to be held at Moda Events at Portside, Hamilton on Saturday 20 November where guests will enjoy a three course dinner, wine, beer and entertainment. The 2010 theme is ‘Red, White or Sparkling’. Join us in sharing the excitement and acknowledgement of the finalists’ magnificent efforts; to secure your seat, go to The RFDS is grateful to Hawker Pacific for their continued sponsorship of the Gala Ball.

Join us in sharing the excitement and acknowledgement of the finalists’ magnificent efforts. RFDS Ekka Stand

Fine weather helped boost our fundraising at the Ekka this year with visitors enjoying the chance to chat to staff and volunteers and buying more than 8,000 bottles of RFDS water. Delighted winners on the lucky wheel took home a family block of chocolate thanks to the generosity of Cadbury. Thanks, also to the Queensland Spinners, Weavers and Fibre Artists who presented the RFDS with a cheque for $5,000, proceeds from the sale of hand-woven and handcrafted items at their stall.

lusive distributor of Hawker Beechcraft aircraft

Join the 2011 Awards

Show your spirit and put fun into fundraising by organising activities in your local community. Say thank you to the to service keepfor thesaving the life of a loved one or even Flyinghelps Doctor or Service in the air yourself. Applications will be accepted from 1 December ion and Aeromedical modifications 2010. Queenslanders over 18 from all locations and backgrounds are welcome to enter. For further information, please call (07) 3860 1119. Since 1978, Hawker Pacific has been a strong and proud supporter of the RFDS.

This long-lasting working relationship has included the supply of a range of Hawker Beechcraft aircraft, including the world leading King Air aircraft, ongoing aircraft maintenance and the design and installation of aeromedical equipment.

Gala Presentation sponsor

Premium sponsors

Images from top: Leanne at her recipe book launch. Inset: Shelley with Ann Kirkpatrick singer, songwriter and daughter of country music legend Slim Dusty. Middle left: Liz with models at her formal expo, Peter accepts a cheque from the Blackbutt Lions Club. Bottom left: Entrant Alana at her photo competition, Donna and Percy at the Tully Show and Dyanna with Diane at the Central Hotel (photograph courtesy of Bowen Independent).

Major sponsors

Proud supporters

k with us today.


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> November 2010


PROGRAM story >

Promoting good health The prevention of illness and injury is a key focus for the RFDS. One of the ways we tackle this issue is by coordinating health promotion programs. These programs aim to make physical, social, economic and political environments more conducive to health and help people to realise they can influence the factors that impact on their health and the health of their communities.

Whilst all RFDS health staff have a part to play in promoting good health across Queensland, it is the RFDS Cairns Base that employs a specific Health Promotion Team comprising of Health Promotion Officers (HPOs), a Community Liaison and Development Officer (CLDO), Community Health Engagement Officer (CHEO) and Project Officers, who work in collaboration with the Primary Health Care Team to facilitate health promotion and capacity building projects in communities across North Queensland. In actioning health promotion there are three skill areas the team must be efficient in: advocating to create the essential conditions for health; enabling all people to achieve their full health potential; and mediating between the different interests in the community in the pursuit of health. The four programs that the Cairns Base Health Promotion Team is a part of are: > The Comprehensive Primary Health Care Program The HPOs and CHEOs on this program work across five of the Indigenous communities in Cape York to identify their priority health issues and how these can be addressed. Their goal is to improve health in the community and prevent illness, disease and premature death or disability. The HPOs do this by assisting in planning, running and evaluating health and well-being programs in partnership with the community. Coen Youth Week is an example of a recent health promotion program which followed the process of program design, implementation and evaluation as follows: > The community was engaged through local employees, the local Health Action Team and other local organisations > The community identified the issue of lack of activities for children during school holidays and limited health knowledge of youth


> November 2010

> The CHEO and HPO worked with the local Health Action Team to identify appropriate activities and health topics and defined the goal of the Youth Week which was ‘to increase capacity of Coen youth to live a healthy lifestyle’ > Strategies were identified to reach this goal including running a three day workshop with sessions on nutrition, sexual health, exercise, smoking, drugs and first aid > An evaluation plan was developed to assess the effectiveness of the program. > Funding was sought and other agencies approached for involvement and assistance > Youth Week activities were implemented with the Coen community, Health Action Team, families and other services > The program was evaluated using photos, questionnaires and stakeholder feedback > The results were reported back to the community.

Other projects over the last couple of years have included the development of a DVD to document and promote traditional bush tucker in Lockhart River, Pit Stop events across the Cape, the development of locally-specific health promotion resources, participation in baby festivals, women’s group programs, and nutrition and cooking programs. > Community Liaison and Development Officer, General Health Program The CLDO provides cross-cultural training to RFDS employees and maintains cross-cultural resources for staff to refer to. So far this year two cross-cultural training blocks have been held in Cairns and one in Mount Isa. This position assists staff in the process of integrating an Indigenous focus into RFDS programs, client services and policy/procedure development to ensure appropriate service delivery. The CLDO also

Far Left > Top: Left to right back row: RFDS Health Promotion Team Members Niru Perera, Lorraine Aragu and Liz Kyle with Local Advisory Group member Sandra (front). Bottom: Drop the Rock Team 2010. Above > RFDS Health Promotion Team Members at Coen Youth Week.

works with community members and stakeholders to plan, implement and evaluate health programs in the Western Tablelands and Chillagoe as well as advocate on health issues for Indigenous community members. Over the past year, programs have focused on self-care activities for community members in drought-affected areas. > RFDS Health Field Days The Field Day program started operating from Cairns Base in 2001. Field Days are held once every fortnight at station properties, roadhouses, national parks and islands and involve family groups, children, workers, tourists and visitors. The HPO works with the community, the Field Day team and other service providers to develop a workshop format for the day based on community priorities and the local context. Field days involve practical activities, demonstrations and information sharing about issues relevant to people living in the bush.

Activities and topics covered may include health screenings, vaccinations, support for families with children, child health, first aid skills, planning for emergencies, farm safety and injury prevention, skin cancer prevention, the promotion of good nutrition and safe food handling, physical activity, smoke-free environments, stress management and social support, awareness of alcohol and drug misuse and harm-minimisation strategies and environmental health related to animals and poisons. Participants also have access to an RFDS medical and child health clinic as part of the day. The HPO collaborates with other health service providers outside of the RFDS to respond to the needs of the community. Field days provide an opportunity for people in remote location to

network, share information and ideas and learn new skills as well as access health services. > Community Capacity Building and Training Program Successful outcomes from health promotion are improved when there are skills within communities that can support ongoing action. Where these skills are limited, capacity building and training programs become important.

A good example of this is the ‘Drop the Rock’ project which built the capacity of Indigenous communities serviced by the RFDS in Cape York in response to social and emotional wellbeing issues including suicide prevention and intervention. The project involved the employment of local Indigenous people in their own communities in positions as Community Support Workers or Community Development Consultants and the provision of training and support to complete a Certificate IV in Community Development. Within Community Capacity Building projects coordinators work with other RFDS staff to support the connection between community practice and training and will implement mentor systems and provide other appropriate support to the participants. Community participation and collaborative practice are essential components of health promotion and capacity building. Each health promotion practitioner aims to include this through all stages of the projects they facilitate. This ensures programs are appropriate and effective and contribute to increasing the capacity of community members to drive their own health initiatives. The health promotion and capacity building programs are funded though several commonwealth and state government programs. > November 2010


Bequests – Securing the future of Queenslanders Bequests can come in many forms including a specific gift (property, shares, cash); a percentage of an estate; or the residual of an estate (the value left after other gifts are distributed). Any bequest made to the Royal Flying Doctor Service, whether a small or a large portion of your estate, is a lasting legacy which demonstrates your desire to secure the health and wellbeing of Queenslanders into the future One such person who has ensured this legacy is Vic Morris, a current RFDS supporter and bequestor. As a young student, Vic recalls learning about famous Australians, in particular RFDS founder, the Reverend John Flynn. This knowledge and a meeting with him a few years later was the beginning of a life-long passion held for the RFDS. “I was nine years old when I met Flynn; he came to my grandmother’s place in Herberton to visit with a missionary couple. He said grace for the evening meal and then shared stories about the Flying Doctor and the Australian Inland Mission.” In Vic’s many years as a school principal and teacher, he enjoyed educating students and the community on the vital work of the RFDS. His career included a 12 month stint tutoring students via the School of the Air in Mount Isa and Charters Towers. While there, Vic was witness to an accident on the homestead airstrip and he saw how quickly the RFDS aircraft arrived to assist.

Vic enjoys sharing stories about the RFDS and is inspired by these and the health initiatives that are being delivered by Vic Morris, long time RFDS supporter the RFDS. In more recent years, Vic has been a very active entrant in the Spirit of Queensland Awards and in 2007 upon updating his will he decided to leave a bequest to the RFDS. This decision was made as an opportunity to continue his life-long involvement with and passion for the RFDS after he passes on. Vic adds “Every time I see Flynn on the $20 note I am inspired to do more.” If you, like Vic, wish to make your support a lasting legacy or have any questions about including the RFDS in your will, please contact our Bequest Officer on (07) 3860 1100.

Bequests, no matter how large or small, are a vital source of support for the RFDS. MAGNOV10

YES I want to help keep the Flying Doctor flying. I would like to make a donation of $ Please debit as per my details below / a cheque is attached. I would like to make regular donations. Please send me information about the Wings regular giving program. I would like more information about making a bequest in my will to the RFDS (QLD Section). Please send information to the address below. Name:

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A small yet regular contribution from employees can make a world of difference to the lives of many Queenslanders. A small, yet regular contribution made directly from your wage can make a world of difference to the lives of many Queenslanders when it supports the RFDS with long term, stable funding. To buy critical medical equipment, develop a range of outback health initiatives and replace our aircraft, we must raise $6 million each year (over $16,000 every day); that makes every donation important to us. Each of our aircraft has a limited lifespan and with the Queensland fleet flying more than 20,000 hours every year, to have enough funds to replace these life-saving aircraft is a major priority for us. Peta West, RFDS Corporate Partnerships Coordinator, is keen to support any companies that may be interested in this beneficial way of giving and is available to attend staff meetings or give a presentation to talk about the program and the vital service that the RFDS provides. Maybe you already have a staff induction program in place where Peta can incorporate the RFDS Workplace Giving program. We thank the companies involved in the RFDS Workplace Giving program and thank those individuals who give a part of their pre-tax wages to the RFDS. We encourage current donors to tell their work colleagues about the program; this could be the best way to double your contribution. If you or your company wish to start regular workplace giving, need extra copies of our magazine for your office or can think of ways we can promote the program at your workplace, please contact Peta on (07) 3852 7502 or email Your support in increasing the awareness of the RFDS through your workplace, friends and family will continue to keep us flying.

We would like to thank the following organisations for participating in our Workplace Giving program: Ashton Engineering Australian Federal Police Autocorner Barcaldine Regional Council Belyando Shire Council Birla Mt Gordon Pty Ltd Bowen Shire Council Broadsound Shire Council Byrnecut Mining Pty Ltd CAF Australia Calliope Shire Council Charleville and District Community Support Chinchilla Shire Council Cook Shire Council Cootharinga Society of North Qld Corporatelink (ADP Employer) Crow’s Nest Shire Council CQ University Department of Main Roads Department of Primary Industries Diamantina Shire Council Duaringa Shire Council Education Queensland Emerald Motors Pty Ltd Emerald Shire Council Energex Limited Ensham Resources Ergon Energy Pty Ltd Ernest Henry Mining Pty Ltd Fitzroy Shire Council Foster’s Australia Gladstone Area Group Apprentices Gold Coast City Council Golding Contractors Pty Ltd Gympie Regional Council Howard Services

Ian Weigh Motors Pty Ltd Livingstone Shire Council Mackay Regional Council Maroochydore Shire Council Mercy Aged Care Services Minniecon & Burke Pty Ltd Natural Resources Assessments Noosa Shire Council NTEU National Office Nurses Quarters Our Community Peanut Company of Australia PFD Food Services Port of Brisbane Corporation QFRS Rural Operations Central Region Queensland Police Service Queensland Health Queensland Magnesia Pty Ltd Quilpie Shire Council Ritchies Rockhampton Regional Council Rotary Club of Stanthorpe Rydges South Bank Stanwell Corporation Sunwater - Corporatelink Toowoomba Regional Council Townsville City Council Transfield Services Australia Pty Ltd Trust Company of Australia Ltd United Way Sydney UnityWater Voyages Hotels & Resorts Pty Ltd Warner Village Theme Parks

Get involved in Workplace Giving > November 2010


PATIENT story >

Flight lifeline

I have always considered myself to be an outgoing person, healthy and full of life. I am a wife, mother and a grandmother who, now more than ever, is so very grateful for opportunities to spend time with the people that are important in my life. My name is Wendy Lloyd, and this is my ‘Flying Doctor’ story. Just six weeks after my husband Denis and I moved from Wollongong to Cairns, I found myself in need of the RFDS. At home alone on the morning of September 16, 2008 I had taken the opportunity to catch up with my daughter, Kirsten, on the phone. As we spoke I started to feel ‘funny’ and experienced a sudden onset of pain shooting through my head. With just Denis and I living in Cairns and the rest of the family down south over 3,000 kilometres away, I became very aware of how far away they were. Kirsten urged me


> November 2010

to call Denis and let him know that I was not feeling well. I did not know as I hung up the home phone that life was about to take a very different direction. I stood to collect my mobile phone to give Denis a call and as I began to rise I collapsed on the floor. It was two hours before I opened my eyes again. As I came to, I tried to move, only to discover that my eyes and my fingers were the only parts of my body that I had control over. Panic started to set in and, not knowing what had happened, I knew I needed to get help. My

for survival phone was still clenched in my hand despite the fall, and with only my eyes and my fingers functioning, I dialled 000. The wait felt like a long time before help arrived but as I lay motionless unable to talk, Gizmo my dog of four years never left my side. I was taken by ambulance to the Cairns Base Hospital to undergo examination. I was in and out of consciousness and later learned about the journey that my family and I went through over the next couple of days, from Cairns, on to Townsville and further on to Brisbane where I would get the surgery I needed to survive.

…despite the fall, and with only my eyes and my fingers functioning, I dialled 000. A CT scan of my brain at the Cairns Base Hospital confirmed that I had suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage from a ruptured left posterior inferior cerebellar artery aneurysm. This was explained to me as a swelling in the wall of an artery in the left hand side of my brain that had weakened the vessel wall and ruptured, causing blood to fill the space surrounding my brain. For my family, who knew me as an active and positive person, to see me in intensive care and to not know whether I would recover was heartbreaking. Even though we now knew the cause of my current condition, action needed to be taken and taken quickly. The extra blood and fluid was putting pressure on my brain, and as a result I became unresponsive. I needed to be moved to Townsville hospital so that the pressure could be released. With the distance between Cairns and Townsville being short, a helicopter was called in for the transfer. Doctors at the Townsville Hospital inserted an external ventricular drain into my brain, to drain away the fluid. The pressure was released, but the aneurysm was still there. I needed urgent surgery at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane and without the RFDS I would not have made it there. With over a thousand kilometres in distance between Townsville and Brisbane, the RFDS was my only option to get to the life-saving surgery I needed. On September 20, an RFDS aircraft met my ambulance at the airstrip in

Townsville and carried me to Brisbane. On arriving at the PA, I underwent surgery to fix the aneurysm still in my brain. I was lucky that it was located in an area that allowed doctors to perform a less invasive procedure called coiling where a platinum coil is inserted into the artery, causing a blood clot to form in the aneurysm, eliminating it. The procedure was a success. There was a crucial period for my family after the surgery – waiting to find out the extent of the damage to my brain from the haemorrhage. I was slow to wake from the procedure but to the relief of my family I was fortunate in my recovery. I gained a new symptom of double vision along with some challenges in processing higher level thinking but I was definitely on the road to recovery. On October 11 I boarded an RFDS flight back to Townsville hospital for ongoing support and rehabilitation. Two years on, I am doing really well. I have recovered far better than any doctor predicted. Through rehabilitation and working with specialists to develop strategies to compensate for the changes in the processing capacity of my brain, I am making significant progress. There are some things that I notice – like no concept of time. Challenges that I experience everyday remind me of what I have been through but I am able to live with them. I am strong in the knowledge that against the odds I am still here. At times, as I sit alone and think about the last two years, I feel so very proud. Although challenging, my experience has given me a new outlook on life and people.

At times, as I sit alone and think about the last two years, I feel so very proud. Although challenging, my experience has given me a new outlook on life and people. I have now moved back to Wollongong to be close to my family, immediate specialist treatment and support from the Illawarra Brain Injury Service. Although I am far away from Queensland, my thoughts are never far away from the RFDS. Words can never describe the wonderful help and support I received from the RFDS – the care, the time and the understanding they gave was amazing. They were my lifeline.

> November 2010



The wonderful work of our The RFDS relies on support from the community and there is no finer example of this than the dedication and commitment of our auxiliary volunteers who, month after month, year after year, work tirelessly to raise funds for the Flying Doctor. The RFDS would like to sincerely thank all the members of our auxiliaries throughout Queensland, past and present, who have given us their support over the years. Here are just a few of the highlights from the last 12 months.

Brisbane Volunteer Auxiliary It’s been the usual busy year for members of the Brisbane Auxiliary with a stall at the Samford Show, annual Christmas lunch and various sausage sizzles as well as conducting several mystery bus tours and weekend trips. The team also helped out on the RFDS stall at the Ekka – a test of stamina but well worth it and great fun. New fundraising activities this year included movie screening nights and the addition of regular evening gatherings for people who are unable to get to daytime meetings. Contact Val Marlow on (07) 3353 1146 if you are interested in joining the Brisbane Volunteer Auxiliary.

Auxiliary volunteers help out at the RFDS stall at the Ekka.

Near and Far Volunteer Auxiliary As the name suggests, members of this Auxiliary are spread out across the North Queensland area, coming from near and far. But this hasn’t stopped them from raising lots of funds for the Flying Doctor. Regular teleconferences and an annual face-to-face gathering ensure that they stay organised and in touch with each other. Activities included raffles and field days in addition to the major fundraising event in the Near and Far’s calendar, the Reedybrook Ashes cricket weekend in August, a true bush institution which celebrated its 28th anniversary in 2010. George Harriman, Reedybrook, hands Gum Flats captain Laurie Raleigh the winner’s trophy for the fourth consecutive year.

If you would like to join the Near and Far Volunteer Auxiliary, contact Jacque Heath on (07) 4788 4144.

Darling Downs Volunteer Auxiliary The volunteers in the Darling Downs Auxiliary were delighted to welcome over 270 people to their annual brunch this year. Guest speakers entertained the audience and everyone tried their luck in the raffle. Enjoyed by all, this major fundraiser was a great success. In addition to the brunch, the Darling Downs volunteers also conducted two golf days, and two card days at a local bowls club where people tucked into tasty afternoon teas while helping to raise funds for the RFDS. If you are interested in joining the Darling Downs Volunteer Auxiliary, please contact Dell Murray on (07) 4635 6093.

Dell Murray, Rita Greig and Elaine Jennings of the Auxiliary.

Cabana Volunteer Auxiliary The membership of the Cabana Volunteer Auxiliary may be small in number and spread out but each year they gather at the remote O’Brien’s Creek Gemfield during the dry winter months along with fossickers from all over the country drawn by the thrill of possibly finding a precious piece of topaz, aquamarine or citrine. With the help of the generous support from the managers of the local campground, the Cabana volunteers raise funds for the Flying Doctor through raffles and bocce tournaments. Contact John Solinas on (07) 4062 5293 if you are interested in joining the Cabana Volunteer Auxiliary.


> November 2010

Volunteer Auxiliaries Sunshine Coast Volunteer Auxiliary The volunteers of the Sunshine Coast Auxiliary have been fundraising for the RFDS since 1971. This year has been very successful with a wide range of activities including the annual luncheon held at the University of the Sunshine Coast. This major event was attended by over 320 people who listened to an entertaining speech by guest speaker Senator Barnaby Joyce. The Sunshine Coast team have also conducted sausage sizzles and have represented the Flying Doctor at local community events helping to raise both funds and awareness. If you are interested in joining the Sunshine Coast Auxiliary please contact Russell Dowling, on 0427 253 803.

Guests enjoy the Sunshine Coast Volunteer Auxiliary’s Annual Luncheon.

Mount Isa Volunteer Auxiliary

The annual cricket match organised by the Avon Downs Police was a great success with the Auxiliary serving lunch and drinks during the game and catering the evening BBQ.

Undaunted by adverse weather this year which caused some events to be postponed or even cancelled, the volunteer team at Mount Isa continued to raise funds at a wide range of community events including the Avon Downs cricket match and the Border Run held at Camooweal which attracted around 130 cyclists plus support vehicles, and called upon the auxiliary to organise 175 evening meals and 170 breakfasts for hungry participants at the drovers’ camp. Other fundraising events include the Buffs Charity Golf Day - an unusual and fun tournament where players have to tee off with a cricket bat while wearing welding gloves and helmet!

The Mount Isa Volunteer Auxiliary is looking for new team members to help out. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Dave Neville on 0428 434 556.

Bundaberg - Wide Bay - Burnett Volunteer Auxiliary The Bundaberg team has enjoyed a successful year of fundraising thanks to the generous support of the local community. Sales of merchandise and raffle tickets from various stalls at events such as Agrotrend and the Bundaberg Show generated the majority of income but other activities such as film premieres and a scrap metal drive have also contributed to the total. If you are interesting in joining the Bundaberg - Wide Bay - Burnett Volunteer Auxiliary please contact Lynette Dean on (07) 4155 0113.

The RFDS stall at the Bundaberg Show.

Rockhampton Volunteer Auxiliary The volunteers at Rockhampton are kept very active and busy organising and holding five morning teas across the year, along with an annual cent sale in April. These longstanding and popular events are always well attended and enjoyed by all. In addition, the team participated in other events such as market days, Emergency Services day and the nearby Paradise Lagoons Campdraft. With great support from the community, the Rockhampton team has had a very successful year in raising funds for the Flying Doctor. Rockhampton volunteers hard at work preparing for another morning tea.

Please contact Dell Limpus on (07) 4928 6498 if you are interested in joining the Rockhampton Volunteer Auxiliary. > November 2010


explorers discoverers developers ...and proud supporters of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

QCoal Pty Ltd is a privately owned company focused on coal exploration and mining. QCoal has been active in coal exploration and development throughout Queensland since 1989. As locals with extensive industry experience, QCoal has exceptional capability and knowledge of the Queensland area, which is demonstrated by discovery and development of numerous coal deposits.

40 Creek Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 | Phone (07) 3002 2900 | Fax (07) 3002 2999 | Email | Web

RFDS farewells  Dr Graham Roland Anderson

It is with much sadness that the RFDS farewells one of Australia’s most respected surgeons and past president July 13, 1922 - July 17, 2010 of the RFDS (Queensland Section) Board of Directors, Dr Graham Anderson was born in Brisbane, first son of Ernest and Edith Dr Graham Roland Anderson. Anderson. After graduating in Medicine in 1945, a resident term at the

Brisbane General Hospital and a second year at the Mater Hospital, Graham completed a six month locum for Dr. Allan Vickers at the RFDS Charleville Base. It was while working in Charleville for the RFDS that Graham found his love for the outback and was inspired to travel throughout. By 1959 Graham was a member of the RFDS (Queensland Section) Board of Directors, where he served for many years, including three years as President between 1968 and 1971. Dr Anderson’s career was marked with many significant achievements. He won the Hallett Prize after topping the Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons’ primary exam. Graham held a state council membership position with the Australian Medical Association (AMA), and was later made an AMA Fellow in recognition of his efforts representing the AMA on the RFDS Board. He served in the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps as a lieutenant-colonel and consulting orthopaedic surgeon at the Headquarters Northern Command. He was also President of the Australian Orthopaedic Association. Despite his busy and brilliant medical career, Dr Anderson always made time for the RFDS. Dr Anderson is survived by his wife Joan, four daughters and their families.

QCoal announces 2020 Grants Program The Sonoma Coal Mine is located approximately six kilometres south of Collinsville at the northern end of the Bowen Basin in Queensland. The RFDS’ newest principal sponsor, QCoal Pty Ltd, is a major joint venture participant in this mine. One of the Sonoma Mines’ community awareness programs is the Collinsville 2020 Grants Program. The Collinsville 2020 Grants Program has been established to encourage productive partnerships between Sonoma Coal and the Collinsville community that contributes to the sustainable growth and development of Collinsville and surrounding areas, enriching the lives of community members now and in the future. Sonoma Coal, in consultation with the Collinsville community, has identified four social areas of priority for the Collinsville 2020 Grants Program. 1. The welfare and wellbeing of Collinsville children and youth 2. The welfare and wellbeing of Collinsville senior citizens 3. Education and training 4.  Projects and activities that support a healthy, active and cohesive community For more information about the Collinsville 2020 Grants Program and to check your eligibility visit or hard copy guidelines and application forms can be obtained from the following locations around Collinsville: > The Collinsville Connect Telecentre > Collinsville Community Association > Whitsunday Regional Council Collinsville office

QCoal Pty Ltd is a proud principal sponsor of the RFDS (Queensland Section). > November 2010


Working safely helps keep the Flying Doctor flying Mount Isa’s Royal Flying Doctor Service has 5,000 more reasons to smile thanks to a donation from Ergon Energy’s innovative safety reward and recognition scheme, Power Aid. Ergon Energy Area Operations Manager Tony Hengst said the money was raised by Ergon Energy’s staff in Cloncurry, Winton, Hughenden, Richmond and Julia Creek participating in the scheme. “It was an outstanding effort by all staff who have worked safely for 12 months. I commend them on their attention to safety in the workplace and getting behind such a worthwhile initiative. This donation shows a real willingness by the team to support the valuable work of the RFDS,” he said. Mr Hengst said local staff nominated the RFDS because of its vital work performed in so many remote north western communities. “It’s a service we all use in outback Queensland especially in the smaller communities where Ergon Energy has depots. All of us know someone who has used the RFDS at some time,” he said. RFDS General Manager of Marketing and Fundraising in Queensland Russell Ousley said the generous donation would go towards the upgrade of the Service’s Mount Isa Base planned for 2010/11. ”The RFDS primary use of donations is to allow for the purchase of aircraft and medical equipment and to build and maintain our eight bases. We recently added an aircraft to the fleet in Mount Isa, so the next major project

Carols in the City

in this region will be the rebuilding of our Mount Isa Base in the coming 12 months,” he said. “In many respects this wonderful donation will go a long way towards enabling every service we deliver in north west Queensland, and will certainly help to keep the Flying Doctor flying.” “The fact that this donation is part of an Ergon Energy scheme that encourages workplace safety is fabulous as far as the RFDS is concerned because we know too well the downstream effect of unsafe practices,” said Mr Ousley. Ergon Energy’s Power Aid scheme is linked to health and safety in the workplace and is administered by local workplace health and safety committees. Workgroups are recognised and rewarded for their safe work practices. The Power Aid initiative launched by Ergon Energy in 2004 is a simple concept that involves work teams accruing points, which Ergon Energy then converts to cash at a dollar per point ratio. Each work team gets to nominate a local charity of their choice to which they can donate their accrued Power Aid cash. Ergon Energy is a proud principal sponsor of the RFDS (Queensland Section).

The RFDS is excited and honoured to have been chosen as the charity partner of the 2010 Lord Mayor’s Carols in the City concert, a favourite event in Brisbane’s social calendar attended by many thousands of people and televised nationally around Australia. This year’s concert will be held at the Brisbane Riverstage in the City Botanic Gardens on Saturday 4 December with gates opening at 6pm. It promises to be a wonderful night with an A-list of headline artists that includes Stan Walker, Paulini, James Morrison, Emma Pask, Troy Cassar-Daley, Karen Knowles, The Idea of North, the Belladivas and Jason Barry-Smith. Accompanied by the musical genius of Barrie Gott and the Queensland Pops Orchestra, the concert is truly a night for all the family and one not to be missed. So come on down to Brisbane’s Riverstage to show your support for the Flying Doctor and join the Lord Mayor on what is always a fabulous night celebrating Christmas under the stars, with the stars! For more information visit:


> November 2010

Emerald Co-operative Society donation brings total to over $92,000 The Emerald Co-operative Society has continued its many years of support for the RFDS with a donation of $20,000. According to Barry Brown, Co-operative Society Chairman, “the RFDS is literally a lifeline for our community and the Co-op is delighted to show our support in a practical way.” The RFDS would like to sincerely thank Barry and all the team at the Emerald Co-operative Society. Vaughan Johnson MP (right) congratulates Barry Brown, Emerald Co-operative Society Chairman (left) on the support given to the RFDS.

Thank you for your donations

A dream tropical holiday is just what the Flying Doctor ordered

Police Conference raises

over $22,000

ce brings together The tri-state police conferen lice from Queensland, emergency services and po uth Wales. The 2010 South Australia and New So omindah with a charity conference was held at Tharg mal dinner. Thanks to auction being held at the for ates, over $22,000 was the generosity of the deleg RFDS in recognition of raised and donated to the ote and regional areas. the service provided to rem nk the conference The RFDS would like to tha their fantastic support. organisers and delegates for

t Charleville Base Senior Pilo Roger Rudduck, (left) RFDS lin McCallum (right), retiring accepts a cheque from Co ice. thern Region, Queensland Pol Assistant Commissioner, Sou

The Boutique Collection, who special ise in hand-picked five-star accommodation , showed their support for the Flying Doctor by donating a 10 day dream holiday package to trop ical Far North Queensland to be used in a maj or raffle conducted across the state. Through the great sales efforts of Aux iliaries, supporters and Spirit of Queensland Awards entrants, over $8,000 was raised. The Boutique Collection’s Director, Rob Whyte, said he was delighted to be able to support the Flyi ng Doctor. The RFDS would like to sincerely than k Rob and the team at The Boutique Collection for their generosity and support. The Boutique Collection’s Rob Whyte draws the winning ticket in the raffle of a dream tropical holiday.

Queensland Combined Caravan Clubs of DS show their support for the RF

Caravan Clubs of In September, the Combined ir 35th State Rally, with 238 Queensland (CCCQ) held the goolawah Showgrounds. caravans gathering at the Too CCCQ presented a cheque At the closing ceremony, the ult of fundraising events for $7,000 to the RFDS; the res t year. held at many clubs over the pas you to all the members The RFDS extends a big thank support over the past years. of CCCQ for their wonderful

ensland’s 35th State Rally. bined Caravan Clubs of Que Com the for ds oun wgr Sho on Toogoolawah Over 200 caravans converged > November 2010


What’ s on Upcoming events> Charity Golf Day Spirit of Queensland Awards fundraiser Saturday 13 November

Location: Clermont Golf Club For more information contact Bill Faint (07) 4983 1200 or Leanne Pullen (07) 4942 2824

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One Opening Night Charity Screening Thursday 18 November

Location: Event Cinemas, Chermside Ticket price: $18.00 for adults $15.00 for children (each child receives a goodie bag) Dress: prizes for best Harry Potter character costumes For tickets please call Barry on 0408 722 064 or email

Spirit of Queensland Awards Gala Presentation Ball Saturday 20 November, 7pm

Location: Moda Events, Portside, Hamilton Dress: Black tie Join with us to celebrate and reward the amazing efforts of the Spirit of Queensland Awards finalists. Guests will enjoy a three course dinner, beer, wine, soft drink and entertainment. For more information contact Kathy on (07) 3860 1119 or book online

Christmas Morning Tea RFDS Rockhampton Auxiliary fundraiser Wednesday 24 November, 10am

Location: QRI Club, Denison Street, Rockhampton Admission: $10 RSVP: Wednesday 17 November Please contact Dell on (07) 4928 6498 or Marion on (07) 4927 9972

IGA Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols Saturday 4 December, 5pm

Location: Riverstage, Brisbane For more information visit or see page 22. The RFDS has been chosen as the charity partner for this iconic Brisbane event.

To add your RFDS fundraising event to the calendar, please contact (07) 3860 1100.

Shop online for RFDS merchandise! During the temporary closure of The Outback Shop, merchandise can be purchased online from our website >

Any orders received via mail during this time are unable to be processed. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause our supporters.

Brisbane Airport Experience Centre

Brisbane Airport Experience Centre Australia’s first airport Experience Centre was recently opened by the Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, The Hon. Anthony Albanese, at Brisbane Airport. The Experience Centre incorporates information displays on the airport’s operations, historic multimedia presentations, interactive maps and a unique Australian-designed software program enabling visitors to understand the current and future operations of Brisbane Airport and how operations will impact on aircraft noise patterns across Greater Brisbane. Other displays include aviation safety, security, border protection, environmental management, and the future growth of the aviation industry. Brisbane Airport Corporation’s (BAC) CEO and Managing Director, Julieanne Alroe said the Experience Centre is a major component of Brisbane Airport’s community engagement program. “This Experience Centre has a number of functions designed to inform, explain, and engage – and to capture the many different aspects of Brisbane Airport and its operations,” Ms Alroe said. The Experience Centre’s opening hours are 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and 10am to 3pm Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. Brisbane Airport is a proud principal sponsor of the RFDS (Queensland Section).


> November 2010

Exclusive distributor of Hawker Beechcraft aircraft

Our commitment to service helps keep the Royal Flying Doctor Service in the air Leading the way in Special Mission and Aeromedical modifications Since 1978, Hawker Pacific has been a strong and proud supporter of the RFDS. This long-lasting working relationship has included the supply of a range of Hawker Beechcraft aircraft, including the world leading King Air aircraft, ongoing aircraft maintenance and the design and installation of aeromedical equipment. For a complete and reliable aviation solution, speak with us today.

Hawker Pacific Pty Limited Tel: +61 2 9708 8555

Fax: +61 2 9790 5238




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