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She also urges women to “take the high road and not compromise.” When she worked with a previous company, there was pressure to sign on to deals that were unscrupulous. “If you don’t agree with the numbers, don’t sign on,” she states. “Don’t put your name on something you can’t stand by.” “Always hire people who are smarter than you,” she says. “Create a positive environment and they’ll reward you by staying with the company.” When she’s not at work, she may be in her flower beds at her home in Blossomwood or in a meeting at the Huntsville Museum of Art, where she serves as chairman on the Foundation Board. Her children are 17,14, and 7, and she makes sure they get involved in the community as well. Manna House, a soup kitchen and food pantry, is a favorite charity. People who are “down on their luck,” as she describes them, line up for meals there and her children fill gift bags with toys and books for the children in those lines. Her 14-year-old, with the help of her school friends, filled 500 bags last year. Many were single mothers, and one family lived in a car. “People forget that there are families struggling like this right here in our own community,” she says. “How can we not help?” Her work is about deposits, loans, interest rates, mortgages, but it’s mostly about people. The best part of her job is helping others. The worst part is having to reprimand someone or even fire someone, but that doesn’t happen often. At the end of the every day, this CFO/COO climbs into bed early and falls asleep with a book. For her, sleeping late means past 5am. That’s when the e-mails start rolling. “Everyone knows I’m up by then and ready to go,” she says. n


35801MAGAZINE.COM • April/May 2016


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35801 Magazine.com Issue 3 April/May 2016  

35801 Magazine.com Issue 3 April/May 2016  

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