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2013-2014 Scrapbook

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The Rez Writers Society Presents: The 2013-2014 Scrapbook It’s the end of the year, and we’re extremely proud of the work that the members of Rez Writers have accomplished throughout the year. Whether it’s been blackout poetry, flarf, or a few sappy love lines, we have all connected through the act of writing and have formed new bonds with both each other and ourselves through this experience. This collection is a reflection of the 2013-2014 school year, and we hope it brings you as much joy the second time around. Enjoy! — Rez Writers Society is a student-led initiative at Ryerson University that aims to connect like-minded students through the cathartic act of the written word. It is a safe space for students to explore their creativity, open up their imagination and write from the heart.

The Leaky Room Poetry

Blackout Poetry

Love Notes

Miscellaneous Writing

Poet’s Inspiration Piece

Flarf Piece

Flarf Piece Continued

Rez Writers Society Scrapbook 2013-14  
Rez Writers Society Scrapbook 2013-14