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May, 2019 sas edition

Back to virtual.

I might live no longer when this phrase will come on vogue. That’s why I created REZSKY.

It looks like all virtual activities in the arts crave to become real before they will see that this reality

has a price. Everything you read in REZSKY will become virtual, just not today.

Netflix might not become a bank right now, don’t sue the owner of the domain Netflixbank.com -- they are too busy to see what needs to be in focus to become market leaders, or will Disney grab them?


Netflixbank” is a contribution you will find in this issue of REZSKY, a type of article which

readers who have no virtual life, have no avatar, are not a gamer and not a digital artist, will understand.

Art becomes a Saint” is the featured article, written by the greatest hacker of all times,

Harry Hacker. He did not say it. Nor I. It was Art Spot who stated this. Art Spot does not legally exist,

his life is against the TOS of Linden Lab. “He must be a Resident,” Harry Linden says, “He is too young

to be an old avatar with a forename and a family name.” But the saying of Harry Linden has no

consequence because Harry Hacker might be in fact Harry Linden, or was hacked by him before he could press the reject button, who knows?
















May, 2019 sas edition R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/01


About the cover

REZSKY is offering visual artists a chance to become known. It has to be a unique never before shown work of art. Play with the keywords rez and sky as you see in this production. The challenge was put on call at Fiverr. Fiverr productions go usually nameless, the editor instructed the illustrator. Nevertheless we are happy to post the creator's gig name: ihsan321.

UPCOMING EVENTS IN THE "sas" stands for the number one in Tocharian A, the oldest written HYPERGRID sas edition


language on Earth, used mainly for clerical purposes.

R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/02

Editor's note

I got quite a cryptic note, an op-ed as journalists say, from Jerry Fletcher who found a secret that would shake

the foundation of our known world if the secret would have become commonly known. First, Fletcher was put in a psychiatric ward, from which he escaped, then all the readers of his newsblog, in total seven, were killed one-

by-one, all by accident, all in the hidden ways that only high intelligence services are capable of doing. But it looks like Jerry Fletcher is alive and well, maybe on Ganymede as was published some years ago by Bradley Denton as ‘Buddy Holly is Alive and Well on Ganymede’.

An op-ed

When looking back in time I see the smartness why the editor of REZ SKY avoided -- at all costs -- to shoot over

the critical amount of seven readers so the magazine would not be been taken down by agencies you might never have heard of because they operate underground. Have you heard of Santa Alleanza, who carries the motto “Cum Cruce et Gladio” since the year 1566?

CIA, GRU, MI6, BND, SIS, MOSSAD, SVR, RAW, DGSE, CSIS, ASIS, or MSS you know, they all use the data collector

NSA, who is prominently illuminated in the Sand Bible: Not Sand, Not Sound, but that's not a level you have to worry about when it comes to questions of what REZ SKY stands for, for the search of Life, The Universe and Everything.

Jerry Fletcher

"To b e Coc nor a-C ma l, o la a Frie to nd d C drin e h a ick t K con k e e spi n i ntu rac s cky to ~ y a be gai Me nst in l Fle a yo Gib tch u s rse on er lf." The as in ory Jer [1 ry Con 997 spi ]. rac y

imprint.rezsky.com KUNST.BLUE R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/03

sas edition


MAY 2019

I REZ. I SKY. Become a Firerezer.

SANTO SUBITO. Art becomes a Saint by Harry Hacker.

SATURDAYS FOR FUTURE. An invite to tell Your story in REZ SKY by Art Warhol.

HOW GREAT THOU ART. About the Wrong router provided by THE WRONG Biennale, told by a friend of Elvis.

NETFLIX BANK. Why Netflix will establish its own bank by Reiner [Ervare].

THE NSK PASSPORT - THE STATELESS STATE of the New Slovenian Kunst movement by Kunst Blue.

A LIVING DOOR - Theme of Immersivia 2020 - The Digital 1Biennale by Art Blue.

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R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/04


The Purifier

The Purifier is the virtual representation of a bronze statue Bryn Oh created for the immersive Digital Art show, Santorini Biennale, Greece. The prize goes under the name The Long-Legged Maskitt Award. More information available by scanning the QR-Code or by visiting 1Biennale.org R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/05

sas edition


In each issue of REZ SKY a new episode of the Firerezer will be told and at the same time the secrets in the current issue will be uncovered. Not all readers might find out where the articles point to. In the Mozilla Firefox some Easter eggs are placed that point to a new world where Avatars create Kunst. Although Kunst is the German word for art, nevertheless it is

embedded in major art movements around the globe. It now also stands for a new setting in Art. Avatars created in virtual worlds are going real. Avatarkunst is the essence of this new setting. When you see an artist holding the NSK passport in hand then you will know it is Kunst in a stateless state.

Open the Easter Egg of the Mozilla Firefox and you will find:

"Mammon slept. And the beast reborn spread over the earth and its numbers grew legion. And they proclaimed the times and sacrificed crops unto the fire, with the cunning of foxes. And they built a new world in their own image as promised by the sacred words, and spoke of the beast with their children. Mammon awoke, and lo! it was naught but a follower." Hearing theses lines the Firerezer tribe came together looking for meaning. What will the bravest of them do when finding The Brain of Art?

Find out by scanning the QR-Code.


R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/06

Let the Firerezer write your story and send it to REZ SKY. The best one will be printed in the s'äk issue. "s'äk" stands for number 10 in Tocharian A. REZ SKY readers know more. I REZ. I SKY.

R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/06

sas edition

Santo Subito by Harry Hacker

This shall become my big day. I am the Postulator. It took a big deal of an effort to come to where I am now. I handed the Transumptum over to the

Congregatio de Causis Sanctorum, located at Palazzo delle Congregazioni, Piazza Pio XII, 10 - 00193 Roma -- and it was accepted!

No wonder, the arguments are at my side. For quite a while I was thinking

to claim Art to be a martyr. This is a shortcut, you know. Art Blue had a lot to take in his life. All the annoying artists, all the wannabe artists. Can an art curator who created the world most famous artists suffer more when

being not noticed for his secret doings? Never he could publish that it was one of his ALTs who got the medals, the awards, the invitations, the big

applause. He always had to point to the other one, to him, to her, to it, yes to it, even an AI he created got the glory. Such a martyrdom.

I was not sure if this pathway would work out nicely. You never know what the advocate of the devil will say on the creation of alternate identities, of ALTs. You wonder on the name of the advocate? The Latin expression is

Advocatus Diaboli. He acts as a Promoter of the Faith in a diabolic fight

against the Advocatus Dei. Pro and Cons are fiercely exchanged. I see some parallelism to the play Wintergewinn, which is an immerse version of

Waiting for Godot but at the end it is different. There will be a vote on it.

Two-third of the council members have to vote in favour of Art to make the way up to the Holy act. Will he be added in the Martyrologium? Once listed there things become irreversible. Even if a great sinner would be listed

there, the entry would stay and the name of the sinner stays forever as a Saint.

R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/07


Art Blue praying to the Dead Horse

H ow to Explain Pictures to a Dead Horse: A theatrical play pointing to Joseph Beuys and Ludwig Wittgenstein. Screenshot: 1Biennale Catalogue

R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/08

sas edition

Do you think I fantasize this all and make a joke out of you? You say, the Vatican will never do it, that

Art is listed in the Martyrologium. Wait, you need the full picture. Such a procedure does not go for free. The congregation which starts the procedure has to pay whatever costs may come ahead. "I have a

budget," I said to the door opener, which is of course a highly ranked Monsignore of the Holy See. He asked me who I am representing. I said, "I am the actor," yes, the actor, you heard it right, "and I represent the Holy Followers." The archbishop went pale. Actor is the fitting Latin term in the

congregation of the Holy Followers and stands for the bishop in charge. He must have heard of them, knowing the details. They are the ones with the unlimited budget. This fact was leaked out in rez

Magazine. Millions have watched the episodes on Netflix. "How many?" he asked. I needed a second. It takes not long for me to scan all the sources to decide on the strategy, if it was a glitch or said on

purpose. You would assume the question, "How much?" For me it was quite surprising to hear instead, "How many?" Do you agree?

I would not be an actor if I could not handle the situation, so I said, "Is there a discount?" You have to

know that Pope John Paul II canonized in total 482 persons to Saints. On May 12, 2013 Pope Franciscus made Antonio Primaldo and his 812 companions to Saints, so the asking for a discount seems for me naturally fitting. You know Art has many ALTs. The reaction of the Monsignore was nevertheless

stunning. "For the fast track there is no discount," and he pointed to the check I held in hand. I said, "Pre-paid" in a question like manner and got a nod in return.

So I wait now for the decision that happens behind closed doors. "Of course," you say, "it is a holy

procedure finding out if Art Blue is a martyr." Oh by God's sake no. I did not chose this path. What if witnesses of his suffering would have raised questions about ALTs of Art? This could have become a

devastating killer argument: "Is Art still alive in an ALT?" You know to become a Saint you need to be dead. Nowadays not for long. Pope John Paul II, carrying the motto Totus Tuus (Totally yours), got a

frenetic audience which his successor had to face. The masses calling, "Santo subito!" A fast track has to be established. Exceptional circumstances. A sister recovered totally from Parkinson disease was

found. "I was sick and now I am cured," she said. You are knowledgeable. You say, "It needs a second miracle, right?" You are right. A boy visiting the tomb of the deceased Pope was reported. He said, "I want to walk" and he walked. A miracle, a wonder.

R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/10

I decided for the wonder path. Two wonders I need. In case you have been reading rez Magazine, best since 2015, then you know the difficulties I had to face. Not to find wonders, no way, but to select from the

many wonders Art Blue created in his life to chose the right ones. It is not good to list a dozen of them. It would look like SPAM. What to select? Who to call as witness for them? The right witness it the key for a wonder. I instantly took the TP wonder. This wonder is something many trustful sources can testify. Art

Blue stood in the middle, speaking about Santa Alleanza and out of a sudden he vanished, illuminated by multicoloured beams of light. He was gone. Where moments before he stood, now there was emptiness

and a song by She Passed Away was aired. "What song?" you surely instantly ask. It was Sanr覺! Sanr覺 is not

just a song. It is the key of understanding the world we are in. I could show you many sources, but for sure one is enough to underline a wonder. It shall be not a high pitched one, just a common one shall be it. Are you fine with Urban dictionary? That's the entry there: "Sanr覺, a beautiful African goddess, born into the

wilderness only to transform into what is known as a 'root machine' which roots and boots everything in

her path." Sanr覺 spoke to us, to us all! Don't say that it was just a teleport to another sim and Art put the

song right in time on the playlist. For the congregation of the Holy See it is a wonder. "Art rose to the sky in a blue beam of light." This was to testify and the witnesses did. I said to the Monsignore, "This wonder

shall be double credited." He nodded seeing me writing the check adding another zero to the ones already

being there. "Exceptional circumstances," I said and added referring to the canonisation done by the latest Pope, "Santo subito."

Now I wait for the decision. The check was already cashed. No matter on the outcome, the money gone.

You worry on me? I understand why. You watched the series Suburra: Blood on Rom on Netflix. And you are right. Art Blue did not make it. I got the result by an assistant of the Monsignore. I said, "I need the

decision in Black and White not just by word" and pointed to the contract I had setup before I handed the

check over. The assistant, of course a highly credited cleric, knew the stated TOS. "Follow me," he said and

brought me to the archive where all the holy persons are listed. "You have to grant me access so I see it in Black and White as stated," I said and he did. In this moment as the access was granted I slipped a code

patch in and pointed at the result, "Here, I see Art Blue listed in the Martyrologium." The assistant nearly fainted. I added to make it clear, "Listed is listed, he is a Saint." The assistant called the Monsignore.

He rushed in and saw St. Art Blue listed alphabetically correct in the A section next to St. Artaldus. "That is a hack" said the Monsignore embarrassed. I nodded, "A Holy hack, the second wonder you have been asking for."

R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/11

sas edition

Saturdays for Future

by Art Warhol

"I put my brush aside. I slip out of my Cyberglove and I t ake off my Ocular Blue. It is Saturday. Time to think about my future."

On Sunday we will pray the Digital Amen that the power generators will hold. Rumors say that the first in the lowlands have stopped working. I am Art Warhol, the most famous artist on Earth, recoded.

I say the words of The Leftovers, so the transition may happen: “My name is Art. This is a copy of

the latest REZ SKY I hold in hand. This was my choice and mine alone. I indemnify all others. I'm of sound mind and body and give consent to go - - to go wherever they went. Amen.”

REZ SKY invites authors to slip into Art Warhol and to present on a double page a short story

focused on WINTERGEWINN. WINTERGEWINN is the name of an article, published in rez Magazine in May 2019, which we reprint by permission of Jami Mills, editor of rez Magazine.

Fridays for Future. Wintergewinn.

"I am so proud of you." by Unknown UUID

There are some German words that made it to the English language. Some point to the future. Waldsterben is one of them. You may know some others - - Sauerkraut, Kindergarten, Doppelganger. The list is in fact very long. A little transformation is all that is needed to save the language of Goethe and Faust, of Wittgenstein and Freud. You say, "Blitzkrieg?" Come on, play nicely. Alpenglow is something that shall come up in your mind. It is a transformation of Alpenglühn. A new word has to be added: Wintergewinn. I created it. I claimed the domain. I am content to wait a few hundred years until it happens. You say, a supernova, is called this way? Indeed a man made one. It will be in times when summers are long and winters are short, very short. In fact, the prayer for winter has to come, to fill the air with anger. This is what Wintergewinn is about. I could end the story and hand you the book of empty pages, The History of the White. It is still on Amazon to buy. There you can work out your own stories about Wintergewinn. There was once a worldwide movement where kids claimed the future. The name was Fridays for Future. I have been one of them. This is my projection and my reality; I am no longer alive in the world I was working for to preserve. I have cloned myself so I can nicely report about what is going on. Our generation, the Fridays, or Generation Friday, as we have been called, reclaimed the idea that is inside Wintergewinn many years later, when we have been looking back to see why we all failed. R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/12


Wintergewinn is like Waiting for Godot. Nothing happens in Waiting for Godot, all that is happening is Waiting. In a Theatre of the Absurd all the actors run along, for and back, creating activities of all kind, but at the end all that is gained is "Ratlosigkeit." Another German world, but luckily there is a fitting translation. It is "No one has a clue what happened or why something happened" -- not the actors, nor the director and also not the audience. Same goes in Wintergewinn. It is a play written by Ervare in the year 2018 when our movement started. We wanted to save summer, we wanted to save winter, we wanted to save Earth, we wanted an energy change, we wanted to stop the climate change. We rebelled. Why did we fail? We did it with the consent of our parents. So at the end nothing changed. We got the applause, we got the medals. "I am so proud of you," mum says at the beginning of the play. Same way as I say it now when my kid is catching one of the Jellydolls on the Androgo, which is, in case you have read the book Not Sand, Not Sound, the name of the new generation of Google smartphones. In my time, when I was young, I said it, “We love to play Sommergewinn.� To celebrate the beginning of summer has an old tradition in western worlds. Sommergewinn is an immaterial asset, a trademark, part of the national heritage in Germany, where I am from. Carnivals move through towns, with trucks, clowns and singers of all kinds celebrating at the end of March, the welcome of the summer. In an epic debate, a fight of words, the summer wins against the winter. It is the time when the summer is warm and nice and what all of Nature is waiting for after a cold winter. The first warm sunbeams, bees buzzing in the air, birds chirping at dawn the awakening melodies. Time to wear a tshirt and hang up the hammock. Time to play in the sand and take a sunbath on the beach. Yeah, and the big holidays of summer. Now I sit in Norway in a facility. Facility is a nice word for a condominium under a glass dome; it is a bunker, the simulation of the bunker. Norway is a good place. Norway is not, has never been in the European Union, but shares some of the benefits. One is that I could move in, with all my equipment. Now I am safe from the summer. Summer is horrible. Sadly, winter is so short. Not inside the bunker, by hell, not inside, where there is water, good water and plenty of lovely sunshine (filtered of course). But not outside. We can only go outside from early December until mid-March, because during the other time of the year it is too hot, too unfriendly, even with the best filters. In some months, the mosquitoes, the big ones, the mutated ones, are such a pain. You can only walk in Nature under a net and in the summer months you need to wait until the sun goes down, which is around 10 p.m.; otherwise, your skin will burn. So the time is short to go out. Also, it is not so great that the air to breath needs a filter which you have to carry along. You say I fantasise? I do. I leave it to you, dear reader, to predict the future. I give you the chance to change it, the chance to buy the book, The History of the White, to write down what futurologists, what scientists have written about the climate change to come. If I would write the truth, that there is no longer a country like The Netherlands or cities like New York, that the glaciers are gone, that there is no life in Central Africa, that thousands of species no longer exist, that the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is a cesspool, you would say to your kids, "Listen" and then play the music of Neurotic Fish, The Bomb, and comment, "Read Wintergewinn and change the world. Don't let yourself be pampered by the first words in the play: I am so proud of you."

R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/13

sas edition

How great Thou Art

The Curator is present by a friend of Elvis

The Artist has entered the building. We all know the term and if not then Google it. The curator has entered the building fits even better in our time. It is a Game Changer. THE WRONG BIENNALE has created the wrong router that will enable artists to host ones own work in real locations.

As a true friend of Elvis you know that “Elvis has left the building” become a punchline phrase. But there are not so many left, right? He died 42 years ago. 42? Yes the answer on Life, The Universe and Everything.

I said a Gamer Changer. I quoted the announcement of THE WRONG BIENNALE for the 2019/2020 season. I shall give you the full impact:

Why is the wrong router (v1.0) a game changer?

“Now you can walk into MOMA with your device, and host your own digital art show in the same room as Roy Lichtenstein, Jackson Pollock or Salvador Dalí.”

I am one of the 124 curators of THE WRONG BIENNALE. Reading the early bird invite for the Game

Changer I had to act fast. The founder of THE WRONG, David Quiles Guilló, told me that only 100 of these routers will be produced. I asked David if I can get more than one of the routers for 1Biennale, to supply some artists with it. You have to know that 1Biennale is a REAL art show for VIRTUAL Art and when a game changes I want to be there. I got them.

[smile] “THE WRONG BIENNALE happily supports your projects to present and to preserve Digital Immersive Art, “ David said.

R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/14



Since ages I bring Digital Art to REAL. In 1981 I organized the first International Computerart Competition. But at that

time there was nothing virtual, right? All was real. The Internet did not exist. Now we go back to REAL on an individual scale. I am not sure if I will live long enough that a catchphrase — “Back to Virtual”— will come in vogue. Maybe I will. Real has so many disadvantages. Right now I bring REZ SKY Magazine to life, right? When I said to David, “I am about to create a new magazine.” His reply, one word: “Print?” I said, “Yes,” and got my routers. That some trees will loose their life we all know, but that’s REAL and we love to be real, don’t we?

Of course I agree and support that art shown on the internet goes REAL. That’s not an easy go. You need some

technical gadgets. One such gadget is the smartphone. We carry a smartphone around; this has become a standard and you automatically assume everyone by now has one. Maybe in some years everyone carries a digital eye, what type we have to wait and see, or will it be a holographic projection? R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/15

sas edition “I look beyond the center, We're not safe on the water,” are two lines from the song ‘Wait’ by the group Figure Study. I play the tune often on Hypergrid Radio. ‘Wait’ is a song made for REZ SKY. There you don’t have to wait, but we will look beyond the center.

My first Digital Museum went to REAL in 2011. It was created in opensimulator, shown in Munich and

printed in an art calendar by Space.Net. Then the virtual train took off. Internet art, social art hyped. THE WRONG BIENNALE 2017 had 1.621 artists each artists with various contributions.

You may have wondered on the sub header of this article: The Curator is present. Readers who are

familiar with conceptual art might have instantly in mind, The Curator is present, the is Artist absent,

such as a performance by Marina Abramović in which she honoured the curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, who is currently in charge for the Serpentine Galleries in London.

What am I? A curator or an artist? Hans Ulrich Obrist defines a curator as a person “who takes care of

objects in a museum.” I will take good care of the wrong router. But I also want to be an artist. How to get credits where the glamor lives? I can’t apply as an artist because other curators know me. I am old news. Dead, artistically speaking.

I suspect as a reader of REZ SKY that you know a bit more on virtual worlds, right?

I can create an alternate virtual identity, an ALT. But in the moment when I apply I have to give real data, real name, real address. What to do? I need a second passport! Yeah, now I have it. I am Kunst Blue, a

citizen of the stateless state of NSK. With my passport and the wrong router I will step into MOMA and present me in the same room as Roy Lichtenstein, Jackson Pollock or Salvador Dalí. I will have painted

the box in Wrong Blue, a colour that is close to white, and hold the router up to the ceiling to enlarge the bandwidth and say, when pointing at it the way Wittgenstein would have loved, “This is Wrong Blue.”

Wrong Blue will stream my work. I will be arrested and in the news. The Curator has left the building.

thewrong.rezsky.com R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/16


R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/17

sas edition

Netflixbank by Reiner

There are days when you look back and say, “I felt something strange will happen,” but fact is the day was not looking as strange as it shall become. It turned out that my Netflix account was hacked.

I took no shower in the morning. I said to myself, “I have nothing urgent on my agenda, compared to yesterday when it was a big day. I will shower after I watched the last episode of After Life on Netflix.”

Yesterday I bought two pictures from Peter Seibt, a painter you might not have heard of before now. You may also have not

heard that yesterday I was quoted during a meeting of about 30 art critics, coming from all parts of the globe, that I am, “An alien which has no purpose at all, must have been an accident, because every Artificial Intelligence software could have written this script, but nevertheless Art Blue is here so let’s welcome him.”

So you know by now that I am a story writer going under the name Art Blue, which is one of my most famous creations. I own the domain art.blue. I own the creators domain of Art Blue, Ervare.com, which is, in case you have read The Gods of

Informatics, the Caesar’s coding of my first name Reiner. Tomorrow is printing day for rez Magazine in which my short story ‘Love, Death & Virtuality’ will be published. This story I wrote on an inspiration I got from the Netflix Original series “Love, Death & Robots – Episode Sonnie”. By reading my story you will clearly see my admiration for Netflix. To watch the

miniseries “After Life” is also something to recommend. It has to do with real life, a term you surely understand even if you don’t know anything about virtual life.

So real life hit me in the moment I entered Netflix.com in my Google Chrome browser and read, “Logout, before you proceed.” Now you need to know something about my brain, my settings. It is a must to know, same as when you go to an attorney and ask for advice on a one billion dollar company foundation of the British Virgin Island and the attorney’s daily task is in

divorce-management. What would be the ususal answer, the one you suspect? A fine attorney would say, “That’s not in my

field of expertise. When you are falling in the unlucky situation to need to separate then I am happy if you come back.” Maybe the attorney sees the rows of zeros on your upcoming check and he will do the company foundation nevertheless? He has R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/18

studied once to get his degree to manage all kind of lawsuits, right? He might even remember the time he was thinking of

running such a company to avoid the heavy taxes that also hit him daily in the divorce business. I am qualified in the fields of technology, security management and company foundation. This way I look at international money fraud. It was a great time

when I worked for Control Data, the pioneers in supercomputing, and in IT management at Unicredit. But I said, “Goodbye,” no longer needing to be faster than all others, smarter or at least to claim to be in order to get the jobs I got.

Now I am in the arts, an art curator and that’s where the alien comes from. I care for the Brain of Art, which resides on Mars. On Earth I still have clients. They come from time to time, remembering the old days, asking me for a favour on tasks where

others have already failed. Right now I investigate a Cyprus based foundation of a Panama BVI company that is supposedly part of a money laundering network, involving 161 companies set up in a circular formation. I check their records, the changes of

directors and the tons of dormant entities placed between. Finally, I will write an expertise for my client to bring to court so he can force strike the company as never being legal. That’s a four million Euro deal. There you can invest money to research the facts, but on grabbing a few bucks by a faked Netflix, who will step in? Shall I really go to the police and bother them to go

from one IP tracer to the next? They will show me what you call in German, “Den Vogel.” They have others things to do, for sure.

Netflix has 150 million clients. Does it really matter to get 1 million hacked on an average damage of only 10 Euro? It is a

fascinating field, how technology changed banking over the last 20 years, compared to the time when I was manager of a fund on Cayman Islands. There a payment needed two signatures and a courier. Now we have high-speed transactions and the word banking means a licence to click.

What has this to do with my actual struggle? A lot, a lot! Let me relog into Netflix.com – the point where my day started

reading the confirmation email from Peter Seibt, that shipment will be done as soon as my payment has arrived on his account. He will have to wait a bit, because my Mastercard is gone. You ask, “Has Netflix eaten your ability to pay anyone?”

Password reset: Done. Email change: Done. High Security password? Of course. Even I have to tell you that W_56-o-78t is less save than this password: dont-tell-me-I-need-2-hands.

I had still no access to After Life. “Hm,” I thought and remembered that some days ago Netflix asked me to “upgrade.” I love

Netflix, I said it, so I was willing in principal to do so. Instead of 13,99 Euro per month which I pay right now then 16,99 Euro -- no big deal. What does this upgrade bring me?

I have Amazon Prime, Vodafone Ultra, I have everything and what I don’t have one of my sons has. One son studies Artificial

Intelligence and the other is a gamer. But I can’t watch two movies at the same time, one on the big screen in the living room, where Vodafone offers me 250 channels and one movie on my PC, right? R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/19

sas edition So I downgraded to 11,99 Euro which gives me only two users at the same time on normal HQ resolution and not four users on Ultra-HQ. I clicked the button, for “Continue with Standard Netflix.”

That was my fault. Now, metaphorically spoken, have some of the 161 shadow companies I check for a client taken money

from me by creating within two days in total six Netflix accounts under my old email and charging my Mastercard for setting up some new ones. Today is a non-banking day in Germany, so I might be lucky to stop the process that tomorrow a dozen

more money grabbers are created. The customer service assistant at Netflix was very competent and helpful, the right person at the right place. I asked her if there will be a customer satisfaction survey at the end of our talk, to rate her doings. She

said, “No we sadly don’t have this until now,” so I asked for her name. She said “Eva,” which goes as Ava in many languages. She was not native German speaking so let’s hope that Eva will not be replaced in the future by Ava, an Artificial Intelligence from Ex Machina. Eva was able to refund me in total only four of the six frauds, the remaining two I have to sort out with my bank, “by yourself,” she said.

What is the baseline? My bank said, “You are not the only one. Don’t worry too much.” Of course, I know that I am not the only one where a credit card was hacked and is now blocked. Almost daily I get an email in which someone has found a

password I use and tells me my password and that I shall pay him in bitcoins or else he will upload what he has witnessed via my webcam of me and recorded. He says that he gained control over my webcam. Luckily, I disconnect the cable when not in

use. I also never answer such threads, I highly recommend you do the same. It is a myth that a password is safe and that you should change it weekly to be safe. I cannot spend hours each day checking if my computer is safe, just to know that in the next hours anything can happen.

I want to use technology in a normal and creative way. Kaspersky, my security provider, Russian quality, just so you know,

already gives me headaches when a Skype update is blocked as a potential risk. I am a user, I like to use new software, I am

too old, or let’s say too lazy, to be a beta-tester or to compete as a hacker, no matter white, grey or black. Some readers of rez Magazine may know that Art Blue got the defcon.black medal, the highest rank in hacking. That’s published, yeah! Fake News, but who cares when published?

I still dream of having my own story brought to Netflix original series. I have no problem in finding a nice header such as: “Netflixbank.com – the bank you can trust – was hacked!”

Not a bad idea, yeah. Sadly, a domain grabber was faster. Why must Netflix become a bank? It is obvious that the event I and for sure many others have had will cost Netflix more than these people will ever bring profit. R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/20

You say that I could have avoided the downfall by accepting the upgrade? That I am not as smart as I claim to be? I know what you mean. Do I need to quote Nixon? I think I need to. I will do that at the end of the story.

I tell you what I had in mind by choosing the 2-user downgrade. I was quite sure that I would get a future email from Netflix saying, “Reiner, we notice you did not take our superb package, we see you run on the Standard program. We have a special offer for you. It is part two of Zima Blue, a colour you once created in New Zealand when visiting Hundertwasser.” I would jump for joy. In my postgravity.art performance, I presented a short play with Zima Blue and now Netflix created a second

episode for me? In case you don’t understand the side link: You will find Zima Blue in “Love, Death & Robots.” A must see.

Yeah, that’s the future. The Netflix AI will read all my books and stories and sends me a treat for an upgrade that I can’t refuse. "I know you think you believe you understand what you thought I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is exactly what I meant.” ~ Richard Nixon

Why do I end with this quote? Because it is the beginning. Now I find out that the upgrade Netflix offered me may not even

exist. It could have been a faked page, luring me to click a button on behalf of Netflix. In the end, my account was multiplied

and my money paid was listed as payment to Netflix, which is the reason why Netflix needs a one-on-one connection with their customers. The Netflixbank. I am ready to create this bank for them and force grab the domain netflixbank.com by a lawsuit. I love Netflix.

You think love makes me blind? That I don’t know that Netflix is steaming in 190 countries that the Netflixbank would need to deal with 180 currencies? That’s why REZSKY shall extend your picture.

Future payments will run on block chains. Phil Rosedale, CEO of High Fidelity, founded the VR block chain Alliance to work on an interoperability on bit coin systems. High Fidelity is a world that brings Avatar interactions up to a speed that is

indistinguishable from the human reaction level, means animations happen in High Fidelity in less than 100 milliseconds.

Phil’s block chain also provides owner tags to mark bought items and a market balance system to keep the value of the digital currency in a constant ratio to the US Dollar. Have you never heard of Phil Rosedale being a banker? Indeed he is, he always

has been. About 15 years ago, he created the Linden Dollar, which has run since the first days of this virtual currency. Linden

Dollar services and trades happen in an amount of 700 million US Dollars annually. The virtual world where Linden Dollars are used is called Second Life. The word “Life” does not really fit for such an old technology. Now we speak of grids and grid

technology, so it might fit better to say that he created the Second Grid. The Time has come to step forward to the Third Grid. Time for another story in REZSKY? You are right. The door to the Third Grid will open in the next issue of REZSKY. Shall I claim Netflixgrid.com? My idea, my claim. I love Netflix. I let them claim the grid.

R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/21

e h t NSK e t a t s s e l e t a t s

sas edition

lue B t s n by Ku

Let it be known that Kunst Blue was the first real virtual Avatar

entering a world known Biennale,

the Biennale of Casablanca, 2020. Born in Ultima IV in 1987 for the

Quest of the Avatar, now living in

Quantumshire, a town in the island of Onawero.

The name of his contribution:

Q-Symphony coded in Zima Blue, a Hoax Hack to enforce the idea of a stateless state.

R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/22

R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/23

sas edition


The theme of the next edition of 1Biennale reaches back to the year 1977 when Marina Abramović and Ulay performed A LIVING DOOR in Bologna, Italy. It became one of the landmarks in performance art. Marina said in 2017: “We are living doors.” EXPANDING THE REACH The first edition of 1Biennale happend in 2018. The art contributions, themed Touching Reality, where shown in IMMERSIVIA, the digital display at SANTORINI BIENNALE.

The new 2020 1Biennale - A LIVING DOOR, will include a pre-showing of the Kitsune Temple by selected artists in a WRONG Pavilion, a WRONG Embassy and a WRONG Router on

November 1, 2019. The annoying, but well fitting title is THE FAKED. Immersive art needs a

viewer, has a VR component -- these elements are faked in THE FAKED. They become real in 2020 1Biennale - IMMERSIVIA. About Doors

Doors and doorways have been symbolic across cultures for as long as history has been

recorded. A door is both an entrance and an exit, so it has been associated with portals and passageways on many levels throughout history. Doors are closely related to gates and

thresholds because the three share some very similar symbolic features and sometimes work together to create passage.

Doors were first seen in recorded history on paintings inside Egyptian tombs. The ancient

Romans had advanced architectural elements and were known to have used single, double, sliding, and folding doors. The Roman god Janus was the god of doors and doorways, and also the god of beginnings, endings, transitions, gates, gateways, and time. Doors still continue to symbolize all of these elements today.

At the 1Biennale 2018, themed Touching Reality, Juliette Surreal-D took pictures of doors

while in Santorini, Greece. These pictures are provided to participating artists for use as an entrance to the immersive worlds each create.

R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/24

KITSUNE TEMPLE with an entrance to the

Earth level, created by Ayuki in a sandbox as an early contribution to A LIVING DOOR to

be presented at THE WRONG on November 1, 2019.



New York Times: “Counting its viewership in the millions, The Wrong just might be the world’s largest art biennale — the digital world’s answer to Venice.”

R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/25



On a Heartbeat

My heart beats strong for you. I hold you in my hands until a new body is ready to put you in. THE BRAIN OF ART. A travel to the artists of 1Biennale by B DOT BLUE. Read in part online for free at rezsky. Join the group. Available on Amazon.

bdotblue.rezsky.com R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/26

R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/27

sas edition



"Only one day is left. only one

imprint.rezsky.com KUNST.BLUE

day. we are leaving the others.

REZSKY is a printed Magazine, sold via

reach the sky. let the sun fall into

Blurb or by direct delivery via Turnton

Gazette, a weekly newspaper, established 1948. Is it not stunning that the only

issue publicly available is dated 2047? Blurb also offers REZSKY as a high-

quality PDF. Such a PDF does not contain the cover. A workaround was created so buyers miss nothing.

A PDF with pictures in low-quality

we are going away. Our souls are from the wild. and wings to

the ocean. let the earth erupt in flame. It is enough to have the

strength. and knowledge. to raise our dream machines. into the

sky. Let them sleep who do not know."

[part of the lyrics from 'B Mashina' by Laibach]

#Laibach, Monumental Retro-AvantGarde at Tate London

is offered for free. Also to scroll and page in REZSKY online is for free. Read more about it at distribution.rezsky.com

R E Z S K Y . I REZ. I SKY. 2019/SAS/28


Joy to you.






we a

are f


imprint.rezsky.com KUNST.BLUE







[ pa r t

by L


Av a n





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e. to

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the l


t in






h th



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REZSKY sas edition May 2019  

Frist issue of REZ SKY

REZSKY sas edition May 2019  

Frist issue of REZ SKY

Profile for rezsky

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