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Presenting FreeWall. ÂŽ

The most eective form of advertising.

Using human engagement to deliver an unrivalled digital ad format.

At Rezonence, everything we do is about creating value from human engagement. We created our product, FreeWall, to harness this engagement — and in doing so have created a product like nothing else on the market. Our performance is quite literally second to none, and will revolutionise the impact of your digital advertising campaigns.








brand recall.

party data.


Our mechanic, coupled with a Cost per Engagement payment model ensures ads are seen by humans.

FreeWall delivers industry leading engagement rates vs the industry average of just 2%.

Our active recall mechanism means users have to think — so they will remember your message.

Direct conversations with consumers creates unrivalled opportunity to deliver powerful 1st party data.

FreeWall randomises answers — meaning you’ll only be paying for proven human engagements. No bots.

Sounds pretty good right? If you’re thinking it looks like it might be too good to be true; read on and find out exactly how and why FreeWall is like nothing else on the market, able to produce unrivalled digital performance. And in case you hadn’t already guessed — it’s all through harnessing human engagement.

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Why us? …………….…………………………….. 10 Heavyweight performance. ……………………… 14 How we do it. …………….……………………….. 18 FreeWall to Educate. ….…………………………. 24 FreeWall to Learn. ……….……………………….. 28 A format you can trust. …………….……………. 32 Everyone wins. …………….……………………… 36

The problems. With the current CPM ad-funded model, publishers are only earning 50p per user per year; and as CPM prices continue to drop due to ad ineffectiveness, pages will only become more cluttered — not through greed, but desperation — even further reducing the effectiveness of your ads.

Viewability. eMarketers October 2018 report showed UK viewability at 58%, while Anant Joshi, Meetrics director of international business says that “£615 million is wasted annually on non-viewable banner ads alone”.

Ad blindness. Research conducted by Lumen, together with Avocet and Campaign, paints a bleak picture, showing only 18% of viewable digital ads actually get looked at.

Engagement. The average attention to a digital ad is only 1.2s; this is closer to how people engage with posters than TV ads. Lumen research shows that only 5% of all viewable ads get more than a second’s attention. That we are having to use time shows the real problem — with no format capable of genuinely demonstrating engagement — we’ve had to resort to dwell time and attention to try and prove engagement. Something it simply doesn’t do.

Why us? Our active recall mechanism, together with locking content and a Cost per Engagement (CPE) payment model allows us to harness attention — meaning previously unsolvable problems are the bare minimum that you can expect with us.

100% Viewable.

Our CPE model means you only pay when a user has engaged with your ad, guaranteeing your viewability with proven human engagements.

No ad blindness.

You only pay when a user has engaged with — so by definition seen — your ad; making ad blindness a thing of the past.

Proven engagements.

Because the user has to engage to unlock content — and you don’t pay until they have — you are guaranteed the consumer’s undivided attention; interacting with your ad, and therefore your brand.

Heavyweight performance. We continue to prove ourselves, having now served over 20 million FreeWalls, consistently delivering significantly better performance for our clients than all other display formats.

Engagement rate. Since launch, we’ve consistently out-performed the industry average of just 2%, with our current average rate of 48% significantly higher than any other format.

Clicks to site. Our click to site rate of 2.4% — when compared to the 0.05% industry average — shows FreeWall generates significantly more demand than anything else on the market.

Brand recall. Research with Unilever and a major news brand showed FreeWall delivers 3.4 times better brand recall compared to standard formats.

How we do it. With FreeWall, engagement acts as a currency — allowing readers to ‘pay’ for access to quality content by engaging with an ad.

How it works. FreeWall is ad-served and loads with the page, after two paragraphs. Below it, the rest of the content is hidden until the reader engages.

Continue the conversation. Once answered, the rest of the content is revealed and FreeWall is replaced by a response creative. This can be used to continue the conversation with your brand, creating a dialogue with your consumers.

FreeWall to Educate. FreeWall to Educate uses active recall to stimulate the brain, ensuring your message gets remembered.

Quiz format. Only one answer unlocks the rest of the article, so readers get the message.

Proves understanding. Readers must answer correctly before they can continue reading — and importantly, before you pay — meaning you can be sure that they’ve understood exactly what you wanted them to.

Drives awareness. Active recall is the decisive factor for recall from memory. It forces the brain to process and retrieve the correct answer, allowing information to be transferred from short-term to long-term memory. Memory is the link between an ad and brand choice. — Byron Sharp

FreeWall to Learn. FreeWall to Learn oers an unparalleled opportunity to create bespoke 1st party data; a one on one conversation with consumers, listening and learning exactly what they want and when they want it.

Survey format.

Each answer unlocks the rest of the article, allowing you to collect valuable data on questions of specific interest and importance to you, and your brand.

GDPR compliant.

With FreeWall you can relax. Our data is deterministic, not opportunistic; with voluntary responses from anonymous, demonstrably real people.

Bespoke segments.

Don’t be limited by existing data — create the perfect segments for your business by directly asking consumers the questions that you need answered.

A format you can trust. Our content locking mechanism, together with a CPE payment model means that we oer the most accountable digital format on the market.

No Fraud. Because we require a human interaction to unlock content — and we randomise the order of our answers — you’ll always get exactly what you’re paying for. No bots.

No waste. With our CPE model you’ll never waste an impression, as your money is only being spent on ads that have been seen and engaged with.

Premium environment. We work exclusively with a network of trusted premium publishing partners; so your ads will always appear in high quality, high performing, brand safe environments.

Everyone wins. By providing advertisers with high performing, accountable ads, we ensure quality journalism is well funded and universally accessible; all whilst improving the online experience for consumers.

Effective advertising.

Having the user’s undivided attention creates the most receptive environment to advertise in. Interaction engages the brain, delivering the best results; while the opportunity to have a conversation with readers, over time, makes us the most eective data collection tool around.

Sustainable pricing.

Paying per engagement is the most cost effective way to advertise; ensuring no issues of fraud, viewability or ad blindness — so your investment will be worth every penny. At 20p per engagement, publishers are able to generate sustainable revenue from their digital content, whilst readers only need to engage once a week to ‘pay’ for access.

Fair value exchange.

Our solution is the only fair and transparent value exchange between publishers, advertisers, and also readers; granting them access to premium content for free — whilst frequency capping ensures they’ll only engage with 1 FreeWall a week.

Our partners.

FreeWall can be bought via direct IO, programmatically through your chosen DSP, or directly from publishers; on a fully transparent whitelist of premium publishing partners, reaching 62% of the UK online population. We are not a network.

The choice is yours.

No-one else in the market has the UX that we do; able to produce industry topping results whatever your campaign goals, through harnessing human engagement. Whether its educating consumers or learning more about them — nobody does it better than us.

Creating value from human engagement.

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