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FMCG SECTOR. A campaign for a global FMCG, specifically for a haircare brand, we created bespoke segments in their Adobe DMP, with 153,310 explicit consumer preference data points — in a 100% GDPR compliant manner — learning exactly what type of hair consumers had, and therefore which haircare products were right for them. This data is being used with a number of partners for retargeting, delivering relevant and personalised ad experiences for consumers.


13% WEAK.

22% THIN.

FMCG SECTOR. In a campaign for another global FMCG, and one of their pet-care brands, we were able to populate their Salesforce (Crux) DMP with 49,730 unique data points, into four sperate pet owner segments. They were able to use these segments — including who didn’t own a pet — to retarget with the appropriate products, providing personalised ad experiences for consumers.

18% DOGS.

13% CATS.

8% BOTH.

Creating value from human engagement.

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FMCG sector insights  

FMCG sector insights  

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