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Restoring the real function of guitar is the vision of Stephallen Guitars. Nowadays, people almost forget the rules of guitar existence since it has become a profit-oriented commodity. Stephallen Guitars manufacturing is always based on the finest materials, the well-tested concept of construction, playability and the touch of art that aims at meeting the unique characteristics of Stephallen Guitars itself. You’re not just playing a guitar, you’re playing a Stephallen Guitars and YOU make it special.

Julius Salaka.

“The Stephallen Neoclassic is definitely one of the most elegant looking guitars. Available in various specs, it allows the full expression of guitarist's. The pickups combination varies from the S-S-S to H-S-S configuration. The exotic mindi wood for the body and Canadian maple for the neck can produce a high quality tone and reinvent the sound. Equipped with Wilkinson hardware and zero fret systems, the Stephallen Neoclassic gives you great sustain and killer punchy tones.�

Body Bridge Pickguard

: Mindiwood : Traditional Wilkinson : Pearloid / Rosewood Neck Fingerboard Fret Scale

: : : :

Maple Maple / Rosewood 22 25�

Pickup : Lace Sensor (Bridge, Neck, Mid)

Pickup Selector : 5 way switch Control : 1 volume, 2 tone

Available Color


The exotic yet modern Neosynth Acoustic Guitar is designed to bring the solid body with Graphtech midi access to higher level. It allows the guitarist to feel comfortable with the sound of solid-body acoustic guitar. The hollow trough of the body gives a nice touch for the minimalist appearance. Carved with lingua and mango wood for the body and rosewood for the neck gives you a warm acoustic sound. Neosynth is perfect match for acoustic players.

: Lingua Wood : Adjustable Rosewood : Nylon / Steel

Body Bridge String

Neck Fingerboard Fret Scale

: : : :

Rosewood Rosewood 22 26�

Pickup : Graphtech + Midi Port Tuning Machine : Locking Tuner Control EQ

: 1 volume, 1 midi volume, 1 Tone : 3 Band EQ

Available Color


Strings Series With its attractive performance, this Dark Evil sevenstring guitar leads to a wide range of sound and tone. The clear sound and perfect tone is really match for the playing styles of Blues, Jazz, Modern Rock, Metal, and so on. The neck thru provides great tone and sustain that is perfect for the powerful riffs style and jazzy solos with sophisticated chord. This guitar is ready to rock. Are you?

Body Bridge

: Mahogany : Tremolo Floyd Rose Licensed Neck Fingerboard Fret Scale

: : : :

Maple Rosewood 24 25,5�

Pickup : 2 Humbuckers

Pickup Selector : 3 way switch Control : 1 volume 1 Tone (push pull coil tap) Available Color Strings Series


"Related with my career needs as a recording session artist and personal taste in music, which varies from Pop, Blues, Jazz, Rock, and Metal, Mr Julius Salaka and I try to develop the concept of Phoenix Guitar design. The finest wood materials, hardware, pickups and construction have special designs to create the unique tone and aggressive character. However, I still can explore any other new sound as widely as possible. The quest will never end just like the Spirit of Phoenix." - Ponch Satrio (Dark Revolution, Solo Artist)

Body Bridge

: Mahogany, Quilted Maple Top : Wilkinson WVP Neck Fingerboard Fret Scale

: : : :

Maple Ebony Macassar 22 25�

Pickup : Lace Deathbucker (Bridge & Neck) Tuning Machine : Schaller Locking Tuner Pickup Selector : 3 way level Control : 1 volume 1 tone (push push coil tap) Available Color


“Most of guitarist have a particular set of needs when it comes to their satosfaction of exploring their abilities. My signature guitar suits me on its shape, sound, and appearance. It also represents any music genre. Well, i who love the sound of modern and vintage guitar get both characters in my signature.� - Irvan Borneo

Body Bridge Pickguard

: Mindiwood : Traditional Wilkinson : Rosewood Neck Fingerboard Fret Scale

: : : :

Maple Maple 24 25�

Pickup : Lace Hemi (Bridge) Lace TN (Neck)

Pickup Selector : 3 way switch Control : 1 volume, 1 tone

Tuning Machine : Schaller Locking Tuner

Available Color


“ When I played the Zephyr for the first time, it was hard to put it down. It is perfect for my technical approach to melodic guitar playing. The guitar has a beautiful sustain and can produce a wide range of sounds. The high frequencies are strong and present but not to harsh; perfect for two-handed and legato runs. Stephallen has made me a great guitar and you will get to hear it shine in all it's glory on my up-and-coming release due out in 2013. “ - Stephen Ross

Body Bridge

: Mahogany : Schaller Tremolo Neck Fingerboard Fret Scale

: : : :

Three piece mahogany Ebony Macassar 24 25�

Pickup : 4 Seasons Pickups Sound Twister Signature

Pickup Selector : 5 way Control : 1 volume,1 tone

Tuning Machine : Schaller Locking Tuner

Available Color


CJ “I am proud to announce my CJX Stephallen Signature guitar model! I’m currently recording a new Szuters record as well as writing and recording solo. I’ve also lent my talent to other bands such as Enuff Z’ Nuff, Donnie Vie and many other various artists. Stephallen has built me a sleek guitar equipped with Lace pickups to handle all my tones, from heavy rock to clean colors. Looking forward to sharing the sounds with everyone!” - CJ Szuter (Magna-Fi, The Szuters)

Body Bridge

: Mindiwood : Schaller Tremolo Neck Fingerboard Fret Scale

: : : :

Maple Maple 24 25�

Pickup : Lace Drop n Gain (Bridge) Lace Dually (Neck)

Pickup Selector : 3 way switch Control : 1 volume 1 tone (push push coil tap) Available Color

CJ 15

About Stephallen Guitar is different from other musical instruments when used to express the soul of the music bring played. A wailing guitar can be fierce or heart-wrenching. When accompanying dance or hymns of praise, it can reach shades of melancholy or cheerful expressions just as easily. It can be quiet or loud. It can be peaceful and polite or it can be aggressive and angry. Only guitar has been used to express so many emotions through music. Guitar has made history and legend throughout the world. On all 7 continents this one instrument, alone, has fit into every culture to reinforce those cultural musical differences. It has done this throughout the ages and has withstood the test of time. Every culture knows what a guitar is. Since 1997 Stephallen Guitars has started on its journey in this rich history of legend. Our mission is to be the state of the art in music today. Our variety of models, exotic woods, pickup configurations, even basic accessories can color the tone of our instruments to achieve the tone you dream of.


So join us, have fun, and be part of the Stephallen Guitars family. Share the joy, ideas, skills, craftsmanship, comfort, playability, and uniqueness of each instrument. Be a part of the spirit to continue to develop 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, all the way to 13 stringed instruments of musical expression that is guitar. Stephallen Guitars,. Not the first, but the best!


Factory: Dsn. Bakalan RT 03 / RW 02. Ds. Durensewu Pandaan - Pasuruan. Jawa Timur 671566 Telp: +62 343 636 881 Fax: +62 343 853 776 Office: Jl. Raya Jenggolo 141 Porong - Sidoarjo Jawa Timur 61274, Indonesia. Email Fb Twitter Web

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Stephallen Guitar Catalog 2013  

Indonesia based guitar brand.

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