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Architecture by Reza Kabul, Director Reza Kabul Architects Pvt. Ltd.

Vertical Development is Need of the Day,

Eco-Friendly too With today’s growing demand for developed property space the immediate casualty is infrastructure, which seems to fail terribly to cope with the increased pressure on it. Curbing the real estate development will be an unintelligent solution as the economy needs to continue providing more and more business opportunities. Hence the other option is to make available adequate and necessary infrastructure and amenities to cope with the growing need for commercial as well as residential space. Thus vertical development seems to be the need of the day.


ESTATE AVENUES | march 2014

ORLEM – MALAD Developer: Amity Constructions Plot area: 2037.26sq.mtrs Total height of building: 129.25 metres Stilt + mechanical parking up to 24m + podium + 32 residential floors Flat typology: 3.5-bhk, 2-bhk

rlem a residential skyscraper in Malad with none other than Reza O Kabul’s magical touch to it. This skyscraper Is designed 129 m high with 32 residential floors. Its double height entrance lobby gives

it a warm rich welcome. The façade done up in white bands of GRC (Glass re enforced concrete) extends on the terrace in the form of fins which helps add to the aesthetic beauty of it. The Podium area covered with perforated powder sheets not only enhances it aesthetically but provides great amounts of light and ventilation for the mechanical parking tower. Keeping up with the external beauty the internal too is breathtaking with a swimming pool on its terrace helping one relax after a long tiring day. Landscape is now extended up to the terrace coupled with barbeque counter invites one to spend more time outdoors. Apart from the fitness Centre and game room. Kabul being more thoughtful has designed a yoga and meditation area along with a senior citizen lawn. The terrace has been taken to new heights with the swimming pool, lawn and barbeque counter as well as the steam and sauna rooms designed here to help unwind one and all.

Ekta Tripolis – Goregaon kta Tripolis the new landmark in Goregaon stretches E over 36 residential storeys of Reza Kabul’s artwork. This luxury residence designed with every possible facility


ompared to low rises which increases the lateral growth of the city and encroaches into forest areas and making it unmanageable. High rise especially in the core areas of a city also adds to a beautiful skyline. Considering the environment is where we live and development is what we do in an attempt to improve our life within the abode, the two are inseparable. The built and natural environment thus has a huge impact on our quality of life. Vertical development would help avoid reclamation in coastal, river and lake areas, deforestations and other environmental degradation. Residents can thus be closer to the city and hence work shop or play much closer to home without wasting great hours in traffic or even the need of a car at all times. Hereby saving unnecessary communication and

consequently reduce pollution and global warming. High rise gives us an opportunity to preserve and enhance the ecological functions. Sensitive areas are protected and residents have easy access to diversity of natural landscapes and green spaces. High rise are also well prepared for emergencies and are inherently prepared for problems like water, energy shortage and other critical services. Thus adhering to sustainability of high rise one takes in the long term view of how our actions affect our future generations making sure we do not deplete resources or cause pollution at rates faster than the earth is able to renew them. The technology especially in high rises has grown leaps and bounds. A few of which can be observed in our designs of Shreepati Skies, Shreepati Gardens, Tripolis, Orlem.


needed for joyful, stress free existence especially in todays world. Designed in sleek lines and smooth contours, contemporary spaced and top line amenities gives it the perfect compact feel required. While the interaction with nature is encouraged over a 3 acre area with landscaping gardens, interactive fountains, garden walkway, dense perimeter landscape, old folks garden and chess plaza are just a few to name. Promoting a healthy lifestyle, Kabul as designed an infinity edge swimming pool & kids pool along with gymnasiums, meditation and yoga area. Even a walking and jogging track along with a reflexology zone are accounted for. Supporting the environment a sewage treatment has been accommodated and rain water harvesting incorporated along with a vermiculture pit. While for entertainment a clubhouse, mini amphitheater, game room, children’s play area, party lawn, tea corner and maze garden have also been designed. Various sports activity including basketball, squash court, cycling track and snooker are just a few to name that are some of the available features of this residence. Even a special no vehicle zone has been designed. Each of the spacious deck area gives one a beautiful panoramic view of the city to wake up to.


Developer: Ekta World Podium areas for parking: 4,69,699.73sq.ft Shopping: 30,707sq.ft Basement parking: 1,07,647.10sq.ft Ground + 3podiums + 36 residential floors Height: 132 meters

ESTATE AVENUES | march 2014




Shreepati Skies Dancing Lady Kissing The Sky hreepati Skies, 301 m tall structure S inspired from nature’s beauty and the complexities of our planet, the master mind

behind the mind blowing structure renowned Architect Reza Kabul (ARK) has to his credit the tallest completed building of India (Shreepati Arcade listed in the Limca book of Records 2003). The chief constructing materials are reinforced cement concrete, glass, steel and aluminum, giving it a smooth and sleek finish. Covering a plot area of approximate 2 acres, the design gives the perception of a dancing lady mounted on a platform with a water pot on her head. It comprises of 7 parking floors housing 300 cars with an estimate of 81 floors. Among its many engineering achievements, this building also has a base to height ratio approaching one to ten, making it the most slender skyscraper with the longest constructed continual elevator lift of 1000 feet with 10 nos of Elevators at an approximate sped of 5 mts /sec. Inspite of the bold and modern design, the curvaceous design of the building benefits the aerodynamic design as well.

It not only adds strength to the structure but also helps minimize the blow of wind forces, thus partially restricting the building from swaying more than regular rectangular shaped building with sharp corners. Shreepati Skies promises its residents 126 state of the art apartments, which have been individually designed by Reza Kabul himself with apartment size ranging from 2, 3, 4 BHK, duplex and penthouses offering unique floor plans and breath taking view of the ocean. The individual paddle pools are some of the high lights, Apart from that the building also provides a wide range of amenities such as private theatre, therapeutic spa, a state of the art gym and a swimming pool. With a helipad on the top it would house a community room at the top floor offering residents a view of Mumbai. In order to meet the standards of Sustainability and an Environmental friendly design utmost care is taken to incorporate world class engineering practices including recycling of rain water and management of waste water storage and its recycling process amongst others.

Shreepati Gardens hreepati Gardens is S mixed use development tower located at Parel, Mumbai

designed by Architect Reza Kabul and about 400 m high. Given that the city is reaching even greater heights, like always, Kabul is not far behind in marking his presence felt on the skyline. Structurally the building is designed in core construction. In this the slender buildings have two different sides that share a central core and the remainder of the building is a steel structure that hangs and cantilever out from the concrete core. This slender building consists of four towers playfully interacting


ESTATE AVENUES | march 2014

with each other. As one climbs higher one sees a breathtaking and endless sea view on both sides. The 100 storey towers acts like two arms opening up to the sky. The towers are connected with a sky bridge and can hold public functions 300m above the streets. It is not only unique in design but also with its features like an Olympic size tension edge swimming pool 300 m above the streets, expansive sundecks in each flat as well as a rooftop observatory 400m above ground level. The result is that these four towers seem to defy gravity creating a project that is unique to the entire world.



UPCOMING NEW PROJECTS Real estate development, or property development, is a multifaceted business, encompassing activities that range from the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings to the purchase of raw land and the sale of improved land or parcels to others. Developers are the coordinators of the activities, converting ideas on paper into real property. On the following pages, we have made efforts to bring crisp information about the upcoming new projects across the country for your ready reference. For further details, please contact the developer(s) concerns.


ESTATE AVENUES | march 2014