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How to Install White Oak Flooring White oak flooring is not white. The name of the wood does not mean that the wood is white. Instead white oak hardwood flooring refers to the species of tree from which the flooring comes. The two types of oak flooring are white oak floors and red oak floors. People may want to get white oak flooring because this type of oak floor typically is very affordable, although the affordability is not a major factor between white and red oak. The white oak hardwood flooring has a less stringent grain, meaning that the grain will not be as obvious with the white oak flooring once it is stained. Another reason that people may prefer the white oak floor is that it has a darker natural look, which allows the homeowner to varnish without staining. If you are looking to purchase white oak floors for your home, you may want to consider requesting a sample from any companies that you are considering. While not all companies will send flooring samples, many of them will send a few pieces of white oak floors that you will be able to put down to see if you like them before you commit to the entire purchase. When you are ready to purchase your flooring, you will need just basic tools to get the job done. For most types of hardwood flooring, you should have some floor nails and a hammer unless you are using a tongue-and-groove option. Even then, you should get a hammer just to get the planks into place. Also, many people opt to have a few cloths on hand that they will be able to use to wipe down any stain or other liquids that may get on the floor in the process of installation. If you do not have a circular or floor saw, you will need one to make any cuts to the wood, which of course indicates that you also need to have a tape measure and marking pencil handy. The actual installation should not take more than a few hours per room.

How to install white oak flooring  

When you want wood floors, you may want to consider white oak flooring. White oak hardwood flooring can give your house a homey yet elegant...

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