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Smart Home Solutions

Together for better

Life at home, more comfortable than ever At Reynaers Aluminium, we want to help you get the most out of your day, every day. That is why we developed a range of smart home solutions that will help make your life at home easier and more comfortable than ever.

No need to worry about keys or handles anymore: as part of our Smart Buildings range, we have curated a number of smart systems that allow you to manage access to your home at the push of a button - whether it’s a remote control, a keypad, app or linked with your home domotica system. Our smart access solutions are easy to use for the entire family. And the best part is: these technologies are seamlessly integrated into our profiles, for sleek designs that safeguard the look and feel of your home.




Automated locking systems


Automated sliding doors




Have packages delivered inside safely, wherever you are Expecting a package at home while you are away? Thanks to our smart home solutions, you never have to worry about making it home on time or dealing with busy pick-up points and nosy neighbours again. Our automated locking systems allow you to easily unlock and open your front door via your smart home system - wherever you are. So, when the courier rings the bell, just open the door via your smart home app, allow him to drop off the package, and lock the door safely and securely behind him.



Smart access for the entire family No more losing or forgetting keys: with our smart fingerprint scanners, all you need to securely unlock your front door is the touch of a finger. The perfect way for every member of your family to let themselves in quickly and easily. Are the kids home early from school? No problem. The fingerprint scanner identifies them and lets you know who entered your house. You can easily grant access, add users and edit authorizations via the smart home app.


OUR SMART SOLUTIONS FOR AUTOMATED LOCKING SYSTEMS Reynaers Aluminium works with professional partners like FUHR and ekey to offer some of the industry’s most cutting-edge locking and access control systems.

Automated locking systems FUHR automated locking systems automatically lock and unlock doors, for increased ease of use, intruder protection and security. •

Multitronic: a fully electrical seven-point locking system that locks automatically through a motor-driven mechanism

Autotronic : a partially partially electrical three-point locking system with two latching deadbolts that lock into place


Access control for automated locks Our automated locking systems are available with various ekey access control systems, allowing you to lock and unlock doors with a range of different solutions: from finger scanners and keypads to remote controls and a linked smart home app. •

The arte finger scanner identifies authorized users based on their fingerprints and opens doors automatically

The integra finger scanner combines user identification with the Bluetooth functionality of modern smartphones and tablets - including quick and easy user management and secure access control via the ekey home app

The integra keypad can be mounted next to or on your door and identifies authorized users based on access codes with up to 99 different programmable number sequences

For more information on our locking and access control systems, consult our product brochure



Smart solutions, inspired by life We want to make life at home as easy and as comfortable as possible for you. And we know that when it comes to enjoying life to the fullest, every little bit matters. That is why we developed a number of smart solutions that allow you to open your sliding doors at the push of a button - for quick and easy access to your garden, patio and more. Hands full? Just tap the button with your hip or elbow and even the heaviest sashes open up smoothly, allowing you to carry on with what really matters.


Let people in or out from wherever you are: open your sliding door at the touch of a button with a linked smart home app.

OUR SMART SOLUTIONS FOR AUTOMATED SLIDING DOORS Reynaers Aluminium offers a number of smart and seamlessly integrated solutions that allow you to automate the operation of your sliding doors.

Concealed motorised solutions All automated solutions for sliding doors include concealed motors that can be seamlessly integrated into our windows and doors in order to safeguard the look-and-feel of your home. •

The ultra-slim design of the HiFinity sliding system creates large transparent surfaces with a sleek and elegant design. The integration of a concealed motor allows you to open the sashes at the push of a button or through a smart home app

ConceptPatio 155 (-LS) is a premium insulating lift-slide system designed to deliver maximum ease of use. For added convenience, the lift-slide door can be automated with a concealed-motor solution that allows you to open the sashes at a push of a button, or through your smart home app


For more information on our concealed motorised solutions and access control systems, consult our product brochure.



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