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How to Achieve that Fresh Faced Look in Seven Simple Steps! By: Reyna Cardosi A smoky eye and red lips can be tons of fun; but this look can also be a little much for a business lunch or Tuesday afternoon tea with grandma! Not to worry, these seven simple steps will have you looking radiant and ready for any occasion! 1. Love the Skin you’re in – Maintaining healthy skin is crucial to any makeup regimen. Always remember to cleanse, moisturize, and prime before applying an ounce of makeup to your face! Also, exfoliate your face two to three times a week by using a gentle scrub or mask in order to attain a healthy and dewy glow! 2. Conceal your baggage and scars – at least the ones on your face! Use a concealer similar to your skin tone and dab under your eyes. Use a flat foundation brush to lightly blend into your skin. Use a green colored concealer and dab on acne scars, or breakouts – the green will help balance out redness and bring out your natural skin color. Lightly blend into skin with a clean small flat brush. 3. Foundation Station – Remember, the goal of this look is to appear “fresh faced,” so choosing the right foundation is critical. No matter your skin type, be sure that your foundation is oil-free and closely similar to your own skin type. There is nothing more unnatural looking than an orange line going across the neck! The best way to apply foundation is with a clean flat foundation brush or moist egg sponge, either way, remember to blot and blend! Don’t swipe! No one wants zebra lines on their face!

4. Rock those arches – Eyebrows can make or break any look! The secret to the perfect eyebrow is to highlight your natural shape and arches without turning yourself into a McDonald’s sign. Use an eyebrow pencil that comes with an attached comb. Make sure it’s a shade darker than your hair color. Lightly shade in any bare spots and comb through until your eyebrows look full but natural. Afterwards, lightly brush a highlighter shadow on the brow bone to clean up any pencil remnants. 5. Blush and Bronze – In order to perfect this “fresh faced” look, blush and bronzing are necessary but must also appear extremely natural. Simply use an angled bronzing brush and lightly sweep a matte bronzer on the outside of your forehead, on the outside of your cheekbones, and across your jaw line. Blend with a large kabuki brush, and then apply peachypink colored blush to cheeks. For an extra glow, apply highlighting powder to cheekbones and nose. 6. Pretty Eyes – The eyes are often the most difficult step in many looks, but in this one they’re the easiest. Simply dap on some primer to both eyes and brush on a neutral matte color a couple of shades darker than your skin color. Line the outside of your eyes with a brownish black pencil liner and smudge, and then apply black mascara to your top and bottom lashes. 7. Set and Gloss – In order to finish this radiant look, simply apply a pink toned gloss to your lips and spray your face with a makeup setting spray. This will maintain your look for extra hours!

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