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Reyna Cardosi Freelance Assignment 2 JRN371 Dr. Pearson

For this freelance assignment I decided to pitch a story to the Fontana Herald News. Because my husband and I have lived in the city of Fontana for pretty much our whole lives and we are both employees of the Fontana Unified School district, we have both become invested in the city and remain concerned for its growth and well-being. Therefore, for this assignment, I decided to take a more grass-roots approach as oppose to pitching stories to intimidating online freelance sites that I am almost certain will reject my idea as a result of my lack of professional writing experience and expertise. I must admit that I enjoyed this pitch experience than I the last one. Because I live in Fontana and am familiar with the city’s demographics, I felt more at ease when sending my query letter into the editor. I decided to pitch a story that will focus on the housing developments that have come to Fontana which feature “a home within a home.” In the query letter I stated that the article will focus not only on the large and luxurious homes, but the families who are going in together and buying such homes. Furthermore, I shared that I would also seek feedback from the city’s Mayor in order to discover her thoughts on the matter. In order to submit my pitch I simply had to click on the “submit news” icon, input my contact information, and attach my query letter. Although I have yet to hear back from the organization, I am still glad that I chose to pitch to this newspaper. The process was not as intimidating as my last pitching encounter and it provided me with a very valuable learning

experience. I realized that it is okay to start small and allow your talent to build gradually. I do not need to feel as though the only way I can succeed is to pitch stories to the most popular sites. As long as I get my foot in the door somewhere and obtain a byline or two, I will be on my way to building a portfolio and gaining experience that will maybe one day impress the editors of the fancy online freelance sites and publications.

Freelance #2 Fontana Herald  
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