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Always Will Only son so far, You're far too far from me Over one cold sea Playing on your Wii And I am bronzing by the pool (An english, tanning-fool) Having so much fun But thinking of my son I was once a boy like you Looking up at dad Worshipping his every word A sweet and happy lad But now I am a father To you my heaven-sent And you're the flying arrow While I'm the bow that's bent My happiness is greater now My love is far more true It's better as a father Than as a son like you And I'm away and that is fine Your mum will love you well But you are always on my mind As these words seek to tell I love you so much (arms out wide) Yes you have made my life. My days are served up now in spoons That once came on a knife You haven't had a brand-new bike From me or private schools But you have always known you're loved By kisses, hugs and rules. I love you, William, so so much And wish for you the best I'll share with you my every worm Until you leave our nest And then you'll fly, if I have done My work just as I should And live a life that's brave and strong And honourable and good And as you fly remember these Two lines the grave until: I love you now with all my heart And always, always Will.

copyright Š 2010 Dustin Brooks

Always Will  

Dad misses son

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