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Amanda’s Ac tion Club® is th e UK’s premier provider of Classes and Parties for very young children (0-6 years). Amanda’s Ac tion Club® parti es are dy namic, ph ysical extra vaganzas which use un ique props and original music to entertain kids and stimulat e early development.

For more information call Amanda’s team on 01895 623999 email or visit w w

Giving children the best possible start in Life

Amanda’s Action Club is an iconic, UK brand who provide fun, physical development classes and parties for babies, toddlers and pre-school children. An ever-growing phenomena, Amanda's Action Club is the brainchild of Amanda Frolich, a former aerobics instructor whose passion for excellence and natural affinity with young children has made her a pioneer in early years development. Amanda's Action Club sessions are a fun workout for children using a variety of toys, dance and exercise – often to music from Amanda's own popular album. The weekly classes and birthday parties have a strong educational theme so parents can rest assured their children are learning through play. Amanda’s classes embody the Government’s Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines for children’s all-round development that state: “Physical development is inseparable from all other areas of learning and development, because children learn by being active, in all areas. It helps children gain confidence in what they can do and enables them to feel the positive benefits of being healthy and active. Effective physical development helps children to develop a positive sense of well-being.” Amanda’s philosophy works and her classes and parties are joyous fun as well as important first steps in crucial early development. In 2009 Amanda's excellent track record was recognised when she was appointed children’s fitness expert for the UK Government initiative, Change4Life, a national campaign designed to help children eat better and get more active. Sure Start, another Government Initiative was so impressed with the educational value of her sessions they asked her to run classes, special events and physical development training courses. Amanda's hard-earned reputation has made her a regular point of contact for BBC, ITV and Sky News. In addition Amanda's Action Club parties have become a firm favourite with celebrities such as David and Victoria Beckham, Amanda Holden, TV Dragon Peter Jones, Take That's Mark Owen and Katie Price, to name a few. On her rare ‘days-off’ Amanda organizes legendary 'family days' at famous venues such as the Clapham Grand and Fulham Football Club, which help forge not only family, but community bonds too. Amanda says: “We all worry about ensuring our children exercise enough. It is vital to give them new, fun and exciting games so they don’t lose interest. Children should be allowed to be children – to show free expression, dance, sing, let off steam and learn at their own pace.” Amanda recently created a fabulous new children’s album called Fun, Fitness and Music. The CD combines the genius of Teletubbies theme composer Andrew McCrorie-Shand, legendary Simple Minds producer Jez Coad and the sublime Beautiful South lead singer Alison Wheeler. Ever on the look-out for another challenge, Amanda is thrilled to now be bringing her inspirational, kids entertainment brand to the Emirates. Good ideas usually travel well so she is hopeful of being as big a hit in the deserts of Arabia as she has been on the streets of London.

Fun ways to get your children active

Childhood obesity is on the rise. It seems that every time we open the newspapers there’s another report on children getting larger – and the problem is getting worse rather than better. The reasons? Eating too much of the wrong food and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle - at the very time in their lives when they should be at their most active. Many of today’s pastimes such as watching TV or playing on the computer mean a lot of children do not get the exercise they need. The Government now recommends that young children should have at least 60 minutes of activity every day to help strengthen bones and muscles as well as preventing weight gain. Yet for many busy parents with increasingly stressful lifestyles, the prospect of getting their kids moving for an hour a day can be daunting. But it needn’t be difficult or expensive. Children love activity and with a few simple guidelines, you can also learn to love how to make fitness fun for all the family.

Break It Down “An hour is a long time for children as well as for you,” says children’s fitness expert Amanda Frolich, of Amanda’s Action Club. “Just 10-15 minutes of activity at a time is enough so try to fit in short bursts of running, games or dancing. Making it fun is half the battle.”

Start Early It’s never too early to introduce you baby to the idea of exercise. They enjoy stimulation from a very young age. Introducing fun activities now will help get them into good habits for life.

Do something Different “We all worry about ensuring our children exercise enough. It is vital to give them new, fun and exciting games so they don’t lose interest,” says Amanda. “But sometimes parents lose inspiration for fresh ideas. You can try swimming, cycling, and visits to the park. Or try joining a class like mine where children enjoy games, exercises, dance and races – and parents can join in. It’s a great opportunity to play alongside your children, see how they develop their skills and discover what they are really capable of – which is often so much more than they are given credit for.”

Be A Good Role Model It is vital parents set an example and play with their little ones. Mums and Dads have to be seen to be active if youngsters are going to do the same.

The child is the teacher “Older siblings really enjoy getting involved. If you make them your assistant and encourage them to help, they become role models. If you’re struggling for ideas, encouraging older children to use their creativity and make suggestions really works,” says Amanda.

Fun and free Young children don’t need flashy, expensive equipment. With a little imagination you can turn the garden into a mini Olympic stadium. Why not try the Toddler Olympics? 1: Races: Hold a race in garden or local park. Get some friends involved and have a proper finishing line. 2: Hurdles: You can use cushions on the floor in the living room, or take the game outside and use brooms, shovels or skipping ropes. 3: Shot-put: Try throwing soft toys into the washing basket – moving it further and further away. 4: Rowing: Sit facing each other, hold hands and row, row, row the boat forward and backward together. 5: Football: The old favorite for boys and girls 6: Swimming: Children love water and it’s a great idea to get them used to it at an early age. 7: Gymnastics: Help very young children with rolly pollies, teach older toddlers about cartwheels and balancing – try a line of bricks for beamwork. 8: Cycling: Have a tricycle race around the garden. Behind the fun is a serious message. Being active now will help set children up for a lifetime of good health helping to counter the risk of serious conditions later in life. And it’s fun. So go on – switch off the computer and play outside for 10 minutes. Job done!

About the author Amanda Frolich has run children’s activity classes in the South-east for 20 years and is creating a franchise scheme in January 2011 to take the Amanda’s Action Club concept around the country. She is a regular point of contact for national TV and media and is a firm favorite with celebrities – including David Beckham, Katie Price, BBC ‘Dragon’ Peter Jones, Matthew Pinsent and Take That’s Mark Owen - who visit her classes and turn to her for party entertainment. She has also advised the Government’s SureStart scheme and the Change4Life initiative and regularly hosts family activity days in the capital. For more information, visit or email

Legendary talent behind Amanda’s new children’s album

A fabulous new children’s album that combines the genius of the Teletubbies composer, the creative flair behind Simple Minds and the extraordinary energy of celebrity children’s entertainer Amanda Frolich is being launched at the Baby Show. Fun, Fitness and Music with Amanda’s Action Club is an extraordinary new aerobics CD aimed at encouraging physical development in pre-school children but which also encourages all the family to join in together. Andrew McCrorie-Shand, composer of the Number 1 hit ‘Eh-oh’ for the Telebubbies, has scored five original tracks for the album with the help of legendary Simple Minds producer Jez Coad. Andrew, who was nominated for an Ivor Novello award, has also composed music for numerous children’s TV shows including Rosie and Jim, Tots TV and Brum. He said: “As soon as I met Amanda I was inspired by her energy and enthusiasm and how she communicates that to children.” The tracks have been composed to tie in with the Government’s Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines and provide an interactive workout for all the family. The album was the brainchild of leading celebrity children’s entertainer Amanda Frolich, founder and director of Amanda’s Action Club which holds activity classes throughout London. Songs include jazzed-up activity favourites such as The Grand Old Duke of York, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and the Happy Birthday Song. plus the new Shake Song and – to the relief of parents – the brand new Tidy Up Song. Described as a female Pied Piper, Amanda says: “It is vital that parents set an example and play with their little ones. Mums and Dads have to be seen to be active if youngsters are going to do the same. That’s why my classes and the album are aimed at both parents and children. “Obviously, the younger ones need their parents to physically take then through the routines and babies love movement. Action Club children will want to carry on exercising throughout their adult lives. I am helping to lay these foundations. I feel a wonderful sense of achievement watching their growing confidence and feel very proud to be part of their development. This is where the magic begins for me.” Fun, Fitness and Music with Amanda’s Action Club CDs are available from the end of October on and priced £9.99. Personalised albums can be ordered through Amanda’s website priced £15.99.

Fun, Fitness and Music wit h Amanda’s Action Club™ is a collection of 12 great songs which promise a lively workout for chil dren aged 4 months - 5 years.

w Available no 9 for just £9.9

Enjoy 4 brand new original songs: “Hey! Amanda’s Action Club”, “Lets Tidy Up”, “Shaker, Shake Shake” and “All Join In”, plus many well known children’s favourites, all written to motivate and encourage learning. These sensational tracks are from Ivor Novello award-nominated composer Andrew McCrorie-Shand, whose music includes the Teletubbies smash “Eh-oh”. The new tunes and reworked favourites will promote physical development and well-being for little ones.

To order a copy of the album for your nursery visit

™ special events for babies, We can provide training, classes, enter tainment and over 22 years of experience, toddlers, presc hool and special needs children. With ™ has developed a method of teaching physical development Amanda’s Action Club own setting. This enables routines for practitioners to learn and use in their meet EYFS aims for learning Early Years settings to add physical activities that ry Visits’ section at ‘Nurse the and development. For more information go to 707695. 07946 on da Aman www.amandasac or contact

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