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Your 4 Tickets to Landing a Social Media Job Need to boost your strategy to get that stellar social media job you’ve always wanted? Sure, you can tell a recruiter you have a 5-year old Facebook account. But is that enough? After several hours of scouring blogs reading posts about social media jobs, I’ve finally listed 4 strategies that you can lock your teeth on.

1. Sign-up to an internship No, really, there’s as many internship you can do at home as with paid social media jobs you can look for on social media ads. This helps especially if you have not actually done any social media marketing for a brand or company before. The internship will give you an awful lot of experience of how things are done. Of course, it does require a level of commitment.

2. Demonstrate and showcase your abilities The best way to attract hiring managers is to demonstrate your skills to your target job ads setup a portfolio website, put in your credentials, experience and a video like this.

3. Enroll in an online course It’s not enough to take up a marketing degree. It’s best to enroll in an online course to let them know you’re eager enough to learn their language. Of course, if you have committed on an internet to back up your education, then you’ll be fine.

4. Be an outgoing person – even if you are not According to Sarah Rapp, social media is all about first impressions, she added “Social media is all about personality, and if real passion for the field comes across, this is much more valuable in a candidate than relevant experience.” You can’t afford to expose your introvert self just because that’s who you really are. You don’t want to miss that one-way bus just ‘coz the driver didn’t see your personality fit.

Your 4 ticket to landing a social media job  
Your 4 ticket to landing a social media job  

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