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Putt on Target: Making the Better Swing on the Green For thousand of golfers, a good putt is the one that hits the ball to the hole at a precise manner. If you are looking to be a consistent ball-striker, you must know that you must be able to execute the proper golf swing to achieve that perfect hole. No matter how far the hole is on the green, a one-stroke move is the best way to achieve the best score. Your body’s pivot and arm swing must be in sync to be able to make a great shot on the green. However, doing it is easier said than done. Drills found on golf instruction videos, click here for full review are specially made to help players like you improve on matching their body’s move and arms.

Practice Swings If you find a simple golf putt very difficult to do, you may want to face yourself in the mirror while in a putting position. Do you admit yourself that you have a problem? Solve it by spending more time doing practice putts. Start off for with 90 shots for 18 holes. Spend 40 percent of these shots using a putter. Use 20 strokes using an iron wedge, 14 with a driver and 20 or so with other clubs in your bag.

Read the Green It is best that you know your instincts when it comes to striking a putt. You must familiarize yourself with the slope and surface of the golf course, especially the green. There you will be able to strategize your position and the right force you will apply to the ball.

Putting is Half the Score Remember that you should reach the green at the fewest strokes as possible. Stage by stage you should be able to achieve the lowest and the most winning score possible. Improving your game is key to success.

Putt on target making the better swing on the green  

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