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Rex Women’s Center where every baby is a special delivery At Rex Women’s Center, we know every baby is special and every birth experience is unique. That’s why we have created the perfect environment in which you and your family can share one of life’s most amazing moments. Whether this is your first baby or a new addition to your growing family, our experienced team of obstetricians, pediatricians, neonatologists, anesthesiologists, neonatal nurse practitioners, lactation consultants and nursing staff is committed to providing you and your family with a beautiful and healthy birth experience. Care that is centered around you and your family - it’s why more moms choose to have their babies at Rex than at any other birth center in the Triangle.

Visit for more information.

we’ve taken care of the details Go to to view and download the Rex Women’s Center book for expectant parents. This book provides everything you need to know about delivering your baby at Rex, caring for yourself during and after your pregnancy and caring for your growing family. Visit to download your copy.

before your baby arrives Accommodations Rooms, anesthesiology services, newborn nursery, visitation, room service, etc. Tours available (919) 784-1992 Classes Register early. We suggest during your first trimester. To register, visit (919) 784-2145 Financial Information Assistance with insurance approval and filing (919) 784-7600 Finding a Pediatrician or Other Physicians Contact Rex HealthNet at or call (919) 784-4490. Free Pregnancy and Parenting Newsletter Sign up for a weekly e-newsletter from week seven of your pregnancy through the first year of your baby’s life at Gestational Diabetes Registered dieticians and nurses from the Rex Diabetes Education Center (919) 784-3756 Maternal-Fetal Medicine UNC Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists provide consultations, diagnosis and continuing care (919) 784-6425

after your baby arrives Carolinas Cord Blood Program Collection site for the Carolinas Cord Blood Bank (919) 668-1116 Child Passenger Seat Safety Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians on staff (919) 784-1802 First Photos Rex Healthcare partners with Bella Baby Photography to offer parents professional mini-photo shoots in the comfort of their hospital room (919) 784-1331 Lactation Services Support with breastfeeding from earliest consideration through returning to home or work (919) 784-3224 Postpartum Education and Support, Inc. Moms Supporting Moms support group for women experiencing anxiety, depression and/or adjustment difficulties related to childbirth and new motherhood (919) 454-6946 Moms In Motion Postnatal exercise classes to help you get back in shape after your baby is born (919) 784-2145 Safety Security system and monitoring (919) 784-3100

Physical Therapy Program Licensed physical therapists work with expectant and new moms. (919) 784-4696

Special Needs Care 24 hour neonatology and anesthesiology services onsite, Newborn and Level III Special Care Nurseries, surgery suites and Women’s Resource Center (919) 784-3100

Pre-registration Visit to download the registration form. Complete and mail or fax according to instructions. Registration due four to six weeks prior to your due date. (919) 784-6138.

UNC Specialty Women’s Center @ Rex Gynecological Oncology, Urogynecology & Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery, Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility and MaternalFetal Medicine (919) 784-6425 UNC Center for Women’s Mood Disorders @ Rex Expert help in evaluation and treatment of mood disorders that occur during periods of hormonal change, such as anxiety and depression after childbirth (919) 966-5217

Visit to download or view the Rex Women’s Center book. If you do not have access to, please call (919) 784-6138.

pregnancy “to do” list First Trimester

†† †† †† †† †† †† ††

Select health care provider and schedule appointment. Register for childbirth classes. For a complete list of classes and to register online, visit Check insurance coverage for maternity benefits and adding baby. Eat right! Select foods rich in protein, calcium, folic acid, vitamins and iron. Begin prenatal vitamins. Continue exercise as directed by your healthcare provider. Look at finances, and begin to budget for baby.

Second Trimester

†† †† †† †† †† ††

Continue to eat well and exercise as directed by your health care provider. Make list of questions to take to each check-up and discuss with your health care provider. Begin your baby “wish list.” Visit pediatric offices, and choose pediatrician. Practice Kegel exercises. Shop for maternity clothes.

Third Trimester

†† Continue Kegel exercises. †† Submit hospital registration papers at least eight weeks prior to your due date. Visit, and select “patient” to download form. †† Take childbirth classes that you registered for in first trimester. †† Take tour of birth facility as needed. Call (919) 784-1992 to schedule a Rex tour. †† Register at a baby supply store to let friends and family know what you would like. †† Choose baby names. †† Arrange for help after the baby is born. †† Determine if you are going to breast feed or bottle feed. If breastfeeding, purchase at least one nursing bra for your trip to the hospital. †† Discuss your birth experience options with your health care provider. †† Purchase and install child safety seat at least two weeks prior to due date. Have your installation checked by a certified child passenger safety technician. †† Assemble crib and changing table, and complete nursery. Wash all baby clothes and linens. †† Pack your labor and post partum bags. Labor Bag

Postpartum Bag

†† †† †† †† †† †† †† †† †† †† ††

†† Nightgown (nursing gown if breastfeeding) †† Nursing bra with absorbent breast pads †† Toiletries †† Hairbrush †† Shampoo, conditioner, soap, face wash †† Maternity outfit for going home †† Pen, paper, notebook and thank you notes †† Small amount of money for food for partner †† Gift for sibling from new baby †† Two baby outfits †† Four receiving blankets

Driver’s license and insurance card Robe Slippers Warm socks Snacks/drinks for birth partner Books/magazines MP3 or CD player (must be battery powered) Lip balm Camera with spare battery List of important phone numbers Small amount of money for partner (leave valuables at home)

†† Toothbrush and toothpaste



Patient & Visitor Parking

is located at 4420 Lake Boone Trail

Rex Medical Office Building Entrance

Co-worker Parking

Emergency & Chest Pain Center Entrance

Park in


Co-worker Parking Deck

4210 Lake Boone Trail:



- BLOOD SERVICES (Suite 150) - OUTPATIENT REHAB (Suite 200) - HOME HEALTH (Suite 220)

Women’s Center Entrance

Main Entrance Parking Deck



is located on the Rex campus, adjacent to Rex Women’s Center, at 4414 Lake Boone Trail

Patient Women’s Tower Cancer Center Entrance Center Parking Deck Entrance Parking Parking



2709 Blue Ridge Road:


4420 Lake Boone Trail

4200 Lake Boone Trail:


Main Entrance To I-440 2500 Blue Ridge Road:

To Wade Avenue & I-40


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Rex Pregnancy Resource Booklet - NEW  

This book provides everything you need to know about delivering your baby at Rex, caring for yourself during and after your pregnancy and ca...

Rex Pregnancy Resource Booklet - NEW  

This book provides everything you need to know about delivering your baby at Rex, caring for yourself during and after your pregnancy and ca...