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The Rex Guild Celebrating 75 Years of Service Rex Gala Highlights News from Rex Healthcare Foundation Winter 2012

Honorary Chairs of the 2012 Gala Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Chiavetta announce a special gift to the new N.C. Cancer Hospital at Rex.

The Rex Guild of excellent service to Rex and our community

75 years

When John Rex bequeathed money to establish a hos-

had raised $25,000 – equivalent of nearly $400,000 today –

pital to serve the sick and afflicted poor of Wake County, he

for necessary equipment to furnish the new Rex Hospital. The

never imagined the extraordinary efforts one strong group

Guild consists of all Rex volunteers, and in 1940, a board was

of dedicated women would make to champion his cause.

established to administer their operations.

Established in 1936, the Rex Guild has been a guiding light

for Rex Healthcare for 75 years, by lending time, energy,

patients at Rex feel at home. Volunteers decorated rooms

ideas and a personal touch to improve patient care.

and established comfortable lounge areas for families. Each

Although a group that humbly prefers to fly under the radar,

holiday, patients received a treat or gift on their meal tray,

Guild board members have not been afraid to speak up,

and children enjoyed coloring books and crayons – a practice

In the early days, emphasis was placed on making

work hard, or ”get their hands

that continues today. At Christmas, Guild members distributed

dirty“ to make a positive im-

flowers and decorated the halls of Rex Hospital to bring cheer

pact on patients.

to those who could not be home with family. Today, Guild

Since the Guild formed,

members arrive every Christmas Eve to deliver a teddy bear to

they have paid the bills of

every inpatient, no matter the patient’s age.

indigent patients, served

During the years when the Rex School of Nursing was

open, 1894 to 1975, the Guild took great pride in supporting its students and their education. The Guild provided numerous scholarships and today awards continuing education meals to needy fami-

scholarships to deserving Rex co-workers and “volunteens,”

lies (in the early days

teenagers who volunteer at Rex Hospital.

they also prepared

the meals), donated

toral care education. In

money for expensive

fact, through the Guild’s

but much needed medical equipment, and beautified the

ongoing support, the Rex

hospital and grounds to create a nurturing and healing envi-

Pastoral Care program

ronment for Rex patients and their families.

has become nationally

Instruments of Service The News and Observer reported on June 27, 1936, that the Guild had been “formed to assist Rex Hospital in becoming an instrument of greater service to the people of Raleigh.” Later that same year, the Guild was 500 members strong and

Funding is also set aside to sponsor tuition grants for pas-

certified and supports adults pursuing divinity degrees through hands-

The mission of the Rex Healthcare Guild i

on ministry at the hospital. The non-denominational Chapel located in the hospital was built at the urging of the Guild, recognizing that faith plays an instrumental role in healing and families’ comfort. The altar that stands today is the original altar from the former Rex Hospital on St. Mary’s Street and was brought over thanks to the Guild.

During the 1940s and 1950s, Guild members sewed

clothes for patients, curtains for the lobbies, and decorated waiting rooms. Today, funds are provided to purchase material and supplies to craft infant caps, incubator blankets, angel bereavement bags and gowns and to assist oncology and critical care patients with drainage bags, totes, lap robes and quilts. During the fiscal year ending June 2010, nearly 12,500 hand-crafted products were lovingly made by volunteers.

In 1969, the Rex Child Development Center opened

thanks to the Guild’s driving force in creating and funding the Center. The Guild knew there was a nursing shortage and recognized the hardship nurses faced having to leave their children at home or find childcare during lengthy shifts. Their vision was to ensure

before leaving the hospital. This testing is so important, it is now state mandated. Rex delivered about 52,000 babies from 2002-2010. Of those, Rex has identified at least 63 babies with hearing loss. Thanks to the screening machines from the Guild, all babies received early intervention, thus increasing their chances of normal learning, growth and development to

In 2006, the Rex Palliative Care Program began. Started

with funds provided by the Rex Guild, this program was developed to support the growing population of patients with debilitating diseases and life-threatening illnesses and ease their stress. A team of physicians, nurses, social workers and chaplains structure a plan to help the patient, and their family members, participate in decisions about quality of life issues. Palliative care is not typically covered by insurance and is only currently available in about one in four hospitals.

for patient care, but

Community Cornerstone

family structure. Rex was the first business in North Carolina to offer on-site daycare and was the first hospital to do so in the southeast. Today, the Center cares for 152 little ones! The Guild was essential in creating the Maude Grimes

Garden and the Centennial Garden, two outdoor areas that offer tranquility and respite to patients, visitors, physicians and co-workers at Rex Hospital. The “Courtyard,” as it is lovingly called today, is meticulously maintained by the Rex Guild.

ing machines so every baby could be tested for hearing loss

nurses were available also able to support the

In 2002, the Guild purchased hearing screen-

keep pace with their hearing peers.


Throughout the years, additional state-of-the-art equip-

ment has been introduced to Wake County through the Guild’s help. For example, an Eclipse Laser was purchased in 1992 for $139,000. At the time, Rex was one of only seven hospitals in the country to have this machine – and there was not another one within a 500 mile radius of Raleigh.

Since 1936, the Rex Guild has evolved from a handful

of physicians’ wives to more than 1,200 humble and dedicated volunteers. They began their mission to create regional goodwill toward Rex Hospital, but have grown to initiate and maintain a true movement to better the lives of those who use the services of Rex. Whether it’s a teddy bear, a kind word, or access to a life-changing medical device, the work of the Rex Guild has benefited thousands of patients in 75 years through their unwavering passion for service and excellence. As former Raleigh Mayor Avery C. Upchurch noted on their 50th anniversary, the Guild volunteers are a “cornerstone of the community.”

Rex Healthcare Guild Board Judy Anderson – President Mary Rendleman – President-elect Adrienne Clark – Treasurer Betsy Wray – Treasurer-elect Susie Small – Secretary Carol Thornhill – Past-President Audrey Black – Parliamentarian

is to render assistance to Rex Healthcare through volunteerism and financial support.

October 29, 2011

Rex Gala

A black-tie fundraiser benefitting the N.C. Cancer Hospital at Rex

Mary Lou Powell, R.N., Bob Thomas and Bill Roper, M.D.

Marion and Damien McHugh, M.D., and Colleen Casey, M.D.

Charlene (Char) Grunwaldt, Dawn Zachary, Phil Zachary, Darleen Johns and Larry Mackell

Mary and Robert Wehbie, M.D. Grasshopper and Lisa Parker

Gala By the Numbers 1 waterfall, 1 moon 2 interactive flowers 2 human bouncing grasshoppers 10 twelve foot trees 137 auction items $37,870 raised through call for donations 650 attendees

Jeff and Angela Billingsley

Grand total raised:

Fred and Patsy Day

Sylvia Hackett, Barbara Myers and Marlene Daugherty

A lovely evening was had by all who attended the 2011 Rex Gala! Held the end of October at the Raleigh Convention Center, the Gala’s Healing Garden themed event raised funds for the new N.C. Cancer Hospital. Mark your calendars! Next year’s Gala will be Saturday, November 10, 2012.


Rex Society Spotlight Meet our 2011-2012 Community Co-Chairs

Dr. Richard S. Myers

For the second year,

Richard S. Myers, M.D., will represent the Rex Healthcare Foundation’s Rex Society as Community Co-chair. Dr. Myers is

Honoring One... Comforting Many The Coffer Family Apartment at Rex

In the three years since his passing, the family of Dr. Bertram

“Bert” Coffer has had a special project on their minds. The family (shown above) will soon see their vision, to create a respite for families of those in the Intensive Care Unit, become a reality.

Coffer, head of anesthesia at Rex Healthcare, spent his final

days in the Intensive Care Unit. “He had the very best of care for which we are forever grateful,” remarked his wife Jeanne Coffer. “I was reluctant to leave his bedside. Because of our experience, it is our family’s desire to provide a space where family members of critically-ill patients can go to find comfort and rest, yet remain close to their loved one.”

Over the past several months the Coffer family, including

Jeanne and their three children, has worked with the staff at Rex Healthcare to create plans for an overnight room in memory of Bert. The Coffer Family Apartment will be located on the first floor of the hospital overlooking a beautiful courtyard. The room will include a kitchenette, a queen-size bed, private bath, sitting area, and a work space. It will provide a peaceful and private respite for families at Rex.

This effort has been championed by the many friends, fam-

no stranger to Rex; he performed 28,000 surgeries with Raleigh Surgical Group and served on the Rex Board of Trustees for 14 years before stepping down in 2008.

Retiring from his practice certainly has not

diminished Dr. Myers dedication to patient care and the success of Rex. He and his wife Barbara have been long-time supporters of the Rex Healthcare Foundation where his philanthropic spirit continues to inspire.

Mrs. Flo B. Winston

When taking a trip to Africa

this summer, Mrs. Flo Winston packed something special – a memento of her days serving on the Rex Healthcare Guild. Mrs. Winston included some Rex balloons to offer to children that she met on her journey. She was delighted to see their reactions.

Like Dr. Myers, Mrs. Winston has volunteered for

Rex, not only serving on the Rex Guild but as a member of the Board of Trustees as well. Mrs. Winston is well known for the mark she and husband Charlie have made in the Triangle bringing restaurants like Angus Barn and Darryl’s to life, and they were among the 2011 inductees in the Raleigh Hall of Fame.

ily and colleagues who wanted to honor Dr. Coffer’s memory in such a meaningful way. A plaque honoring all donors will be placed in the room so that the Coffer family and guests of the room will always remember the love and support of those who contributed.

The Rex Healthcare Foundation has established the Coffer

Family Apartment Fund to receive contributions for this project. For more information on how to make a donation to the Coffer Family Apartment Fund or to join the Rex Society, please contact Rex Healthcare Foundation's director of major gifts, Kathy Stokes, at (919) 784-4475 or

A Powerful Question

The Rex Healthcare Foundation asked Rex co-workers the following question:

How would $5,000 help you to improve patient care in your area? We weren’t a bit surprised to receive 50 outstanding ideas from across the healthcare system. Rex co-workers are more than just healthcare professionals, they are passionate about doing everything they can to improve the patient experience. They are dedicated to delivering the best care possible to those they serve.

The passion of one

For many older adults, independent

living means living alone. Leroy S. Darkes, M.D., director of the Rex Senior Health Center, located in the heart of Southeast Raleigh, knows that is the reality for many of the patients he sees. A simple fall or a sudden illness can be fatal for anyone that cannot help themselves. This fact prompted Dr. Darkes to apply for the 2011 Co-worker Opportunity for Excellence Grant. Dr. Darkes wanted to provide Guardian Alert 911 devices to the most at-risk patients he sees, and this grant provided the perfect opportunity to do so. This two-way communication device provides peace

2011 Co-worker Opportunities for Excellence

AWARD WINNERS Guardian 911 Alert Monitors Award Amount: $1,500 Submitted by Leroy S. Darkes, M.D. Will purchase 100 Guardian 911 Alert Monitors that will be distributed to atrisk senior patients living independently.

AccuVein Viewing System Award Amount: $4,700 Submitted by Julia Terrell This system allows co-workers to see a patient’s veins clearly, leaving little room for error. This will be shared throughout the Wakefield Campus and may be used in Radiology, Laboratory and Rex Cancer Center.

iPads and Software Award Amount: $1,000 Submitted by Cathy B. Miller The iPads will have educational software to explain procedures to pediatric patients, as well as games to occupy them while awaiting surgery.

of mind and the opportunity to speak directly to a 911 operator with the simple

Wheelchair for Cary Radiology

touch of a tiny pendant worn around the neck.

Award Amount: $250 Submitted by Jennifer Drust A second wheelchair will help Cary Radiology provide better care to their patients.

A council with purpose

The Rex Healthcare Foundation em-

ployed the Co-worker Advisory Council, a group of 25 co-workers throughout the hospital to carefully evaluate each of the requests received. With limited resources and 50 strong proposals this was a difficult process. Darkes’ proposal for 911 devices was just one of the seven requests fulfilled this year. “Simple things like being a part of the Co-worker Advisory Council, and seeing what we were able to accomplish through these grants, makes us proud to be Rex employees,” remarked Margaret Windett-Sims, manager of Rex Blood Services. A total of $10,000 was awarded this year. Funds were made possible through the Spring Co-worker Giving Campaign.

2011 Co-worker Advisory Council Members Wanda Adams, Women’s and Children’s Lucy Arnold, Food and Nutrition Wendy Avery, Mobile Mammography Unit Ginger Baker, Rex Rehab and Nursing Care Center Tommy Ballard, Biomedical Engineering Jenny Beazley, Rex Wellness Center of Garner Sammie Best, Executive Office Pattie Corduan, Rex Pharmacy Bob Crump, Service Excellence Mike Hoke, Protective Services Cecelia Holmes, Rex Express Care of Wakefield Lynette Kellum, Case Management Nita Kline, Rex Cancer Center Marie Ludwick, Med/Surgical Karyne Marcotte, Rex Radiology at Wakefield Sara Martin, Rex Express Care of Cary Michael Anglin, Inpatient Rehab Services Jane Murphy, Information Technology Sue Noble, Patient Accounting Paula O’Briant, Volunteer Services Katie Pollara, Human Resources Tom Stanley, Corporate Finance and Strategic Planning Brian Trabulsi, Outpatient Rehab Services Margaret Windett-Sims, Rex Blood Services Helene Zehnder, Cardiovascular

Bus Tickets Award Amount: $1,000 Submitted by Melanie Martin Case Management will offer bus tickets to the homeless population so that followup appointments will more likely be kept.

Car Cooler Caddies Award Amount: $1,000 Submitted by Baxter Walker Upgrading to higher quality coolers will allow Courier Services to be more efficient with lab specimens.

Windshield with Wipers Award Amount: $500 Submitted by Tony Sanchez Providing a windshield with wipers for the current guest shuttle will allow for a safer transport on rainy days, when the shuttle is of greatest need.

Rex Healthcare Milestones, Activities & Opportunities • Certificate of Need updates: Rex was awarded a (CON) for a 50-bed hospital in Holly Springs. Rex was

weight-loss surgery program and was designated a Center of Excellence. • The Commission on Cancer of the

also awarded a CON to begin phase

American College of Surgeons has

1 of Vision 2030 for a new bed

granted “Three-Year Accreditation

tower/heart and vascular center

with Commendation” to the Rex

on main campus. Rex appealed the

Cancer Center for providing the

denial of our application for a 40-bed

highest level of quality cancer care

hospital in Wakefield. • Triangle Physician Network (TPN) announces the addition of Riverbend Family Medicine and Roles-

Growth Abounds • On December 3, Rex Healthcare of Holly Springs held a winter-themed open house (above). The facility welcomes multiple physician practices and the fourth Rex Express Care location in Wake County. • Two of the Triangle’s leading cardiothoracic surgeons have formed a new practice affiliated with Rex. Rex Cardiothoracic Surgery Specialists is led by co-medical directors Lance E. Landvater, M.D., and Robert B. Peyton, M.D. • The Rex Mobile Mammography unit hit the ground running midNovember thanks to partners Revlon, Hologic, Komen for the Cure-Triangle Affiliate and the Kay Yow Foundation. A photo of Kay Yow is prominently featured on the side of the unit.

ville Family Practice to its network of primary care practices. TPN is a non-profit, integrated system of primary care services offered by UNC and Rex.

Kudos • At the 2011 annual medical staff meeting, Leopold M. Waldenberg, M.D., was honored posthumously by his colleagues as the Distinguished Physician of the Year. He spent more than 30 years in private practice, was an attending surgeon at both Rex and Raleigh Community Hospitals and held a clinical assistant professorship of surgery at the UNC School of Medicine. • Rex Bariatric Specialists has received national recognition for its

Members of Revlon and Rex with the new Rex Mobile Mammography unit: Frand Evaldi, Angela Brunson, Amy Daniels, Kelli Poe-Jones, Karen Schlett, Carson Gilbert and Wendy Avery

Coming up • February is heart month! Rex offers a variety of activities to promote cardiovascular health. For a complete listing, visit • Saturday, March 3, join us at Fred Fletcher Park for the Get Your Rear In Gear Race. • Doctors’ Day is March 30! • Third Thursday of each month, join Crabtree Valley Mall’s Mall Walkers, sponsored by Rex. Free breakfast!

Your next opportunity for great charity golf:

May 31 - June 3, 2012 TPC Wakefield Plantation For more information, visit

4420 Lake Boone Trail Raleigh, North Carolina 27607

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chosen for excellence Gifts to Rex Healthcare are made through the Rex Healthcare Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3). The Rex Healthcare Foundation can be reached at (919) 784-4424 or

Peace of Mind: PRICELESS!

Imagine feeling a strong desire to go for a walk and forgetting where you are.

Confusion sets in. You may be looking for a home that no longer exists or for family that is not close by. The farther you travel, the more disoriented you become.

According to the latest data from the Alzheimer’s Association, 5.4 million people

have Alzheimer’s disease (not including other causes of dementia, such as strokes). For these individuals and their caregivers wandering is cause for grave concern.

About 60 percent of those suffering from dementia will wander out of their home

or care facility at least once. Some wander frequently. If not found within 24 hours, up to 50 percent will be found dead or seriously harmed.

This year the Rex Healthcare Foundation was able to fund the purchase and installation of a WanderGuard System for Rex Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center of Apex. This system provides the necessary tools for caregivers to manage and reduce wandering while respecting the dignity of the resident. It also provides the invaluable peace of mind for the families they serve.

For more information, visit

Rex Healthcare Foundation Team Sylvia Hackett Vice President, Rex Healthcare (919) 784-2242 Angela Brunson Development Officer (919) 784-4443 Amy Daniels Manager, Foundation Operations (919) 784-4434 Ginger Duncan Administrative Coordinator (919) 784-4424 Carson Gilbert Director, Corporate and Foundation Giving (919) 784-4718 Jennifer Scott Donor Systems Specialist (919) 784-4562 Katherine Stokes Director, Major Gifts and Special Campaigns (919) 784-4475 Allison Strickland Development Officer (919) 784-4552 Kenneth Zeitler, M.D. Development Officer N.C. Cancer Hospital at Rex (919) 784-7689


Newsletter of Rex Healthcare Foundation


Newsletter of Rex Healthcare Foundation