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Edition 1: September 30 - october 15

A New Rex Era Begins

First year students supporting their fellow rexans at the Fresher’s Concert. (Picture by Nyron Nembhard)

by Kishmar SHEPHERD

Rexans who started trickling from as early as OuR futuRE is in August 18. good hands. they were a feisty bunch Even before the new and grew even more brave school year got underway and brazen as their the legacy of the Rex numbers multiplied. nettleford Hall was moving these eager pilgrims in new direction. this being demanded much from their our 10th anniversary meant orientation Committee and that we had many things to we strived to make the be thankful for and look orientation process as forward to. engaging and entertaining it also meant that this as possible for both parties. was going to be a special it was not always easy one for the Hall and this though, the early mornings new batch of would be took their toll and the

strenuous exercises and drills caused our spirits to waver at times. However, we pulled through. We put our talents and endurance to the ultimate test in a week of tough competition that pushed us beyond our limits. despite the challenges, we rose to every occasion. Maroon and gold pumping through our hearts and veins, we emerged on the other side Proud, Brave, Strong, Rexans.

Look InsIde

Cluster 6 Rep, CEAC by-elections

Hall experiences Black Out Cluster 8 wins ring road relays


Inside front


Cluster 6 doorway, (inset) lamar Whittle former Cluster 6 represenative. (Ks)

Cluster 6 to hold by-election for new Rep no RooM, no REP. Cluster Six has started off the new academic year without a Cluster Representative on the Hall Committee. the elected Cluster Representative, Lamar Whittle, tendered his resignation after he did not receive a room placement on the Hall. Whittle explained that he was not given a place on Hall and found that he would not be able to fulfil his duties as the elected representative for Cluster 6. Whittle claimed that he had no knowledge of the reason why he had not gotten back a roomon Hall. He went on to say that in the previous academic year there were some activities

that he was said to have been involved in but this was not so. He further stated that there were no impending disciplinary actions against him and as such he could not explain the situation. He stated that the commute from his off campus residence to the University takes a lot of time and would result in him missing meetings. He added that he sought to do what was best for the Cluster and resigned so that another individual who has the Cluster’s interest at heart could take up the post. Meanwhile deputy Hall Chairperson, Christine McLean, revealed in an interview that Whittle resigned stating that he could not fulfil his

duties and as such the Hall Constitution dictated that a by-election be held. She added that while it is the norm for elected students to receive a room placement, it is not automatic. McLean stated that the process involved an assessment of activities on various levels. Whittle said he would continue to be a part of the Rex family even as an off Campus Rexan. in true Rexan spirit he held to his word and participated in the recently held inter Hall Ring Road Competition. nominations for vacant posts closed on Wednesday September 28 and elections will be held on tuesday october 4.

Chase hyatt former CeaC. (FP)

CEAC post to be filled by month end By-elections are to be held to fill the post of Cultural and Entertainment Affairs Chairperson (C.E.AC). deputy Hall Chairperson, Christine McLean stated that Chase Hyatt, the elected CEAC, resigned abruptly stating that he would not be returning to Jamaica. McLean said that Hyatt has migrated to the United States of America and would be continuing his education there. the resignation which took place during the summer has left the key position vacant and led to questions being asked as to why he did not return and why he ran for the post. Hyatt, who was uncontested in the last Hall election, held the office in the previous academic year and had sought to run for the position at the Guild Level. Asked on whether the vacancy was affecting the Hall and its activities, McLean stated that while it was a key position, the deputy C.E.A.C, Mr dwayne Smith, was doing a good job with activities and had a good support team comprising of Hall Chairperson detroy Gooden, Public Relations officer Kayla Belnavis and the entire Hall Committee who are working together for the success of the various activities. She pointed to the great reviews and overall success of the activities organised thus far under the portfolio including F.R. A.S.S Fridays and Jazz night.



resideNts are now paying less to do laundry. (Pictures by Kishmar shepherd)

Laundry costs down by Jodian GaylE

laundry was raised to 100 dollars per wash. the price Rexans rejoice! Laundry was initially increased in costs have been reduced. order to get enough money Following a hike from 70 to pay the laundry workers, dollars to 100 over the but most importantly to summer, the fees have repair and maintain the now been reduced to 70 machines. the machines once again after constant often get destroyed complaints from the because the students residents. overload them and do not deputy Hall take care of them,” Chairperson, Christine McLean said. McLean, said that the However,McLean added complaints from the that upon resumption of students were mostly the academic year, the based on the economic decision was made to restraints they were reduce the fees. “the already facing. She added manager decided that it that the fees were only was necessary to listen to raised for the summer the voices of the students period to facilitate and bring back the fees to necessary repairs to the 70 dollars,” She said. equipment. She noted that “during the summer administration was never break the cost of using the fearful of students not

resideNts in the laundry room

supporting the laundry even though the cost was increased. She believes though, that the reduction has vast implications. “Everyone has clothes to wash, so it is important that the laundry be accessible, both financially and in terms of opening

hours. it is also our responsibility that the laundry is kept in good condition, to avoid spending an enormous amount of money to repair the equipment too often and avoid the need for a future increase,” McLean added.



This Election Rex Files news Team Business EditoR-in-CHiEF Kishmar Shepherd

tHE nuances of student government can often be forgotten when the election period is finished and more often than not they remain foreign concepts, especially to new students. Section Vi subsection two item five of the Rex nettleford Hall’s Constitution notes that, “should a vacancy exist in any other office of the Hall Committee, the office shall be filed by a member of the hall at a by-election.” the deputy Hall Chairperson said that “there currently exists three vacancies on the Hall Committee and as such the constitution committee has taken a decision to hold by-elections in order to fill these vacancies.” these vacancies include

Cluster Representative for Cluster 6, Cultural and Entertainment Affairs Chairperson (CEAC) and off Campus Representative (living off campus). the vacancies for the first two positions came about because the individuals who held the positions are no longer living on hall and according to the hall’s constitution, “Any member of the Hall Committee who shall cease to be a member of the Hall shall automatically cease to be a member of the Hall Committee.” these developments have left the Committee in a state of incompleation and brings to the forefront the need for Residents to more carefully select candidates to represent them.

Facilities falling short

i am disgruntled with the state of the so-called “facilities” that we Rexans are “privy” to. tuesday afternoon after a long walk from the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, i had to wait ten minutes for a clustermate to let me into the Cluster because my Cluster door decided to throw a tantrum and reject my swipe. imagine my absolute shock and utter dismay when i entered the flat, after a hard day at school, and was greeted by a puddle of water on the kitchen floor which extended to the kitchen counter. this

SEnioR EditoRS Janelle david davandra Babb Shavar Maloney Chevelle Mason

SEnioR PRooF REAdER Janelle david LAyoUt And dESiGn Kishmar Shepherd Rex Files news is a production of the Publications Committee of the Rex nettleford Hall. Rex Files news is produced by Rexans for Rexans, and covers all aspects of Hall life including news, Entertainment, Culture and Sports.

administration needs to institute a more Email: efficient system to address these problems. in doing so, we Rexans will be fed, sustained and therefore 800 strong was nothing less than enough to continue. iam aware that the result of a leaky these issues involve pipeline. Correct me if i am heavy financial support ,however, wrong, but, i was under the impression Administration needs to act with a sense of that kitchen floors were supposed to be urgency to ensure dry when one tries to that residents are always comfortable. prepare a meal. despite such if that was not enough, i discovered shortcomings, not one that a whopping one Rexan-in whose veins the Maroon and Gold of four burners was flows- can negate the actually functional. fact that the Rex thankfully, i was nettleford Hall is the only in need of one true Hall of Halls. burner. - DiSGRuntlED it is my belief that



WorKmeN were working to have the power restored late in the night. (Pictures by Kishmar shepherd)

Black out on Hall by Davandra BaBB

the Rex nettleford Hall was recently plunged into darkness after a lightning surge damaged two transformers. "A 100 kva transformer was struck by a strong bolt of lightning which caused the complete blackout," said superintendent of Electrical Works, Bernard Lawrence. Lawrence also added that, "the process was a long and tedious one which was the reason for the lengthy delay." As a result, Rexans were forced to go more than eight hours without light. this led to many a Rexan gathering on the Red Square and various

places to make their own fun. Some played dominoes under a makeshift light, some sat in groups and chatted while others played games of taboo. For the majority however, they resorted to their beds for some much needed rest. Some students who are new to the hall, expressed their frustration and dissatisfaction with the blackout, or needless to say the length of time they were made to go without light. "i could not get anything to eat because everything works off electricity. it was very rough. Luckily i had class and was not here for the majority of it but it was very inconvenient. But i was glad to see others

found innovative ways to pass the time," said Shakeria James. dwight Leach also vented that it was a very unproductive night for him. "i was able to get no work done. i think that not having light for such a long time is very unprofessional and uncoordinated for a hall this size. Also, i was very upset because Cluster two was in complete darkness. there was no light whatsoever. i had to resort to Cluster Five and played taboo," he said. Sharika Cambell, who resides on Cluster one, admitted that it was a scary experience for her. "i was very afraid so i just went to sleep. i felt left out in a sense and

my cluster was in total darkness so there was no way i was walking anywhere," she added. However, light was restored around 11 p.m. much to the delight of the residents who sent up a loud cheer when it came back. the following day, contractors from the University of the West indies returned to make sure that everything was in proper working order. "We fixed one of the transformers last night so we returned this morning to fix the other one. We will make sure that everything is running properly," said Patrick Hines.

Off-Campus Rep now on residing in Hall tHE PoSt oF off-Campus Commuting Students Representative was vacated this month by the incumbent Khori Ayton who was elected to the position last semester.

Ayton had to resign under the Hall Constitution when he accepted a room placement on Hall. He stated that unforseen circumstances resulted in the change from off

Campus to on Campus and signalled the he would be contesting for the position of on Campus Commuting Students Representative. (SM)

Soft Note


Orientation ends on a high by tatiana anSwER Square into a mini italian piazza the Orientation (cobblestone and Closing Ceremony bistro tables). was not a highly the Multi-Purpose anticipated event. Room was also Grumbles and the decorated in the Hall occasional pout colours, Maroon and accompanying the Gold complete with question “do we simply beautiful and have to go?” rustic potpourri and permeated the candle centerpieces. atmosphere until the ‘who’s who’ of classes ended and residential life were we realised that free present including the food was involved Housing Manager for and the required Zone 1, Ms. donna semi-formal dress Mae Jackson, the code wouldn’t be too director of Student hard to pull off. Services Mr. Carlton A candlelight Lowrie, Manager of procession from each new Student Cluster added to the Services Jason air of elegance Mackenzie and our already cultivated by Hall Chairpersons the domestic Affairs detroy Gooden and Committee which Christine McLean. transformed the Red our masters of

ceremony the reigning “Miss Rex”, Anique Herbert and Shamar Harrison Cluster Representative of Cluster 2, wasted no time in opening the evening’s proceedings at 7 p.m. thankfully, the speeches from our distinguished guests were brief giving sufficient time for the hightlight of the evening. the entertainment was provided by talented first year Rexans like desmond dennis who performed his dramatic poem, “Sunday Morning Only”. this piece had the audience on the edge of their

sNaPshots from Closing Ceremony 2011. (NN)

housiNgmaNager mrs donnamea Jackson presenting the award for male Fresher of the year .

seats in sheer laughter. the dancers who placed first in this year’s Fresher Competition were pure poetry in motion and will be remembered throughout the entire year. the male and female Freshers of the year Matthew ‘Swiper’ titus and deyontalay ‘Cyber Sex’ Bastian, gave their perspectives on the orientation period and it was evident that their titles were well deserved as both speeches were detailed, humorous and proved that both were indeed passionate Rexans. the first year choir, also reigning champions, serenaded all in attendance with their lovely voices and charming medley of songs which amped up the good vibrations of the evening prior to the anticipated award section. For favorite duke, there was a tie between deranjay ‘duke Shotgun’

Simpson and Alec ‘duke Lipposuction’ tomlin. the favorite duchess of this period is the inimitable tinashae ‘duchess Bi-Polar’ Hinds. After the formalities of the closing ceremony, the red square came alive with chatter, music and laughter as the buffet lines filled up and embarrassing pictures of exhausted dukes and duchesses were put on display. the air of camaraderie was palpable as the former Pilgrims, now Rexans, interacted with the former dukes and duchesses, even more so as the music gradually changed from the mellow to pulsating. in true Rexan family tradition it goes without saying that the Closing Ceremony was transformed into a ‘Frass Wednesday’ regardless of the fact that for some classes beckoned as early as 8 a.m. the next morning.



the liNe uPs for the relays were impressive with as each Cluster put their best team forward. (dB)

Revolutionaries rule Ring Road by Davandra BaBB

the uWi s.e.r.t team was on hand to deal with any injuries sustained.

heavy blows when they were disqualified from the SPoRtinG activities on the 4 x 1 relay and Cluster 5 in Rex nettleford Hall got off to the 4 x 1/2 relay. a REX-ellent start last Games Committee thursday at the inter cluster Chairpersonl, david Ceballo, Ring Road Relays. insisted that the All clusters came out to disqualifications were given support their own and with due cause. from as early as "the disqualifications were 5.a.m a large crowd plausible and in accordance gathered for the with the bylaws of the ring highly anticipated start. road activity," he said. the Cluster 8 the positions in order of Revolutionaries first to last are as follows: emerged overall Cluster 8, 15 points, Cluster winners with 15 points 6, ten points, Cluster 1, seven points, Cluster 5, five while Clusters 6 and 1 were second and third points, Cluster 9, four points, with ten and seven points Cluster 3&4, three points, respectively. Cluster 7, two points and Cluster 2, one point. However, it should be Ceballo expressed his noted that two teams from Clusters 5 and 7 were dealt satisfaction with the level

of support from the various clusters. “i was very pleased with the turnout from my fellow Rexans who came to support their cluster members. i was also impressed with the team from UWiSERt as well as the marshalls for their efforts," he said. Ceballo added that he was pleased with the general outcome of the relays, and deemed the competition a “success”. He also expressed his sincere gratitude to Sylvia Johnson, Resident Advisor to Cluster 2, for her assistance with the planning and execution of the event. He also thanked his deputy, Shakur Latchman,for securing the venue.

Concious Corner 9

Sojourn of My Spirit A poem by Symone Elizabeth Lawrence Lastnight,Irosefromthe physicalprisoncalledabody whichtheuniversegavemeasas gift. Asiwasleavingitdrewmein, chokedme,threatentorefuse meifeverireturned Butileft. TheburdenwastoomuchandI left. Me,myspirit-thedefinition ofwild,unrestrainedfreedom. Ijerkedoutofthisrealityinto onewhereIwasn'tmyself,my body. Ileaptfromphysicalpaininto auniversewhereIdancedwith rosebudsandsangwiththebirds andswayedintimewiththewind. Ifloatedintoagalaxyofwhite whereemotionsneverexisted andforjustthatmomentthe pangsIcouldneverfeel. Forthatmoment,thatmoment ofwonderfulsweetliberationI wasme,notmybody,justme. Isteppedintotheheavenson feetunpowderedbythedustof humanmiseryandiwalkedas thoughIfloated. Ihadshedthecarnalburdens ofhumanityandme,myspirit,I washappy. Ireachedouthandsuncallused byman'stroublesandIalmost touchedserenitywhenIhearda sob,acrysosoftbutso

anguished,ittoreatmy sensibilities,rippedawaymy happinessandsentmereeling intoablacknessfromwhichI emergedsaddenedanddazed sittingattheedgeofmybed, me,myspirit,watchingme,my bodyinrestlessslumber. Isatthereoutsideofmyself andiwatchedmewritheinapain Icouldnevertouch. Anintangibleemotionthatcut meupintoabillionpiecesand scatteredmyremainsinto infinitedimensions. Mybody,ithurt,Ihurt. IhurtwithapainI,myspirit couldnevertrulycomprehend. AndasIwatched,I,mybody startedtocry. Eachtearflowedonitsown andonitwaswrittensomehuman misery. Iwatchedthetearsrunthe courseofmyfaceandeachplace theytouchedwasburntand scarred-butthewaternever stopped-itflowedlikeastream withoutadestinationandsoaked mypillowsmeltingthecottonand takingmycheekwithit. Iwatchedthewatercorrode mysheetsandtakemyskin leavingmyskeletonnakedand trembling. ThenI,myspiritfeltatear. Ineverknewspiritscriedbut thispainI,mybodyfeltwasso much-itsmagnitudesogreatthat itdefiedthelawsoftheuniverse

thatitreachedoutandit embraced,envelopedme. Andinthatinstanti understoodwhyineverslept. Forwheninsleep,Idie. IdrowninmysorrowsandI'm devouredbygrief. Mypainsrise,takeoverand murderthehumaninmethehumanthatsmilesinthe daysandlaughswhenitstearing apart-thehumanthtfunctions whenitsspiritualexistence teetersontheedgeof destruction. AsI,myspiritcried, Iroseandireturnedandi settledintothisgiftofabody thattheuniversegavetome, nolongerashamedofits weakness,itsvulnerabilities, itsmistakes. ForInowknewitwasstronger thanieverimagained. Strongenoughtolaughwhen itwantstocry. Toexistwhenanguishbegs ittodeterioriate. Tosurvivewheninreality itshouldbecrumbling. Wiithnewfoundrespect, IreturnedtoabodyIonce despised. FrommynightsojournI returnedwithanepiphanyWithnewfoundwilland confidencetolive,Ireturnedtome,myself,mybodylikea prodigaldaughter, Ireturned.

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