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Edition 3: december 8


Christmas comes early

THe rex NeTTleforD Hall commiTTee wishes the entire Hall a merry christmas. (Picture by maya Wilkinson)

schedule to come together for a little taste of christmas. on Sunday the short december 4, the Christmas themed rex nettleford hall service was complete Committee held its with black cake and annual Christmas sorrel saw Carol Service. performances from the Carol service talented Rexans in is a yearly initiative of song, a well received the Hall Committee drama piece and and saw many impressive Rexans taking time performances out of their study by several musicians.

Look InsIde

by Kishmar Shepherd

Spotlight on Uber Fashion

HallcHair and Deputy at the carol Service.

Choir Champions

It could be you!!!

Inside front


ZoNe 1 maNager ms Donna-mae Jackson presenting the winner’s plaque to a rex choir member aND resident advisor Sylvia Jonson presenting the cake.

Rex retains Choirfest crown by Shavar Maloney

The rex neTTleford hall Choir retained its crown at the sixth annual Choirfest hosted at the rex nettleford hall on Wednesday, november 16, 2011. the highly anticipated Choirfest, which has become a fixture on the annual events calendar of the University of West indies, Mona Campus, delivered great performances from the six participating Hall Choirs. the event which was hosted by the Hall Chairman and   Continues on next Page.

memberS of the rex choir performing.

rex supporters came out in their numbers and colours. (Pictures by Kishmar Shepherd)

Winning rex choir Director.


Soft Note

On top once again from page 3. deputy Hall Chairman of 2008-2009 Cailar Green and Farley Augustine was opened with the Jamaican Anthem sung by an ensemble consisting of members from the participating choirs. in giving the welcome remarks, Student Services and development Manger of Zone 1, Ms. donna- Mae Jackson thanked the choirs for their participation and bringing Choirfest to the great show it has come to be. “We’re happy to have you all here and for making Rex nettleford Hall’s Choirfest into such a wonderful show.” she stated. “As we celebrate

10 years, we are happy to have begun Choirfest and look forward to continuing to produce such a remarkable event.” the event was divided into five sections: Pop, Gospel, Classical, Folk and negro Spirituals which were competed in the categories of Large Choir, Medium Choir and Ensemble. the competition which was keenly contested brought out some of the best talent on campus from thesix Halls of Residence. A.Z Preston Hall, Chancellor Hall, irvine Hall, Mary Seacole Hall, Rex nettleford Hall and taylor Hall all delivered a riveting show that left patrons on the

rexaNS celebrating victory. below, resident advisor Keniel grey presenting a trophy to rex’s choir Director.

edge of their seats. At the end of the night the judges praised the choirs for their pleasing performances and looked forward to an even better Choirfest in 2012. When the results were announced, the Rex nettleford Hall Choir retained their crown after winning the competition last year for the first time. they also won the negro Spiritual section with a stirring rendition of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.” the “Mans” of Chancellor Hall, decked out in their signature black and gold, won the Pop section with their rendition

of the “La La Bella Medley” and the Folk section with their performance titled “Woman Problems.” the taylor Hall choir emerged winners in the Gospel section with a dynamic presentation of the “Gospel medley” which had patrons of the show feeling spiritually enriched. the top three slots were completed by taylor Hall Choir in second place and A.Z. Preston Hall Choir in third place. the show closed with the presentation of trophies and prizes to the winners and performers.

for more pictures from choirfest click here:

What a first semester!

tHERE ARE two halls at the University of the West indies; the Assembly Hall and the Rex nettleford Hall. this semester the Rexan family celebrated 10 years as the premier Hall of Residence at the University. Whilst this milestone signals a great accomplishment, it is also proof that age is just a number for our spirit, accomplishments and the legacy of our patron far surpasses one decade. in ten years it has become tradition for our Freshers to bring home the “Fresher’s Concert” trophy, for our sportspersons to win championships and our drama productions to be highly acclaimed. We have indeed made our mark at the University as home of the Proud, the Brave and the Strong. Like all families, we’ve had our ups and downs this semester, moments that made us proud and those where we felt as though a shot of morphine was needed to get us through. despite the challenges, we stood our ground. Many a night we could hear the choir practicing from the MPR, see the dedicated E.A.C. members huddled planning their next outreach and the volleyballers practicing on the Red Square for their next match. Hard work pays off. Rex nettleford Hall became

two time champions at the 2011 Choir Festival, raised over $100,000 for the Jamaican Breast Cancer society and actively participated in the many university sporting events. With 800 strong one would expect that these events would garner greater support, that Mona Bowl would be a sea of Maroon and Gold and those that show up won’t be the competitors serving dual roles as the audience. in true Rexan spirit we ought to be the backbone for those who represent us at both Hall and Cluster levels. At the same time, it is imperative that these events start on time. it is wasteful to schedule an event to begin at 7 p.m. and at that time the d.A.C. is still preparing the location and the UWi Pop Society is doing their sound check. it is also “touchy” to have hall events clash with those at the University level. But we live and we learn. We make improvements and we strive towards maintaining our status as the genuine “Hall of Halls”. the Rex Files team would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all those who supported our initiative. We look forward to covering the events of the new Year; documenting the Rexan life. Merry Christmas and Happy new Year.

Happy Holidays from your Publications Committee Chairman I would like thank all Rexans, both residing and commuting for their readership and wish all a happy holiday season and all the best for the New Year.



Rex Files news Team EditoR-in-CHiEF Kishmar Shepherd SEnioR EditoRS Janelle david davandra Babb Shavar Maloney Chevelle Mason SEnioR PRooF REAdER Janelle david LAYoUt And dESiGn Kishmar Shepherd Rex Files news is a production of the Publications Committee of the Rex nettleford Hall. Rex Files news is produced by Rexans for Rexans, and covers all aspects of Hall life including news, Entertainment, Culture and Sports. Email:



Off Campus Rexans visit by Kishmar Shepherd

on thursday november 10 the Rex nettleford Hall opened its gates to all off Campus Rexans and all those wishing to join the Rex family by becoming an off Campus Rexan. the annual event was this year organised by the off Campus Representatives for this academic year Khori Ayton and natasha Leiba. the event kicked off around 4 pm and saw a lot of Rexans both residing and commuting, coming out to mix, mingle and have fun. Activities for the day included dominoes, musical chairs and several other fun giveaways from the day’s sponsors. there was even a 5 a side football match where residing Rexans faced off against their commuting counterparts on the small patch of grass in front to the Facilities and Maintenance office. the off Campus footballers were the eventual

winners of the match by 3 goals to 0 and received prizes compliments of sponsor Smirnoff. Although they did not win the match, the residing Rexans also got a prize for participating. Honestly there were no losers on the day as it was an enjoyable time for all who attended. off Campus Representative Khori Ayton said he felt as though the off Campus day was a success and looks forward to further fostering integration between those Rexans on Hall and the extended members of the Rexan family.

For more pictures from offCampus day  Click Here:


Images from Iron Chef by Shavar Maloney

on Sunday 6th november, 2011, the Revolutionists of Cluster 8 won the 4th Annual iron Chef Competition held on the Red Square of the Rex nettleford Hall. the Revolutionists were able to stave off the seven Clusters to take the title home in fine culinary style. the Coverlys of Cluster Six and the Rebels of Cluster nine tied for second place and the Alliance placed 4th. the competition which was hosted by the Hall’s domestic Affairs Committee started at 2:30 p.m. with the revelation of the secret ingredient - cheese. the teams had to create in three categories: a starch, a protein and a salad along with a drink and decorating a cake. the clusters also created displays for their food which this year seemed to be


centred on an exotic theme. With a total preparation time of one hour and 45 minutes, the teams immediately got to work on their culinary delights ranging in cuisine from Caribbean to oriental to Hawaiian cuisine. one addition to this year’s competition was the addition of the Grace Corned Beef Cook off sponsored by Grace. At the end of the day, with dishes displayed and judging completed Cluster Eight emerged victorious in the overall iron Chef competition with compliments from the judges on their creativity and presentation.



moDelS oN STage at Uber fashion coture. (Pictures by m

Spotlight by Kishmar Shepherd

above: Snap shots of patrons of Uber fashion couture,

Hall DePUTy ceac caught taking a break.

on friday november 11 the rex nettleford hall showed the university of the West indies once again the true star power of a glitzy fashion show. The second staging of premier fashion show uber fashion Couture lived up to the high expectations and anticipation left lingering after the inaugural staging of the event last year. although patrons were made to pay for the event this time around they didn’t seem to mind as the rex nettleford hall’s Multipurpose room was packed to capacity. Moreover, a portion of the proceeds went to SoS Children’s village. Much to the crowds appreciation models took to the runway one after another wearing the latest designs from Barry Moncrieffe, rangi, Base Kingston & Belle, yard Beat and felliciti. an especially memorable moment was the Karamba Swimwear sending the crowd in a frenzy For more pictures from Uber Click Here: http://www.facebook.


above, Hall Pcc and chairman spotted among patrons of the show.

t on Uber

maya Wilkinson and Kishmar Shepherd)




aT lefT, The evening’s mc’s Kyesha randall and ockino Petrie.

with both their female and male designs. not only was there high fashion on the runway but members of the audience were also immaculately dressed. Some even had their chance to take to the runway and strut their stuff for prizes from sponsors. all in all it was a well planned and executed even which patrons will certainly look forward to seeing continue.



THeSe laDieS were looking their best for the event.


Hall aND gUilD commiTTee members mingling in the audience.


Concious Corner

What women do

by Jade evelyn

everyone is in this big rush now, but really and truly what is the rush all about? We, as females, have this misconceived notion that if we don’t get married our lives are “incomplete”. i mean, come on, how true is this? The average female spends about 12 years of her life on education, then another five years in college and university. right after school the next big thing on our agenda is to get a job and start to become financially grounded. By the age of 23 for those who didn’t go through the party stage begin to look for “the one”. We go on date after date, juggling work, friends and family in between our new dating life. after four long years of going from loser to loser we then decide that were going to take a break from the dating scene. however, we still go on social networks such as facebook, hi5, twitter and myspace to do some “networking”. This phase lasts approximately one year, by this time we’re 28 or 29 and we begin to freak out because we have yet to find that special person who we wish to settle

down with. We begin to reach a midlife crisis and to our friends that have already, mind you, found “the one” we complain. We tell them how many jerks are out there in the world. We then go through our “i hate men stage”. This stage is my favourite because we claim to hate men yet still we watch every romantic film, we still sigh when couples pass and we still wish we had that special someone to share our day with. after we have reached a low in our lives we begin to wrap our fingers around the fact that we are probably never going to get married and that’s when we go through our “i’m glad to be single” stage. This stage is the funniest of all stages because not for one minute during this time are we genuinely ever glad to be single. But we put on this happy face to please friends, family and then to trick ourselves.

By the time we’ve reached sensibility we decide that we’re going to take one last leap into the waters and see what we can fish out. We are then set up by friends who are excited that we’re back out in the dating world, by family and via the world wide web. We soon meet a couple of eligible bachelors and we begin to get excited and think about “the big day” but as quickly as we meet them we find out all the reasons why a thirty five year old man who is good looking is still single. The ones who don’t cheat are gay and the others are in their “player” stage. By this time we want to give up but we still have society telling us that if we don’t get married, no matter how much success we have our lives are incomplete. This is the 21st century, i believe it’s time that we as women take back and own our success and show the world that just because we are single doesn’t mean that our lives are incomplete. don’t look at the glass half empty look at the glass half full. our singleness doesn’t mean loneliness it means freeness, were free to do whatever we please.

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Rex Files News Christmas Edition  
Rex Files News Christmas Edition  

The final edition of Rex Files News for Semester 1.