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Every once in a while our dreams come true. And when they do, we usually sit in awe of it all, excited, bewildered, and nervous. That is how it was for me when I first started shopping for runway hair and Avant Garde gowns as I prepared my first modeling wardrobe. It was then that I first met NyuNyu Kimono. I had asked her about casting calls and auditions, and gushed compliments upon her for the wonderful shopping mall she owned. She was very gentle and kind to me. Well that was a little while ago. Now, I'm writing articles for SL fashion magazines, and I am interviewing some of Second Life's fashion elites! Once again I am in awe of how life moves us forward, as you see, I have just hand the honor of interviewing NyuNyu Kimono for this H&S magazine edition! When NyuNyu and I got together for this interview, we met outside and relaxed by the water. She is so laid-back that just being in her presence alone set the ambience. I began by asking her

where would she like to begin, and she suggest that I write an article about how really good Asian designers get overlooked in SL because of the language barrier. So I asked if she felt overlooked as a really good designer, and she said replied "oh no, lol, I am just a silly Singaporean, a silly, boring person". Not true. Not in the least. NyuNyu co-owns and co-runs one of SL's elite modeling agencies, Maritima Inc. She is a co-designer for Lurani clothing, and she owns a store, NyuConcepts, where she sells highly detailed sculpties that she has made herself. Her specialty is to make sculpties for other clothing designers and builders to use in their creations. Needless to say she is quite talented, and a true assets to the inworld creators of second life. Not boring at all. NyuNyu happened upon Second life a little over a year ago when she and a rl friend of hers were looking for a new and different kind of game to play. They used an internet search engine and landed in Second Life.

She laughed as she recounted her first time inworld, saying she had stayed up all night hunting for freebies across the grid. I laughed too, as I could relate to how easy it is to lose track of time once you start a life inworld. NyuNyu says that she was so immersed into SL, that within 3 days she didn't look like a newbie anymore. Within nine days she applied for a job as a store model and was hired. Her RL friend had to leave SL due to RL commitments, but she stayed inworld and built up new friendships. Her first friends were designers for the store where she worked. She explored sim after sim, and looked into whatever caught her eye. Within a short amount of time she was learning how to build, design, and create all kinds of things. Then one day a friend asked her to help them open a business in SL, and that basically is how Maritima Inc., initially known by a different name, was born. Today, Maritima operates on a full commercial sim and has over 400 loyal members. It

is also by pure coincidence that there is a Real World modeling agency by the same name, however bares no resemblance to the inworld Maritima Inc. that NyuNyu Kimono and Nico Iasmertz own. At this point, NyuNyu pointed out that, actually Maritima Inc. is not called a modeling agency because they do a bit more then just modeling inworld. NyuNyu Kimono very humbly says that she tries to talk to each group member whenever she can, stating that she doesn't believe in the "bossemployee" roles, and would like to think that SL is a world where everyone is sharing in common interests, helping each other, having fun, enjoying life, and basically treating each other as friends. We both reflected how idealistic that sounded, but sadly, is not always reality even here, in a surreal world. We are, after all, human powered. NyuNyu told me that she always tries to remember one very important concept: What brought her to SL

in the first place, and why she chose to stay. Then she qualified her thought by saying "I came to SL to have fun, to know more friends, to be able to explore, learn, and play...and while becoming a virtual entrepreneur is definitely a motivating goal, it is not why I came and definitely not why I stay. She encourages everyone to stay focused on their initial reasons for coming into SL, believing that if people could just remember that, we would all get along much better. She has a unwavering belief that, especially inworld, we are all equal and we all deserve to be treated as equal too. NyuNyu showed me a picture of her original avatar, which was a very beautiful Asian female, albeit dollarbee skin, wearing a traditional Japanese kimono. Her avatar has changed some, but she has not strayed too far from her original oriental look. This entire interview was done in text, and not in voice, as I usually

like to do, because she was afraid her accent would skew her English pronunciations unrecognizably. It is hard for me to believe that, because even as I write this, I could swear that I could hear her sweet voice and undoubtedly good natured contagious laugh. It is my hope that after you have read this article, that you too, could swear you caught a glimpse of this remarkable rl/sl woman. Suki Rexen.

H&S interview with NyuNyu Kimono final  

When NyuNyu and I got together for this interview, elites! Once again I am in awe of how life moves NyuNyu Kimono for this H&S magazine...

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