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introduction The second edition of the REWIRE Festival takes place from Friday, November 2nd, through Sunday, November 4th. It is a small-scale, intimate festival for visual arts, new music and related arts. REWIRE is being held in a fascinating transformational neighbourhood, around the power station in the Regentesse District of the Hague. Old and striking buildings, such as the former Seventh-day Adventist church and the old power plant warehouse will be temporarily transformed into intimate locations for concerts, an exhibition, performances, screenings and talks. The festival includes both a daytime and a night-time programme. During the day, artist talks, tours and screenings will be held. The central exhibition is open to visitors all day, until midnight. At night, a range of innovative concerts and performances will take place. This programme booklet offers a guide to become acquainted with the festival programme. Although we have done our best to make it as complete as possible, it has not been possible to include all the last-minute details. For the most up-to-date information, please visit We wish you an inspiring visit to this second REWIRE Festival.




A MATTER OF TIME The exhibition A Matter of Time is about the experience, perception and (philosophical) meaning of time, as well as about the influence and the role that time plays for both the individual and society. All the works in the exhibition relate to the concepts of time, memory, beginning and end, letting go and beginning again. The works on display vary from photography to installations, projections, sculptures, paintings, drawings and kinetic art. 7


— David Bowen Growth Rendering Device, 2007 This system provides light and food in the form of hydroponic solution for the plant. The plant reacts to the device by growing. The device, inturn, reacts to the plant by producing a rasterized inkjet drawing of the plant every twenty-four hours. After a new drawing is produced the system scrolls the roll of paper approximately four inches so a new drawing can be produced during the next cycle. This system is allowed to run indefinitely and the final outcome is not predetermined.

— Spiros Hadjidjanos Network Time, 2011 With his installation, Network Time, Spiros Hadjidjanos proposes measuring time in units of information or data. A minute is a gigabyte and an hour is a terabyte. Time is measured on the basis of the information received. The cornerstone of the work is the fundamental idea that the amount of information we receive changes our perception of time.

— David Letellier Versus, 2011

Versus is a sound installation consisting of two kinetic sculptures placed face to face. The original sound is continuously transformed, and becomes something entirely new and unpredictable. The memory of past events is put on hold for a moment, until it is reproduced, degraded, and then forgotten, replaced by the present. Letellier was born in France in 1978 and studied and graduated in architecture in Rennes (FR) and Berlin (DE). 8

Spiros Hadjidjanos , Network Time, 2011


— Katja Mater Density Drawing 30, 2010 In the series Density Drawings Mater constructs an image by layering multiple moments in time. During the making of a drawing, she shoots exposures at different moments during the process on the same negative, physically building up an image on the negative, as the drawing simultaneously blacks out becoming a monochrome. 9


— Miranda Meijer Up Up Up, 2012

Up Up Up is a video projection that represents a doubling of the time that elapses during an everyday situation. Two apparently identical projections of an unstaged workout session, in the attic at home, turn out to be two different recordings. In this way, we see how many of our daily activities appear to be the same, but they are unique, different every time, and each moment in time has a value of its own. Do you keep seeing the same image or do you have an eye for the differences?

— Miranda Meijer Every Thing Every Day, 2012

Every Thing Every Day reveals moments in time. Every day since November 5th, 2010, Miranda Meijer has attempted to make the same drawing, with the same motions and actions. By showing several of these daily drawing efforts at the same time, she makes it clear that no two moments are ever identical and that every moment in time produces an image of its own.

— Sarah van Sonsbeeck One Cubic Decimeter of Silence, 2009 Sarah van Sonsbeeck is a Dutch artist whose work is marked by a detailed attention to architectural perception, silence, noise and human interaction. One Cubic Decimeter of Silence is comprised of a small steel box, containing a vacuum and a microphone. Attached to the microphone is a headset with which we can 'hear' the silence.


David Letellier, Versus, 2011


— Sarah van Sonsbeeck The Black Out Room, 2012 REWIRE will premiere an experimental interactive installation for the Dutch public to experience and influence the last black out of Istanbul. While living in Istanbul as a resident in 2011 Sarah van Sonsbeeck was researching silence in Istanbul. Acoustical silence seemed impossible to find, however the frequently occurring electricity black outs – leaving whole blocks without electricity for up to several hours – provided at least some kind of visual silence. This inspired her to create a new work to be premiered on REWIRE 2012: The Black Out Room. 11


Veerle Thoben, A 05.25 PM, 2012



— Veerle Thoben 06.53 PM, 2012 / 05.25 PM Veerle Thoben's work is made up of snapshots in time, recording the passing of light, and with it the passing of time. "Time elapses, shadows constantly change, and in my work, I want to register something of that process." The work affects the space around it and vice versa. In this way, Thoben presents differing perceptions of time and light, in order to gain understanding of the perpetual motion of time.

— John de Weerd Intermediate time: Waiting for Superman, 2012 The video work, Intermediate time: Waiting for Superman, is about the moments that occur between two events. We seem to attach value to these in-between moments, such as when we are waiting for a photograph to be taken, for example. Waiting for Superman reveals that such moments can, in fact, really matter.

— Pieter Vermeersch Untitled, 2012 For Vermeersch, the treatment of gradations in colour is a strategy to gradually make time visually and tangibly concrete in paint, in the manner of the movement of a camera. The paint ‘progresses’ from ‘nothing to full’. It pulls the viewer with it in an abstract narrative with a clear beginning and end. Belgian artist Pieter Vermeersch is renowned for his precise and beautiful paintings and architectural installations which foreground painstakingly hand-painted colour gradients. For REWIRE 2012, Pieter Vermeersch has created a new work on location. 13

FACEBOOK.COM/JAGERMEISTERNL Geniet, maar drink met mate.







— Alex Smoke presenTs Wraetlic uk, audiovisual, techno, minimal, electronica London based dj and producer Alex Smoke, well known as on demand remixer for artists such as Steve Reich, Depeche Mode and Radio 4, changed the face of heavily mechanized techno. His previous techno recordings Incommunicado (2005), Paradolia (2006), EP Of Infinite Affliction (2009) and LUX (2010) are characterized by warm classical influences, inspired by his eclectic musical background. By 2012 former choirboy Smoke evolved into the alias Wraetlic, combining his different musical personalities in a dark Faustian audiovisual live show, while performing in a more vocal and short song based structure. A Wraetlic album will be released in November on Convex Industries.


— bakk The Hague underground house The platform BAKK aims to bring together young creative people from The Hague, night life and progressive electronic music. The three artists who initiated the platform started hosting big theme parties at the art academy and are now organising events in and around The Hague. At night, they also present their own radio show ‘Ship Rec Radio’ on Den Haag FM, giving both celebrated and lesser-known deejays the chance to experiment. 16


— DIIV us, dreampop, indie, lo-fi, shoegaze Inspired by a Nirvana-song, this Brooklyn based band started out as a bedroom recording formation. Their 2012 debut album Oshin was highly acclaimed for its fresh, dreamy blend of new wave, shoegaze and indiepop. The band, consisting of former band members from Beach Fossils and Smith Westerns, says to be inspired by Malian guitar and 80s krautrock bands Can and Faust. DIIV takes you on a melodramatic and melodic journey fuelled by a contemporary psychedelic sound.

— HALLS uk, psychedelica, synths, experimental electronica This South London based solo project could easily be mistaken for a collaboration between Thom Yorke, Mount Kimbie, and Holy Other. Warm but eerie synths, deep slow beats and glitches, mournful and almost religious vocals: HALLS will no doubt be at his ecclesiastical best during his first Dutch performance at REWIRE FESTIVAL.

— Jacob 2-2 us, beats, nostalgia, electronic Jacob 2-2 is a Brooklyn-based electronic artist whose work combines hip hop beats, lush synth textures, and a healthy dose of warped childhood nostalgia. His latest release on Moodgadget, Fantasiarexia, is equally influenced by the crystalline new-age tones of 80s film soundtracks as it is by bass-heavy funk and jazz-fusion. Warm analogue synths, broken 8-bits and Fairlight fragments are densely layered on top of 808 grooves and chopped up beats. 17

Laurel Halo




— Knalpot nl, live impro, electro, dub, post-rock and jazz Packed with a guitar, a drum set, a Casio synthesizer and loads of analogue electronics Knalpot played many (inter)national festivals including North Sea Jazz, Lowlands, Exit in Croatia and La Fabrika in Sao Paulo. They conquered audiences worldwide with their hybrid mix of electro, dub, post-rock and jazz. Their live improvisations will lift you up and softly put you back on the ground, only to knock you of your feet again.

— Laurel Halo us, avant-garde, synths, ambient, electronica Melancholic and ominous: that’s how you best describe the sound of this 25-year-old-composer. She recently released her debut album Quarantine on Hyperdub, critically acclaimed by Pitchfork. Her avant-garde blend of ambient, electronic sounds and heavy danceable synths is driven forth by rhythms that could as easily originate from Africa as well as from an unknown place in our galaxy.

— Legowelt nl, acid house, deep Chicago house Danny Wolfers a.k.a. Legowelt describes his musical style as a hybrid form of slam jack combined with deep Chicago house and romantic ghetto technofunk. Mainly influenced by Detroit Underground Resistance and fellow inhabitants of The Hague Unit Moebius, the producer signed with Bunker Records in 2000. The label first released his debut album Pimpshifter, followed by many other releases, remixes and aliases.



— Lichens us, vocal ambient drone Looping and mutating wordless vocals, adding reverb guitars and synthesizers, Lichens mesmerizes his audience with hypnotic visuals and a mysterious stage performance. Collaborating with a diverse range of musicians like OM and Explosions in the Sky, Lichens formed a wide fanbase. It could well be that people who came to his live shows at Club Transmediale and All Tomorrow’s Parties are glued to the stage till this date.

— patten uk, IDM, abstract, experimental Apart from producing his raw and heavy debut album GLAQJO XAACSSO (2011), Patten is responsible for unforgettable remixes for the likes of Caribou and Peaking Lights, landing him straight into the Fact Magazine’s Top 20 of mixes in 2011. His live performances come with live processed guitar, vocals and visuals. Add to that the punctual warm beats, samples and the result is nothing less than a euphoric spectacle.

— Rocketnumbernine uk, electronic, impro, instrumental, ambient This duo named after a Sun Ra track, started off improvising and recorded their first two EP’s in 20 09 and 2010, produced by Four Tet and published on TEKST. Through touring alongside the famous producer and opening for Radiohead in New York, RN9 built up a serious live-reputation. Shows consist of live drums and improvisations based on jazz, beats, dance and experiment. Be prepared for a hypnotizing rollercoaster ride! 20



— Xosar us, acid house, Detroit-style techno Originating from San Jose California, this female producer/ dj nowadays resides in a small town along the west coast of the Netherlands. Producing a sensual blend of deep Detroitstyle techno and leftfield ghosthouse, Xosar’s sounds have been picked up and remixed by the one and only Legowelt. Be prepared for a special laptop-free live set. 21

Creatieve buurt?

Woningcorporatie Staedion en ontwikkelaar Proper-Stok wensen je veel mooie ontdekkingen toe op het REWIRE Festival! Samen met de gemeente Den Haag zetten wij ons in om het creatieve karakter van dit gebied te behouden. Door de herontwikkeling van het voormalige industrieterrein, de herinrichting van park De Verademing en het gebied rondom de energiecentrale, willen wij een eigentijds stedelijk woonmilieu creĂŤren met een sterke creatieve bedrijvigheid en unieke recreatieve voorzieningen. Regentesse Zuid: een gebied met kansen voor wonen, werken en ontspanning!

35830_Advertentie Rewire festival.indd 1

03-09-12 16:00



Young Magic




— Black Rain us, dark ambient, synthscapes, techno Once warming up for GG Allin’s last show ever, Black Rain evolved since then from a post-punk outfit into a dark and ambient sci-fi duo. The gloomy atmosphere of their ambient synthscapes and deep beats is emphasized by the duo’s name referring to nuclear fallout.

— Deaf Center no, ambient, neo-classical, David Lynch Mixing dark, neo-classical elements with ambient music, the music of this Norwegian duo seems fit for David Lynch movies yet to be made. After releasing several widely acclaimed albums and EPs between 2004 and 2008 the composers retreated for a few years to return with their ‘magnum opus’ Owl Splinters in 2011, produced by Nils Frahm. Electronics, drones and contemporary classical music collide in their subtle but intense performances.

— Errors uk, indie, post-rock, instrumental This four-piece post-electro band originating from Glasgow was first picked up by Mogwai. Their energetic live performances, uptempo beats and live improvisations remind of Holy Fuck. With the 2010 release of Come Down With Me the band quickly caught the attention of a wider audience. Errors have released the much acclaimed Have Some Faith in Magic earlier this year while this fall saw the release of Relics , a mini-album full of strong mixtures between post-rock and electronica. 24


— Filosofische Stilte nl, wonky beats, arpeggios, synths


Assembling beats, melodies, commodore 64 and Nintendo bleeps, Luuk Graham creates tunes that are still quite unidentifiable. Filosofische Stilte takes you into an unknown world filled with arpeggios and sparkling synths. A world in which even Flying Lotus would get lost and feel left behind by this nineteen year old prodigy of wonky beats and glitches!

— H-SIK ci, dark, edgy, textured beats Infusing obscure samples and abstract effects with influences from old-school hip hop, dub and grime footwork, H-SIK is known for his edgy, dark and textured take on electronic music. The underground hero was heavily influenced by his African roots and his passion for historic rhythm machines and samplers, creating a strong beat based identity. 25



— Juffage us, hyperactive, multi-instrumentalist As a solo-artist and multi-instrumentalist Juffage’s performances have been compared to Lightning Bolt’s rhythmic ferocity, Radiohead’s lush pop sensibility, King Tubby’s manipulative production, and Andrew Bird’s ability to make a good loop. Juffage (a.k.a. Jeffrey T. Smith) brings his multilayered recordings to the stage single-handedly, utilising drums, basses, cassettes, guitars and synths: hyperactive, magical, exuberant yet deceptively delicate. 26


— Kangding Ray fr, electronic, experimental Kangding Ray's music reflects his wide musical background, and is characterised by his particular way of merging beats and atmospheric soundscapes into slowly evolving compositions. By combining machines with real instruments in a subtle and rhythmic suite, integrating noises, massive bass lines, voices and field recordings, Kangding Ray bridges experimental music and club culture.

— Kreng be, dark ambient, neo-classical soundscapes As the in-house- composer for Belgian theatre company Abbatoir Fermè, Kreng has been responsible for more than twenty theatre and dance productions since 2005. Kreng released two wellreceived albums on Erik Skodvin’s (Deaf Center) label Miasmah. Live performances show you a glimpse into a world of cine noir, apocalyptic viruses, abandoned cities, psychiatric hospitals and strange cults.

— Lotus Plaza us, shoegaze, dreampop, indie, psychedelic Established by Deerhunter guitarist Lockett Pundt, Lotus Plaza started off as a solo bedroom recording project in 2007. Their dreamy guitar pop is rooted in 50s and 60s pop and 80s post-punk, and is more streamlined and less experimental than Deerhunter’s Halycon Digest, leaving room for melancholic, serene, lo-fi ‘shoegazy’ compositions. Lotus Plaza will perform a Dutch exlusive show at REWIRE Festival 2012.



— Nosaj Thing us, glitch-hop, beats There is not much left to say about the ethereal synth-based hip hop by the famous L.A. resident. Familiarising himself with the basics of turntablism at the age of twelve, since then the producer has been responsible for widely acclaimed albums such as Drift (2009) and remixes for the likes of Health, Flying Lotus and The XX. Influenced by Boards of Canada, dj Shadow and Erik Satie, Nosaj Thing amazed large crowds with his spooky glitch-hop sounds.

— Palmbomen nl, glo-fi, chillwave, 80’s italo, 60’s psychedelics Using synths, 80s pop and 60s psychedelics, Dutch producer and dj Palmbomen goes analogue, performing with a fully equipped band. Experimental and contagiously poppy, the retro-freak gives away an astonishing show supported by neon lights and fuzzy sounds. Palmbomen, a.k.a. Kai Hugo, is presenting his first full-length album on October 18th.

— Pete Swanson us, noise, dark, techno At first Pete Swanson’s (ex-Yellow Swans) album Man With Potential seems to be too heavy to listen to. Filled with noisy techno sounds Swanson takes the listener on to journey through a dark tunnel illuminated by frantic stroboscopes from which you want to bring your bleeding eardrums to safety as soon as possible. But then you realise Swanson exemplifies the beauty of noise: a maelstrom of harsh industrial sounds brought back to soft muffled, almost ambient beats. 28

Nosaj Thing


— Presk uk, uk funky, electronic Involved in the Amsterdam bass music scene this newcomer had the chance to show off his talents on events and festivals such as Pitch and ADE. Presk’s heavily danceable tunes are a mix of UK funky, techno, house and garage and are already picked up and played by various international dj’s. 29



— Shackleton uk, hypnotic, dub, deep basslines, complex beats This man’s unconventional take on big bass lines and complex beats doesn’t fit into straightforward categories and that’s how it’s going to stay. With his Skull Disco releases, Shackleton has been carving out his own brand of eclecticism using intricate, snaking percussion, hypnotic melodies, seriously deep bass lines and dubwise sensibilities.


— Young Magic us, psychedelic indie While travelling the world with a recording device in his bag, Isaac Emmanuel encountered two like-minded people. Eventually the threesome settled in Brooklyn, New York. Borderless sounds and rhythms are the result of their journey. African drums go hand in hand with Asian snare instruments and traditional samples of soul and psychedelic music. Often compared to the likes of Animal Collective, Beach House and Grizzly Bear, Young Magic put themselves on the map with their album Melt (2012), filled with beautiful psychedelic world collages. 30



SUNDAY 4 NOVEMBER — MicacHu anD tHe SHapeS uk, experimental, indie, electronic Twenty-one year old singer and composer Micachu performs as an MC in various grime collectives, plays violin and viola, and has already composed for the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Despite her classical background, she prefers her music to be a little rough around the edges. In cooperation with HINK!, REWIRE is proud to present something hypnotic, strange, defiant, rough, and rock ‘n roll in the form of Micachu and the Shapes. 31


12 weeks of art/performances/readings/events November 3/4 live performance on speech, text and language more information 30 september - 16 december 2012 Hogewal 1-9, Den Haag






You’ll experience, hear, feel and see more at the festival than music and art. REWIRE presents a two-day program with performance, cinema and art(ist) talks. In collaboration, creative partners VICE, Zeebelt, Satellietgroep and Stroom Den Haag made an nice selection of happenings that will relate to different concept of time, letting you experience, think and wonder about this years theme. 33


Satellietgroep Cinema

— Satellietgroep Cinema Satellietgroep explores through arts and culture how the sea and waterways influence cities, people, communities and environment. Exclusively for REWIRE, Satellietgroep will present composed video screenings with contributions by international artists themed around the concept of 'time that is to come'. The video screenings will be inspired by the given fact that times will change, as Joseph Beuys stated in his work 'New Beginning Are in the Offing' (1981). Satellietgroep Cinema can be found in front of Zeebelt. Armed with with blankets and cups of soup, they’ll give you an unforgettable autumn beach experience. 34



— artist talks Both visual as music artists who are participating at REWIRE 2012 are invited to join the artist talks program, they will be interviewed by Juha van 't Zelfde in front of an audience in a relaxed atmosphere. Not their profession but the influence and inspiration behind their works is the concept of the talk. Artists, works, people and music which inspired the artists will be showed during the interviews, in a familiar style to the famous Zomergasten TV-show.

— Time/Bank We exchange, accumulate, and consume cash on a daily basis. The monetary note is an elementary cornerstone of our social existence. But what about exchanging time instead of money? Barter economies have been in practice throughout history, but the idea of using time as a unit of exchange only appeared shortly after the Industrial Revolution. Time/Bank, an initiative by Anton Vidokle and Julieta Aranda, is a new approach to the creation of value and meaning. The initiative presents a unique take on the meaning of time. Time/Bank will allow individuals to request, offer, and pay for services in 'Hour Notes.' At REWIRE 2012 you can pay the festival ticket with hour notes or have dinner at the Time/Bank Restaurant. On top of that, we will offer massages and other relaxing activities for the festival die-hards. Free for festival visitors, paid by REWIRE through hour notes accumulated by ticket sales. Curious? Come and experience it yourself.



— Open Call Nowadays it seems we spend half our time in the virtual world, frantically searching for contact. Ever thought what would happen when the virtual world and theatre come together? During the REWIRE Festival, the mission of Andreas Bachmair is to convince random, unsuspecting chatters on the webcam-based ‘Chatroulette’, to co-star in his play. This unpredictable virtual element promises to deliver a unique and dynamic experience, unfurling live on stage. Open Call is a production of Het Veem Theater in co-production with Zeebelt. Concept and direction: Andrew Fremont-Smith and Andreas Bachmair; Assistant: Johanna Biesewig.

— VICE Art Talks VICE presents a special programme at REWIRE, consisting of three documentaries, each providing an intimate glimpse into the mind of one their favourite artists. Prepare to be captivated by the documented art talks of Turner Prize winner Douglas Gordon, widely acclaimed painter Daniel Richter, and leader in the new art movement Jonathan Meese, all to be screened at the Zeebelt Theatre.


Vice art talks, Jonathan Meese

REWIRE Performance




— Studio loos Studio LOOS is the hot spot for new music in The Hague (NL), and is located in the multidisciplinary arts building the DCR. It is a workspace, laboratory and public presentation place for research, experimentation, development, innovation and production. It also is the environment where the LOOS Foundation, international renown – or still unknown – artists and artists groups in the field of interdisciplinary new music conducts their researches, can apply for a residence, rehearse, experiment and try out and present in public their newest works. During REWIRE Festival 2012 Loos will present a program of The Hague based experimental artists who are active in the field of interdisciplinary electro acoustic music, sound art & audio art, improvisation and composition, monomedia, bimedia, polymedia and hypermedia.

— Parallel program I Proclaim, You Proclaim, We Proclaim Parallel to REWIRE Festival, Stroom Den Haag presents I Proclaim, You Proclaim, We Proclaim. This event, taking place November 3 - 4, addresses the presentation and performance of speech, text and language. The parallel event takes place from 5 — PM until 7.30 — PM at — Stroom, Hogewal 1-9. Seats must be booked in advance through Participating artists are Nicoline van Harskamp, Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet, Léa Lagasse, Pierre Leguillon, Sarah Pierce, Alexandre Singh and Cally Spooner.


no more westerns

24 utrecht

Festival Exhibition in CBKU: 12-28 October

till oct

28 2012 the netherlands


festival information

AND MORE — viSitor info REWIRE takes place in and around unusual urban venues within walking distance from the city-centre. De Kerk (the church) will be the main venue for the two-day night program. Venues Studio Loos and Zeebelt are located in parts of the old power plant, just a walk away from the church. The exhibition A Matter of Time can be found in Het Magazijn (the power plant’s warehouse), the geographical heart of the festival site. The Micachu & the Shapes concert (in corporation with HINK) will take place at Paard van Troje.

— ticKetS

friDay ticKet - €18,50 SaturDay ticKet - €18,50 SunDay ticKet - free* weeKenD ticKet - €32,00 *except for the Micachu & The Shapes concert at Paard van Troje which is free for weekend ticket holders and costs € 5,00 for day ticket holders. Tickets can be purchased through our website Tickets are also available through all Free Record Shop and Van Leest stores in The Netherlands and Belgium. Please note: they charge € 3,50 service fee. The online service fee is € 1,20 per ticket.


Festival info

— getting there Night trains run 24 hours a day and depart every hour in the Randstad (Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht). On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights trains will also run on the other routes, more information is found on You can take several trams to the festival from Den Haag Central Station (tram 2 or 4, tram stop Monstersestraat) and Holland Spoor (tram 11, tram stop Loosduinseweg). It’s a three-minute walk to the festival site. For directions please see website.

— Accommodation The Hague has a wide range of hotels and hostels, you can find our recommendations on our website. Ibis The Hague City Centre and REWIRE have teamed up in order to make staying over during the festival as affordable and comfortable as possible. There are two combi-deals on offer. Reservations can be made by e-mail: H3701-RE@ or telephone: +31(0)70 318 4 344.

One person 1 night € 90,00 including1 Friday or Saturday ticket. 2 nights: € 80,00 including 1 Weekend ticket. Prices per room, per night. Two persons 1 night: € 109,00 including two Friday or Saturday tickets. 2 nights: € 99,00 including two Weekend tickets. Prices per room, per night. 42

Festival info

— Map

Tram line 3 Elandstraat ( West) W



















No ord We st Bu ite nsi ng

Tram line 2, 3 & 4 MCH, Westeinde


Tram line 2 & 4 Monstersestraat


De Kerk


Het Magazijn


Noord West Buitensingel 20


Esperantoplein 19

Studio Loos

De Constant Rebecqueplein 20B


De Constant Rebecqueplein 20A



't Landje

Corner Joseph Ledelstraat

Tram Stop

Festival info


FRIDAY 19.00



Main hall, De Kerk


rocKet nuMBernine


Small hall, De Kerk



Het Magazijn


open caLL: anDreaS BacHMair anDrew freMont-SMitH






vice a

exHiBition: a Matter of tiMe. DaviD LeteLLier, SaraH van SonSBeecK, Katja Mater, DaviD veerLe tHoBen, MiranDa Meijer, SpiroS HaDjiDjanoS, joHn De weerD, pieter verMeerScH

Studio Loos


‘t Landje

SateLLietgroep: new BeginningS are in tHe offing 44

2— 4 November

2 NOVEMBER 00.00

aLex SMoKe preSentS wraetLic

LaureL HaLo

ce art taLKS



xoSar Live


LegoweLt Dj Set



jacoB 2-2

DaviD Bowen, erScH



Festival info


SATURDAY 19.00 Main hall, De Kerk

Smallhall, De Kerk


Het Magazijn




LotuS pLaza

juffage open caLL: anDreaS BacHMair anDrew freMont-SMitH



errorS young Magic Kreng

pete SwanSon SoMe cLouDS

Deaf center

exHiBition: a Matter of tiMe. DaviD LeteLLier, SaraH van SonSBeecK, Katja Mater, DaviD Bowen, v tHoBen, MiranDa Meijer, SpiroS HaDjiDjanoS, joHn De weerD, pieter verMeerScH

Studio Loos


‘t Landje

SateLLietgroep: new BeginningS are in tHe offing 46

2— 4 November

3 NOVEMBER 00.00


fiLoSofiScHe StiLte

paLMBoMen Live BLacK rain

af ter

SoMe cLouDS

noSaj tHing




KangDing ray

vice art taLKS

en, veerLe







Festival info

daytime programme

SATURDAY 3 NOVEMBER — exHiBition 'a Matter of tiMe' Venue: Het Magazijn Times: 12:00 - 00:00 hrs

— artiSt taLKS Venue: Zeebelt Times: please check or the Festival Info point for actual times.

— SateLLietgroep @ rewire New Beginnings Are in the Offing Venue: 't Landje Times: 17:00 - 18:30 hrs 48

2— 4 November

daytime programme

SUNDAY 4 NOVEMBER — exHiBition 'a Matter of tiMe' Venue: Het Magazijn Times: 12:00 - 16:00 hrs

— artiSt taLKS Venue: Zeebelt Times: please check or the Festival Info point for actual times.

— MicacHu anD tHe SHapeS uk, experimental, indie, electronic Venue: Paard Doors open 19:30 hrs, start: 20:30 hrs 49






Since Today 50


Board David Kenselaar - Chairman Dunja Colman - Secretary Remco de Valk - Member Management Bronne Keesmaat - Director Artistic / Curatorial Team Bronne Keesmaat - Music & Exhibition Lorraine Haye - Exhibition Juha van 't Zelfde - Talks Judith Schoneveld - Performance Production Walter Thomson - Head of Production Rogier Thomson - Artist Management Eelco Borremans - Assistent Head of Production Joya de Bock - Artist Service Elisabeth Enthoven - Volunteer Coordinator Mirjam Brunsveld - Exhibition Jelle Veersema - Ticketing Marketing & Communications Marja Hollander - Head of Communications Fiona Fortuin Copywriters Rogier Thomson Leonor Jonker

Thanks We would like to thank all of our partners, especially the council of The Hague, VSBfonds, SNS REAAL Fonds, FPK and Fonds 1818 for their continuous support. Also a big shout to our amazing team of volunteers. Thank you.

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