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Winter 2012


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President’s Message by Ted Beltavski, PE The key to any team are the players. Playmakers seize the most important moments of the game and make a positive difference. We understand that concept at R.E. Warner. Our people make us special and we recognize that. We’re currently planning for another succesful year in 2013. The new year brings with it much hope and excitement. Our program “Mentorship Matters” will be unveiled soon and will be in full swing in 2013. Utilizing the immense knowledge of our veterans by teaming them with our new talented professionals promises to take Warner into a new and innovative level of client service. My personal thanks to all of our people as we look forward to a bright future together. - Ted




We provide technical solutions through teamwork and a passion for service.


We will be the preferred consultant for each client we serve. Purpose of the Strategic Plan – Bring an additional element to our business “that of strategic thinking” – Not to predict the future, but to shape the future – Define our Vision and Mission – Focus our resources Goals of the Strategic Plan – Build on our strengths – Mitigate our weaknesses – Seize opportunities – Prepare for threats Key Elements of the Strategic Plan – Marketing and Business Development – Design and Production – Human Resources – Finance and Administration – Technology – Leadership and Ownership Transition Action Plan – Build on our Strengths – Mitigate Our Weaknesses – Prepare for Threats – Seize Opportunities – Develop Communication Channels – Design Production – Project Communications – External Communications – Talent Management – Technology Management – Financial Management – Business Development – Internal Sales and Marketing

Strategic Planning

Goals - Measuring Progress Toward Your Vision Although it may seem absurdly obvious, it bears stating that you are much more likely to reach your destination if you know where you are going.

Financial goals, for example, immediately come to mind as easily measurable goals. Others may be more difficult. However, it is important that each goal be quantified. As they say, “What gets measured gets done”.

An organization’s mission is a statement of purpose and their vision identifies where they want to be at some point in the future. It is critical to establish goals that will lead toward the For leaders to lead, they organization’s vision. Goals must clearly describe should be set high, but not the destination and so high that they can’t be “In the long run, men only hit systematically assess reached. In that vein, goals what they aim at. Therefore, you progress. They must should be set for a period establish goals! of one to three years since had better aim at something anything beyond that will high” - Henry David Thoreau Goals are quantitative be increasingly vague. targets at which a company can aim Goals can be seen as and use to assess its bridges that span between progress. As they are accomplished, goals become long term big picture elements like the vision and a stepping stone on the path toward the company’s mission and short term business tactics. vision. By definition, they must be measurable.

Project Delivery

Partnering - Why Can’t We All Get Along? Hardly a day goes by when someone doesn’t ask, “What has gone wrong with the U.S. Design and Construction Industry?” Owners are frustrated by delays and cost overruns. Designers are often constrained by fee competition as scope creeps. Contractor’s complain about errors and omissions. Fortunately, this trend is changing as the concept of partnering is rapidly becoming a reality. In its simplest form, partnering is a project length commitment among multiple organizations to achieve discrete objectives through the use of cooperative techniques. It involves top management commitment; trust and sharing of information; constant, open, candid and timely communication; establishment of mutual goals and objectives; performance measurement; and streamlined dispute resolution.

On many traditional design projects, partnering between the owner and designer begins with establishment of goals. We always ask, “What will make this project successful for the owner?” Often overlooked is “What will make this project successful for the design and construction teams?” These questions are quickly followed by, “What can prevent us from achieving our objectives and how do we overcome these obstacles?” Once these questions are answered, a partnering plan can be developed to meet everyone’s goals and objectives by surfacing concerns as soon as possible, making decisions at the first level of involvement, communicating honestly and openly, and making a commitment to joint problem solving. A properly partnered project keeps everyone informed, involved and inspired!


R.E. Warner Explodes into the World of Blast Resistant Design Blast resistant design for buildings is becoming increasingly more common ever since the Oklahoma City federal courthouse bombing in 1995 and the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. This type of design has been prevalent in the petrochemical industries for many years but is now being required by the United States Department of Defense as well as other federal and state agencies.

Analysis or existing structures using STADD, SDOF and 3D Blast.

Blast resistant design reduces anti-terrorism risks to those inside the building by limiting structural collapse, maintaining the building envelope, and minimizing flying debris. Design of structures to resist the effects of blast events requires a specialized knowledge of the dynamic properties of structural materials, as well as the allowable responses of components and systems. R.E. Warner offers the unique and specialized service of design of blast resistant structures while maintaining the aesthetics of the building. We have recently completed numerous public and private projects dealing with retro-fitting existing structures, and studies in regards to both intentional and accidental postulated blast loads. R.E. Warner’s capabilities include blast resistant structures; blast and security barriers; shelters; engineering and design of blast resistant structures and safe havens; blast analysis of existing buildings; retrofit of existing structures for blast resistance; and blast resistant modular buildings. While total protection from explosions will never be possible, there are many steps our clients can take to lesson the likelihood of damage. R.E. Warner looks forward to bringing our experience and uniquely qualified blast resistant team of engineers to your next project. Capabilities • Blast Resistant Design • Facility Siting • Structural Analysis • Design and Construction of Building Structural Systems • Physical Security • Modeling Capability


Steel reinforcement for blast pressure resistance.

Structural reinforcement with FRP materials.

Experience • Computation Blast and Structural Modeling • Detailed Time Dependent Finite Element Analysis • Development of Facility Designs and Construction Drawings • Construction Support Services

Facilities • Structural Steel Buildings • Concrete/CMU Buildings • Industrial Equipment and Structures • Petrochemical Facilities

R.E. Warner Announces New Shareholders The Shareholders of R.E. Warner & Associates, Inc. are pleased to announce the election of four new shareholders to the corporation in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the firm. To become a shareholder at R.E. Warner, employees must possess the four Es - Energy, the ability to Energize others, the ability to consistently Execute and the ability to give us a competitive Edge. The new shareholders are: Florin Constantinescu, P.E. Florin holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from The Ohio State University, is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Ohio, Florida and North Carolina, and has more than 15 years of experience in the areas of planning, design, and construction of civil and structural projects as well as project management, construction cost estimating and construction services. Justin R. Haselton, P.E., CPESC, LEED AP Justin holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from Cleveland State University, is a registered professional engineer in the state of Ohio, is LEED-NC certified and has 8 years experience in the design and construction of both public

and private infrastructure improvements. Donald M. Salsbury Don holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from University of Kentucky and has more than 35 years of design, management and construction administration experience on capital improvement and maintenance projects for metal production and processing facilities. Jeffrey R. Spangler, P.E. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Cleveland State University, is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Ohio, and has more than 26 years of experience in the design and project management of bridges and related structures. Other Current Shareholders include: Theodore A. Beltavski Brett A. Neff Randall K. Cecil Gerald F. Piasecki Edmund A. Dziubek Steven C. Rufe Thomas J. Hartzell David W. Sminchak Lydia E. Janis Jeffrey S. Terschak Deborah I. Joppeck Patrick E. Thornton Terry L. McClain Douglas L. Tober Gordon C. Mellen Christopher J. Tomko


New Teammates. . .

Levin G. Armwood, P.E. Levin G. Armwood, P.E. has joined R.E. Warner as a Senior Process Engineer. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Ohio University, is a Registered Professional Engineer in the States of Ohio and Michigan and has more than 40 years of diverse process engineering experience.

In addition, Levin has published papers for the Association of Energy Engineers, Building Owners and Managers Association and Cooling Tower Institute. His experience includes lead process engineer on a series of chemical plant expansions with over a half a billion dollars total installed cost; insurance damage assessment of various commercial and industrial insurance losses; lead project close-out activities for an airport expansion; lead process engineer for detail design of over $200 million expansion of a chemical plant; lead process engineer for design of utilities, tankline and wastewater treatment system for a grass root, fast track aircraft manufacturing plant; design of wastewater treatment upgrades at a major steel plant; and establishment of a private engineering practice specializing in water treatment and energy conservation.

Christian Porterfield Christian (Rocky) Porterfield rejoins R.E. Warner as a Survey Crew Chief. Rocky has 15 years experience in topographic surveying and mapping, construction layout and staking using robotic survey equipment. Rocky resides in Sagamore Hills.

Levin resides near Shaker Square with his wife, Jarmellia.

Alex E. Marks, SI


Alex E. Marks, SI has joined R.E. Warner as a Survey Crew Chief in the Survey Department.

GEOPAK, VRS, GPS post processing, office surveying and high definition scanning.

Alex comes to us from the Oil and Gas Division of Stantec Consulting. He holds a Bachelors in Surveying and Mapping from the University of Akron, is a certified land surveyor intern and has more than 13 years experience in surveying. His areas of expertise include party chief, field surveying, AutoCAD, RTK, survey computations, Microstation,

While in the office he will be sitting in the cubicle next to Rocky Porterfield. Alex resides in Medina with his wife Carin, two daughters, Chloe (9) and Paige (6) and two dogs. His interest outside of work includes running.

New R.E. Warner Projects . . . On-site substation drafting support at the office of one of our nation’s largest electric companies. Layout and control for erection of structural steel to support the new glass curtain wall at the Anthony J. Celebrezze Federal Building in downtown Cleveland.

Survey mapping, site design and engineering for a new Alzheimer’s Special Care Center in Beachwood, Ohio. Surveying and mapping services for design of water main improvements in Brimfield Township for Portage County Water Resources.

Preparation of plans and specifications for construction of a concrete pad as the first phase of an incinerator direct feed system upgrade Preliminary and conceptual project. engineering for a building addition and/or renovation Design of a security system at the outlet of two to accommodate a new large culverts discharging into forge press at a forging Abrams Creek from NASA Glenn manufacturer’s facility. Resource Center. Surveying and engineering for utility vacation on East 33rd Street in Cleveland for Cuyahoga Community College.

Warner Wellness . . . by Jennifer Rowles

Since the beginning of the year R.E. Warner has made the overall Wellness of the company a high priority by beginning to change the culture of the R.E. Warner family not only during the work day but overall. Early in the year a wellness team was born and named Warner Wellness. From there a health fair was held in May where biometric testing was offered to the staff and about half of the staff participated. The health fair also consisted of vendors that were promoting healthy ways of life, through diet, lifestyle, spirituality and overall wellbeing. This event was the springboard that has launched many other initiatives by Warner Wellness:

• Since the health fair, the lunch selections during company-provided lunches have been improved, and are still improving, with a selection of healthier choices instead of choices that provided little to no nutritional value. • A wellness newsletter is issued to the staff every month along with a quiz. When the quiz is turned in, all participants will be eligible to win a gift certificate to a local retailer. • A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) delivery program is now available at R.E. Warner where local and organic produce, pasta, sauces and snacks can be delivered to make eating healthier just a little bit easier. • Our latest initiative is replacing our existing vending machines with a

machine that will provide healthier options for snacking, drinking and meal options which we hope will only grow. It is an exciting time for Warner Wellness and, with winter approaching, a time where typically people are less active, it is more important than ever. Warner Wellness will continue to promote overall health and wellness though various improvements and initiatives. Everyday we are a little bit closer to achieving our mission statement that reads “Warner Wellness program shall promote a worksite culture that supports employee’s desire to make healthy lifestyle choices within their personal and professional lives with respect to physical and mental wellbeing.”


Professional Activities . . . DPRCG Loss Prevention Convocation On October 24-26, R.E. Warner’s Ed Dziubek joined more than 300 design professionals from the United States and Canada at the Design Professionals Risk Control Group (DPRCG) Loss Prevention Convocation in Indian Wells, California. This annual event is open to a select group of design firms with an excellent record of loss prevention and risk management practices. The three day convocation focuses on anticipating and managing risks for architectural and engineering firms. The program included case studies, interactive workshops and breakout sessions covering topics from efficient management of branch and international offices to document retention policies to integrated Project Delivery and LEAN principals.

Cuyahoga Community College Foundation Presidential Scholarship Luncheon R.E. Warner was proud to support the 20th Annual Cuyahoga Community College Foundation Presidential Scholarship Luncheon featuring Dr. Madeleine K. Albright. R.E. Warner’s Vice President Brett Neff was in attendance. The Presidential Scholarship was established in 1992 by the Greater Community College Foundation to ensure continued support for critically needed scholarships. The luncheon is the Cuyahoga Community College Foundation’s opportunity to raise the needed dollars for scholarships, bring together members of the community, present a dynamic keynote speaker, and showcase the College and its mission. Dr. Albright addressed the importance of education and the

need to support student access. This year’s luncheon attracted more than 1,200 guests and raised over $1.2 million benefiting scholarships for Tri-C students.

AIST REGULAR EVENTS This past October, the Detroit Member chapter of the Association for Iron and Steel Techonlogy (AIST) held a dinner meeting. The evening was sponsored by DTE Energy and featured a keynote presentation by Rob Bacyinski, Program Manager – Alternative Fuel Vehicles for DTE Energy. His presentation was entitled “Natural Gas – The Alternative Fuel for Transportation”. There were 120 attendees at the dinner. R.E. Warner’s Ed Dziubek attended. The Pittsburgh Member Chapters of AIST and Association of Women in the Metal Industries (AWMI) co-hosted a dinner meeting this past November in Pennsylvania. The event included a networking reception and keynote presentation by Scott Buckiso,

Giving Back to the Community R.E. Warner’s annual Toys for Tots drive was a huge success this year. Thank you to R.E. Warner’s Janet O’Brien who helped chair this year’s campaign.


General Manager, U.S. Steel – Mon Valley Works. R.E. Warner’s Don Salsbury attended.

STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS ASSOCIATION OF OHIO (SEAoO) The 2012 SEAoO Two-Day Annual Conference was held in Dublin, Ohio. This event was open to structural engineers and non-engineers alike including architects, project managers, building owners, contractors, students, etc. The program included speakers, exhibitors and professional development sessions. Attendees were invited on a construction tour of the new expansion to the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, a $1.1 billion revitalization project. R.E. Warner’s Dave Ferencik, who is the president of the association, was in attendance.

Cleveland – Flats East Bank Project Tour and Dinner SEAoO members received a site tour of the new high-rise building under construction followed by a dinner at Cleveland Chop House. R.E. Warner provided surveying and office set up of the elevated floor control and benchmarks.

American Society of Civil Engineers Electrical Transmission & Substation 2012 Conference The Electrical Transmission and Substation Structures Conference is widely recognized as a one-of-a-kind conference that focuses specifically on transmission and substation structure issues to help utility engineers meet the daily challenges of today’s high-stakes energy environment.

networking for utility engineers and their consultants and suppliers including in-depth technical sessions, a dynamic pre-conference workshop, an Exhibit Hall and tour and demonstrations at American Electric Power’s transmission facilities to view EMF and Corona demonstrations, EHV hot-line maintenance, and hands-on substation operations. There were in-depth technical sessions presented by leading industry experts on topics including Aesthetic Design Principles; Construction Challenges; Emerging Technologies; Foundations; LIfeline Reliability and Performance; Line and Substation Siting; Line Design, Re-rating and Upgrading; Extreme Loading Events; Managing Aging Infrastructure; Project Management; Regulatory Compliance; Structural Analysis and Design; Substation Design and Upgrading. R.E. Warner’s Dave Ferencik attended.

This event offered an ideal setting for learning and

On December 15, R.E. Warner employees volunteered at the Cleveland Foodbank as part of City of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s Holiday Basket Giveaway. They assisted other volunteers in the preparation of food baskets that were distributed to the needy. This has become an annual tradition at R.E. Warner and we are pleased to help make a difference to the less fortunate.


Management No one is perfect. While it’s true that professionals strive for perfection in their work, it’s also true that perfection is impossible to attain. Every engineer and architect knows that the perfect set of drawings and specifications has yet to be produced. Even the best prepared documents probably contain minor errors or deficiencies that may result in change orders and additional costs.

Most clients understand that they will encounter some unexpected costs caused by hidden site conditions and contractor construction problems. Experienced clients will anticipate these costs by having contingency reserves set aside in their project budgets. Contingency funds should generally range from 5% to 20% of the project cost depending upon the complexity of the project and the degree of unknowns.

Fall Protection: Do’s and Don’t

Illustrations by: Robert Ramer, PE, R.E. Warner & Associates


The DOs of fall protection

The DON’Ts of fall protection

ALWAYS remain 100% tied off by: * Using one hand at a time in moving each snap hook/lanyard separately around obstacles. * Remaining patient and especially conscious when negotiating obstacles * Being absolutely sure the relocated lanyard is secured prior to moving the other.

NEVER compromise your safety by: * Transferring both snap hooks/lanyards at the same time. * Giving into the temptation of performing short cuts. * Failing to be sure that each snap hook/lanyard is secured.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays


Watch our Christmas Card video at:


Our mission is to provide technical solutions through teamwork and a passion for service. Since our founding in 1951, R.E. Warner & Associates, Inc. has experienced steady and continuous growth. Building on our traditional strengths and values, we have entered into new fields only when it is consistent with the basic mission of our company. Today, R.E. Warner is a full service, multi-discipline consulting firm serving both public and private clients. We call ourselves multi-discipline because we offer professional services in civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and process engineering; architecture and planning; surveying; and environmental science and engineering. Our impressive list of clients includes many of our nation’s largest steel, automotive and chemical producers, electric power companies, health and educational facilities, and various agencies of the federal, state and local governments.

R.E. Warner’s mission is to provide technical solutions through teamwork and a passion for service. Our areas of practice include buildings and facilities, industrial operations and process engineering, infrastructure, transportation, energy management, surveying, environmental and construction services. In order to fulfill our mission to our clients, R.E. Warner consistently recruits, hires and retains the leaders in our profession. In recognition of our great workplace, R.E. Warner has been named a multi-year winner of the NorthCoast 99 Award, presented annually by the Employers Resource Council to the top 99 companies to work for in Northeast, Ohio. We invite you to contact many of our peers to discover how working with R.E. Warner can be economical, efficient, professional and down right pleasant!

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Excellence By Design Winter 2012  

A Digital Magazine for Clients and Friends of R.E. Warner & Associates, Inc.

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