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September 2012


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President’s Message by Ted Beltavski, PE R.E. Warner and Associates continues to grow! Additional designers and technicians have joined the Warner team along with several new professional engineers. This is ultimately important as we continue to strive to be the preferred consultant for each of our clients. The economic climate has been challenging for the entire country. Here at R.E. Warner, we’ve focused on service during these times to help us remain strong and growth oriented. This recipe is yielding success and we continue to receive opportunities from our valued clients to be part of successful projects furthering all of their businesses. It’s our honor to be considered teammates with these corporations around our region. R.E. Warner will continue to grow in size and expertise to meet and exceed the expectations of all those who place their trust in us!




We provide technical solutions through teamwork and a passion for service.


We will be the preferred consultant for each client we serve. Purpose of the Strategic Plan – Bring an additional element to our business “that of strategic thinking” – Not to predict the future, but to shape the future – Define our Vision and Mission – Focus our resources Goals of the Strategic Plan – Build on our strengths – Mitigate our weaknesses – Seize opportunities – Prepare for threats Key Elements of the Strategic Plan – Marketing and Business Development – Design and Production – Human Resources – Finance and Administration – Technology – Leadership and Ownership Transition Action Plan – Build on our Strengths – Mitigate Our Weaknesses – Prepare for Threats – Seize Opportunities – Develop Communication Channels – Design Production – Project Communications – External Communications – Talent Management – Technology Management – Financial Management – Business Development – Internal Sales and Marketing

Strategic Planning Analyzing the Data

Now that we have the data, what did we do with it? In our last issue, we wrote about the importance of gathering current, accurate data to use as the baseline for developing our strategic plan. This research included client perception interviews, employee surveys and interviews, and infrastructure reviews. Now that we have the data, what did we do with it? Our strategic planning team pored over a report of survey and interview results prepared by our consultant, The Longview Group. This report totaled more than 100 pages and included summaries, tables, graphs and raw data gathered through three months of intense research. After careful review and analysis of the data, our planning team met offsite for two days to extract our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. These were not perceived issues established solely by management, but real issues that the market, our clients and staff identified. From this data, we were able to develop a specific plan that will allow us to capitalize on our strengths, minimize our weaknesses, seize our opportunities, and reduce our threats.

Safety – It all starts with a Plan Needless to say, the safety of our team and the general public is our company’s number one priority. With this in mind, all of our projects begin with the preparation, communication and continuous execution of a Project Specific Health & Safety Plan. This plan is based on our Corporate Health and Safety Plan and details: • Client safety requirements • Personal protective equipment requirement • Emergency procedures and contacts • Review of each task assigned and identification of potential hazards for each and • Assessment of physical and chemical hazards anticipated • Development of controls and operating procedures to address each hazard. To emphasize the importance of safety in our firm, our president, Ted Beltavski, maintains the role of our Corporate Safety officer, and is available whenever you have a safety concern.


25777 Detroit Rd # 200 Westlake, OH 44145 440-835-9400


Quality - It Starts With a Project Team and Plan Tailored to Your Project A/E firms are always promoting qualification based selection of design consultants and then negotiating a fair and equitable fee for the project. Although it may appear that the design professional is trying to increase their profit on the project, the real reason is to insure that the owner receives the best value for their dollar invested in design. Value is generally defined as the best combination of service, schedule and quality. As we all know, design fees are a small percentage of a project’s total budget but proper design can save the owner significant costs during construction. Selection of the best design firm for your project starts and ends with the actual design professionals proposed for YOUR project. Many large national firms will inundate the owner with profiles of projects from around the nation, resumes of people located throughout the country or beyond, and quality procedures that will fill a large bookcase. The success or failure of your project will be defined by the talent and experience of the professionals actually working on your project and the specific procedures they follow for your project. Each project that R.E. Warner undertakes includes a project specific quality control and quality assurance plan that includes: Conceptual Review. One or more independent reviewers will check the basic concepts on which the project is based. They will make sure that the systems will function properly given the client’s goals and objectives. Intradisciplinary Review. An independent, experienced person from each discipline will check the applicable calculations, drawings


and specifications produced by that discipline prior to the issue of all documents intended for distribution. Interdiscipline Review. One or more individuals will perform a detailed inspection to assure consistency and identify interferences between disciplines prior to the issue of all documents intended for distribution. Report-Drawing-Specification Cross Check. An independent checker will review the specifications page by page. They will identify information which will also appear in the report and on the drawings and check for inconsistencies between the report, drawings and the specifications. Multi-Facility Cross Check. This review will identify inconsistencies between systems and facilities located in the same complex. For example, a conduit shown leaving one building as a two inch, should not be found to enter another building as a one inch. Vendor Review. Equipment and material suppliers may be asked to

identify equipment incompatibilities, out-of-date specifications and inappropriate materials. They will also be able to provide other information such as cost and delivery status. Constructability Review. A technically correct design concept may be difficult or impossible for a contractor to bid or construct. A constructability review will be conducted to identify these problems during design. Operability Review. This review will be conducted with the individual(s) responsible for operating and maintaining the facility. The purpose is to identify aspects of the design concepts which will make the facility easy to operate or maintain.

Market Trends Feds Raise Small Business Limit The Federal Government, the largest procurer of design services, recently increased the annual revenue ceiling for “Small Business” design firms from $4 million to $14 million, opening up a new market for small to mid-sized regional firms. Based on these numbers, firms with staffs of up to 100 or more can now pursue small business set asides with the Federal Government as a prime consultant or as a subconsultant to large firms where the Government requires a portion of the contract be set aside for Small Businesses. R.E Warner has successfully completed federal contracts for NASA Glenn Research Center, The US Army Corps of Engineers, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Selfridge Air Force Base, and The Defense Contract Supply Center but was recently limited in our pursuit of federal work until the revenue limit was raised. We now look forward to re-entering this market as a small business prime, sub consultant, or design partner on design/build projects.

In Memory . . . On July 19, R.E. Warner & Associates, Inc. said farewell to one of our own. The passing of Jim Bolibruch from our electrical department is a reminder for us to reflect on the many blessings we have in our own lives. His family made it very clear to me that Jim loved working at R.E. Warner and cared deeply about the people who comprise this great company. Jim was a true “engineer” and valued his profession. But there was so much more to Jim. For example he acted in community theater and sang in a local Italian musical group. He lived life to his fullest and made sure that he

developed and shared every talent that God had given him. Sometimes the hectic pace of our own personal and professional lives causes us to lose focus on each other. We must remember to be in the moment with our families, our coworkers and our clients. Really listen and communicate. That’s what makes R.E. Warner great.....our people. Jim knew it and so does his family. Sincerely, Ted Beltavski, P.E. President

Jim Bolibruch The family suggests memorial gifts to Cleveland Museum of Art, 11150 East Boulevard, Cleveland, OH 44106. Condolences at:


New Teammates. . . Donald M. Salsbury Don Salsbury joins R.E. Warner as a Senior Project Manager in the Metals Production and Processing Market. Don holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kentucky and has more than 35 years of design, management and construction administration experience on capital improvement and maintenance projects for metal production and processing facilities. He has directed and managed projects involving material handling systems, steelmaking, electric arc furnaces, continuous casting, rolling mills, finishing mills, environmental facilities and utility infrastructure. Don has managed all phases of a project from conceptual design and preliminary engineering, through detailed design and construction management. He has managed multiple projects concurrently. Don’s design and construction experience involves the mechanical aspects of projects including plant layouts, material handling systems, facility components, structures and foundations.

Paul W. Winkler, P.E. Paul Winkler, P.E. joins R.E. Warner as a Structural Engineer. Paul holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Cleveland State University. Paul is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Ohio. He has more than five years experience in the management, design and construction inspection of large-scale industrial facilities, commercial buildings, structural restoration, façade and material testing projects. His experience includes on-site structural assessments of bridges and structures, design and analysis for concrete, steel, masonry and wood structures, finite-element 3D models and on-site concrete testing. Paul lives in Lakewood and has an 11-year-old daughter, Brooke. His interests include golf, baseball, and football.

Jayesh I. Patel

Jayesh I. Patel is a Senior Structural Engineer. He holds a B.E. Degree in Civil Engineering from S.P. Don resides in Brecksville, Ohio with his wife Maryanne, University, India and a Master and has adult twins Matt and Becky. His interests include of Science in Civil Engineering snow skiing, golf, jet skiing, four wheeling, and officiating (Structures) from City University, high school football games. London, England. He has more than 22 years experience in design for a wide variety of structural Walter F. Carter engineering projects involving heavy industrial, commercial, Walter F. Carter is a Senior institutional and transportation Electrical Designer in the Electrical related structures. He has Department. He has more than 30 performed structural analysis and detailed design of years experience in electrical design industrial and commercial facilities including construction for industrial and commercial documents, specifications and cost estimates. facilities using NEC NFPA 780, UL96, LPI 175 standards and client specifications. His experience includes power distribution systems, branch circuiting, motor control, schematics, single line diagrams, alarm systems, HVAC, telecommunications, freeze protection, building lighting, conduit and cable tray layouts, grounding and lighting protection systems.


Walter resides in East Cleveland and has three daughters.

New Projects . . . R.E. Warner, in association with Infinity Construction, has been selected by the Cleveland Port Authority to design and construct (design/build) a new Maintenance Garage for the Ohio Department of Transportation in Euclid, Ohio. This $6.8 million project is one of the first projects to be awarded by a public entity as a design/build delivery under Ohio’s new construction reform legislation. R.E. Warner will be the design consultant to the prime contractor, Infinity Construction. On-site mechanical engineering to perform various tasks related to design and construction of mechanical systems at a leading coatings facility in Cleveland. Development of a project cost estimate, equipment specifications,

equipment bid package(s), construction documents, and construction bid package(s) for the replacement of three switchracks with a Motor Control Center at a chemical producing facility.

coatings manufacturing facility.

Engineering and architectural design of an automobile plant’s new 10,400 sq. ft. paint line storage building including relocation/modification of underground utilities.

Preliminary Needs Assessment for approximately 30 high rise and townhouse facilities throughout the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority’s service area.

Topographic and boundary survey to expand the current campus of a coatings manufacturing facility.

Boundary/consolidation/lot split survey for Lakewood Country Club’s new clubhouse. (Tom Smith, R.E. Warner surveyor, is photographed below in front of Lakewood Country Club.)

Engineering services to design a replacement for a Acrylonitrile Sulfuric Acid Tank.

Preparation of plans and specifications for repair and/or replacement of four culverts at NASA Plum Brook Station.

Preliminary design and engineering of a new production building for a


Technology 3-D Modeling Saves Construction Costs R.E. Warner was recently selected by a national steel producer to prepare a 3-D model of a new Melt Shop designed by others. Utilizing Inventor 3-D software, our model manager and team of CAD designers took detailed information from vendor and construction drawings to build a computer generated model of the


entire facility including building and structural components; mechanical, piping and electrical systems; and all production and support equipment During the development of the model, numerous interferences were uncovered and corrected before construction. As a result of this clash detection, the owner saved

significant time and cost during construction. In addition to Inventor 3-D, R.E.Warner also uses SolidWorks and Revit software to meet our client’s modeling needs.

Project Delivery Port Authority Chooses R.E.Warner Design/Build Team for ODOT Garage Recent changes in Ohio law now allow State agencies to deliver construction projects using methods other than the traditional designbid-build method. Alternative methods now available to state and local government agencies include design/build, CM at risk, and CM for fee. Each of these methods offer the owner distinct advantages that should be carefully weighed before selecting the preferred method for each project.

is the Greater Cleveland Port Authority. The Port Authority recently partnered with the Ohio Department of Transportation to finance and construct a new $6 million maintenance facility in Euclid, Ohio. Originally slated for design-bidbuild, the Port and ODOT switched their preferred delivery method to design/build in order to expedite the project schedule. Utilizing a formal and competitive qualification based selection process based on best value and public welfare, the Port Authority and ODOT selected the design/build team of Infinity

One of the first agencies to take advantage of the new legislation

Award Contract

Refine Program & Conceptual Design Package

Hold Kick-Off Meeting

Approve Program

Construction, Inc. and R.E. Warner & Associates, Inc. to design and build the new facility. In addition to faster project delivery, design/build offers the owner a single point of contact, construction input during design, and budget control throughout the process. Design/ build delivery is best suited for noncomplex, well defined projects that are schedule driven.


Schematic Design No



Approve CD’s

Construction Documents


Approve DD


Design Development


Approve SD




Approve GMP


Buyout and Award

Kick-Off Meeting

Warranty Walk Thru

Begin Construction

Owner Occupy

Punch List Close-Out


Risk Management What is our Standard of Care? Perhaps because architecture and engineering are perceived as exacting professions and sciences, the public has difficulty acknowledging our potential for human error. Clients, too, have expectations, sometimes unrealistic, of us as a design or technical professional. And it is unmet expectations – not technical error – that most often lead to claims. It is expected or required of design professionals that we render our


services with the degree of skill and care that would be used by other reasonably competent practioners of the same discipline under similar circumstances, taking into consideration the contemporary state of the art and geographic idiosyncrasies. This concept dates from English Common Law doctrine, which holds that the public has the right to expect that those providing services will do so in a reasonably careful and prudent manner, as tested or established by the actions

of their own peers under like circumstances. Nowhere in this doctrine or definition is there any mention of “perfection.” Being perfect isn’t required or even contemplated for design consultants. The only test is the quality of the consultant’s actions: are they reasonable, normal and prudent under the given circumstances?

Project Management Responsibility and Accountability The backbone of R.E. Warner is, and will always be, our project managers. Our approach to project management is one of singular responsibility for the life of the project. Our managers are responsible for staffing and managing all aspects of the project. In essence, they lead the project team and manage the work performed by all disciplines. The most important factors in our approach to project management are responsibility and accountability. Our project managers are both responsible and accountable for all aspects of the project from initiation

to close-out. The project manager is responsible for meeting both the client and company goals and objectives. Obviously it is of central importance to the success of R.E. Warner to develop highly skilled project managers. These individuals serve as “mini-principals” of the firm and are responsible, at any given time, for all aspects of the project. Our project managers create and maintain a work environment which fosters innovation, productivity and responsiveness to the client’s objectives for projects.

To maintain competence and competitiveness, each project undertaken represents the best effort by all involved in order to produce the high quality products which clients expect. Our project managers are effective leaders who encourage people to take reasonable efforts to achieve innovation. They inspire people to seek excellence and new ideas, and they create procedures and incentives to encourage innovation and quality in the finished product.

Bainbridge Road Shovel Ready for Stimulus Funds This past July, Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald, City of Solon Mayor Susan Drucker, and other local officials held a ribbon-cutting celebration to commemorate the completion of the $12.5 million ARRA Stimulus Funded Bainbridge Road project in Solon. R.E. Warner under contract with the Cuyahoga County Engineer since 1997, was responsible for all design and construction plans for the widening and reconstruction of 2.5 miles of Bainbridge Road from SOM Center Road to the Geauga County line. The project included numerous environmental studies, new pavement, drainage systems, integral bike lanes, traffic signals, right of Photo: Left, outgoing NOACA Executive Director Howard Maier; Solon Mayor Susan Drucker; Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald and Nick DiGioia, owner of DiGioia Suburban Excavating of North Royalton.

way plans and acquisition, sanitary sewers, waterlines, three major box culverts and substantial utility relocations. The final construction plans were completed by R.E. Warner to be “shovel ready” for bidding in late

2009 and the construction project was completed in just over two years. County Executive Ed FitzGerald called the project, “long overdue and a great use of federal stimulus dollars.”


R.E. Warner Supports Engineers Without Borders Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is a non-profit humanitarian organization established to partner with developing communities worldwide in order to improve their quality of life, while involving and training a new kind of internationally responsible student. Chapters exist all over the country, and are usually associated with universities or colleges. The Cleveland State University (CSU) chapter has been in existence since 2008. EWB at CSU takes engineering students,


and students of all other majors, to places in the world that need their help. Using classroom skills to change real lives, EWB-CSU mixes construction, service, travel, professional experience, friendship, and fun. R.E. Warner engineers were honored to support the EWB and ASCE student chapters by participating in the 3rd Annual Engineers Without Borders/ASCE Golf Outing/Dinner held July 23, at the Aurora Golf Club in Aurora, Ohio.

Association of Iron & Steel Technology Professionals from R.E. Warner’s metals market joined the global steel industry, including major producers, suppliers and academia in support of advancing the technical development, production, processing and application of iron and steel at The Association for Iron & Steel Technology Pittsburgh, Canton and Cleveland Section Golf Outings over the summer.

Professional Activities An Integral Part of our Firm R.E. Warner’s Jamie Scott, PE, has been an American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE) board member for four years and has been the treasurer for the past two years.

ASHE meetings are held monthly from September to May. The next luncheon meeting is September 26 at the downtown Hilton Garden Inn. The speaker will be Brian Lynch, Vice President of Planning and Development for the

Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority. He will be discussing the Port’s growing role leading infrastructure development in our region.

As a board member, Jamie develops the ASHE Transportation Engineer Scholarship, now in its third year. R.E. Warner has supported this effort in the past through corporate sponsorship. Information pertaining to the scholarship can be found at: scholar.htm. The mission of the ASHE is to provide a forum for members and partners of the highway industry to promote a safe, efficient and sustainable highway system through education, innovation and fellowship.

R.E. Warner’s David Ferencik will be attending the 2012 Structural Engineers Association of Ohio (SEAoO) Annual Conference in Columbus, Ohio in mid-September. He is currently president of the statewide professional organization.

R.E. Warner’s principals recently attended the First Annual Ohio Owners Convocation: Structuring a Project for Success in Columbus, Ohio. Business owners, both public and private, are being challenged today because of all the construction reform and the many choices in new project delivery methods. The program highlighted the legal, insurance, bonding, technology, and risk management implications. “My hope is that all of our principals will gain a deeper understanding of the issue we face and be able to walk away from this conference with ideas on how to better serve our clients,” said R.E. Warner President Ted Beltavski.


Future Engineers . . . Introducing Perry Lackowski

The Ohio State University; Electrical Engineering – June 2014 What does your internship entail?

us to leave our mark on something.

I’m currently working on time lighting systems for both commercial and industrial projects. I get the opportunity to decide the light layout of a building and how much power is allocated to it.

How has this internship impacted your college experience?

Why did you decide to come back for another summer internship with R.E. Warner?

Being undecided in my specialty, this experience has allowed me to solidify my decision to study electrical engineering. I’ve been able to relate the things I learn in class to the things I’m actually doing here at R.E. Warner.

R.E. Warner has a great internship program. We go through college without hands-on experiences, but internships like this allow

What is your favorite memory during your internship thus far? I enjoying spending time in the field and seeing all the projects from start to finish. I recently had the opportunity to travel 200 ft underground with my supervisor Frank Johnson for a giant piping project in downtown Cleveland.

Michael Dean

The Ohio State University; Mechanical Engineering – May 2013 What does your internship entail? Creating and reviewing AutoCAD drawings; delivering proposals to clients; going into the field to assist in data collection and observation. Why did you decide to intern with R.E. Warner? What were you looking to get out of a summer internship? Last summer, I interned with a very large company. Every day, the company had me doing the same thing. It was a valuable learning experience in the sense that I discovered what I didn’t


want in a job. Interning at R.E. Warner provided me the opportunity to explore other career options. The fast-paced, unique field of consulting excited me after a disappointing, slow-paced, and dull experience the previous summer. How has this internship impacted your college experience thus far? So far, I’ve already been able to identify aspects of my past classes that are applicable in the real world. So far in college, my professors haven’t really

differentiated between what’s used in industry and what’s not. My internship at R.E. Warner has impacted my college experience by giving me the opportunity to look back at what I’ve learned so far at OSU and make this distinction for myself.

our Summer Interns Anthony Murphy

Cleveland State University; Chemical Engineering – May 2013 What does your internship entail? So far I’ve been responsible for tasks that include AutoCAD and I have also made preliminary calculations on certain projects. On occasion I also go on site to take measurements which helps to give a perspective of the scale of what is being done. Why did you decide to come back for another summer internship with R.E. Warner? I left the company to return to school very impressed last year. The working environment is stress free, yet very professional. There is a wealth of knowledge here and more importantly everyone is willing to share it.

As an intern working in the mechanical department specifically being a chemical engineering student still in school there is a limited amount of things I have been able to apply working here. The employees at R.E. Warner have never had a problem taking time to fully explain to me what needs to be done and how to do it. That makes it a true learning experience for me. How has this internship impacted your college experience? While working here last year, I once was tasked with making a few calculations for a project

that was just getting started. I completed the job and turned it in to be checked for accuracy by Mike Ballas. He returned it and told me that while the calculations were more or less correct, the most important part was that I made my work able to be duplicated. Afterwards, I applied that meticulous mentality to my schoolwork and found the results to be much more favorable, especially with group projects.


Our mission is to provide technical solutions through teamwork and a passion for service. Since our founding in 1951, R.E. Warner & Associates, Inc. has experienced steady and continuous growth. Building on our traditional strengths and values, we have entered into new fields only when it is consistent with the basic mission of our company. Today, R.E. Warner is a full service, multi-discipline consulting firm serving both public and private clients. We call ourselves multi-discipline because we offer professional services in civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and process engineering; architecture and planning; surveying; and environmental science and engineering. Our impressive list of clients includes many of our nation’s largest steel, automotive and chemical producers, electric power companies, health and educational facilities, and various agencies of the federal, state and local governments.

R.E. Warner’s mission is to provide technical solutions through teamwork and a passion for service. Our areas of practice include buildings and facilities, industrial operations and process engineering, infrastructure, transportation, energy management, surveying, environmental and construction services. In order to fulfill our mission to our clients, R.E. Warner consistently recruits, hires and retains the leaders in our profession. In recognition of our great workplace, R.E. Warner has been named a multi-year winner of the NorthCoast 99 Award, presented annually by the Employers Resource Council to the top 99 companies to work for in Northeast, Ohio. We invite you to contact many of our peers to discover how working with R.E. Warner can be economical, efficient, professional and down right pleasant!

If you would like a printed version of this publication, please email Lydia Janis at

25777 Detroit Rd., Suite 200 • Westlake, OH 44145


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