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President’s Message by Ted Beltavski, PE Companies, like people, have strengths and weaknesses. As we evaluate ourselves and our skill set it is ultimately important to be brutally honest. We recognize opportunities and look for the most advantageous means to support the needs of our clients. We’ve taken a team approach to projects for many years to fill a perceived weakness. By aligning with other firms, our company has successfully completed many interesting projects. Recently, R. E. Warner has created alliances with firms in order to strengthen both sides of the team and place each firm in the position to garner work previously out of reach. The success of these projects is a testament to teamwork and truly driven by communication. Teamwork, humility and discipline are core values of our firm. We will continue to show our company’s passion for service through these important values as we form future alliances.




We provide technical solutions through teamwork and a passion for service.


We will be the preferred consultant for each client we serve. Purpose of the Strategic Plan – Bring an additional element to our business “that of strategic thinking” – Not to predict the future, but to shape the future – Define our Vision and Mission – Focus our resources Goals of the Strategic Plan – Build on our strengths – Mitigate our weaknesses – Seize opportunities – Prepare for threats Key Elements of the Strategic Plan – Marketing and Business Development – Design and Production – Human Resources – Finance and Administration – Technology – Leadership and Ownership Transition Action Plan – Build on our Strengths – Mitigate Our Weaknesses – Prepare for Threats – Seize Opportunities – Develop Communication Channels – Design Production – Project Communications – External Communications – Talent Management – Technology Management – Financial Management – Business Development – Internal Sales and Marketing

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You By David Sminchak, Chairman and Vice President

“Denial has always been a problem” writes Harvard Business School historian Richard S. Tedlow in his book Denial: Why Business Leaders Fail to Look Facts in the Face and What to Do About It. How do companies look at their reality right in the face? Their are two major, yet different tools. One is a Image Reputation Study and the other is a Client Satisfaction Survey. R.E. Warner has successfully used both tools to plan and manage our firm. First, let’s talk about the Image Reputation Study. An Image Reputation Study has been defined as “a perceptual representation of a company’s past actions and future prospects that describe the firm’s overall appeal to all of it’s key

constituents when compared with other leading rivals” As mentioned in our last newsletter, R.E.Warner hired The Longview Group to conduct an Image Reputation Study as part of our strategic planning process. As part of their research, The Longview Group conducted phone interviews with about 50 current and past clients as well as targeted prospects. Interviews crossed each of our markets and trend data was compiled in an easy to read report. The result was data that we can trust and information that reflects the words and emotions of our clients. Armed with this critical baseline data, we were able to not only identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, but also prioritize and address each of them in a logical, long tem plan. We know where to

spend our money and resources rather than guessing what services our clients valued. In order to monitor our service and quality level on a continuous basis, R.E. Warner also conducts on going Client Satisfaction Surveys. A Client Satisfaction Study measures the degree to which customer expectations of a product or service are met or exceeded. Our clients may have widely different reasons for purchasing our services Our measurement of satisfaction, known as a Client Comment Card, measures not only our technical performance, but also our level of service, business practices and follow up. In the past, client comment cards have been mailed directly to clients by our Quality Administrator and returned directly to our President. Recently, our firm has been sending on-line surveys that take less than one minute to fill out. Returned data will continue to be recorded and feedback is used to identify opportunities for continuous improvement, formulate lessons learned, modify policies and procedures, reduce our risk and evaluate our team’s performance. Major and significant issues identified in a Client Comment Card are immediately addressed by our President. In summary, we are living in a less forgiving world today. Firms that fail to see themselves accurately will fade away. They gradually get less market share. The key is to be ruthlessly diligent. Failure to know how your customers perceive you is management blasphemy. .


Continuing the Journey in Green Design

By Jennifer Rowles, Architectural and Interior Designer

R.E. Warner and Associates began our journey in LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) several years ago by incorporating sustainable principles into every design. Although it has become a more prevalent method of building in recent years, R.E. Warner has always strived to deliver the most efficient design for our client’s budgets. By remaining steadfast in this approach to our designs, we have often been able to achieve a level of LEED certification within the design regardless if the project in question is actually attempting to obtain LEED certification.


Although, we continue to incorporate many LEED design principles into our projects, we have worked on projects with actual LEED certification, one being the Bike Rack in downtown Cleveland. The Bike Rack is used by the patrons and employees of downtown businesses. This facility allows City-goers to ride their bike downtown and park it in a safe place while having the option to take a shower before they are on their way. This project was designed in conjunction with the City of Cleveland for lease by an independent tenant. Currently, this project is in the LEED submission phase for certification and is projected to receive LEED Silver Certification.

Silver Certification was able to be obtained through careful selection of credits and the very nature of the project, the site which it sits. By taking an in-depth look into the projects characteristics, R.E. Warner was able to focus on credits that would give our client the biggest return on their investment as well as attempting credits that were the most affordable to achieve. In conclusion, R.E. Warner was able to provide a LEED Certified design by using creative measures to attempt an adequate amount of credits to obtain LEED Silver Certification and allow the client to adhere to their budget.

A Commitment to Our Profession . . . R.E. Warner’s Brett Neff Co-Chairs SMPS Conference The Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) 2012 Heartland Regional Conference was held this past April in Cleveland, Ohio. R.E. Warner’s Vice President of Business Development Brett Neff was the conference cochair. The event was hosted by the SMPS chapters in Northeast Ohio, Columbus, Indiana, Greater Cincinnati, Michigan, Kentucky, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin and Chicago. This event offered two days of networking, skills development and fun with some of the nation’s top professional marketers in the architectural, engineering, and construction industries. Along with a leading cast of instructors, several SMPS national presidents and chief marketing officers from around the country shared their insight on building your marketing and business development skills and charting your career path.

“I was honored to serve as co-chair of the 2012 SPMS Heartland Regional Conference (HRC) with my good friend Patrick Robbins of Karpinski Engineering,” said Neff. “Our planning process began back in May of 2010 immediately following the conclusion of the HRC in Indianapolis. In spite of a challenging economy where many firms are tightening their purse strings, we were able to put together a dynamic presentation of high level Marketing and Business Development speakers that drew 170 attendees.”


New Teammates. . .

Richard Arth Richard Arth holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Detroit. He has extensive experience as a project lead engineer in final design of power distribution, lighting and communication systems. He also is skilled in designing security and alarm systems in building facility projects and is experienced in the development of automation and machine control systems.

Calvin Nguyen Calvin Nguyen holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Cleveland State University. He is API Worksafe field certified and has experience designing one-line diagram power distribution systems for commercial buildings. He also is proficient with AutoCAD and has evaluated and scoped transformers, power panels and conduit for FedEx fueling facilities. In addition, Nguyen created maintenance procedures and PLC troubleshooting manuals for BP pipeline refineries.

Sherrie Squires Sherrie Squires is the new receptionist at R.E. Warner & Associates. Prior to joining R.E. Warner, Sherrie was with The Richard E. Jacobs Group. She offers professional, reliable, and courteous receptionist skills to make our guests feel welcome.

Cleveland Engineering Society Annual Meeting R.E. Warner was one of the sponsors of the Cleveland Engineering Society’s Annual Meeting and Celebration at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens in University Circle on June 19.


Special thanks to the Cleveland Engineering Society for providing members with the opportunity to explore the stunning glasshouse from a unique engineering perspective. Botanical Garden staff was on hand to explain how this

engineering marvel recreates the diverse ecosystems of Costa Rica and Madagascar, with rare access to the climate control weather. After touring the gardens and conservatory, guests enjoyed dinner along with the presentation

of leadership awards and scholarships. Congratulations to the new board members who were inducted, including our own Ted Beltavski who will be serving his third term.

New R.E. Warner Projects . . . Continuation of construction administration services for improvements to Island Road in Eaton Township for the Lorain County Engineer.

Continued work on the conversion of a manufacturing building to a process area to expand production capacity at a leading coatings facility following a code analysis and floor plans. Additional work includes design of building

modifications, upgrade to electrical services, and relocation of process equipment into a repurposed building. Visual inspection of the entire roof decks of a massive Ohio automobile manufacturing facility and preparation of a report summarizing findings and recommendations. 3-D model of a steel producer’s new rolling mill reheat furnace and facility currently under construction in Calvert City, Kentucky using AUTOCAD INVENTOR software.

Island Road, Eaton Township

Encouraging STEM Careers . . . In R.E. Warner’s quest to continually educate the youth of today on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) careers, it is common for high school students to shadow our staff. Blaze Pratt, a sophomore who resides in Columbia Station, is pictured here with R.E. Warner’s Janet O’Brien. The best part of her day was learning how the different facets of a project come together through teamwork.


R.E. Warner’s Bob Ramer Receives Cleveland Technical Societies Council’s Robert B. Cummings Distinguished Leadership Award The Cleveland Technical Societies Council honored R.E. Warner’s Bob Ramer with the Robert C. Cummings Distinguished Leadership Award at the 66th Annual Achievement Dinner on Tuesday, May 22 at Windows on the River in downtown, Cleveland. Ramer has been with R.E. Warner since 1967 and is currently a Senior Project Manager. The Robert B. Cummings Distinguished Leadership Award is bestowed upon an individual who has made sustained contributions to the technical community including service enhancing the quality of life in the business, education, or science communities in Northeastern Ohio. “The individual must have achieved true and lasting prominence over a period of years, and must also have shown community spirit and leadership in worthy nonprofessional activities,” said Jim Tabaczynski, Executive Director of the Cleveland Technical Societies Council. “Bob is a very deserving recipient of this award for his commitment to the community, his passion to become involved, and his energy to always “step up” when needed,” said R.E. Warner President Ted Beltavski. “Bob is a strong leader and is involved with numerous professional and civic organizations.” He

has been a member with the Cleveland Section of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) for 13 years and has served as past Section Chairman, Secretary, and Math and Science Chairman and presently is a Leadership Team Member. Bob is a recipient of the Society of Automotive Engineers Distinguished Section Member Award, SAE’s highest honor for member involvement, as well as Section Board Gold Award of Excellence recognizing his dedication and contributions to SAE and his local section. In addition, Bob is an active member of the National Society of Professional Engineers, the SMART (Science & Mathematics Achievements Required For Tomorrow) Consortium Management Council, and the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Coalition. Recently, he was a judge for the Westlake Design Squad Challenge and helped the students at Independence High School build and race their first Soap Box Derby car in Akron. “Bob’s selfless volunteer efforts over the years

Congratulations Bob Ramer on not only receiving this Leadership Award, but celebrating your 45th anniversary with R.E. Warner & Associates. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to our clients and firm.


have exposed literally hundreds (if not thousands) of school age children to the rewarding career opportunities that are available to math and science majors,” said Richard R. Bowles, Chairman, Cleveland Section Society of Automotive Engineers International. “In his role with our Math & Science program, Bob spearheaded efforts to adopt a program developed by SAE Headquarters called ‘World in Motion’ and encourage its use in local school systems. For many years, Bob recruited volunteers to assist with the program that is targeted to encourage elementary school children to develop an interest in Math and Science through classroom participation. The program allows students to build simple machines from a kit that SAE provides and conduct a series of experiments to optimize the design of the vehicles and then compete against classmates with their final design.”

Design Concepts for Tomorrow’s Service Center On May 9, Patrick E. Thornton, RA, LEED AP, Project Manager and Senior Architect of R.E. Warner presented an informative talk, sharing his knowledge, expertise and approach to turning facility design challenges into opportunities to provide safe, efficient, sustainable, and operable facilities. He spoke to a wellattended audience at the Northern Ohio Service Director’s Association monthly luncheon meeting. His presentation included many ideas for service directors and

municipalities to consider when beginning a design project. Of key importance is maintaining open communication with neighbors and all stakeholders in the area of the design project. In all projects, Pat recommended four items to consider: function, cost, aesthetics, and similar systems. He discussed the importance of revisiting the project objectives often.

Questions to ask when beginning a design project... Where do we start? Who consists of our professional service team? Where do we put it? How do we arrange the site? How do we configure the building? How should we build it? What’s going into it? How do we work within our budget? Should we summarize our findings when the project is complete?


WARNER WELLNESS R.E. Warner cares about the health and well-being of our team and is an advocate for a healthy lifestyle. On May 9, the company held our first Wellness Fair for employees where each employee had the opportunity to take advantage of employer-sponsored health screenings. Of the near 60 employees, 30 chose to participate in their health screening which included tests for cholesterol levels (both HDL and LDL), blood

glucose levels, blood pressure, BMI, triglyceride levels. All of the testing was administered by OccuCenters of Cleveland. Future activities are planned for the staff that will acknowledge these results and provide suggestions, activities and knowledge on how each employee can improve their levels and become healthier in the process. Other vendors such as River’s Edge and Lake Erie Brain provided knowledge and resources in order to assist the employee on wellness for the mind, soul and body with respect to Reikki, massage, brain health and reflexology. Earth Fare and Tastefully Simple helped educate the employees on a healthy

diet and making healthy choices when it comes to selecting the food they consume. VSP, Aflac, Guardian were among other vendors that provided information to help plan for the future and assist to eliminate the stress that health care, retirement or aging can have on a person.

“Wellness programs lead to happier healthier lives for employees and ultimately lower healthcare costs,” said Harry Brownfield, Executive Vice President, Employee Benefits Division, The Fedeli Group. “I am excited that R.E. Warner and its employees have

jointly begun the process of adopting wellness.”


Giving Back to the Community On June 6, employees took the end of their work day to make a difference in the town where they are headquartered, Westlake, Ohio. The Clague House Museum is run through the Westlake Historical Society. The museum houses exhibits of local artifacts that highlight the history of the Westlake community. Many of the items shown at the museum have been donated by past residents of the Westlake and Dover communities. The R.E. Warner team cleaned up the grounds and assisted with some landscaping projects such as weeding and mulching, in

preparation for a memorial garden and Flag Pole Memorial to grace their property.

“It was such a good idea for our staff to be able to end their work day in the office a little earlier to come out in the beautiful sunshine to go somewhere in Westlake and make a difference by giving back to our community,� said Lydia Janis, marketing coordinator for R.E. Warner.

Employees also had an opportunity to assist in the development of a photo log of items inside the Clague House Museum. When the team was finished, they enjoyed a picnic dinner together.


Racing in the Soap Box Derby ... Gravity R.E. Warner, along with the Kurtz Bros., Inc. were able to make it possible for students at Independence High School to participate for the first time in the school’s history in the International Soap Box Derby Gravity Racing Challenge in Akron, Ohio on May 19. The students took second place overall. The gravity challenge is for middle and high school students. It is part of an educational experience formed by the president of the All American Soap Box Derby, Joe Mazur. Sixty-five cars competed, which is up significantly from only nine cars last year. It is a complete educational experience for students,


taking into consideration all they learn in math, science, and industrial technology. The organizers hope that it excites youth about science, math, technology, and engineering. The Gravity Racing Challenge is a problem-based learning activity

that takes students through an engineering design process where they research, design, fabricate and race a soap box derby car. Over the past month, Independence High School teams worked together to overcome obstacles and meet challenges. They built the three derby cars from a kit. They learned from and interacted with their peers as well as adult coaches and mentors, several from R.E. Warner. Students, families, along with R.E. Warner staff enjoyed gathering for race day at Derby Downs where they celebrated their accomplishments with other Derby teams.

Racing Challenge


Our mission is to provide technical solutions through teamwork and a passion for service. Since our founding in 1951, R.E. Warner & Associates, Inc. has experienced steady and continuous growth. Building on our traditional strengths and values, we have entered into new fields only when it is consistent with the basic mission of our company. Today, R.E. Warner is a full service, multi-discipline consulting firm serving both public and private clients. We call ourselves multi-discipline because we offer professional services in civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and process engineering; architecture and planning; surveying; and environmental science and engineering. Our impressive list of clients includes many of our nation’s largest steel, automotive and chemical producers, electric power companies, health and educational facilities, and various agencies of the federal, state and local governments.

R.E. Warner’s mission is to provide technical solutions through teamwork and a passion for service. Our areas of practice include buildings and facilities, industrial operations and process engineering, infrastructure, transportation, energy management, surveying, environmental and construction services. In order to fulfill our mission to our clients, R.E. Warner consistently recruits, hires and retains the leaders in our profession. In recognition of our great workplace, R.E. Warner has been named a multi-year winner of the NorthCoast 99 Award, presented annually by the Employers Resource Council to the top 99 companies to work for in Northeast, Ohio. We invite you to contact many of our peers to discover how working with R.E. Warner can be economical, efficient, professional and down right pleasant!

If you would like a printed version of this publication, please email Lydia Janis at


Excellence By Design Summer 2012  

A Digital Magazine for Clients and Friends of R.E. Warner & Associates, Inc.

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