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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE by Ted Beltavski, MS, PE Quality and risk are two key components to our projects that we at R.E. Warner manage daily for our clients. Over the years our firm has developed the reputation as an industry leader managing these characteristics. XL Insurance, R.E. Warner's professional liability carrier, has informed me that once again we have attained an elite status nationwide concerning handling of quality issues on our design projects. With this in mind, they have asked me to attend a national convocation of A&E firms during October 2014 to participate in discussions with other leading firms on quality and risk control. These best practices are something we at R.E. Warner practice every day and I'm proud to share our experiences with others. This is just one more example of why Zweig White selected R.E. Warner as one of their top 100 firms to work for in the United States.

Congratulations to all of our employees for doing such a wonderful and conscientious job every day!



ON THE COVER: R.E. WARNER NAMED TO 2014 “BEST FIRMS TO WORK FOR” LIST R.E. Warner was recently named as one of the “Best Firms To Work For” by professional services industry leader, ZweigWhite. ZweigWhite measures business success in the architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting industries throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our firm placed 26th in the Multidiscipline category and 88th overall in the Top 100 of all firms. ZweigWhite’s “Best Firms to Work For” recognizes the top firms that are creating work places that inspire, motivate, and reward their employees both professionally and personally. This year’s selection process included the evaluation and compilation of corporate-level and employee-level surveys. Areas of focus were culture, recruiting and retention, performance management and recognition, compensation, benefits, and professional development.


“We are honored to have been named to this prestigious list. We owe a great deal of thanks to our entire team for not only the work they do, but also the support they give each other”, said R.E. Warner’s President, Theodore A. Beltavski.

STRATEGIC PLANNING DON'T CARE HOW ROUGH THE SEAS WERE, DID YOU BRING BACK THE SHIP? Anyone who owns a boat, or better yet knows someone who owns a boat, knows that a beautiful day can quickly turn into stormy weather. Calm seas can rapidly turn rough and dangerous.


An experienced captain will not only carefully plot the course for their destination, but also make sure he or she has all their safety equipment and their passengers and crew are prepared for stormy seas. Like a good captain and crew, a company's management team must prepare for the inevitable storms. A firm's strategic plan will not only plot the course for a smooth and successful journey into the future, but also for what happens when the trouble on the horizon reaches the ship. A well prepared strategic plan will include a contingency plan to not only anticipate, but also plan and train for a quick and efficient response to impending disasters.

Examples of issues that can occur and should be planned for include:  An accident on the job resulting in property damage, injury or fatality  The sudden loss of a key owner or employee.  Sudden disruption to the company's operations due to fire, theft, computer hacking or acts of God.  A sudden economic downturn or loss of a major customer.  Political changes that effect the economy, government regulations or a company's customer base.

Properly developed and executed contingency plans will allow a company to safely and quickly weather any storm and move forward with minimal disruption and economic impact.



QUALITY PLANNING FOR THE INEVITABLE Even in the most quality-oriented design firms, plans and specifications can contain discrepancies or deficiencies that will lead to Requests for Information (RFIs) or require corrections or change orders. Some owners may expect design professionals to produce flawless design documents. Design professionals know that there is no such thing as a perfect set

of plans, but hesitate to raise this issue with the owner. For everyone’s protection, this discussion must take place. This is one reason why partnering is such a good idea. R.E. Warner, the Contractor and the Owner can openly discuss anticipated problems and decide in advance how to deal with them if they arise.

The Owner, along with R.E. Warner and the Contractor, must make a commitment to identify and address conflicts, omissions, code violations, errors and improper use of materials as early as possible. It mitigates such problems by requiring all participants in the construction process such as suppliers, subcontractors and consultants , to advise the Owner and R.E. Warner of any deficiency they know about. The team specifies a date (before construction commences) for subcontractors and vendors to file a notice describing any discrepancies they have discovered and their suggested solutions.


Although the majority of discrepancies are discovered during construction, these pre-construction procedures also help provide early warning signs of potential problems. Timing is critical: the sooner the discrepancy can be identified, the sooner it can be remedied and the less it will cost to correct. During the construction phase, the project team should hold weekly project meetings to review the construction schedule and the submittals needing review and clarification. The agenda should always include the reiteration that one of the purposes of the meeting is to identify, at the earliest moment, conflicts, errors, omissions, code violations or improper use of materials. This will create a receptive climate that is effective in stimulating early and cost-effective problem resolution. Such a discussion helps to get individual egos out of the way and fosters an atmosphere in which everyone wants to help get problems solved. Contractors and owners have often stated that “it is refreshing to have people admit they are not infallible”.

Finally, but more importantly, the project team discusses with the Owner the inevitability of changes in the design and asks that a contingency fund be set aside to cover the cost of these changes. This is done by including an appropriate clause in the contract. R.E. Warner often suggests a contingency of 3-5 percent of the construction budget. Every project is different and a higher or lower percentage may be more appropriate. Just make certain the figure you use is realistic. By following these steps, the project team ensures that the owner has realistic expectations about the potential costs associated with design errors or omissions.

R.E. Warner has an enviable record, with few disputes or claims over the years. There have been minor errors and there have been occasional problems – every complex project has its share. However, with realistic expectations, early error detection, good project team communication, a receptive attitude and an appropriate contingency for design problems, difficulties rarely escalate into conflicts, disputes or claims.




Faced with a critical production deadline, a major Midwest oil recycler turned to R.E. Warner to not only provide engineering and design services for their plant expansion, but also complete construction management services as an agent for the Owner. As construction manager, we prepare a Master Development Schedule using Microsoft Project to show and coordinate all the functions of the project team. This schedule is prepared at the very onset of the project with input from the Owner and our design team.


The process allows us to know well ahead of time the interaction that is required to design, approve and build the project. During this process, we evaluate construction feasibility, consider material availability, and identify long lead items. The Master Development Schedule then becomes the master control schedule as the project progresses. By preparing a master schedule up front, we can identify and prepare bid packages for some sub or trade items while design

is being completed on others. We structure the size and amount of the bid packages to meet the master schedule requirements while achieving maximum competition in the local construction market. Once construction begins, we will be in the field to provide field logistics planning, coordination of contractors, job accounting, record keeping and project close out.

MARKET TRENDS REINVENTION KEY TO SURVIVAL The Harvard Business Review calls "Reinvention Imperative" and claims only 10% of businesses that stall truly recover. Reinvention is the planned updating of a company's capabilities, services, operations, and technology in response to changes in the marketplace. Timing is critical. Things are often rosiest in a company's life cycle just before the decline begins. A successful company must maintain discipline and continuously look forward toward future market trends. To maintain the edge, companies must continuously update capabilities and invest in innovation, train and retain talented

people for tomorrow's opportunities, and maintain a disciplined culture to consistently execute the plan. At R.E. Warner, we are moving beyond the way "we have always done it" so that it does not become a ball and chain. Instead, we plan on investing in new markets, technologies and development of our people. Our success will be based on our actions rather than accident. EXCELLENCE BY DESIGN – FALL 2014


NEW SHAREHOLDER JEN KALIN // SENIOR ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNER The Board of Directors of R.E. Warner & Associates, Inc. are pleased to announce that Jen Kalin was overwhelmingly elected to become a Shareholder to the Corporation in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the firm. “We are all confident Jen will become a valuable member of our ownership team and congratulate Jen on this significant milestone in her career” said Dave Sminchak, Chairman. Jen holds a Bachelors of Architecture from Kent State University, is a LEED Accredited Professional and has over 10 years experience involving warehouses, maintenance and repair facilities, manufacturing plants, office and administration buildings. Her experience includes programming, schematic design, design development, construction documents and construction administration. She has been with R.E. Warner since November 2008 and is currently a project manager and senior architectural designer.



PROJECTS  Plans and specifications for the decommissioning of an automotive plant in Cleveland, Ohio.  Engineering and field observation services for a steel plant’s infrastructure inspection and repair program for mill buildings and crane runway systems in Butler, Pennsylvania.  On-call task order to prepare plans and specifications and provide construction administration services to remove and replace hot water heating boilers, domestic hot water boilers, domestic hot water storage tanks, ancillary equipment and associated piping and wiring at Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority’s Euclid Beach Gardens.  Construction administration services for capital improvement projects at Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority’s Ambelside high rise apartment complex.  Engineering services for installation of HVAC, piping, electrical and fire protection systems for a new FLEX emergency equipment storage


building at a Missouri Nuclear Power Plant. Programming and conceptual design for a new municipal utility complex including the departments of electrical power distribution, water distribution, public works, recreation and public lands for the City of Painesville, Ohio. Engineering services to convert flexible air purge lines to hard pipe at a Lima, Ohio chemical plant. Surveying, site design, civil engineering and site construction administration for the new Avon Rehabilitation Hospital in Avon, Ohio. Preliminary and conceptual engineering for a new main control room at a chemical plant in Ashtabula, Ohio. Engineering for controls and cooling upgrades at Corporate Plaza 1 & 2 located in Independence, Ohio for CB Richard Ellis. Construction administration services for new Forge Press in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT WHAT CAN KEEP US FROM REACHING OUR OBJECTIVES? Earlier in this issue, we discussed the importance of a contingency plan as part of a company's overall strategic plan The same can be said of a project plan. Whenever we plan a project, we always meet early on with the client to discuss what factors will make their project a success. It will always include personal safety with bullet points related to operational, financial and scheduled goals . The next logical question is what will keep us from reaching our goals? Once those are identified, how can the project team, including owner, consultant and contractor, eliminate or at least minimize those risk factors?



In addition to the usual acts of God, typical project risks that should be identified and planned for include:  Loss of key personnel from the owner's, consultant's or contractor's team.  Delays in transmittal of timely and accurate documentation or other essential communications  Delays in decision making.  Continuous re-scoping in the elusive search of perfection  Failure to identify long lead items  Failure to account for input from outside stakeholders including utilities and regulatory agencies. Each project is different and each project has distinct goals, objectives and risk factors. With proper project planning and communication, many of these risks can be eliminated or mitigated in order to achieve the project's goals and objectives.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Jeans for a Cause Currently and several times a year R.E. Warner hosts “Jean’s Day,” where employees contribute a donation to participate, with proceeds benefitting charitable organizations such as Toys for Tots, Coats for Kids, Harvest for Hunger and Animal Protection Leagues. This is just one example of our firm’s continued commitment to giving back to the communities in which we work and live.


Save The Date Please Join Us for "Toys For Tots Benefit Featuring Unique Vendor Show, Prizes, Food and Beverages" Nov. 13th, 5-7, at the office of R.E. Warner, we will host a Vendor Show open to the entire team of R.E. Warner along with clients and friends. Come join us and get a head start on your holiday gift giving. Various vendors with lots of great items will be present including:  Longaberger - Baskets and pottery  BeautiControl - Spa, make up and skincare  ThirtyOne Gifts - Bags, purses, etc.  Discovery Toys – Learning toys

 Pampered Chef - Kitchen and cookware  Chloe + Isabel - Jewelry  Tastefully Simple - Food  Dove - Chocolate  Shelby Candles - Candles and scented items

Each vendor will donate a portion of their profits to the Marine Corps Toys For Tots. Light horderves and drinks will be provided along with raffles with great prizes.

Watch for your invitation coming soon. EXCELLENCE BY DESIGN – FALL 2014


PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES Members of our firm support and actively participate in professional organizations including serving on several technology committees. Below are events recently attended or soon to be attended Bob Ramer, Automotive and Manufacturing Senior Project Manager, attended the SAE Event – Vehicle Connectivity an Opening to Better Highway Safety on Monday April 7. The next federal automotive safety mandate will probably require that vehicles be able to communicate with each other. The communication concept has been tested by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. Jim Sayer discussed the Connected Vehicle Safety Pilot Model Deployment UMTRI conducted for the U.S. DOT in Ann Arbor, MI. This included an overview of Dedicated Short-Range Communication (DSRC) equipment installation into 2800 vehicles and 29 infrastructure locations. Jim discussed


some of the lessons learned, and challenges that were overcome in carrying out this deployment. He also discussed the Deployment’s extension, and plans that the University of Michigan has to expand in the areas of connected and automated transportation Research. Bob Ramer also attended SAE Cleveland’s new event May 15 titled: Shadow Craft – A World of Secret Flight. Since the end of World War II, many very significant, even revolutionary, aircraft developments have taken place in secret. What is likely happening today? Where is it leading? How does Area 51 enter this? A discussion of this shadow world occupied the SAE/AIAA program. Scott Miller, who is by his own admission “a certified airplane nut” presented.

The SAE Cleveland Section is holding its 100th anniversary event at the Western Reserve Historical Society's Crawford Auto and Aviation Museum and Bob Ramer will be in attendance. Matt Benovic, on behalf of ASCE/SEI Cleveland, worked with the Structural Engineers Association of Ohio Cleveland chapter to organize the round table presentation and discussion titled "SE Licensure: the Why, How and What". The meeting started with a presentation on why SE Licensure is an important step in safeguarding the public and how it betters our industry and included the benefits (and potential drawbacks) of establishing SE Licensure in Ohio.

the best students from high schools throughout the nation. Peter also helps prepare the students for the exam and answers their questions about the profession. He enjoys the opportunity to inspire the next generation of promising professionals. This is Peter’s 3rd year encouraging and proctoring for the Trig*Star high school trigonometry contest. Mike Morrell attended a two day CHEMCAD workshop for users of CHEMCAD process modeling software. The workshop offered training on modeling new and existing processes, quantitative and qualitative use of simulations, using plant data in process flowsheets and modeling plant utilities.

Dave Ferencik, Structural Department Manager, attended the 2014 NASCC Steel Conference in Toronto Canada presented by the American Institute of Steel Construction. The Steel Conference is the premier educational event for everyone involved in the design and construction of fabricated steel buildings and bridges. Peter D. Zwick was honored for his volunteer work with the annual Trig*Star high school trigonometry contest at the Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio Cleveland Chapter’s June Education Recognition Dinner. The Trig*Star Contest is an annual high school mathematics competition sponsored by the National Society of Professional Surveyors. The contest, which is based on the practical application of Trigonometry, recognizes

Two of our firm’s Officers attended the Cuyahoga Community College Foundation 22nd Annual Presidential Scholarship Luncheon “A Conversation with George W. Bush” held Thursday, September 11, 2014 at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel “We are glad to be among the supporters who provide needed funds to those who may be unable to afford a college EXCELLENCE BY DESIGN – FALL 2014


education,” said Brett A. Neff, Vice President of R.E. Warner & Associates. This year’s luncheon put a special emphasis on veterans’ initiatives, which is also a point of focus of the George W. Bush Institute. Since its inception in 1992, the Presidential Scholarship Luncheon has raised more than $15 million to help Tri-C students with financial need pursue higher education. President Bush joins a list of distinguished speakers to headline the event, including former President Bill Clinton, former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Project officers and several project managers attended the 2014 Annual Meeting of Build Up Greater Cleveland (BUGC) on Monday, July 21 where they heard George S. Hawkins, general manager of the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority, speak about his responsibilities for an ambitious agenda that complements a vast 10-year program to improve aging infrastructure and comply with ever more stringent regulatory requirements. These issues are of national significance, as metropolitan areas throughout the country - including Greater Cleveland are challenged with providing quality wastewater and stormwater management while balancing fiscal, economic, and environmental impacts.


Members of our transportation practice will be attending the 2014 Ohio Transportation Engineering Conference (OTEC) on October 28th. This year’s theme “Advancing Transportation System Performance with Technology” - Ohio motorists and businesses want safer and reliable commutes and faster products to market. The development and use of new technology is the next wave in improving the state’s transportation infrastructure. From easier access to information to faster data analysis and enhanced mobile communication, technology will help us advance Ohio’s transportation system performance and meet our customer’s needs. Professionals from R.E. Warner attended or plan on attending the following Association of Iron & Steel Technology Regular Events  May 4-7 - AISTech Steel’s Premier Technology Event in Indianapolis, IN  11/16/14 - Midwest Member Chapter 2014 Vendor Fair in Merrillville, IN  10/06/14 – Pittsburgh Member Chapter Dinner Meeting  10/14/14 - Metallurgy — Processing, Products & Applications Technology Committee Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA  10/14/14 – R.E. Warner is a Gold Sponsor for the Midwest Member Chapter Annual Kickoff Dinner Meeting in Merrillville, IN  Nov. 19-21 - 2014 AIST Leadership Conference in New Orleans, LA




Our mission is to provide technical solutions through teamwork and a passion for service. Since our founding in 1951, R.E. Warner & Associates, Inc. has experienced steady and continuous growth. Building on our traditional strengths and values, we have entered into new fields only when it is consistent with the basic mission of our company. Today, R.E. Warner is a full service, multi-discipline consulting firm serving both public and private clients. We call ourselves multi-discipline because we offer professional services in civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and process engineering; architecture and planning; surveying; and environmental science and engineering. Our impressive list of clients includes many of our nation’s largest steel, automotive and chemical producers, electric power companies, health and educational facilities, and various agencies of the federal, state and local governments.

R.E. Warner’s mission is to provide technical solutions through teamwork and a passion for service. Our areas of practice include buildings and facilities, industrial operations and process engineering, infrastructure, transportation, energy management, surveying, environmental and construction services. In order to fulfill our mission to our clients, R.E. Warner consistently recruits, hires and retains the leaders in our profession. In recognition of our great workplace, R.E. Warner has been named a multi-year winner of the NorthCoast 99 Award, presented annually by the Employers Resource Council to the top 99 companies to work for in Northeast, Ohio. We invite you to contact many of our peers to discover how working with R.E. Warner can be economical, efficient, professional and down right pleasant!

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