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Paper moon Miguel テ]gel Mendaro Johnson Copyright ツゥ 2009 Miguel テ]gel Mendaro Johnson Paper Moon. All rights reserved. Special free edition. Illustrated by Miguel テ]gel Mendaro Johnson

Have you ever made a wish To the moon? I did!

The story that I am about to tell Came on… a paper plane! I opened it… and I read The most unbelievable story. Ready? I must ask you again…


OK! Let’s open the paper plane‌

One night, One starry, starry, amazing night, I was playing and talking to the moon. I said, “Moon, you are so beautiful!�

Suddenly… Somehow… My left foot began to float. Then the other. I floated from the ground. Yes! FLOATED! WHAT WAS HAPPENING?

On my way up, I saw a little girl that couldn’t stop crying. She lost her blue balloon…

With tears in her eyes, she looked up and had an idea.

I heard, “Mom, can that man bring my balloon back?” Then, her mother screamed.

Because she saw me, a flying man, Crossing the sky laughing! (I took off my shoes, And the leaves tickled my feet…)

I was flying!

I couldn’t stop climbing. Higher, higher, higher‌

And higher!

As I climbed A bird rested on my shoulder.

Oh! A plane!

“Oh! Oh! Oh! A flying man!” Said a confused passenger…



What? Where?


Flying is easy Especially when you see air as water. So, If air is water… I thought “Shall I Swim?”

“Wow! It works”

I was heading to the moon! “Moon! You’re SO BEAUTIFUL! You brought back all the colors to my life!”

“I did it, I wanted you” said the moon blushing. “Really?” “Yes!” “Do you know all the people you inspire?” “Really?” asked the moon. “Yes!” “YES!”

“YES!” And I made a perfect landing.

It was the most incredible sunset I’ve ever seen.

“My heart belongs to you� I sighed to the moon. I decided to stay forever But I needed to tell my story.


On paper planes! So This is my first plane, my first story. All I ask you is to look up every night More planes are about to land. I am the happiest man on the moon!

Oh!, please tell me, Will you make a wish to the moon?

THE END Written by Miguel テ]gel Mendaro Johnson

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