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Lucy herself is both radiant and genuine, which you can feel from the moment you meet her. She began her business 10 years ago staring with soaps and has expanded to over 50 skin- and hair-care products with constant experiments for new items. Her inspiration comes from nature, with your wellbeing and pleasure in mind. Watching Lucy in her laboratory, I could feel her enthusiasm for blending new and ancient natural ingredients, Mayan rituals and alternative health care.

Some of the Tierra & Lava products

Tierra & Lava:

Luxury, Ethical, Vegan Skin & Hair Care text and photos by Maria Westfried


few years ago my favorite natural foods chef told me she would not put anything on her body that she would not put in her mouth. At first I thought that sounded like a lofty goal, but the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. After all, since your skin breathes in everything, putting skin cream in your mouth — or on your body — is really the same thing! But how could I give up some of my beloved, chemical-laden care products? Would I have to compromise the quality I expect from my favorite products? Would I spend hours researching byzantine ingredients attempting to determine if they are bad or good for my skin? Then I met Lucy Ashman, creator of Tierra & Lava Luxury, Ethical, Vegan Skin & Hair Care. I felt hopeful that her products could live up to her ambitious tag line. Lucy’s dream was to create products that “have all the luxury of amazing skincare products without any of the crap and are so natural that you probably could eat them.” 82

How does she do it? Many of Lucy’s quality ingredients come from the herbs and flowers of her organic, non-GMO home garden in San Cristóbal el Alto. She uses ingredients as close to whole as she can find. She believes implicitly that high-quality ingredients are key to high-quality products. I was astounded by the personal stories she told me about where and how each ingredient is sourced. Lucy is dedicated to the local suppliers in her community, including beekeepers such as Don Eduardo Xicay López and Don Rafael López Mendez for their raw, sustainably produced honey and beeswax. Her local cooperative ( produces the organic coffee she uses as well as the sewing of her tipico organic cotton toiletry bags. The interior fabric for the bags is made by women’s cooperatives in San Juan La Laguna. She has curated

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