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often with imbedded insects. Tourists don’t expect amber in Central American jewelry, but it is here in a wide range of shades. A game for young artists traveling around the Highlands is to spot persimmon color. Many sunsets take on shades of vermilion or cinnabar, tomato skies changing to tomato soup, then some Persian orange streaks—and often persimmon. Bougainvillea flowers spilling along our street are colored persimmon. See what your kids can find —with a chocolate or smoothie reward at the end of the search. But I’m sorry there’s no persimmon in Guatemala to eat.

Obras Sociales

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the public health system or in private care facilities. One hundred percent of the proceeds from fundraising efforts and special donations are directed to Obras Sociales here in Guatemala. * photos courtesy of Irene Montes Asensio and David Dean

Detailed information is available at In the United States, The Hermano Pedro Social Works Foundation, a U.S. tax deductible non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, will receive donations. Local donations are still appreciated—clothing, food, diapers for the young and old alike and cash—and may be taken to the hospital at 3a calle & 3a avenida in La Antigua or contact Obras Sociales estimates that it benefits over 600,000 families in Guatemala, making a miracle come true for the needy. 70

A crowd gathers to inspect the new facilities at Virgen del Socorro

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