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Lead-Up workshop and training to learn about essential business tools, how to work more efficiently with these tools as well as prerequisites for Lead-Up certification. “Lead-Up requires its participants to work with NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in their home countries,” said Pokorny. “This way, we know they are working with organizations that are already supporting at-risk youth. We also require that certified Lead-Up trainers have a psychologist or social services professional on their staff.” According to Pokorny, the program will be introduced to participants from Austria, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. Upon completion of this month’s workshop in California, participants will become certified Lead-Up trainers. Josue, 19, who comes from a village close to La Antigua Guatemala, participated in Lead-Up’s workshop and is a living testimony to this. Boy hugging horse.

Lead-Up’s ultimate objective, while continuing its full-time work in Guatemala, is to have its program introduced across the globe in order to significantly reduce violence. For more information about Lead-Up International go to For donations to Lead-Up’s programs here in Guatemala go to where you can also watch Lead-Up’s latest video about its groundbreaking work here. 60

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