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Shakespeare Pub Wi-Fi • Lunch Specials Happy Hour 11-5 Near all Major Hotels. 13 calle y 1a av., zona 10, local 5 Torre Santa Clara II Tel: 2331-2641

Café Bar Meals Drinks

Books & Exhibitions • Live Music Thur-Sat Vía 6, 3-55, Z. 4, Guatemala City Resv: 2334-1241

LIVE MUSIC El Establo 14 calle 5-08, zona 10, Guatemala City

Wednesdays, 9.30 pm — Simply the best “old school” rock music in English from the 60´s, 70´s + 80´s  Thursdays, 9.30 pm — Shagadelic with Meli Donis and Juan Gabriel Rodas, the best live rock, pop and get upn’ dance music in Spanish and English in the city!  Saturdays, 4pm —Awesome Cuban percussion courtesy of Fernando Pérez and friends. Happy hour specials Saturdays, 9.30pm — Dance, sing and experience an incredible atmosphere. Los Lagartos, deliver an awesome performance each and everytime. Don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes. Specialty cocktails Q35.


4a avenida 16-11, zona 10, Guatemala City

Wednesdays and Saturdays — Different guest artists 36

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