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“The Beauty of Guatemala” On the Cover 1st Place Judges Vote “untitled” by German Velásquez



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22 sculpture during the colonial era by Hadazul Cruz

There were many sculptors in Santiago de Guatemala, some of them recognized, and others who preferred anonymity. Sculpture in the New World traditionally had two purposes, aesthetic and to serve the new religion as an instrument of evangelization. more

66 Amalia’s Kitchen Amalia Moreno-Damgaard

LENT SMØRREBROD Every year many Christians observe special diets during 40 days. As I listened to the priest’s sermon one recent morning at church, I thought to myself that the Lenten season is also an opportunity to explore foods outside the normal realm of traditional choices. more

88 MUNICIPAL FIRE DEPARTMENT OF LA ANTIGUA GUATEMALA Historical Summary On November 3, 2004, the Municipal Firefighters of La Antigua Guatemala Association and the “Municipal Fire Department of La Antigua Guatemala” were born more


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antigua Choco Museo artisanal chocolates, restaurant, classes Café Condesa farm-to-table since 1993 cafetenango restaurant surrounded by gardens and volcano views cerro san cristobal organic farm, slow food, garden-to-table restaurant DEL ARCO RESTAURANTE excellent food in a beautiful surrounding Doña Luisa Xicotencatl home cooked meals and fresh bread baked daily MESÓN PANZA VERDE classic elegance with a twist thai-wow delicious thai food in a beautiful setting

Guatemala city - antigua arrin cuan over three decades offering the best of Guatemalan Cuisine


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antigua a course in miracles sessions coordinated by Vincent S. D’Agati HOSPITAL PRIVADO HERMANO PEDRO 24-hour emergency service HOME WITH A VIEW FOR SALE 15 minutes from Antigua BEAUTIFUL HOME FOR SALE in a natural private reserve comunitel internet service where no one else gives it la fábrica sports & gym rock climbing, cross training, bilingual trainers MAXILLOFACIAL CENTRE professional dental care, oral surgury vet pro veterinary clinic - English, Spanish, French spoken

Shopping antigua La Antigua Galería de Arte Contemporary and traditional artists random treasures pre-owned clothes, furniture - benefits animal welfare guatemala city HOUSE & GREEN kitchen and restaurant supply jocotenango plaza jocotenango shopping and convenience under one roof 6

to go, things to do un to be had... Hotels - Lodging antigua Antigua Hotel Solutions several great hotels to choose from mesón panza verde boutique hotel, art gallery

lake atitlan Jardines del lago hotel you deserve to relax at the lake villas b’alam ya travel, tranquility, transcendence

hawaii / monterrico PLAYA PLANA relax and enjoy at the pacific coast

río dulce hACIENDA TIJAX ecolodge and marina - waterfront cabañas

Travel -Tours antigua filadelfia coffee resort farm and production tours, mountain bikes... antigua - guatemala city - quetzaltenango turansa travel agency tour packages, bus rental, shuttle service 7








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hese are very difficult days we are all dealing with. Our hearts go out to the medical and service personnel for perservering in their important work, and hope everyone who can be, is sheltering in place when possible.

This month, we would like to offer information about changes our advertisers’ have made regarding their hours of business, service offerings and online availability. If you want to know more about a specific business, you can call or click to their website. Many restaurants offer delivery/pickup orders, some companies are continuing services via Zoom or Face Time, and art galleries and others can give their viewers online virtual tours. Some business, unfortunately, are closed for the time being. In this issue, we pay a Tribute to Semana Santa through photographs of past celebrations. Thanks to the marvelous photographers who shared their images. Hadazul Cruz presents Sculpture during the Colonial Era, a period when several notable and talented sculptors emerged, leaving behind incredible works of art that are still marveled at today. Chef and author Amalia Moreno-Damgaard thinks that the Lenten season is also an opportunity to explore foods outside the normal realm of traditional choices. She proves her point with a delicious recipe for the Danish dish Smorrebrod. We pay our respects to the Municpal Fire Department of La Antigua Guatemala with a historical summary, highlighting the excellent support given by the Rotary Club Guatemala Sur. We hope with some interesting reading and beautiful photography we can help bring a bit of solace to these extreme times. Stay safe. — John & Terry Kovick Biskovich

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THAI FOOD Tuesday to Friday 12:00 - 9:00 pm Saturday 12:00 - 10:00 pm Sunday 12:00 - 4:00 pm 5a avenida sur #23 Antigua Guatemala +502 4097-4768



2nd Place Judges Vote “Aspirante” Escuela de Cristo, Antigua by Fernando Orozco IG: fernando_gt22


Cristo de La Preciosa Sangre 22 Gabriela Santiesteban by Ana

by Hada Cruz


culpture in the New World traditionally had two purposes, aesthetic and to serve the new religion as an instrument of evangelization.

ed in abundance in the New World. Cedar was both durable and easy to work with, making it ideal, followed by other materials such as stone, silver, and alabaster.

Sculptors did not compete for the beauty of their works. They labored to satisfy the demand within the population. Perfection was essential because every sculpture had to fulfill a spiritual and, at the same time, educational.

The growing city of Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala (today La Antigua Guatemala) required a large number of sculptural pieces to fill the temples, civil buildings, and private residences. Therefore, sculptors fulfilled this purpose and considered and respectable.

In the case of colonial sculpture, the primary material used was wood, which exist-


JesĂşs Nazareno de La Merced Antigua Guatemala by Aldo Comparini


JesĂşs Nazareno de La Merced Antigua Guatemala by Marco Antonio Marinelli

Notable Sculptors

There were many sculptors in Santiago de Guatemala, some of them recognized, and others who preferred anonymity.

Alonzo de la Paz

He enjoyed fame, along with many received commissions. His work is acclaimed in history for his abilities, notably the beautiful image of Jesus Nazareno de la Merced in La Antigua Guatemala. 25

JesĂşs Nazareno de Candelaria, Cristo Rey

Juan de Aguirre He was a Franciscan friar and also a sculptor. He arrived in Santiago de Guatemala from Peru but was probably of Spanish origin. Around 1558 he created the Virgen del Coro along with the image of JesĂşs Nazareno de Candelaria, but this is not verified. 26

Jesús de los afligidos, Andalusia

Jesús Nazareno de la Merced, Guatemala City

Jesús Nazareno de la Merced, believed to have a twin sculpture in Andalusia. El Señor de los Afligidos.

Mateo de Zúñiga

Jesús Nazareno de la Merced, Guatemala City

One of his documented sculptures is Jesus Nazareno de la Merced (1654) polychromed by Joseph de la Cerda, currently in Guatemala City. This sculpture is the first Baroque work made in Guatemala, and also the first Nazarene believed to have a twin sculpture in Andalusia. El Señor de los Afligidos would prove the sculptural exchange between the old and the new world at that time. 27


Soledad from Escuela de Cristo by Jose Carlos Flores

Pedro de Mendoza or Pedro de la Rosa He lived and worked in Santiago de Guatemala and mentioned by the religious Fray Antonio de Molina in his work Memories of Fray Antonio de Molina where he exposes a dialogue between the sculptor Mendoza and the Holy Hermano Pedro (Guatemala’s saint). Though not verified, it is believed that Pedro de Mendoza sculpted the image of Jesús de la Caída de San Bartolomé Becerra and also the beautiful Virgen de la Soledad from Escuela de Cristo. Jesús de la Caída by Roberto Urrea


Cristo Negro de Esquipulas by John Donaghy

Quirio Cataño He worked as an active sculptor in Guatemala, of unknown origin, he may have been Spanish, Portuguese or Italian. He settled in Santiago de Guatemala, where he founded a workshop that became one of the largest in the city. His best-known work is the “Cristo Negro” (1594) that rests within the Basilica of Esquipulas. 30

by Roberto Urrea

Types of Religious Sculpture Imagenes de “Bulto Redondo� (fully carved) meaning images that depict the whole body, hair, and clothing to be later covered in gold leaf and color. 31

Above Wooden Frame image or Bastidor Left, Imagen de Goznes (hinges).

Imagenes de Vestir are wooden sculptures devoid of carved clothing to be dressed in cloth costumes. Of these, there are two variants: Imagenes de Bastidor to be used in processions, (for lighter weight) and dressed for special occasions. Only heads, hands, and feet are carved and later assembled in a wooden frame or “Bastidor.� Imagenes de Goznes is a body assembled as a mannequin that can be moved by hinges (goznes) on the shoulders, elbows, knees, hips, etc. 32

by Gary Velรกsquez Palacios

Hoping for more days like this to come


“En el ocaso, el Colocho antigüeño” La Antigua Guatemala by Omar de León IG: chacho_dleon

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Popular vote Co-Winner “El Nazareno Josefino” Plaza de la Constitución Ciudad de Guatemala by Davo Solórzano



Popular vote Co-Winner “Easter in Panajachel� by Angel Gabriel Wheeler Barrera


“Jesús del Consuelo” Iglesia La Recolección, zona 1 Guatemala City by Zury Adami Sagché Locón



A Course

in Miracles Shines on Antigua Satsangs (sessions where the highest truths are discussed) Will take place every other Sunday starting, March 15 from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM Location: ZOOM conference video Purpose: To understand, appreciate and love, the message of the Course Not: To debate, to entertain Fee: No Charge If you are interested, register by emailing: Coordinator: Vincent S. D’Agati Doctor of Philosophy Metaphysical Sciences University of Metaphysical Sciences, Arcata, California 42

A Course

in Mirac Vincent S. D’Agati


Every other sunday 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM Location: ZOOM


ART by Sergio Alvarado


t la Antigua GalerĂ­a de Arte we have always given space to Guatemalan artists that represent not only artistic qualities, but those of this rich and diverse country. And though we show established artists at the gallery. We are enthusiastic about showing the work of young and exciting artists too. We would like to recommend the work by these young and exciting artists that have enriched our lives and we hope that their work would enrich yours as well. Sergio Alvarado, previously a traditional weaver, has developed from impressionism a self-named style called Tipiquismo, which celebrates

ART by Guillermo Maldonado

Email us at: Visit our online catalogue:


La Antigua Galería de Arte announces that following the government instructions in order to help the current situation created by the COVID-19 our gallery doors will be closed temporarily. Nevertheless, you can browse our online collection from the comfort of your home. We can organize delivery, shipping, and payment through our online platform. Email us at: La Antigua Galería de Arte anuncia que siguiendo con las instrucciones del gobierno y ayudar en la situación actual creada por COVID-19, las puertas de nuestra galería se cerrarán temporalmente. Sin embargo, puede visitar nuestra colección en línea desde la comodidad de su hogar. Podemos organizar la entrega, el envío y el pago a través de nuestra plataforma en línea. Envíenos un correo electrónico a: ART by Juan Francisco Yoc

the rich colors and wonderful landscapes of Guatemala; the lav-

ish lyricism of the world of Guillermo Maldonado sometimes leads us to the surreal, but always reminds us where we are; Juan Francisco Yoc lures us into peaceful contemplation through ephemeral portraits and; César Pineda Moncrieff which is a poetic artist and his themes often explore the nature of consciousness in creative ways.

ART by César Pineda Moncrieff


“Manos Laboriosas Llenas de Fe” San Cristobal Verapaz, Alta Verapaz by Emilio Vásquez Robles


3rd Place Judges Vote “Ephemeral Art/Arte Efímero” La Antigua Guatemala by Javier Álvarez Vassaux 47

“El Antigüeño” Domingo de Ramos 2019 en Antigua by Diego Javier Romero Flores


“Salida del Tercer Viernes” Iglesia Panajachel by Julio Mucun


“River of Faith / Rio de fé” La Antigua Guatemala by Carlos Francisco Hernández Juárez



“The colors of the season/Los colores de la temporada” Jesús de la Caída de San Bartolo by Renato Guillermo





“Fé y devolución” La Antigua by Javier Baeza










FEATURED VIDEOS, GUATEMALA Restaurant Cerro San Cristรณbal, La Antigua

video courtesy of Mexcal - Rhet Filadelfia Coffee Tour in Antigua


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Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 7:30am - 12pm

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15 min. from the central park / Q10 Shuttle leaving Sat. & Sun. from Nim Po’t, Calle del Arco #29

Amalia’s Kitchen text & photos by chef and author Amalia Moreno-Damgaard




ooking or eating out during season of Lent does not have to be difficult, it just takes a bit of awareness and creativity.

Every year many Christians observe special diets during 40 days. As I listened to the priest’s sermon one recent morning at church, I thought to myself that the Lenten season is also an opportunity to explore

foods outside the normal realm of traditional choices. When I married my husband, I also embraced his and his family’s culture and food. For me this was an opportunity to learn new techniques, ingredients and dishes and to have fun with my new family and their friends. I grew fonder of Danish food the more I was exposed to it. Shrimp and Egg



Guatemalan and Latin cuisine are at the core of my cooking, but I also enjoy eating and making a wide variety of foods, which I have been fortunate to try during my worldwide travels. Like many other countries’ gastronomy, Danish and Scandinavian cooking is similar in some respects, but it is unique country by country. I particularly enjoy the art and craft of open-faced Danish sandwiches because they are not only a feast to the eyes but to the senses, too. Contrary to appearance, they are quite easy to make. With just a few easily accessible ingredients, one can create

a variety of attractive scrumptious dishes. Basically Danish sandwiches come in all shapes and sizes and can be a snack or a whole meal. This past Christmas Day, I created smørrebrod for dinner for my visiting Guatemalan and Danish family in my home in the United States. I have learned the ropes of the Danish kitchen with my husband’s mother and sister-in-law and with uncles and friends who are good cooks. As you explore what to eat during Lent, think outside the box and enjoy foods from other cultures which offer not only interestSILD (HERRING)



ing presentations but an opportunity to learn something new. The Danish repertoire is big and there are seafood and non-meat sandwiches that can satisfy any hungry palate during Lent and beyond. Here are a couple of recipes to entice you to explore Scandinavian cooking, especially Danish cuisine.

3 slices thinly sliced onion Garnish: dill HAVARTI CHEESE Toppings 2 thin slices of Havarti cheese Garnish: bell pepper julienne, radish slices and parsley.


By Chef Amalia Moreno-Damgaard

The base of all open-faced Danish sandwiches is smørrebrod (rye or French bread and butter), which can change depending on the toppings. 1 sandwich 1 slice rye bread Spread with butter and layer the toppings and garnish as listed. SHRIMP AND EGG Toppings 1 Bibb lettuce leaf 1 hard-boiled egg, sliced 1-2 tsp. light mayonnaise 1 heaping tablespoon tiny cooked shrimp (salad shrimp) Garnish: cocktail tomatoes, caviar and dill SILD (HERRING) Toppings 3 pieces of sild (herring) in white wine

Amalia Moreno-Damgaard is an awardwinning bestselling chef author born and raised in Guatemala City currently living in the Twin Cities. She provides individuals and companies with a taste and understanding of Latin cultures through healthy gourmet cuisine education, consulting, bilingual speaking and writing and fun culinary experiences. Her cookbook “Amalia’s Guatemalan Kitchen-Gourmet Cuisine With A Cultural Flair” has won 9 international awards.



“Generaciones” La Antigua Guatemala by Any Joachín


“La llama de la fe” La Antigua by Javier Pineda Pinzón IG: @pinzon_496


Popular vote Co-Winner “Estampas de un Segundo Domingo de Cuaresma” Centro Histórico de Guatemala by José Sabana 75

“Jesús con nosotros” by Daniel González IG: @santomisterio_



“A Paso Lento� Catedral Metropolitana, Ciudad de Guatemala by Erwin Pelaez Castellanos


“Santo Entierro Iglesia Santo Domingo de Guzmán” Zona 1 Ciudad De Guatemala by José Mauricio Hernández de la Parra FB: Foto_Entusiasta (Facebook) IG: @foto_entusiasta (instagram)



“A Child’s Playful Devotion – La Devoción Juguetona De Un Niño” La Antigua Guatemala by Carla M. Pérez


Professional Dental Care

MAXILLOFACIAL CENTRE Dr. Luis RamĂ­rez, DDS, OMS General Dentistry Maxillofacial Surgery Dental Implants Oral Rehabilitation

TMJ Therapy Jaw Surgery Teeth Whitening Orthodontics

Dr. Luis RamĂ­rez, DDS, OMS, is a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, dental implants, and oral rehabilitation.

Maxillofacial Centre is the ONLY ONE with 3D Dental Tomography and CAD/CAM Dental Lab in Guatemala. - Tel: 7832-6002 82 Spanish, English and German Spoken - Calle Real de Santa Ines #9A La Antigua Guatemala

H ermano Pedro ospital Privado

24-hour Emergency Service & Medical Consultation

PBX: 7790-2000 Services we provide • • • • • • • • • • •

Medicine and General Surgery Pediatrics Maternity & Gynecology Traumatology, Orthopedics & Arthroscopy Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Laparoscopic Videosurgery Otorhinolaryngology Urology Cardiology Clinic Laboratory Videoendoscopy

• Videocolonoscopy • X-rays • Electrocardiogram • Mammography • Ultrasound • Computerized Axial Tomography • Electroencephalogram • Osseous Densitometry • Ambulance Service

Avenida de La Recolección #4, La Antigua Guatemala


Hacienda Tixax Videos Happy Guests

videos by Eugenio Gobbato

Kayak Tour


Hacienda Tijax Ecolodge & Marina RĂ­o Dulce - Caribbean - Reserve

Waterfront CabaĂąas Full Service Marina Restaurant & Bar Swimming Pool Reforestation Project Jungle Sky Trail Bird Watching Horseback Riding Tours & Much More

Tels: 7930-5505/07 85

Playa Plana Videos Hotel Overview

video by Trishoot Studio

Sea Turtle Conservation


video by Edgar Solorzano


Municipal Fire Department of La Antigua Guatemala Historical Summary



n November 3, 2004, the Municipal Firefighters of La Antigua Guatemala Association and the “Municipal Fire Department of La Antigua Guatemala� were born into legal life, as its operational body. The Municipal Firefighters of La Antigua Guatemala Association, is an autonomous public service entity, essentially technical, professional, apolitical, with a regime of special discipline, legal personality and own equity, of indefinite duration, which provides its services to the population 24 hours, 365 days a 88

year at no cost and with the primary mission of saving lives and assisting the population in case of illness, calamity, accidents, etc. The Municipal Fire Department of La Antigua Guatemala, is endorsed through the Agreement of the Municipality of La Antigua Guatemala, which recognizes the Association of Municipal Firefighters of La Antigua Guatemala as the only entity authorized to provide extinction services of fires and emergency assistance in the municipal jurisdiction, as established by Decree Law 81-87, Article 31, Organic Law of the Voluntary Fire Department of Guatemala.

DARK AGE At the end of 2017, a group of dissident and rebellious personnel hijacked all the vehicles and equipment of the station, using them for their own benefit and significantly deteriorating a large number of vehicles, equipment and supplies.

Start of a Singular Rotary Public Benefit Project Faced with this situation, Mayor Susana Asencio, requested the collaboration of Architect Humberto del Busto, to support Fire Officers Nur Arevalo and Ángel Díaz, founders of the Fire Department, to recover a heritage that gradually ceased to provide public service. The negotiations continued for 21

months, following the legal procedures to evict the invaders. On August 20, 2019, by order of a competent judge, they were evicted, and control of the station was again taken, which was found in a disastrous state. The Mayor and Architect Humberto del Busto has been a member of the Rotary Club Guatemala Sur for more than 30 years and also has 40 years participating in firefighter activities adhonorem, being in turn, Commander of the Voluntary Fire Department of Guatemala and Commander First Chief of the Municipal Fire Department of Guatemala City. Given the uniqueness of the situation, Arch. Del Busto acted primarily in his own name, until the legal problems were resolved and the fire service resumed again, he presented his project to the Board of Directors of the Rotary Club Guatemala South, which agreed to recognize and support it as a Rotary Club project.

HONORING THE PAST PROTECTING THE FUTURE ANTIGUA FOREVER SERVICES THAT PROVIDES TO THE POPULATION OF ANTIGUA AND ITS SURROUNDINGS. • Fire prevention, control and extinction. Rescues of all kinds (collapsed structures, rescue with spe 89

• cial equipment, rescue in ravines, mountains, volcanic eruptions, etc). • Pre-hospital emergency services (Ambulance) at basic and advanced life support levels. • Training for the population, educational institutions and private initiative in fire prevention, accidents and first aid. • Prevention in events and public activities, when there is an agglomeration of people and there is a risk that requires our presence. • All services are provided free of charge and have no cost for the population attended.

EMERGENCY VEHICLES AND EQUIPMENT The following equipment and assets that are owned by the Association of Municipal Firefighters of La Antigua, were acquired through the efforts of the ad-honorem Directors, mainly with the Fire Corps of Sister Cities of La Antigua: • Truck scale and motor pump (currently under repair), • Waterfall Truck (Currently under repair) • Two1000 Gls Ford motor pump • Isuzu Morita motor pump with simple traction, • Isuzu Morita Double Traction Motor 90

• • • • • •

Pump (Currently under repair), Mobile Clinical Ambulance Module (Currently under repair) 2000 Gls Chevrolet Water Supply Truck. (Currently under repair) Toyota Hi Ace Ambulance 1992 Hino Heavy Rescue Truck (Currently under repair) Durango incident command unit, Chevrolet Blazer Directive Command Unit.

FORCE STATE At present, there are 43 active firefighters at the station, of which only 6 are employees and the rest provide their services voluntarily without receiving remuneration.

HONORING THE PAST, PROTECTING THE FUTURE Our Mission Is To Protect: • An area of approximately 2 square Kms corresponding to the protection area where they are concentrated: • 50,000 inhabitants on business days that increase to more than100,000 inhabitants on holidays. • 140,000 HOUSES AND BUILDINGS approximately, including the 23 surrounding villages.

• PRINCIPAL REGIONAL ECONOMIC CENTER, whose income comes mainly from tourism and commerce, which in the event of a disaster would collapse the economy affecting the living standards of its inhabitants.

talks with the new municipal administration to establish a reasonable allocation.


On average, an annual budget of Q540,000.00 is required to operate in minimum relieved ranges, not including the purchase of rolling units and new equipment. The staff currently does not have social security coverage (IGSS), posthumous help, life insurance or risk bonus.

• 15 MUSEUMS of Painting, Sculpture and Paper. • 15 COLONIAL ARCHIVES with ecclesiastical, civil and historical themes. • 10 HISTORICAL LIBRARIES with approximately 120,000 volumes. • 12 PHOTOTECAS with approximately 150,000 images.

ECONOMIC SUSTAINMENT Currently, the Association is financially supporting its operating body through collections in piggy bank on weekends, a small percentage from private initiative donations. To date, there is no contribution, support or budget from the Municipality of La Antigua, the Congress of the Republic or the Central Government, despite having repeatedly requested help from these entities. We are currently in

The little that is collected is scarcely enough to cover fuels and lubricants, minimum wages of 6 salaried firefighters.

The station is kept up-to-date, and if it were not for the great efforts that the firefighters themselves make to repair the units themselves, collect and separately make their voluntary turn, the station would have already closed its doors.

HOW TO DONATE Please go to where you will find several packages that describe the equipment we request as a donation. CONTACT: Club Rotario Guatemala Sur:



“El de los antigueños” La Antigua Guatemala by Anderson Ramírez IG: @Saturno.art_



The largest fitness family in Antigua Guatemala Climbing Wall - Cross Training Group Classes Certified, Bilingual Trainers

7832 9840 1a Ave. Norte #7 A, La Antigua95

“Procesión de Viacrucis” La Iglesia San Francisco de Asis, Panajachel by Roberto E. Anleu



Mon-Fri: 8am - 1pm & 2:30 - 6pm - Sat: 9am - 1pm

E N GLI S H F R E N CH S PA N I S H Spoken Dr. Juan Pablo Calderรณn - Vaccinations - Surgery - X-ray - Dental Clinic

- Ultrasound - Laboratory Services - Emergencies - Export Licenses for pets

* Gas anesthesia

2a Av. Sur #61B Tels: 7832-3664 5732-4808 Hospital Veterinario Vet-pro 97

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Proceeds to Benefit Animal Welfare Programs 3a Ave Sur #4-A, La Antigua Open MON-FRI 9am - 5pm Tienda Solidaridad Second-Hand Store 98

offering an abundance of books, CD’s DVD’s (music/movies) clothing, house & kitchen wares, decorative items, and lots more.




artistically designed house

for sale San Cristรณbal El Alto

Tel: (+502) 5031-0859 www.LuxPro.CA 100

Kitchen and Dining Room (open floor plan) Office / Recreation Room 3 Bedrooms / Walk-in Closet / 3.5 Bathrooms Fireplace / Garage w/ storage room

Very large Terrace / Covered and Open Patios Firepit Seating Area / Separate Artist Studio Beautiful Terraced Gardens Municipal Water and Cistern system Solar-assisted Hot Water system Very secure in a peaceful, friendly village

Paved road 15 minutes from La Antigua 101

“La luz del creador” La Antigua Guatemala, by Angel Melgar


“Nazareno” Huehuetenango by Hugo Rodríguez 103

“Una Mirada para todos� by Jaime Barrientos Montalvo


“Iglesia de San Jerónimo” San Jerónimo Baja Verapaz by Erwin Quevedo


The Heartbreaking Plight o

A reach out to the local community and a

The heartbreaking plight of Guatemala's street and feral do who have dogs, many of them living in poverty, are suffering f pandemic and the ensuing economic instability. It has

There are more hungry dogs on the streets than ever. The heroi is distributing food to hungry dogs, most especially than

This distribution of dog food (La Antigua, San Felipe, Joc larger area and are exempt from the curfew and other re

On March 26, Antigua Hope purchased the first 200 lbs. o in as many locat

For more information: an Thanking you in advance, please direct your d

Thank you to Marcello Calvinisti and Pablo Solis, along w


of Guatemala’s Street Dogs

animal lovers everywhere for assistance

ogs has become even more urgent because so many people from the adverse effects of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) s become a serious struggle just to feed their families.

ic Cuerpo de Bomberos Municipales de La Antigua Guatemala nk you to Marcello Calvinisti and his wife, Dawn Calvinisti.

cotenango and Ciudad Vieja) is critical as they can cover a estrictions during Guatemala's declared State of Calamity.

of dog food, and firefighters began feeding hungry dogs tions as possible. donations via PayPal:

with many other photographers who shared these images



“Entre bendiciones e indulgencias” Plaza de la Constitución by Diego A. Gordillo Quintana


REVUE Photo Contest MAY



OF guatemala We invite you to participate in our MONTHLY PHOTO CONTEST for May 2020 with the theme: THE BEAUTY OF GUATEMALA. Please send ONE (1) HIGH RES photo with caption/location and your name & website for the credit line to: There will be prizes for winning photos. More information at: Submissions entered by the 15th of April will be eligible.


Photos in this ad are from previous contests by: David Rojas, Oscar Benitez, Lo Reyes and Victor Hugo Xalcut.

Te invitamos a participar en nuestro Concurso Fotográfico de mayo 2020 con el tema: LA BELLEZA DE GUATEMALA. Enviar (1) foto en ALTA RESOLUCIÓN con el título, lugar donde fue tomada, su nombre y el sitio web para el crédito a: Habrá premios para las fotos ganadoras. Para más información: Serán elegibles las fotos recibidas hasta el 15 de abril de 2020.

Prizes for both Categories (Popular & Judges’ vote)

The winner by Editorial Decision wins a FREE NIGHT for 2 at Convento Santa Catalina

*Restrictions Apply

The first 4 winners by Popular decision win Q100 each 2nd place, judges pick Q100 3rd place, judges pick Q50 111


Popular vote Co-Winner “Etapas de un turno� La Antigua by Gilda Lizeth Estrada Ruiz IG: gildaestradaruiz



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Guatemala's English language Magazine. Articles, Information, Cultural Calendar, Restaurants, Hotels, Services, Shopping, Real Estate, Trave...

REVUE Magazine April 2020  

Guatemala's English language Magazine. Articles, Information, Cultural Calendar, Restaurants, Hotels, Services, Shopping, Real Estate, Trave...

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