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Horseback Riding, English Equitation Classes: from beginner to intermediate level. Taught by English instructress. See also ad under “Fun Stuff” - Ravenscroft Riding Stables. New tel: 7830-6669, 5408-7057.

RAVENSCROFT RIDING STABLES: Tel: 7830-6669, 5408-7057 (English owners) 2a av. sur #3, San Juan del Obispo (2 miles south of Antigua). English (European) style riding on fit, well-trained horses. Accompanied scenic rides & equitation lessons from beginner to intermediate level, intensive courses our speciality. Boots & helmets provided. Please call for reservations & more info.

MEDITATION COURSE, Primordial sound by certified instructor from the Deepak Chopra Center (Calif.). For more info. please call or drop by (mornings only), Tel: 7832-0245, 2a calle oriente #6, ask for Cynthia. Classes in English or Spanish. ITALIAN, SPANISH AND ENGLISH PRIVATE CLASSES. For more information call 4242-0294 or write mrr14@


Si quiere participar en la 8a edición anual de fotografía de REVUE en enero 2011, por favor envíe sus fotografías en alta resolución con el título/lugar, su nombre, sitio web o como desea que aparezca el crédito a:

no más tarde que dic. 10, 2010

Enjoying your time in Guatemala? Want to give something back?

WINGS provides educational talks and information, financial resources and access to reproductive health services for low-income, rural and indigenous Guatemalans. We help Guatemalans have the opportunity to make informed choices about their reproductive health and so improve their quality of life.

Our three main programs are: * Family Planning * Youth Reproductive Health Education * Cervical Cancer Screening Please support our work with a donation

$25 provides all reproductive health education materials to fully train five men in our new WINGS for MEN project. $75 provides cervical cancer detection and treatment for five women. $100 provides all educational materials to fully train one teen to become a health peer educator. Donate online at: or email us: WINGS is a U.S. registered, 501(3) non-profit organization based in La Antigua Guatemala.

Revue: 20,000 magazines monthly with extensive country-wide distribution 110 »

FREE TOUR AROUND MACADAMIA FARM! Free samples of our chocolates, nuts, etc. Free facials with our cosmetic products. Learn & contribute to our sustainable development project. Call or e-mail for reservations exvalhalla@gmail. com 7831-5799, 5889-4925, 5671-9530/English. MAYAN SPIRIT WORLD ADVENTURES, make that connection! Get INTO the real Guatemala and the Mayan world instead of just skimming the surface. Also: hiking, caving, swimming, tubing. A very unique place!

FOOD & LODGING ROOMS WITH SHARED BATH AND KITCHEN at CasaSito Volunteers’ House – Antigua, 7a av. norte. Price: Q1,000 p/p for 2 weeks, Q1,500/mo. p/p for single room, Q1,100/mo. p/p for double room, includes internet/wireless and water/coffee/tea. CasaSito Volunteers’ House is a charity project, all proceeds are used to support the education program of Chocantariy Nursery. Info: www.casasito. org or call 5993-1633. It’s just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up. —Muhammad Ali

Revue 2010-11  

We feel privileged and excited to be bringing you this special edition. For the past 30 years Thor Janson has dedicated his abilities, talen...

Revue 2010-11  

We feel privileged and excited to be bringing you this special edition. For the past 30 years Thor Janson has dedicated his abilities, talen...