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How can VIRTUAL be VITAL to YOUR business? Presented by Deborah Steuer President of REVStaffing

VITAL VIRTUAL SERVICES for your business REVStaffing is committed to administrative support of ONLY Real Estate Agents. The Past, Present and Future of our focused support is real estate professionals.

WHAT IS A V.A.? Let’s review some helpful terms.  A Virtual Assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant) is an entrepreneur who provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients from a home office.  A REVA (Real Estate Virtual Assistant) is a virtual assistant who has chosen to support real estate professionals in their virtual business. They do not necessarily have a background in real estate or any previous experience supporting an agent.  A PREVA (Professional Real Estate Virtual Assistant) is a highly skilled virtual assistant who has worked in support of real estate professionals in-office for more than 1 year and now applies her experience in real estate to support agents virtually. A PREVA has verifiable real estate experience in-office prior to becoming a PREVA.

There’s Vital Value in the Right Virtual Assistance Why hire a PREVA over a REVA or an in-house employee?

Is the cost difference of an PREVA really worth it over an in-house employee? Just looking at a price tag won’t tell you what you need to know.

First, you must realize that there is no comparison between a PREVA, a REVA, or Employee. 

PREVA’s – professional real estate virtual assistant’s with verifiable in-office experience in real estate –average compensation is $25-$80 an hour. All REVStaffing team members are PREVA’s.

REVA’s – real estate specific by choice, but not necessarily experience or training– average compensation is $20-$80 an hour.

Real Estate Assistant- experienced as a real estate employee, but largely self taught average compensation is $15-$20 an hour.

You want … PROFESSIONAL, EXPERT, SUPPORT PROFESSIONAL! PREVA’s are the professionals of real estate support.  They are entrepreneurs that are highly skilled when they join the team and motivated to continually add to those skills, keeping them at the top of their game.  They are expert in their field of real estate support, and work only in that field. Our niche is real estate and we only support real estate professionals.  They can guide or ‘coach’ you in the new tools, procedures and how best to utilize their support to meet your goals, or follow your Real Estate coach’s instructions.  They require little or no supervision once they understand your priorities and goals. They document your wishes and follow through.

The ‘BOTTOM LINE’ on the cost? You CAN pay less and GET LESS or



Return on Investment

Do you NEED staff in your office or is a Virtual Assistant the solution?  Real Estate marketing and communications has been moving to the Internet for years; so, natural is the move to virtual assistants as an obvious solution to staffing problems. Cost is a large consideration. Temps and Employees cost more than the hourly rate you pay.  PREVA’S already have the skills required to support the real estate professional in meeting their goals. Temps and Employees inevitably need to be ‘trained’ on your systems. Virtual Assistants can perform any task an ‘in-office assistant’ can, with the only exceptions being filing and errands. And, there are no ‘water cooler’ breaks to socialize on your dime. No office personalities to deal with.

Advantages and disadvantages of both: PREVA/Professional Real Estate Virtual Assistant Reduced management time to hire a VA No office space costs. No equipment to provide. Pay only for hours/minutes worked, documented. PREVA or a REVA or a VA – You want a PREVA. You are getting the best person for the task, even if you are new to the business. Hourly rates for real estate virtual assistants with the required expertise generally run between $25 and $80. Already trained on real estate tools and can suggest new tools based on experience. The control and quality you desire. Independent contractors, no record keeping. Time Tracking -None. Billed for actual time worked. VA’s work faster and more efficiently due to their expertise. Any team member can step in place of another. No replacement time investment. Tax Paperwork - NONE Vacation pay, sick time. Time out due to family. NONE, because our team members can cover. Access to an entire team with a variety of skills to use as you need them. You can be assigned a specific VA to deal with or change to a different personality if needed. VA’s are not in your market, NEVER your competition. We don’t assign you a VA who lives in your market.

In-Office Employee Costs to advertise and acquire employee Cost to provide office space, equipment & maintenance of equipment Paying out a full-time salary Skill set may be limited. You are limited to the employee’s skills, ability & experience. $15/hour wage x 40hr x 52wk) $31,200 annual cost Paid regardless of work load. Consider your time to train an employee. Tracking of employment records Non-productive time costs. Re-training & replacement costs when fired Filing a complicated tax paperwork Vacation pay, sick time. Time out due to family. Your budget limits number of employees with specific skills you can afford. You always deal with the same person.

AND, You may be training your future competition, if they leave.

HOW DOES VIRTUAL WORK?  A Virtual Assistant does not have a work-at- home 'job', but a work at home business. Each is an entrepreneur, motivated to make the client happy.  Their pay is ALWAYS dependent on their performance and ability to retain the client.  As a large team of PREVA’s, REVStaffing works to match our clients support needs with the Team Members skill set.  Our Client Care Managers work with a new Client to learn the clients preferences, and support needs through a Business Needs Analysis, and their personality before assigning support.  An Initial Plan of Action is created to guide the VA in supporting the client.  And we use Project Management software to document everything about the client for better support.

WHAT’S NEXT IN SUPPORT?  The assigned VA uses the Plan of Action to fulfill the clients expectations as she completes each task.  The VA is managed by the Client Care Manager until we are sure there is a good ‘fit’ between VA support and Client expectations. Then a new manager is assigned, creating a permanent team of support for the client. This creates consistency for the client.  The support of our clients is monitored via BaseCamp project management, which provides transparency & accountability.  Clients can send messages about tasks, upload photo’s, instructions, documents to the clients BaseCamp project for the team to use. This creates transparency & accountability allowing any team member to check on the work and confirm it’s on time.

WHAT CAN A VA DO FOR YOU? General Administrative Services including Listing Coordination, Flyers, Transaction Coordination, REO Registration, Lead Generation, Blogging, Custom Social Network pages, & Web maintenance, using tools like: ActiveRain Facebook MLSjet Real Pro Systems Advanced Access GoDaddy MyRedTools Agent Office HomeFeedBack Number1Expert Real Estate Tomato Alamode Host Gator Offerings RedX Arch Telecom HouseValues Planet Realtor REO Sites BaseCamp iContact Point2Agent RE/ Blogging Imprev Postlets SettlementRoom Buyer Acquire Internet Forms PowerSites Social Networks Constant Contact iSuccess Property Previews Success Web Central Desktop KWLS Proquest Technologies Supra/KimWeb Craigslist LeadStreet QuantumMail Top Producer 8i Centralized Showing LinkedIn QuickBooks Twitter E-Edge LoneWolf RealBird VistaPrint Excel LoopNet REALeSELLER Visual Tour Express Copy MSPublisher REALPing Wise Agent WordPress Z57 Zolve Adding to this all the time

Common tools we use in supporting our clients everyday

WHAT SHOULD YOU KNOW ABOUT A VA?  How much experience in your field is represented?  Are they Licensed? If in your market area, is your business confidential?  Are they experienced in the specific area or with the tools you use?  Do you have top pay for their time to learn to use a tool you subscribe to?  Do you have to ‘manage’ them or can they ‘run’ with a project?  Do they understand the business well enough to advise you?  Is there accountability? Is it easy for you to check progress?  What hours are they available to be reached?  Is it possible to have after hours or weekend coverage?  Are there resources to cover work, if the VA is sick or on vacation?  If you use a one or two person VA service, what happens if they get overloaded with business and can’t handle your work?

WHAT REVS CLIENTS FIND IMPORTANT  Working with the same assigned virtual assistant and building a relationship.  Knowing there is a full team behind the assigned VA to add additional help when necessary and to draw on that wealth of knowledge and experience.  Having no surprises at billing time. Invoices come every 1st and 15th and each task is described so the agent can remember what was done each day.  The weekly updates to confirm what work was finished and what is outstanding. Communicating with the clients if there is needed input from them without interfering with their business day.  Manager follow up calls to confirm the client is happy and to bring to the clients attention any new services or tools that might help them.  Knowing that we may be virtual, but we are part of the clients team. We suggest new ways to accomplish a task; suggest tools and ways to reduce costs.  Having a knowledge pool to draw on that is specific to real estate.  Having flexible support – assigned VA’s that meet the need. If you suddenly find you need a task completed after business hours, we find a team member willing to jump in. But, in many cases, the assigned VA will either handle it for the client or oversee it is handled in the time the client needs it.  Not having to keep up with all the changes in our industry, because REVStaffing IS!

HOW DO YOU BENEFIT?  A well qualified & experienced Real Estate Assistant will be assigned to you & your support.  Your assigned PREVA will have a manager to help her with any questions, who is also familiar with your account.  No training is necessary by you to receive immediate support.  As many assistants as needed to complete tasks or projects on time will be added without delay.  There are no employee forms to keep.  Accountability is in place allowing you to monitor progress on your work at any time.  We have little turn over of team members, but, if you wish a change at any time, we have the resources to replace your support person quickly, eliminating the need to hire and fire.  You only pay for the time utilized on your tasks.  You don’t need to provide or maintain equipment or office space.  In the event that your office is closed due to weather, your PREVA can still work.

General Administration of your business Most of the tasks our Team performs for our clients are considered general admin support. The tasks commonly performed by an in-office assistant are included like: 

Listing Coordination

 Marketing Flyer or Brochure Design  Lead Generation including using RedX  Backend Website maintenance Transaction (closing) Coordination  Custom Drip Campaigns

Advanced Social Networks and Blogging We have highly skilled team members for Advanced Social Media work  We can work with All Social Media Platforms  Create a Facebook profile and business page  Linked-In Set up  YouTube channel  Flickr account  Twitter - set up account and post blogs, new listings…  Blogging/Wordpress     

Set up a blogging schedule -how many times (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) create a library of materials REO, Distressed property news Local info/Community Real Estate News

Transaction Coordination We offer contract to close Transaction Support for:  Traditional Closings  REO Closings  Short Sales

Current Training FOR CLIENTS ďƒ˜ We offer free training webinars on tools, and features of tools that our clients need or may need or are interested in possibly using. ďƒ˜ We bring to your attention cost saving tools or little utilized features that can save you time and money.

Current Training for Team Members  We routinely offer training on tools we use with our clients and certify that the VA has been instructed by the vendors.  We immediately train on any new features from Top Producer  Our company is certified Top Producer 8i company & we pay to have our VA’s take the certification test.  We regularly offer training on Keller Williams tools as a high percentage of our clients are Keller Williams agents.  We have a Team Trainer offering bi monthly webinars to encourage our VA’s to increase their knowledge and their skill set.

Client Support Tools We use a project management software to keep on task and allow our clients to check on progress at any time, night or day. We offer this free to our clients. Our Clients have a Personal Project created for all of their support. There, our team and our client’s team members can post messages, questions, upload photos, doc’s, instructions, etc. Milestones are created and progress tracked. You don’t have to wait for morning to communicate. • BaseCamp Project Management software.

The REVStaffing Team  Certified Company Top Producer 8i

 Preferred Vendor for Point2Agent members  Certified or trained on most of the common tools routinely used by today’s Real Estate Professionals.  We have affiliations with some tools so we have access to inside training.  We continually train on new tools and features of tools for the benefit of our clients.

Cost, Invoicing & Payment Any VA service should be transparent about their costs, terms and payment.  Our Client Terms Agreement spells out all our fees and what is expected.  We invoice on the 1st and 15th by email, through QuickBooksOnline.  Invoices due upon receipt by PayPal, or Clients have 7 days to remit by mail. We currently only require BPO’s and Transaction Deposits be paid upfront.  Our hourly admin rate is below average for PREVA’s.  Advanced Social Media & Web work is slightly higher than Admin.  Transaction Coordination is a graduated flat fee system or hourly at clients choice.  See our Client Terms Agreement for full details. Or contact our Client Care Manager for details at toll free 855-738-7821 x 703 (855 REVSVA1)

Coaches who have Referred Us to their clients  Bob Corcoran, et al, Corcoran Coaching & Consulting  Patti Kouri – Coach Patti  Jack Miller, formerly with Keller Williams MAPPS  Kirk Nace, RTG Coaching  Michael Friedman, REIC

Just a few of the dozens of agents in the U.S. & Canada supported by REVStaffing Sue Adler (KW NJ)

Roman Pavlik(KW FL)

Chris Remmes (KW MA)

Collier Swecker (KW AL)

Kay Bal (KW )

Dennis Quintero (Ind MD)

Jean Rogers. (Remax GA)

Natascha Tello (KW FL)

Bryan French. (KW SC)

Bob Gill (KW MA)

Martin Millner (CB PA)

Peter Dokken (KW MN)

Seth Campbell (KW MA)

Tina Collazo (KW VA)

Bob Limosani (Homestead, WI)

Luis Morales (ERA NY)

Emcee Arah (Remax MD) Paula Christo (KW AL)

Tom Dougherty (KW SC)

Judy Espinosa (KW KA) David Hill (KW MA)

Chris Kappmeyer (BNR TX) Carol Bright (KW MA)

Karen King (Remax MA)

Bob Winkler (Remax TX) Victoria Cottle (KW SC)

Lisa Goodfriend (RE/MAX VA)

Lynne Gullion (RTY EXE CA)

Giovanni Laverde (CB IL) Peter Lucca (NJ) Hoffman Murphy Team (KW CA)


Bob Basmajian (NJ) Rusty Johnson (KW SC)


Come join us!  We have a Client Care Manager who will make an appointment with you to discuss your support needs, your goals and how we can help, including creation of a Plan of Action to proceed.  We have a 38 page FREE Business Needs Analysis that she will talk through with you, to help us determine areas you need help and what we suggest to meet your goals.  We have a Tech Survey to pinpoint areas you need to consider to take your business to the next level.  All it takes from you to get the help you need is an email to

phone call to 855-REVSVA1 Care or a

-855-738-7821 extension 703 for Client

 IT’S SIMPLE: All we require are 2 documents from you to begin immediate support. 1.) A Client Terms Agreement which lays out all/or any of our rates and terms including expectation of payment & 2.) A Client Profile that gives us all pertinent information required to use your tools on your behalf.

That’s it. We hope you will contact us with any questions you have about Virtual Assistance.

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