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Dizziness or Vertigo are suffered by about one third of individuals that are older than 65 years of age. For something that affects so many people, we have to wonder is there an effective way to cure vertigo? Many a cure has been suggested for this condition but it is important to understand when we assess the validity of a cure are we addressing the cause of the problem or just treating the symptoms. The symptom of vertigo happens when you feel like you are moving when you are not moving. You may feel like you are moving or your environment is moving around you. It has nothing to do with a fear of heights. The vertigo called bppv or benign positional vertigo is experienced by the largest number of vertigo sufferers. With bppv vertigo is triggered by specific movements or head positions. Sufferers will typically have attacks when they roll over in bed, turn their head, look upwards or bend forwards. A few common approaches are used to deal with vertigo. Some may choose to just ignore the symptoms and not pay an attention, others may decide to take medication to cover up the symptoms and then others may use an approach that fixes the problem like vertigo exercises. The choice to ignore a balance problem like vertigo is not a wise choice. It can impact much of your everyday activities and as we age the incidence of falls increases and can have fatal consequences. Falls are experienced by 1 in every 65 people or a fall happens every 7 minutes in America. An astounding 41 people die every day due to falls in America. This highlights the dangers of falling and that having a problem like vertigo that could lead to a fall should not be ignored but should be promptly addressed. Medication is often used to cover up the symptoms of vertigo such as the nausea or stomach sickness and feelings of dizziness. Medication is not a suitable choice to cure vertigo. Medication does little to treat the causative factors for your vertigo. The usual drug of choice is Meclizine, which is classified as an antihistamine which reduced histamine in the body. It can also be referred to as Bonine, Antivert, Dramamine II and D-vert. As a consequence of this drug people may suffer allergic reactions such as hives, problems breathing, a swollen face and throat. Other unwanted side effects can include blurred vision, drowsiness, constipation and a dry mouth. The type of vertigo called bppv or benign positional vertigo can be effectively treated with safe vertigo exercises. These are cost effective, safe and fix the problem of the vertigo. There will be no unwanted side effects or expensive medications that you need to continually take. If you are suffering from vertigo you should not just ignore it. It may result in a nasty injury like a fall. And for some forms of vertigo the choice of medication is not the only solution. There are proven medication free techniques that are a great choice to cure vertigo.

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==== ==== Vertigo And Dizziness Program - Blue Heron Health News. For more "MUST HAVE" information click here: ==== ====

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