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We believe that through adventure we challenge individuals so that they learn and experience new things that enrich their lives.

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Chairman’s Report.

2014 Annual General Meeting - Chairman’s Report

The Scout Group May 2014 sees 7th Lichfield Scout Group enter it’s 53rd year serving the young people of Lichfield. Our growth continues and indeed accelerated this year. As of Easter Term 2014 we are receiving some 187 young people into our sections each week. This represents an increase from 154 in 2012/2013, 141 in 2011/2012, 137 in 2010/2011, 131 in 2009/2010 and 119 in 2008/2009. As you will see below our numbers are set to expand even more rapidly in the remainder of 2014, a year which also sees the continuation of the same management team of GSL and Ex-officio executive and this continuity will benefit the Group. Although the children are the lifeblood of the Group, we clearly cannot function without the generous (and freely given!) help given by the team of leaders assistants and helpers. As ever I’m sure I speak for us all when I express our gratitude to the 53 strong team of leaders and young leaders that form the backbone of our Group. Each week these kind people plan and lead our young people into so many safe adventures and conduct their sections with such commitment and dedication. Without them there would be no Scout Group and we are grateful to them all. We are also grateful to all the others without whom the 7th would not be able to function, the small army of sectional helpers and badge ladies, the Exec Committee and officials like the Treasurer and Secretary and the many volunteers who look after such varied things as maintenance of our HQ, CRB applications, family camp, health & safety, stock keeping, quartermaster, organising pig roasts, grant applications, fundraising, web design, graphic design, maintaining the garden, the list is endless. All these jobs, no matter how small, are crucial to the success of the Scout Group and the volunteers who do them all share one thing in common. They are virtually all parents of children in the Group and they give their time generously and freely. And when they step down from their roles, they all need replacing - which is where you come in. Remember that ‘doing your bit’ is an essential part of the Scouting community. You don’t have to be a Leader to contribute, there are many roles in the Group and when one of them becomes available please do consider whether that is your opportunity to give a little back.

Expansion of the Group We announced in our recent newsletter that the Group is expanding by one third. In May 2014 we are opened a new Beaver Colony (Garrick) and a new Scout Troop (Erasmus) with a new Cub Pack (Somers) following in September. This is a bold and challenging move for the Group but one which we felt was important to make if we, as a Group, are to fulfill our great potential. I would like to acknowledge our gratitude to the District Commissioner, the Deputy County Commissioner and members of the Regional Development Team who all helped to facilitate and nurture our plans. The main leadership teams for these new sections are almost complete. However, we can never have too much help and if you want to be involved in these new sections as a Leader, assistant or another less demanding role then please get in touch using the details at the foot of this newsletter. Unprecedented Levels of Giving We have benefited greatly from the generosity of others this year. As you will see from the enclosed Treasurer’s report donations to our Group totalled a massive £5200. We are particularly grateful to the family of Mike Andrew who asked for donations in lieu of floral tributes at Mike’s funeral and these were kindly donated to the group - some £1700. Councillor Janet Eagland again supported us with a substantial donation of £1400. Together those two donations enabled us to replace our ageing Pig Roaster. We also received support from the We Love Lichfield fund who donated £500 from which we are having a custom made curtain with which to divide the hall into separate sleeping areas for the Beaver Sleepovers. Busy Bees kindly donated £200 and the Ladies Circle donated £280 which we have used to purchase a new cooker for the kitchen which will mean that our HQ can be classed as a designated sleeping facility.

Although it doesn’t show on the balance sheet, we were generously supported by local business Palletways who funded the purchase and installation of our new shipping container at Manor Park Sailing Club within which we can store our increasing stock of paddlesports equipment. Jamboree Scouts This year we are very proud of the four members of 7th Lichfield who have been selected to attend the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan in 2015. Ben Churchill, Tom Winwood and James Armstrong will be representing Lichfield, Staffordshire and the UK and were all part of Johnson Troop. They have now moved on to Explorers but are still part of 7th as young leaders. Chris Owen is attending as one of the four Leaders for the Staffordshire Jamboree Unit. The Group will support these young people and give them opportunities where possible to raise funds towards the £3250 they need to attend the Jamboree. The Sections Each young person in the group has had access to a wide and varied choice of exciting activities throughout the year. The accompanying individual section reports give more detail but the Group can be proud of the high standard of adventurous activities that we offer. 7th continues to provide the widest range of opportunities to go camping of any Group in Lichfield District and with our Leaders carrying a wide range of adventurous activity permits, the summer months will be packed full of fun for our young people. These include our regular visits to Manor Park for paddlesports activities as well as Gliding, Caving and Biking among many others. 7th Headquarters Despite feeling that we would have a signed lease by now, the cogs do seem to turn slowly and we are still waiting for the various parties involved to conclude their contractual negotiations. One significant change which we made was to place the lease in the hands of the Scout Association as ‘Holding Trustees’ rather than in the hands of individuals such as the GSL and Chairman. Although this has added extra time to the contract negotiation period, it will have the benefit of meaning that should the GSL or Chair move on then the lease will not have to be altered to reflect this. I received notice recently that this part of the negotiation is now complete and so I tentatively say that I am confident that we will have a signed lease in the not too distant future. Again, I’m grateful to Group Members Craig Davies and Kate Pearce of Pickerings Solicitors for their help and guidance. Our plans for expansion will of course place a greater burden on our HQ. We’re bursting at the seams as we have barely enough room for our current equipment levels, never mind the extra equipment we’ll need for the new sections. And we must also be aware that the new sections will have an impact on our neighbours who already have so much traffic and disturbance to put up with.

With this in mind, we recently sought the help of the Rotarians who we hoped would be able to use their skills and contacts to find new ways to progress our plans to relocate. The GSL and I presented to the Rotarians recently and the Rotarians have agreed to help our cause. Although we have only been working together for a brief time, the signs are promising that this partnership will create some exciting opportunities and I look forward to exploring these and will hopefully be able to report more detail to you soon. Finances Our finances continue to remain in good health as you can see from the accompanying Treasurers report. Our pig roast events raised a very creditable £2,370 and my thanks goes to those of you who volunteered to help with these fundraising activities. We do require a lot of volunteers to run these events and I hope we can look forward to your support over the summer fundraising programme. As noted in the Treasurer’s report we continue to grow our bank balance in preparation for the expansion to come. Because of the increased amount of grants and donations to our Group, we have been able to do this without restricting spending or increasing subscriptions. The Community We have maintained our profile in the community by taking part in regular events such as the monthly family service at St Michael’s on Greenhill, the annual St George’s Day and Remembrance Sunday parades and services at the Cathedral. We were also to be seen out and about supporting the Lichfield Bower, helping on the Round Table Santa Float and also helping out at the BRMB Walkathon. To Conclude May 2013 saw sadness in the passing of our great friend and leader Mike Andrew and it is fitting that almost exactly one year later this May Bank Holiday weekend, through the efforts of Scout leader Simon Hunt, our two Scout Troops together were celebrating Mike’s life at an innovative new camp competing for the ‘Mike Andrew Shield’. 7th Lichfield Scout Group as a whole can learn much from the way Simon has turned the sadness of Mike’s passing into such a positive experience for the young people on the Mike Andrew Shield Camp. Lets all of us help this positivity extend through the whole group as we grow our successes into a new year of Scouting.


Mike Armstrong Group Chair m: 07794 164 926 or email:

7th lichfield group annual report 2013/2014


Treasurer’s Report.

7th Lichfield (St Michael’s) Scout Group Treasurers’ Report Year ended 31st March 2014

1. Subscriptions (net of Capitation fees) £9,027.00 (last year £8,787.00) The use of standing orders to collect subscriptions provides an efficient way of securing our income. Almost all parents now use this method and, as a consequence, we rarely have to pursue late or non-payment of subs. As a result, we are able to maintain subs at the same rate (£108.00) for the fifth year running and at less than £3.00 per child per week we feel Scouting with the 7th continues to represent excellent value for money.

Of the £108.00 yearly subs, £30.00 per child is devolved to each section to fund activities.

Capitation refers to the cost to the Group of being part of the Scouting movement, payable annually to Lichfield District Scout Council, and calculated by reference to the size of the membership, including leaders and children. The amount we paid this year was £6,402.00, a substantial increase from last year’s figure of £5,285.00. Whilst capitation fees have increased, the rise was mainly due to our growth in membership from 180 to 212. The capitation figure will increase substantially again next year as our Group continues to grow and we open our three new sections.

2. Bank Interest Received £11.43 (last year £7.86) Due to low interest rates we again earned minimal interest on the contingency funds held in our deposit account. 3. Donations/Grants Received £5,286.64 (last year £1,142.75) Donations/Grants were received as follows:

We Love Lichfield Grants Cllr Janet Eagland Donation St Michael’s PTFA Donation (Use of BBQ) Donations in memory of Mike Andrew Walkathon Donation Wall Village Hall (Dodwell Beetle Drive) Santa Float Donation Greenhill Bower Donation Busy Bees Donation Lichfield Ladies Circle Donation

£500.00 £1,400.00 £30.00 £1,701.64 £500.00 £45.00 £400.00 £150.00 £200.00 £280.00

We offer many thanks and congratulations to Fiona Lever for her on-going success in uncovering sources of grant funding and donations. She has swiftly become something of an expert in this field and her talent is evident in our increased income from outside benefactors.

In addition, we are very grateful to the family of Mike Andrew for their kind consideration in passing the money donated in lieu of flowers at Mike’s funeral to the Group.

We are also grateful to Lichfield Ladies Circle for their generosity, which has enabled us to buy a cooker for the hut. This will enable us to use the building for Sleepovers.

4. Camps & Activities net outgoings £3,082.00 (last year net outgoings £5,360.00 Camps (net outgoings £3,067.00) This included a number of camps for Cubs and Scouts troops, Beavers’ sleepover and family camp (June 2013). Some of the spending was covered by funds collected and accounted for in last year’s income. Activities (net outgoings £525.00) This included activities such as visits to places of interest; swimming; Christmas parties; Fun Days; Climbing/Bouldering; Caving; Paddlesports; Shooting; Laser Tag; etc., in addition to the regular weekly activities at the hut.

We insure our Paddlesports equipment through Unity Insurance.

5. Fundraising net income £2,578,00 (last year net income £3,476.00) Once again, the Pig-Roasters have earned their keep and continue to provide a great source of fundraising for the Group. The proceeds from the Festival Market and Whittington Fayre were £2370.00. We have faced increased costs in terms of pitch fees and are now charged entry fees at Whittington Fayre for some of those who work on the stall, but we are still continuing with both venues and we would welcome your support to ensure their success.

We somewhat under-estimated the costs of the AGM, which it then transpired, were not covered by the takings on the night. This is primarily a social event and not always designated as a fundraiser, however, at this year’s AGM we are increasing the prices at the barbeque and the bar a little to ensure that we do have some profit to donate to the Jamboree Scouts.

Other fund-raising income included: Johnson Bag Pack Easy FundRaising

£544.36 £17.13

6. Gift Aid Income £3,009.00 (last year £2,949.00) This was in respect of the gift aid claim for the tax year 2012/13.

Gift Aid is a ‘pain-free’ way to increase the value of financial contributions to the Group. Any eligible parent that has not currently agreed to us collecting Gift Aid on subscriptions, or other donations, please consider completing the Gift Aid form.

7. Other Income £1,194.00 (last year £238.00) The hut was used a polling station for which we received £150.00.

Other income resulted from sales of Uniform (Neckers), Badges, Hoodies and T-shirts (£909.00) and other smaller sundry credits.

8. Premises Expenses £3,822.00 (last year £2,919.00) Premises costs increased due largely to us having to pay The Scout Association to renew the lease on the Hut (£480.00). In addition, electricity costs, waste collection charges and insurance all saw rises.

We seek to find the cheapest electricity tariffs each year and will switch suppliers if appropriate. We continue to use Equity Insurance Services Ltd for all our insurance.

9. Donations £240.00 (last year £40.00) We made a donation of £240.00 to Ben Churchill to support his involvement with the Kenya Project.

7th lichfield group annual report 2013/2014


Treasurer’s Report. 10. Admin/Establishment Expenses £721.00 (last year £348.00) We have been developing our use of internet-based applications such as Online Scout Manager, Go Cardless, and DropBox. These have resulted in greater efficiencies and convenience for leaders and parents, but come with an increase in costs. We are currently looking to find costeffective web services.

Other administration and establishment costs are kept to a minimum and the use of emails over snail-mail has resulted in further reductions in post and stationery costs.

11. Refurbishment £102.00 (last year £60.00) There has been little refurbishment of the hut this year. 12. Capital Equipment £5,424.00 (last year £1,156.00) In addition to on-going repair/replacement of our existing equipment our major capital purchases this year included: Tents & Camping equipment £1,866.00 New Pig Roaster £2,754.00 New Cooker for Hut £335.00

The purchase of the new Pig Roaster and Cooker were made possible by generous donations from Mike Andrew’s family, Cllr Janet Eagland and the Lichfield Ladies Circle.

Other capital purchases have been enabled by grants from We Love Lichfield

13. Purchase of Uniforms & Badges £2,538.00 (last year £1,703.00) Our main spending in this category has been re-stocking our supplies of Neckers (approx. £1,300)

Other spending this area relates to buying badges and subsidising first uniforms for our new leaders.

14. Sundry Payments £2,622.00 (last year £1,156.00) This includes training costs of £956.00 for leaders and other helpers to attend necessary courses as required by Lichfield District Scout Council. (eg canoe training, first aid and food hygiene).

We re-stocked our supply of Hoodies and T-shirts to the value £769.00. Other expenditure relates to trailer servicing (£339.00), prizes, gifts and other sundry spending.

15. Summary Overall the Group’s finances remain in robust good health. We ended the year with £22,953.00 in the bank, compared with an opening balance of £21,271.00 at 1st April 2013.

Our prudent financial management and success in fund-raising and grant applications has meant that we have maintained our funds despite making significant capital purchases and offering exciting activities for the children and young people.

Receipts totalled: Payments totalled:

The accounts presented at the AGM show receipts and payments of the whole Group and will be independently checked before being filed with the Charities Commission. We were late in submitting our accounts to the Charities Commission this year; this was due to difficulties in completing the accounts and changing our independent scrutineer. We hope to be able to submit our accounts much earlier in future.

We currently hold a large surplus in our bank accounts. Aside from use as contingency, we give regular consideration to these funds and we hope to put them toward finding or building larger premises in the future.

£47,500.00 (last year £45,876.00) £45,818.00 (last year £38,011.00)


















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295.00 645.47 172.36 1,724.96 505.09 480.00


4 527.62 2,223.14 2,456.37 16,389.83 290.25



6,490.88 5


3,149.20 665.60 17.13 544.36








135.41 150.00 29.95 878.99

779.03 985.78 33.08


1,797.89 9




448.28 206.24 87.00












14 956.00 769.03 893.53 4.00









1,999.81 4,491.07






830.00 4,944.52




853.00 2,949.00 2,780.00 12,237.56









2,622.56 22,953.19


7th lichfield group annual report 2013/2014


paget & brown beaver colonies. 2013 was another great year for Beavers. The weather was good, which made everything easier.

At the time of the last AGM we also had a sleepover and Fun Day at Beaudesert, which was great fun, including a treasure hunt! June had a District Beaver Day over at the 6th, which apart from an errant wind attacking our event shelter, taught our Beavers how to tie shoelaces and fix a puncture in a bike tyre. July saw us with a session at Netherstowe pool proving the Beavers could swim (at least a little!). August was a fantastic walk to Whittington Barracks, then a sleepover at our Hut.

Then we took part in the District Cross Country where we won a Cup! April saw us attend a great St. George’s Day Parade and as I write this early May, we’re about to have another sleepover at Beaudesert, and are about to open our third Colony, Garrick, lead by Caroline Fellows.

A week later we celebrated with Beaudesert their 75th birthday as a site for youth activities with their Beau-di-lee event. September brought us a Beaver Nature Day in Beacon Park then it was on to Christmas with the party and games nights with both Colonies inviting the parents to see what their kids got up to for a night.

Yours, in Scouting,

2014 saw winning a relay shield at the Swimming Gala in February. March saw us going to Cosford with a sleepover after at our Hut again.

It just keeps getting better!

Riddles Cath Caroline

Riddles (Mark Ridley) BL Paget Beaver Colony Cath Babington BL Swinfen Beaver Colony

Caroline Fellows BL Garrick Beaver Colony

7th lichfield group annual report 2013/2014


rowallan cub pack. Rowallan Cubs have had a very busy year with cubs being very productive and working hard to achieve lots of badges. Since the introduction of ONLINE SCOUT MANAGER, the Leaders have been kept busy with cubs achieving lots of challenge badges and progress badges and we have awarded close to 300 badges since September. I am also pleased to say that we had seven cubs achieve their Silver Award before moving on to Scouts.

Cub activities have been both adventurous and varied. We had 2 camps last year, one at Beau with District and our Autumn Camp was at Drum Hill. Both camps contained activities which were well in keeping with scouting values and included hikes, fire lighting, backwoods cooking, archery, abseiling and tracking. Cubs also enjoyed visits to the local Fire Station, Tamworth Castle for a spot of ghost hunting; Burntwood Baths for swimming. Some new activities included Geocaching at Beacon Park, Cub Size Indoor Table Top Football, which was a fantastic night which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. We also held a Birds of Prey Night at the hut with real birds of prey – Cubs had an opportunity to hold the birds also; Two lots of Messy Games nights thanks to Mowgli. Cubs also had their very own camp fire at the hut and they decided what songs and stunts they wanted to perform; Cubs entertained everyone for the best part of an hour. I am not sure who was impressed the most, I or the visiting District Commissioner for Cubs! We greeted a new Leader “Ricky” (Paul Keen) who has made the transition from Beavers to Cubs really easily and been invaluable when demonstrating First Aid and his refereeing skills (No bias involved anywhere!)

We were also joined by Daniel Howell as Young Leader who has helped keep our badge index up to date. I would like to say a huge thank you to Jill Howell for kindly giving up her Tuesday nights to help Cubs achieve their activity badges along with Daniel – cubs badges are flying out at an alarming rate! I am also pleased to announce that both Mark Joint and I completed our Wood Badges – It has taken a while but was well worth the training and studying. Finally, I would like to thank “Mowgli”, “King Louis”, Bagheera”, “Baloo”, “Ricky”, James, Dan and Sean for all their hard work, enthusiasm and patience. Rowallan has been a fantastic cub group to work with and we plan to do even bigger and more fun activities during the next twelve months. Yours, in Scouting,


Jo Docker Cub Scout Leader / Akela – Rowallan Pack

7th lichfield group annual report 2013/2014


maclean cub pack. Maclean Pack has continued to thrive, with between 26 and 30 enthusiastic cubs on the register. During the past year we said goodbye to Russ Hall, who had been Akela for the previous 8 years. As a keepsake to remind him of his time in Maclean Pack, the cubs presented him with special copy of the Jungle Book and a photo-montage of last year’s performance of the Jungle Book.

It was also time to wave goodbye to Denise Baker, who has led our team of badge assessors for the previous five years, and to Pete Stanton (Bagheera) who has stepped down from helping on a weekly basis (though he continues to orgainise the camps for both packs!) Meanwhile, despite all the changes, our oldest cubs have worked hard, and seven of them have been presented with the Chief Scout’s Silver Award before moving up to Scouts. We are very proud of them.

Over the past year the cubs have enjoyed a varied and challenging programme. They have navigated their sixes round Lichfield, explored the city centre with a town quiz/ trail, learnt some slightly unusual historical facts on a bloodthirsty tour of Lichfield, and ventured into Hopwas Woods to toast marshmallows. In the hut we have not only learnt about the meaning of the cub scout promise and experienced the original Grand Howl, but we have also tried Zumba, and built and raced carts for scarecrows. As for District events, Maclean pack entered two teams for the annual quiz. One of the teams was victorious and achieved more points than some of the leaders who were answering the question for fun! All this would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of the assistant leaders: Richard Taylor (Chil) for his enthusiasm and for keeping our online scout manager account in order, Andrew Burr (Baloo) for arranging various trails and the route round Hopwas Woods, Kev O’Riordan (Colonel Hathi) for his enthusiasm and resourcefulness, and Jo Hutchison (Rama) for her enthusiasm and the artistic and creative activities she organises.

We are also very grateful to Rachel Bentley and her team of Badge Assessors (Julie Read, plus Karen and Richard Hoar) who work hard testing cubs for their activity badges, not to mention our two young leaders, Matt and Sam, who always help out whenever they are able. I have very much enjoyed my first year as Akela. It certainly distracts me from my aches and pains – in fact, doctors should maybe prescribe working with cubs to everyone complaining of creaking joints! Joking apart, I am really looking forward to the coming year. The preparation may be time-consuming and the evenings themselves may be exhausting, but at the end of the day, I think I can safely speak on behalf of all the leaders when I say that it truly is a great pleasure to work with the boys and see them blossom as they grow up within the Scouting movement. Scouting was a big part of my own youth, it has played (and still does play) an enormous part in the lives of my own boys, and I feel privileged to be in a position to offer some of the same opportunities as were on offer to me and my children, to the cubs who are coming through today. Yours, in Scouting,


Nick Tinsdeall Cub Scout Leader / Akela – Maclean Pack 7th lichfield group annual report 2013/2014


Boswell troop. I cannot believe that I am penning my 3rd annual report for Boswell. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun! 2013 saw Boswell troop go from strength to strength (to strength?) !

Starting the year with little over double figures in attendance each week, we have now grown to 34 Scouts, one SPL, 3 young leaders, 5 regular adult leaders and a further 5 occasional adult leaders, meaning it isn’t uncommon for us to have over 40 people in attendance on any given night! Last year saw us broaden our horizons in regard to the adventurous activities on offer at Boswell. We continued to include all the usual favourites; such as single-track mountain biking, rock climbing, canoeing and kayaking, however there were some excellent new activities added to the mix too. These included falconry, gliding, raft building, ice skating and high-ropes to name but a few with plans afoot to introduce sub-aqua, sailing and archery this time around!

Our year on camp started off with “Ac1vat3”, Johnson troop’s take on the traditional “Back to Basics” camp. Milldale Scout Camp in Cheshire played host to a relaxed, educational but above all fun weekend, culminating with an “inspired” 40 course backwoods banquet that had the Scouts talking for weeks! It was the first of our joint ventures for the year and it proved a real success.

Our first ever “Scout of the Year awards evening” saw Joe Stanton swoop the coveted “Scout of the Year” award, while Josh Clayton won the vote of his peers, claiming the “Scout’s Scout of the Year”. I have named just two of our troop, but would like to offer a huge congratulations to every single member of Boswell for their commitment and achievement throughout this last year. I am extremely proud of you all!

The year continued at a blistering pace, taking in; an action packed activity weekend at the Home of Scouting, Gillwell Park; A weekend climbing mountains in the snow in Snowdonia (there’s an astonishing story about finding a family lurking in the fog at the summit, but you’ll have to ask one of us for more details! Their coats were emblazoned “SuperDry”. Honestly. They weren’t. ); A week camping at the Birthplace of Scouting, Brownsea Island; Our annual survival camp, sleeping in self-built shelters; A weekend’s expedition around the white peaks of Derbyshire; Our yearly excuse to muck about, Starburst; and finally Boswell troop’s inaugural “Christmas Sleepover and Awards Evening”.

I’d like to thank all of our assistant leaders, young leaders, exec committee, parents (and anybody else that I’ve forgotten - sorry) for all your help and support. With such a jam-packed programme, we really couldn’t do it without you!

The first part of 2014 has shown no signs of slowing up either! It is mid-May and we have already embarked on our 3rd camp of the year, with another 10 on offer before the year is out.

Here’s to another great year of Scouting at the 7th. Let’s see if we can make it even better than last year! p.s. Welcome to the family Erasmus! ;o)


Marc Henson Scout Leader - Boswell Troop On behalf of…. The 7th Boswell Leadership team

7th lichfield group annual report 2013/2014


johnson troop.

I feel a great sense of pride in the things that I regularly see our Scouts achieve. When an opportunity arises our young people take it and always do their best. I think B.P. would be proud too if he could see our scouts today.

In the past 12 months we have delved into scouting past, looked into our scouting future and made the most of our scouting present. Last summer we travelled to Buddens Scout camp on the Dorset coast for our annual summer camp. The reason for visiting Dorset was to make a pilgrimage to the home of scouting Brownsea Island. It was an inspiring day for all involved, full of history and great fun too. We went away for 9 days so had plenty of time to fit in other great activities. Scouts jumped off a 13 metre pole on the fan descender, went outdoor climbing, had a day on the beach which became an afternoon at the cinema due to wet weather, we spent time at the waterpark, hiking and everyone found themselves a souvenir to take home fossil hunting at Lyme Regis. The beginning of autumn signalled that it was time for survival camp this time held at Drumhill. They all learnt to build their own bivouac and survived a 24 hour survival exercise after washing up on a desert island. The older scouts headed out to try and find help and bring it back to camp but fell foul of the local maneating triffid plants and ended up abandoned without any leaders for 24 hours. They all survived their ordeal in the woods and wouldn’t you know it they were not that far from camp after all.

Expedition camp took place in October this year. We stayed in 2 barns in the peak district, the scouts walking from one barn to the other. This was a great opportunity for the scouts to test out there navigation. Our oldest scouts were beginning to boast so we thought it best to put there navigation to the test, they were blindfolded and dropped off in a location unknown to them and given a destination to get too. They picked up the gauntlet and did amazingly, getting to their destination with time to spare. Our final weekend camp of 2013 was Starburst in Tunstall. Whilst there scouts had a frosty evening walk, some indoor climbing, a trip to Waterworld and a morning of laser quest. At our Christmas awards ceremony Hawks were awarded the patrol trophy narrowly beating the other patrols. Tom Winwood was awarded our new trophy the Vere Award for contribution to scouting at Johnson. It was a tough choice picking the scouts for all of our awards as they are all great and help to make Johnson unique. Activ8 started us off for 2014 with scouts going “back to basics” cooking on open fires for themselves and stopping in stormhavens. Between all the fire making and camp skills they even found time to fit in some climbing and hunt down Robin Hood’s merry men.

May bank holiday this year saw the team replace our “Energise” camp with the new Mike Andrew Shield competition. A competition where scouts take part in 3 activities Mike Andrew loved; hiking, climbing and mountain biking but are scored on how well they work as a team and how well they challenge themselves. This was the first time we have tried to run an event like this and we knew that it was going to be slightly experimental the first year we ran it while we found the right level of challenge for our scouts. Mike Andrew’s daughter and mother came to camp Monday to present the prize to our first ever winners of the shield team Kinder. We even invested the first Scout into the new section Erasmus. The Scouts, Explorers and Leaders involved all had a great weekend and we can’t wait till next year. Between all of this we have time to squeeze in our action packed programme in the last 12 months scouts have been gliding, kayaking and canoeing, visited a Sikh temple, had a huge snowball fight, competed in our own version of Dragon’s Den, won the swimming gala and had visits from inspiring guests like Stephen Sutton. Our leadership team has seen more changes this year. In the summer Phil Lewis moved to Winchester and has taken on a new scouting role there. Alex Grew has started university at Oxford so we will see a little less of him and wish him all the best with his studies.

We have had some new and old faces join our team as well. Joe Sneddon who was a scout at Johnson came back to the group as a young leader in Autumn and has since taken out an Assistant leaders warrant. Claire Hubbard also joined us an Assistant leader in September and has already bought some fresh ideas to our programme as well as taking on the role of badge administrator. Dave Johnson joins us this term and has lots of outdoors experience he can offer the team. As the group grows our leadership team will alter slightly as Paul, Chris and Ed all move across to our new Scout section Erasmus but we will still be with them on camp and to run some activities. Thank you to everyone who volunteers for Johnson. If you could help out in anyway even if it is just for an hour a term then please let us know. We are proud of the opportunities we provide for the scouts at Johnson but we constantly evaluate our programme and our camps as we wish to do better and better incorporating the views and opinions of the young people we are working for into the activities we plan. Baden Powell called it the Scout Movement because we should never stand still and at Johnson we will always try to move forward.


Simon Hunt Scout Leader - Johnson Troop On behalf of…. The 7th Johnson Leadership team 7th lichfield group annual report 2013/2014


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Caroline Fellows Monday Beaver Leader (Garrick Colony) 07950 183 444 Mark Ridley Tuesday Beaver Leader (Paget Colony) 07778 483 853 Cath Babington Wednesday Beaver Leader (Swinfen Colony) 01543 251 089 Jo Docker Tuesday Cub Leader (Rowallan Pack) 07786 646 400 Nick Tinsdeall Wednesday Cub Leader (Maclean Pack) 01543 262 050 (From September 2014) Richard Talyor Saturday Cub Leader (Somers Pack) 07758 940 990 Marc Henson Monday Scout Leader (Bowsell Troop) 07773 416 775 Simon Hunt Thursday Scout Leader (Johnson Troop) 07966 106 621 Chris Owen Friday Scout Leader (Erasmus Troop) 07891 709 862 Mike Armstrong Chairman 07794 164 926 Adrian Grew Group Scout Leader 07980 886 787 Cath Babington Waiting List Enquiries 01543 251 089

7th Lichfield Scout Hut Ash Grove Lichfield Staffs WS13 6ET 7th lichfield group annual report 2013/2014

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7th Lichfield Scout Group is a registered charity. Our charity number is: 1021870.


7th annual report 2014  

7th Annual Report 2013-14 Welcome to 7th Lichfield Scout Group! The Group, based in Ash Grove, Lichfield, is a thriving Group in the Distric...