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t r o p e r l annua. 2012/13

We believe that through adventure we challenge individuals so that they learn and experience new things that enrich their lives.

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Chairman’s report.

2013 Annual General Meeting - Chairman’s Report

The Scout Group May 2013 sees 7th Lichfield Scout Group enter it’s 52nd year serving the young people of Lichfield and once again I’m pleased to report that we are continuing in the pattern of growth established over recent years. As of Easter Term 2013 we are receiving 154 young people into our sections each week. This represents an increase from 141 in 2011/2012, 137 in 2010/2011, 131 in 2009/2010 and 119 in 2008/2009. Once again, we are working to capacity with some sections well over-capacity. Our waiting list remains healthy and we are regularly turning away new members in all sections. 2013 sees the continuation of the same management team of GSL and Ex-officio executive and this continuity will benefit the Group.

Although the children are the lifeblood of the Group, we clearly cannot function without the generous help freely given by our fantastic team of Leaders, assistants and helpers. As ever I’m sure I speak for us all when I express our gratitude to the 45 strong team of leaders that forms the backbone of our Group. Each week they spend hours of their own time planning amazing activities for your children and mine, making sure those activities form part of a balanced programme that will enrich our children’s lives whilst at the same time ensuring that the young people are challenged yet also kept safe. We are also grateful to all the others without whom the 7th would not be able to function, the small army of sectional helpers and badge ladies, the young leaders, the Exec Committee and officials like the Treasurer and Secretary, the cleaning team and the many volunteers who look after such varied things as maintenance of our HQ, CRB applications, family camp, health & safety, stock keeping, quartermaster, organising pig roasts, grant applications, fundraising, web design, graphic design, maintaining the garden, the list is endless. All these jobs, no matter how small, are crucial to the success of the Scout Group and the volunteers who do them all share one thing in common. They are virtually all parents of children in the Group and they give their time generously and freely.

And when they step down from their roles, they all need replacing - which is where you come in. Remember that ‘doing your bit’ is an essential part of the Scouting community. You don’t have to be a Leader to contribute, there are many roles in the Group and when one of them becomes available please do consider whether that is your opportunity to give a little back.

The Sections

Each young person in the group has had access to a wide and varied choice of exciting activities throughout the year. The accompanying individual section reports give more detail but the Group can be proud of the high standard of adventurous activities that we offer. This year we were very proud of the four 7th Lichfield Scouts (who have since moved on to Explorers) who were part of the team that made up the Kenya Project visit for 2013. They recently returned from Kenya where they made an excellent start to the construction of their orphanage. Their target was to lay 5 courses of blockwork. They exceeded their target handsomely and actually made it up to 9 courses! The summer months will be packed full of fun activities for our young people. These include our regular visits to Manor Park for paddlesports activities as well as Gliding, Caving and Biking among many others.

Merchandise and Apparel

When you are out and about with the 7th you can’t fail to notice how striking the young people all look in their 7th activity t-shirts and Hoodies, in-fact it’s hard to remember how we looked before! Hoodies are an optional purchase but one that has proven to be very popular among the children and adults alike. I’m very grateful for the efforts of Ian Clayton in managing the stock and delivery process of our web-store. It’s fair to say that Ian has been busier than we expected. Since the Web Store opened for business just before Christmas 2011 we have now sold over 130 hoodies. The price points of £12, £13 and £15 make the hoodies incredibly good value for money for such a high quality garment. Replacement T-shirts are available to purchase on our web store - all sizes are £5.

7th Headquarters

Despite feeling that we were almost across the finish line this time last year with the new lease on our premises, we still find ourselves, another year down the line, without a signed lease. This has come about because the new lease is based heavily on the previous one which was made out back in 1991. Our solicitors felt that some of the terms of the lease no longer reflected the way that we run the Scout Group in 2013 and that some of the terms needed to be changed. This process is now in it’s final stages and I am confident that we will have a signed lease within a matter of weeks. I’m grateful to Group members Craig Davies, Kate Pearce and Pickerings Solicitors for their help and guidance. Our long term plan of finding a site on which to build a new bigger better HQ has unfortunately not progressed very much this year. This has been simply due to a lack of time on my part, and because the volunteer that was going to champion this cause was ultimately not able to commit to the task. Because we are clearly going to be remaining in our current HQ for a number of years yet, we have decided to give the HQ something of a facelift. In the next few months you can expect to see a newly decorated and improved entrance hall with a better layout, improved signage and more coat pegs. We are also planning to facelift the main hall and will feature some of the elements of our ‘corporate identity’ such as colours and logos.


Our finances continue to remain in good health as you can see from the accompanying Treasurers report. Our pig roast events raised a very creditable £2,229 and my thanks goes to those of you who volunteered to help with these fundraising activities. We do require a lot of volunteers to run these events and I hope we can look forward to your support over the summer fundraising programme.

We have set money aside to cover the cost of our HQ facelift and a number of other items of capital expense such as an extension for our mess tent, new cooking shelters and pots and pans. We are also replacing our old pig roaster this year. After some 20 years of service, the old machine owes us nothing and it’s replacement, although expensive, will allow us to continue our successful ‘Pig Roasting’ tradition and raise lots of money for years to come. We are hoping to gain some grant funding for this purchase and I’ll let you know how we get on with that in due course. In previous years our accounts have been audited, in line with Charity Commission requirements, by local accountants Dains on a heavily discounted basis. This agreement has now come to an end and I am pleased to report that Mr Philip Burke has volunteered to audit our accounts for the coming year. Mr Burke is a graduate of Economics and Public Administration and has worked in the Lloyds Banking Group for the last 29 years, currently as an Operational Risk Manager. He has also held the position of Treasurer and Chairman in the Round Table and so is familiar with the financial workings of a charitable organisation. Mr Burke will be nominated as Auditor at this years AGM.

The Community

We have maintained our profile in the community by taking part in regular events such as the monthly family service at St Michael’s on Greenhill, the annual St George’s Day and Remembrance Sunday parades and services at the Cathedral. We were also to be seen out and about supporting the Lichfield Bower, helping on the Round Table Santa Float and also helping out at the Lichfield 10K running race.

To Conclude

7th Lichfield Scout Group continues to grow stronger in every way. Our finances are sound, our leadership team is unrivaled, and our membership is steady and committed - we have one of the lowest dropout rates in the country. As a member of 7th Lichfield, whichever way you look at it, you are part of a growing success story and the leadership of the Group will work hard, on your behalf, to ensure that we continue to go from strength to strength.

Mike Mike Armstrong Group Chair m: 07794 164 926 or email:

7th lichfield group annual report 2012/2013


treasurer’s report.

7th Lichfield (St Michael’s) Scout Group Treasurers’ Report Year ended 31st March 2013

1. Subscriptions net of capitation £8,787.00 (last year £8,132.00) We currently have about 150 children in the two Beaver colonies, two Cub packs and two Scout troops. Generally, the subs have flowed in well this year due to the standing order system which is an easy and efficient way to collect the subscriptions.

£30.00 from the £108.00 per child yearly subs is given to each section towards funding their activities.

There is no need to increase subs this year.

Capitation is the cost to the group of being part of the Scouting movement, payable annually to Lichfield District Scout Council, and calculated by reference to the size of the group. This year the figure was £5,285.00, which is in line with last year’s figure of £5,307.00. The overall cost this year was £30.20 per member.

In 2013/14, the amount charged will relate only to the children on roll, there will be no levy on the adult leaders/helpers.

2. Bank Interest Received £7.86 (last year £4.57) Again, due to low interest rates, we earned minimal interest on funds held in our deposit account. 3. Donations Received £1,142.75 (last year £2,134.00) Donations were received from:

Bower Bucket Share Santa Float Donation Various Donations to Johnson

£180.00 £400.00 £532.75

4. Camps & Activities net outgoings £5,360.00 (last year net outgoings £1,345.00) Camps (net outgoings £1,770.00)

This included a number of camps of all styles for Cubs and Scouts troops, 1 Beavers’ camps sleepover the family camp (June 2012) and Johnson’s attendance at a special camp at Kandersteg.

Activities (net outgoings £3,590.00)

This included activities such as visits to places of interest, scuba diving, sailing/kayaking, laser quest, climbing and abseiling in addition to weekly activities at the hut.

5. Fundraising net income £3,476.00 (last year net income £2,688.00) Our two main pig roasts at the Lichfield Festival Market and Whittington Fair remain a good source of income although returns have reduced slightly in recent years. The combined net income from both events was £2,229.00. We have secured our pitch for both events again this year and we would welcome your support to ensure their success.

The AGM and other social events broke even, which is what we would want. We made a donation from the cash receipts to The Kenya Project, in return for their help at events.

Other fundraising income was as follows: EasyFundRaising Boswell Scout Troop shoeshine Johnson Scout Troop bag pack

£31.88 £565.28 £539.21

6. Gift Aid Income £2,949.00 (last year £2,716.00) This was in respect of the gift aid claim for the tax year 2010/11.

Due to reductions in tax rates your taxed pound is not quite so valuable through Gift Aid, but it still represents a good source of additional ‘painless’ revenue.

7. Other Income £238.00 (last year £0) The hut was used as a polling station again this year for which we received £150.00. In addition our other income was £88.50. 8. Premises Expenses £2,919.00 (last year £2,954.00) Headquarters rent and rates costs remained relatively stable. We now have to pay separately for our refuse and recycling collection.

Our electricity costs have increased, but every year we continue to try to find the cheapest tariffs and we switch suppliers as necessary.

We continue to use the Unity Insurance Services Ltd for all our insurance. 9. Donations £40.00 (last year £164.00) We allowed the Kenya Project Scouts/Explorers to staff the barbecues at the George and Dragon and our AGM and they retained the proceeds from each event.

Other donations amounted to £40.00.

10. Admin/Establishment Expenses £348.00 (last year £348.00) We continue to keep our administration and establishment costs to a minimum. 11. Refurbishment £60.00 (last year £2,012.00) We spent very little on hut maintenance in 2012/2013, but we plan to spend on renovating the entrance hall and creating a more corporate feel by re-decorating the hall in the next financial year. 12. Capital Equipment £1,156.00 (last year £2,044.00) Our capital costs relate to the purchase and general maintenance of our equipment. 13. Purchase of Uniforms & Badges £1,703.00 (last year £766.00) We spent in line with our budget on uniforms and badges. 14. Hoodies £839.00 We have purchased and maintain a stock of Hoodies, which continue to be a popular addition to our uniform. 15. Sundry £1,595.00 (last year £1,158.00) Sundry payments included our accountancy fees, training courses, and other general spending. 16. Summary Once again we have come to the year end and find our finances in a very healthy state. We finished the year with £21,252.00 in the bank, compared with an opening balance of £18,672.00 at 1st April 2012. Prudent financial management and a lack of major capital spending accounted for the increase in our funds.

Receipts totalled Payments totalled

£45,876.00 (last year £34,203.00) £38,011.00 (last year £29,542.00)

7th lichfield group annual report 2012/2013


treasurer’s report. The accounts presented at the AGM show receipts and payments of the whole group and will be independently checked before being filed with the Charities Commission. BUDGET FOR 2013/14 A prudent view has been taken of overall income, with only regular fundraising activities included. We hope to re-decorate the hall to reflect our ‘branding’ and to refurbish the entrance. In addition we will be undergoing planned replacements of climbing and watersports equipment. Other than that we have made adjustments to spending to take account of inflation and other increases in costs.

















18,878.33 4









250.00 568.15 167.10 1,624.39 309.72


4 685.20 2,267.95 697.24 4,214.65 2,357.61 10,119.74 305.96


1,526.17 5,216.47


6 7


1,387.25 9


8.61 339.81 11






150.00 88.50

















15 246.00 248.20 1,093.40 8.00




348.42 60.45




742.29 644.96 -











2,972.00 90.00 665.49 31.88 565.28 539.51




1,408.50 1,743.95




440.00 2,345.00 625.00 2,781.00 3,813.00 8,874.33







1,595.60 21,252.75 64,549.68

7th lichfield group annual report 2012/2013


paget & brown beaver colonies.

Once again we’ve had a pretty busy year in Beavers. After last year’s AGM, we had a great (though INCREDIBLY WET!) Jubilee Camp, made all the more enjoyable by the fantastic fireworks and Beacon lighting. Once again, Paget Colony ended the Summer term with the obligatory water fight after being out and about in the wet! (I think it even rained for that!!). Brown had a sadder end, with Tony Martinez, their Beaver Leader deciding to move Groups to the 1st. However, all was not lost as a certain Cath Babington once more stepped up to the plate!

Cath started as she meant to go on, arranging a lovely walk to Whittington Barracks over the Summer Holidays, then it was back to the Autumn Term. Paget were out almost all of the first half of the term (going on walks, Den building with Rowallan Cubs and hunting for Treasure in Saddler’s Woods), while Brown enjoyed some walks out, poppy day with a trip to the remembrance gardens, fireworks and a couple of visitors. We had a sleepover in the middle of October that though a little cold, was definitely drier and great fun, though a little hectic, as it merged into the District Beaver Day for that year! Everyone had a lovely time, though the leaders were all looking a little frazzled at the end of it! November saw us going to the Think Tank, always a favourite where Beavers are concerned. And as usual great competition at the swimming gala where 7th did well winning a shield.

Then of course December meant the Beaver Christmas Party, with a Santa who looked a little familiar... The New Year of course brought us Snow, with Paget Beavers deciding to toboggan over by the Coop rather than play Board Games. The rest of the term was more indoors for Paget, though Brown managed a few outings, but the finale was... Tobogganing at the SnowDome! (which was almost called off, because of the snow!). Finally, after Easter came, the sun finally came out, and as I write this, both Colonies are looking forward to a Beaver Sleepover and a joint Fun Day at Beaudesert. Coming up soon will be another Beaver District Day and then the summer, so lots to be looking forward to for the rest of 2013. Yours, in Scouting,


Riddles (Mark Ridley) BL Paget Beaver Colony


Cath Babington BL Brown Beaver Colony

7th lichfield group annual report 2012/2013


rowallan cub pack.

Rowallan Cubs have enjoyed a wide variety of activities both in The Hut and outdoors which have included:» A Night Hike » Den Building » Ghost Walk » Visit to Whittington Barracks

In addition to this, The Cubs have also achieved their Global Challenge which included learning about how we make electricity and how we are now exploring into more sustainable power; they also learned about steam traction engines. In September, Cubs took part in a camp at Needwood Forest, near Burton, during which they took part in many activities and included a 5-mile hike which they completed successfully and even had energy left over for a game of football. Cubs have also faced various personal challenges which involved building a tower from wine gums!; tossing a caber (Scottish Night); cooking pizza on an open fire and collecting as many points as possible against King Louis and Mowgli during the Christmas Party Laser Quest. The Cubs have also devised their own quiz for the Promise Challenge with incredibly interesting questions.

Rowallan Cubs took part in the Annual District Swimming Gala in November and I am pleased to say won both the Relay and the overall Team Event. We now have the Football Tournament to look forward to as well as various camps, cricket matches, paddle sports and other activities. I would like to say a massive ‘thank you’ to Sarah and Caroline, our Badge Ladies; Ben, James and Sean our Young Leaders and to Mowgli, King Louis, Baghera and Balou for their patience, enthusiasm and many hours of hard work that go into making Rowallan Cubs an exciting and Fun place to spend our Tuesday nights. Yours, in Scouting,


Jo Docker Akela

7th lichfield group annual report 2012/2013


maclean cub pack.

First of all, I would like to say a very big thank you to assistant leaders Jo Hutchison, Pete Stanton, Richard Taylor and Nick Tinsdeall, along with occasional helpers Kev O’Riordan and Helen & Paul Bates, for their overwhelming support and enthusiasm over the past 12 months.

Thanks also to our two Young Leaders, Matt Glass and Sam Ryan for their help and support. In addition, many thanks to our team of badge ladies, Denise Baker, Sharon Weaver, and Rachel Bentley, who help the Cubs with their activity badges. And finally, a very big thank you to Justin Holt, Sue Hall, and Liam Hall who have given up so much of their time over the past few weeks in arranging this year’s AGM Presentation by Maclean Cub Pack. Throughout the past 12 months we have had over 30 cubs in the pack, peaking at 35 for the first two months of this year, which has been quite challenging for the leaders to say the least. However, at the time of writing, we are now down to a more manageable 29 but still some way from the recommended 24.

Along with Tuesday’s Rowallan Cub Pack, we had a weekend camp under canvas at the Oaks Campsite near Shepshed in Leicestershire at the end of June 2012. Then, at the end of September, we camped at Needwood Forest, Burton upon Trent, where the older cubs slept under canvas whilst the younger ones slept indoors. The Camp activities included archery, push-carts, blind trail and a hike as well as the usual wide game and camp fire. In addition to the camps, Maclean Pack’s other outdoor activities on Wednesday evenings have included kayaking and bell boating at Manor Park Sailing Club, Kings Bromley, survival training at Whittington Woods, fire lighting & cooking, various night hikes, a visit to Lichfield Fire Station, and a train trip to Sutton Coldfield’s best chip shop. We have also had excellent turnouts for both the Remembrance Day and St. George’s Day parades through Lichfield City Centre and on to the Cathedral. In May 2012, Maclean Pack were runners up in the District Football competition and came third overall in the District Swimming gala in November.

The cubs have worked hard over the last 12 months by gaining their Creative, Global, Community, and Outdoor Challenge badges. Also, as a pack, we completed the Cyclist and Scientist activity badges. Many thanks to Denise Baker for arranging these activities for the cubs. During the last 12 months, we have had 11 cubs move up to the Scout Troops and I am pleased to report that 10 of these Cubs attained their Chief Scout’s Silver Award (the highest award in the cub section). As you may have heard, after 12 years as a cub leader with the 7th Lichfield and the last 8 years as Akela of Maclean Cub pack, I have decided to finally hang up my woggle and retire. I would like to thank my wife and family for all their support and understanding during this time. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a Cub leader and have many fond memories of events, activities and people within the Scouting community. Yours, in Scouting,


Russ Hall Cub Scout Leader / Akela – Maclean Pack 7th lichfield group annual report 2012/2013


Boswell troop.

Exciting is not the word! In the last 12 months, Boswell Troop has been as active as ever and has changed almost beyond recognition!

We started the year with our annual “Back to Basics” camp at Scarcliff, which was the coldest camp I’ve ever been on, where the Scouts learned all about cooking on open fires without utensils, learned to build bridges and even took in some jousting while there! A great start to the year’s activities! On we marched through the summer, taking part in a myriad of adventurous activities, including single-track mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, outdoor rock climbing and geocaching to name but a few, culminating in our annual survival camp, where 8 intrepid adventurers braved the tropics, the desert and the arctic on a 24 hour survival exercise, armed with nothing more than their knowledge, wits and a very sharp knife!

October brought around some unexpected changes to our troop. After being approached by the District Explorer Unit and after some 21 years with Boswell Troop from lad to leader, Paul Burch made the difficult decision to move on from his role as Scout Leader to take up a new challenge as head of the district D of E scheme, concentrating on his skills and love of expeditions and mountains. It was decided that as Paul seemed to spend EVERY waking hour organising the troop, the best idea would be to take over the leadership reigns as a team. So Mike, Simon and Myself together with Tom Salmon, our ever trusty Young Leader divvied up the duties as best we could and set about our new roles. We started as we mean to go on, with our second week at the helm seeing Boswell, for the 4th successive year, land a whitewash victory at the district swimming gala! The early months of 2013 have been fantastic. We have joined forces with Johnson troop and taken part in many joint camps and activities. The newly forged link between our troops has lead to loads of fun and friendships while also seeing a huge influx of new Scouts to the troop.

Some moving up from cubs and some completely new to Scouting, which all bodes for a really exciting future! We have also seen 2 new arrivals to the leadership team this year. Tom Johnson, an ex outward bound instructor, paediatric nurse and father to two of our group’s younger members has joined us as ASL and James Slater has returned to the 7th from District Explorers as a Young Leader. I’d like to thank all of our leaders, young leaders and everybody else for their help and support. It really is very much appreciated. This last year has been a bit of a shock to the system, but if the rising attendance figures and permasmiles are anything to go by, I think we’re on the right track! Here’s to another great year of Scouting at the 7th!


Marc Henson Scout Leader - Boswell Troop On behalf of…. The 7th Boswell Leadership team

7th lichfield group annual report 2012/2013


johnson troop.

WOW! What a 12 months.

Every year I think the troop cannot get any better than it is. Then, POW, another great year! This year has seen some new challenges and opportunities for our Scouts and they make the leadership team very proud with all the things they achieve. Last summer saw the troop heading off to the International Scout Centre at Kandersteg in Switzerland. Whilst there the Scouts really got stuck in, hiking over mountains, swimming in glacial lakes, tobogganing down valleys, making themselves look silly on stage and making international friends. The Scouts really soaked up the Jamboree-like atmosphere and had a whale of a time. As well as this we have run our usual selection of events through the year but with the occasional twist. In September the troop held its annual survival camp but after an unexpected attack of man-eating llama’s the Patrol leaders were left to fend for themselves in Consall Woods for 24 hours with no tents, cookers or gas (they all survived!). The Scouts all learnt to gut fish, cook without utensils on open fires and build bivouacs and then slept in them overnight. In November’s “Starburst” camp we joined with Boswell Scouts for a fun filled weekend. Scouts from both troops got on swimmingly over the weekend which included a trip to the splash landings waterpark at Alton Towers. They showed great teamwork whilst taking on their widest wide game yet, operation “Poisoned Ivy” and then just to make sure they were worn out before they went home had a morning of sporting activities.

The first camp of 2013 saw us on our “Activ8” weekend. Scouts cooked on open fires all weekend and learnt how to build fires and get them from gas mark 2 to gas mark 6 very quickly! This April saw the first of our, now annual, Mountain Weekends. Older Scouts from Johnson and Boswell teamed up to climb Cadair Idris, an 853 metre high mountain in Snowdonia National Park. The weather on the day was just what you would expect on a mountain. There was snow on top, it was cold, low visibility, strong winds and very, very wet but it did not stop them from reaching the top. You could see it was worth every step by the sense of achievement written all over the Scouts faces at the bottom. All that went have asked to go again but with one proviso... we go in June. Just recently at the Troop “Energise” camp at Gilwell Park, UK Scout Association National Headquarters, the Scouts made us all very proud with the amount of progress they have all made in the last 12 months. All the patrols at Energise cooked a 3 course meal on a fire with very little help from leaders and it was all edible. Many of the Scouts faced their fears climbing 10 metres up to the leap of faith, high all aboard or on the 3G swing. Whilst there we even crammed in a bit of Scouting history, it is the home of Scouting after all and will prepare the Scouts well for the summer visit to Brownsea Island where Scouting was born.

It seems we have much to be proud of at Johnson. Our Scouts came 2nd in the county incident hike in March. Cobra patrol became the first to win the patrol of the year trophy at Christmas and two of our Young Leaders, Tom Winwood and Ben Churchill, flew off to Kenya in April to help build an orphanage. The past year has seen further changes to our Leadership team. Phil Glass and Chris Owen left us for university last September but they both still hope to return and help out when they can. To fill those big boots we found another Phil, Phil Lewis who has joined us as a section assistant and is getting thoroughly stuck in. Josh Plimmer has been an assistant leader with the troop for 3 years and his help has always been appreciated. Josh has got himself a job in the big city and so will be able to help us out less often going forward. We wish him all the best in his new career! Sadly, the Troop lost a great man, Mike Andrew, this month. Mike gave a lot of his time to the Scouts in Johnson troop as a helper and had lots of knowledge and experience to share. The troop has lost a dear friend.

The Scouts held a Scouts own where we had a 1 minute silence at camp in his memory and reflected on Mike’s contributions to the troop and why he meant so much to us before reflecting on how we should move forward as Mike would wish while a short poem was read. The troop leadership team does continually look forward to how we can improve and do better for our Scouts. We will continue to provide amazing new experiences and reinvigorate old ones in our balanced programmes so that we do our best for the Scouts. Thank you to all the volunteers that help to make Johnson truly great. I don’t think Johnson Troop can get any better but I bet I will be wrong!


Simon Hunt Scout Leader - Johnson Troop 07966 106 621 / 01889 620 777 On behalf of…. The 7th Johnson Leadership team 7th lichfield group annual report 2012/2013


keep in touch.

Mike Armstrong Chairman 07794 164 926 Adrian Grew Group Scout Leader 07980 886 787 Cath Babington Waiting List Enquiries 01543 251 089

Mark Ridley Tuesday Beaver Leader (Paget Colony) 07778 483 853 Cath Babington Wednesday Beaver Leader (Brown Colony) 01543 251 089 Jo Docker Tuesday Cub Leader (Rowallan Pack) 07917 768 793 Russ Hall Wednesday Cub Leader (Maclean Pack) 01543 253 273

Marc Henson Monday Scout Leader (Bowsell Troop) 07773 416 775 Simon Hunt Thursday Scout Leader (Johnson Troop) 07966 106 621

7th lichfield group annual report 2012/2013

21 o . d l e fi h c i l www.7th

7th Lichfield Scout Group is a registered charity. Our charity number is: 1021870.


7th Annual Report 2012-13  

Welcome to 7th Lichfield Scout Group! The Group, based in Ash Grove, Lichfield, is a thriving Group in the District. We have over 140 young...

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