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bekah fox

Senior Bekah Fox reveals the songs that make her tick and how they do it.

non-celebrity playlist Scott Pollenz staff writer

WhenYou Look Me In the Eyes – The Jonas Brothers “The JoBros are so hot and this song is really sweet. “ Watching Airplanes – Gary Allen “I love Gary Allen and this is one of his best songs.” Just Fine – Mary J. Blige “This is one of the only songs I dance in my underwear to.” Be Still – Story Side B “This song always helps me through the hard times in my life.” Listen – Beyonce from Dream Girls “I love Dreamgirls and this song just makes me feel so strong and the song is really powerful.” Hollywood’s Not America – Ferras “It makes a good point, there is more to life than empty games.” Maneater – Nelly Furtado “A hot song I listen to when I work out.” I Told You So – Keith Urban “The song that defines my relationship.”


Get Up – Ciara ft. Chamillionaire “It is from my favorite movie, Step It Up, and it is great to dance to.” Yellow – Coldplay “My Ben song, it reminds me of my relationship.” Picture To Burn – Taylor Swift “It’s a really funny song that makes me happy.” Broken – Lifehouse “It totally describes the last couple months of my life.” Addicted – Kelly Clarkson “Another hot song, it is kinda dark but I like it.” Without Love – Hairspray “A great song to wake up to and it has a great message.” Lipgloss – Lil’ Mama “Makes me laugh and reminds me of my boyfriend.” A Time For Yohe – Between the Trees “My friend recommended it and I really liked it.” Lemonade – Chris Rice “Reminds me of one of the best days I have ever had.” Kiss From A Rose - Seal “This song is so sexy and I love it.”

Dancing plays integral parts in student, teacher’s lives Cassie Cooler staff writer

Love can be defined as a deep passion for someone or something. It has been discovered that two women here at school share a common love or passion that many others have shared before them and will share after them. “I’ve been dancing ever since I was kid; I used to be president of a modern dance club when I was in high school, but I also did clogging and I went international with clogging. I just really enjoy dancing,” Briana Metcalf said. Metcalf, a math teacher, has enjoyed her dancing over the years and didn’t mind telling all about it. “It [dancing] started out in high school as something I enjoyed doing. It was a club, and just like FFA or something like that, you get started and it’s engrained in you,” Metcalf said, “It’s fun.” Sophomore Yohamna Rodriguez feels the same way as Metcalf does. “I salsa dance because it’s fun and it’s part of my culture,” Rodriguez said. “My mom pushed me into it; I had done every type of dancing so she said I should try salsa.” Salsa dancing originated in the Caribbean, mostly influenced by Cuba and Puerto Rico. By the 1960’s anyone could be found dancing to these blended steps. Salsa dancing has changed over the years, but it is sure to always be a dance of a lifetime and a passion to many. Other dances like swing, ballroom, etc. have also made their way into society becoming memorable dances for those who enjoy it. “We represented the United States when we won international. W e

went to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxemburg, Lichtenstein, and a just a few other places like that. We went aboard several ships and clogged. We preformed for big shows like Hank Williams Jr., and the Jugs. We would go and open up the show and then they would take it from there,” Metcalf said as she talked about dancing in her youth. Rodriguez has been dancing since she was little, but only until two years ago did she join a team. “There are about twenty people on the team, people try out every year, and we have fliers that we pass out when the season comes,” Rodriguez said, “The whole group teaches every type of dancing, but salsa is one of my favorites.” Unlike Rodriguez who dances with her team, Metcalf chooses to dance alone. “I do it by myself. One of

the places, the Rhapsody, actually has lessons and the others have dances that you can do after an hour worth of lessons, at the Rhapsody I just go there for the lessons,” Metcalf said. Rodriguez practices on Saturdays and Tuesdays and participates in competitions. “You have to learn the first seven steps to salsa dance and it’s not hard once you get it down,” Rodriguez said, “I was doing the lift with my partner once, but when he picked me up by my legs I fell really hard on the ground, but it was great when we got it down.” Rodriguez also aspires to attend Juilliard one day. “Dancing is my life,” Rodriguez said, “and it will be for the rest of it.”


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Jack Johnson

Sleep Through The Static

Singer-songwriter Jack Johnson released his much-anticipated fifth album earlier this year titled “Sleep Through The Static.” The Hawaiian-born surfer-turned-musician, known for his mellow acoustic tones, released his most different album with the promise of a slightly different sound and theme. The first single off the album, “If I Had Eyes,” released about a month before the rest of the CD, is an excellent continuation of the tone from his previous album “In Between Dreams.” The rest of the album, however, has a distinctly different feel to it than previous Johnson works. The first thing noticed when listening is the fact that the pace of the album is incredibly slow. Not that Johnson is known for his fast paced beats, but this album, more than any previous one, is one to listen to in a relaxed environment. Another thing to notice is the distinctly political nature of the CD. Many of the tracks have a distinct pacifist, society-questioning overtone to them. Overall “Sleep Through the Static” and its mellowed out sound serves as an excellent vessel for a momentary removal from reality, ironically with some of the “realest”music around. >>Brian Harris

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead Playing at the current Jobsite Theater in the Performing Arts Center of Tampa, the play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead is Tom Stoppard’s take on what went on behind the scenes of Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. Filled with witty fast paced dialogue, the audience is immediately drawn to the characters and their comical demeanor throughout the play. Because the theater is relatively small, the stage provides a very intimate setting in which the audience grasps the ambiance of the play in its totality. Rosencrantz, who is the philosopher, is balanced by his whimsical other half, Guildenstern. Both characters are bound within the limits of the play. The players also add to the sexual undertone that helps to target the adolescent age group. Overall the cast and the director captured the comical and powerless nature of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern that truly complements the work of Stoppard. >>Brielle Guta

Forgetting Sarah Marshall It all started about three and a half years ago, with the movie about a middle-aged man trying desperately to fit in with his raunchy electronic store friends. After that came the awkwardly cute tale of an accidental pregnancy and an accidental love story. Then, last year we were introduced to McLovin and his adventures with his terribly teenage friends. Now the writers and costars of “The 40 Year Old Virgin,” “Knocked Up,” and “Superbad” have blessed us with their fourth vulgarly cute motion picture: “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” The movie is set in one of the unfair times of anyone’s life, trying to get over the person who just broke up with you. The first scene sets the mood for the rest of the movie when the lead actor (Jason Segel) gets out of his shower to find his girlfriend waiting for him. She breaks up with him while naked and the audience cringes at the four or five half-second views of a naked man, who is, by the way, crying. The reason comedies like these can get away with such crude jokes and uncomfortable love stories is that in the end, they are too honest to ignore. >>Alekos Zambrano

Changing of the Guard - Volume 6, Issue 7  

Front Page Story: New Principal Chris Farkas is to replace reitiring principal Richard Bartels. Original Publication Date: May 6, 2008

Changing of the Guard - Volume 6, Issue 7  

Front Page Story: New Principal Chris Farkas is to replace reitiring principal Richard Bartels. Original Publication Date: May 6, 2008