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THRUSTERS LOUNGE 4633 Mission Blvd. San Diego, CA 92109 858-483-63 34 Winter Hours 5pm - 2am

The craft drink movement has followed an ubiquitous slow food movement and despite various cliché terms and macro breweries trying to seem “local” there is a net gain for the food and drink community. In contrast to the declining domestic beer market, the craft beer movement is growing at a 11% annual clip. This is impressive considering the Craft Beer percentage of the overall beer market is only 7%. There are 62 micro breweries in San Diego, arguably the most in the country, but Portland likely holds the lead. However, only 20% of San Diego’s draft handles are from these microbreweries, compared to over 50% for Portland. Put a bird on it.




“In 1999 when I opened Thrusters, We rocked flannels and pushed Humbolt Hemp Nectar Ale onto the taps. It didn’t move... Today, seems both flannels and brown craft ales are in style, which is rad.”

Thrusters Lounge is in its 14th year of business, and like all things, has grown up (a bit). Stone IPA outsold their light beers in 2012, that should tell you something about the evolving tastes and demographic of the beach area. (PBR tall boys still strong in top 3 however. Thrusters hopes to lead the way with the largest beach area selection of draft microbrews. They now carry 44 beers on draft. “One for each of our Yelp reviews that says to ‘go to Dirty Birds’. In all seriousness, we are excited for our new draft system. “

The crew at Thrusters recently finished an educational seminar with Dr. Bill , the craft beer ambassador and certified beer cicerone’ (the equivalent of a beer sommelier) from Stone Gardens Bistro. Dr. Bill walked them through the methods and history of beer making, microbrewery statistics (see above), all the way through the difference in taste, pour, ABV, glassware, and experience of their vast micro brew line up. Come experience their new line up for yourself.


Rated the #1 BEST BEER IN THE WORLD at A HUGE Imperial Stout with an impressive 12% alcohol content. As if that’s not enough, pounds of coffee were added to the batch for a little extra kick. QUALITIES: Aged in Bourbon barrels, Jet Black, with an off-white head. Starts with a strong coffee and dark chocolate sensation, then fades to a multitude of toasty, roasty and caramel malt flavors. Clean and crisp, full- bodied. Warmth from the high alcohol content lightens up the feel. You won’t fool your taste buds - this beer is HUGE!

“We’d be honored to have you. And if you like what you see, you’ll love what we have coming soon to Normal Heights..... “

Alc. 12.0%

Thrusters owner and craft beer guru Nicholas Zanoni. photos: Jon Tiffin



5401 Linda Vista Rd. Suite #406 San Diego, CA 92110 Serving brewers for 21 years now. From simple starter kits, to advanced all grain brewing systems. Pictured is a serious kit for draft home brewing. Everything is included to brew five gallons of beer and serve it up via your own draft system. How cool is that? For advanced and novice home brewers alike.


2215 30th St. South Park 92104 (619) 501-3342 If you’re a stone fan, you’re gonna love this spot. Fill up a Growler from the huge selection of Stone Brews fresh from the tap. The prices are great for tasters & refills, and the weekly special releases are a great reason to venture into South Park. The Store is also stocked with bottles, 6packs, and merchandise.


3176 Thorn St. North Park 92104 Dennis O’Connor teamed up with avid home brewers and fellow San Diego natives Dan Carrico and Eric O’Connor to transform the former home brew shop into Thorn Street Brewery. Mission accomplished. Deff worth a trip to North Park to sample their great selection of Craft Beers. Check the site for upcoming food trucks & events. www.


4150 Mission Blvd, #208 92109 (858) 270-5222 Owners Alex & JC along with CY run the threebarrel craft microbrewery located at California Kebab & Beer Garden in the Promenade. Try the Electrocution IPA, Leggy Blonde, Pig Nose Pale Ale or Little Big Muff. Alc. 6 - 13% WOW. Make sure to eat some of their tasty Kebabs. Great locals hangout scene for a brew with a view.


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Revolt In Style Magazine  

Action sports, music, travel, gear, spring break 2013, spring snow 2013, Interviews with Ian Walsh, Aaron Gold, Chris Warning, DJ Chris Cutz...