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Fact 1: The Thruster three fin surfboard design is often credited to Australia’s Simon Anderson. Since then, this third fin has been helping surfers to absolutely kill it. Since 1999, Thrusters Cocktail Lounge has adopted the name for their intimate and classic cocktail lounge in Pacific Beach. Inside Thruster’s you’ll find a mixture of deep comfy booths and ample barstool seating. Dark wood columns and beams, merge with artistic and vintage skateboard and surf paraphernalia and street art. Thrusters Lounge is a full entertainment venue, offering DJ’s, bands, and dancing nightly. Thrusters Lounge also offers, all NFL, NCAA, College Football packages, and more, on 12 HD plasma screens. Thrusters offers a selection of 44 local, micro, and blue collar beers on draft, a large selection of Craft Bottled Beer, good old fashioned canned beer, as well as their own specialty drinks. FACT 2: Thrusters is the only establishment listed under bars/pubs certified by the Green Restaurant Association, and has been since 1999, when they opened. Thrusters owner Nick Zanoni has stated that this was his personal preference, since most patrons have no knowledge of their certification. The process of being certified is involved and expensive: establishments cannot use styrofoam, and must agree to make four new environmentally conscious decisions each year. At this point, Thrusters has completed about sixteen steps including water and energy conservation, a recycling program, and using products that are non-toxic to the environment. The next step for the lounge is to replace their cleaning products with ones more environmentally friendly. In addition to the certification, Thrusters has been involved with other events to raise environmental awareness, including beach clean-ups and the Green Drinks program. FACT 3: In 2005, Zanoni’s hospitality portfolio expanded when he began spending time in Athens, Georgia, the birthplace of his grandmother. That same year, he co-founded Settebello Restaurant Group, and opened Farm 255. Farm 255 is recognized as one of the first restaurants of its kind in the country to source its ingredients almost exclusively from its own farms and other small-scale sustainable farms in the area. Characterized by its alternative business model, Farm 255 has been honored with recognition by leading organizations such as Slow Food International, the Glynwood Institute, and Chefs Collaborative. Farm 255 has received national attention from outlets such as Food & Wine Magazine, The Atlanta Journal Constitution and Southern Living and is featured in the recently released documentary film “The Greenhorns.” FACT 4: Investor in Noah Johnson’s The Progress Project. Noah’s the man.

Thrusters Owner and craft beer aficionado Nick Zanoni, Zen-like, contemplating his next big move. Check out the ad on page 11 - Photo Jon Tiffin

FACT 5: During 2007-2009 Nick owned the Pacific Bean Coffee shop on Garnet by the pier. Set up Pacific Beach’s first CSA out of the shop from Tierra Miguel farms in Escondido and dropped off extra food shares at the Lutheran and Methodist meal halls once a week. Unfortunately the Farm was sold. But now we have the farmer’s market in large part to boys over at ShoreClub!



8830 Rehco Rd. Suite D San Diego, CA 92121 This tasting room has style and substance. We suggest starting with the Eraser IPA (owner Jeff Silver’s favorite) and their surprisingly full flavored Amber Ale. Move up to their barrel aged Emboozlement Trippel, and the the barrel aged “Freudian Slip” is a real treat.


6550 Mira Mesa Blvd. San Diego, CA 92121 Their 4,000 square foot tasting room is home to 30 taps featuring favorite their front line beers, including the Imperial IPA & the award winning Le Freak Ale. Satiate your palate and keep your taste buds dancing. Their moto: We take craft brewing very seriously. Believe it!


9550 Distribution Ave Mira Mar CA 92121 Josh Landan and Mikey Taylor had a dream. With a little help from their pro athlete friends, they are now living the dream. Newly opened tasting room is home to three great brews with more on the way. Yiga Miyashiro as Director of Brewing Operations is a good sign these guys are here to stay.


8262 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Kearny Mesa CA 92111 When Douglas Constantiner and Travis Smith decided to leave their brewing jobs in 2010 to create a brewery of their own.... it was pure genius. At the recent 2013 San Diego International Beer Festival: Butcher took Gold, Apprentice took Silver & the Harlot took Bronze. They favor India pale ales and Belgian-inspired concoctions

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Summer 2013 - Revolt Summer Surf Series - Ben Wilkinson - Wes Agee - Summer Gear Guide -Music, Brews & Food Reviews - plus much, much, more....

Revolt In Style Magazine  

Summer 2013 - Revolt Summer Surf Series - Ben Wilkinson - Wes Agee - Summer Gear Guide -Music, Brews & Food Reviews - plus much, much, more....