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KRISZTA DOCZY An interview with Albie Thoms DAVID PERRY Experimental Films PETER TAMMER Triptych PAUL WINKLER Vol.1 à vol.6

ÉTIENNE O’LEARY Films 1966-1968 SOLOMON NAGLER Cinéma Des Ruines CONTRE-OEIL Peripheries Of The Kinetic

LINDA CHRISTANELL The Nature of Expression JORDAN BELSON 5 Essential Films ROBERT SEIDEL Projections, installations and films VARIOUS ARTISTS Visual Music,1947-1986

VALIE EXPORT 3 Experimental Short Films KURT KREN Structural Films MARTINA KUDLACEK Notes on Marie Menken MANFRED NEUWIRTH (ma) Trilogy MICHAEL PILZ Facts for Fiction JOZEF ROBAKOWSKI The Energy Manifesto !

JAMES BENNING California Trilogy

HANS SCHEUGL The Seconds Strike Reality


GRANULAR SYNTHESIS Remixes for Single Screen

D.HUILLET & J-M.STRAUB Klassenverhältnisse

PETER WEIBEL Depiction is a crime

DZIGA VERTOV -Šestaja cast’ mira Odinnadcatyj -Entuziazm

KENNETH ANGER The Magick Lantern Cycle

GERMAINE DULAC La Coquille et le Clergyman

JONAS MEKAS The Major Works of Jonas Mekas Vol.1

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