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Film is a Mystery


I/68 Dinge 1968, 16mm, 8' II/69 Kunsthalle 1969, 16mm, 6' III/71 Aktionen 1971, 16mm, 15' XIV/82 Filme 1982, 16mm, 21' XV/84 Vogelhaus 1984, 16mm, 9' XVI/84 Fenster III 1984, 16mm, 4' XXVII/03 Filmmaker's afternoon 2003, 16mm, 6' XIX/88 4x8 1988, 16mm, 3' Movimenti II/90 1990, 16mm, 3' XVII/85 Projektionen 1985, 16mm, 8' Objekte (Flickerfilm) 2017, 16mm, 3' Personae (Drei Generationen) 2017, 16mm, 4' XX/88 Pelczyn 1988, 16mm, 12' IX/75 Schlachthof 1975, 16mm, 20' X/78 Rheinhafen 1978, 16mm, 12' Rom 70/71 1970-71, Super-8, 20' XXII/90 Wolf-Passerelle 1990, 16mm, 6' XVIII/85 Untergrund 1985, 16mm, 5'

They are neither properly “structural” or “objective,” or generically “poetic.” They combine both modes, lyrical and descriptive, through their structural formal approach to personally charged recorded material.

Grâce à un traitement structurel ils combinent les deux modes – lyrique et descriptif – avec un investissement personnel dans le matériau filmé. Adam Szymczyk 44 / Editions

Schmeerguntz 16mm, 1966 15’ My name is Oona 16mm, 1969 10’ Take Off 16mm, 1972 10’ Moons Pool 16mm, 1973 15’

[Nelson’s] first experimental collages created in the late sixties seem to be moved by a wild state of mind. She “tinkers”; the images and sounds are made up of many related fragments that follow a very personal system of signification. Familial, social or cultural daily life becomes the concrete material of her explorative work. Julie Savelli

Les premiers collages expérimentaux réalisés à la fin des années soixante, semblent animés par une forme sauvage de la pensée. Elle « bricole » : les images, les sons sont autant de fragments disparates mis en dialogue selon un système personnel de signification. Ce quotidien, qu’il soit familial, social ou culturel, devient le matériau concret d’un travail exploratoire. Julie Savelli