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The Brig

Short Film Works

The Brig 16mm, 1963, 65’

“The Brig is a raw slice of new American cinema filmed on an off-Broadway stage by Jonas and Adolfas Mekas with such brutish authenticity that it won a Venice festival grand prize as best documentary. Part drama, part polemic, with shockwave sound and nightmare air that suggests Kafka with a Kodak, the movie does exactly what it sets out to do – seizes an audience by the shirtfront and slams it around from wall to wall for one grueling day in a Marine Corps lockup.” Time magazine, September, 1964

« Huit prisonniers et presque autant de gardiens dans un réduit minuscule. Sur le sol, des lignes blanches peintes ici et là, et chaque fois qu’un prisonnier arrive devant une de ces lignes, il doit demander la permission de la franchir, en criant le plus fort possible. » Cahiers du Cinéma, octobre 1964

Cassis 16mm, 1966, 4’ Notes on the Circus 16mm, 1966, 12’ Hare Krishna 16mm, 1966, 4’ Report from Millbrook 16mm, 1965-66, 12’ Time and Fortune Vietnam Newsreel 16mm, 1968, 4’ Travel Songs 16mm, 1967-81, 25’ Quartet Number One 16mm, 1991, 8’ Imperfect Three-Image Films 16mm, 1995, 6’ Song of Avignon 16mm, 1998, 5’ Mozart, Wien & Elvis 35mm, 2000, 3’ Williamsburg Brooklyn 16mm, 1949-2002, 15’

This compilation of short film works brings together Jonas Mekas’ many forms of expression throughout his career. At times funny, subversive, provacative, ironic, and fundamentally free.

On retrouve dans cette compilation de court-métrages tout le génie du réalisateur, tour à tour drôle, subversif, cocasse, ironique, fondamentalement libre.

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