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MARIE LOSIER The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Laye & Felix in Wonderland

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The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jane 72’, 16mm, 2011 Felix in Wonderland 52', 16mm, HD, 2021 Papal Broken-dance 6’, super-8&16mm, 2009 Flying Saucey! 11’, 16mm, 2006 Lunch Break on the Xerox Machine 3', 16mm, 2003 Blessing of the Animals 2’, 16mm, 2002 The Touch Retouched 5’, video, 2002 Taxidermisez-moi 11’, 16mm, 2021 Which is Witch? 6’, 16mm, 2020 Draw Me Now 5’, 16mm, 2018 Waltz Me Trust Me 3’, 16mm, 2016 Electric Storm 5', 16mm, 2021

Everyday life was transformed into a kind of show, something theatrical. I think this is where life and documentary come together, without being forced. I learned from some of the most extravagant people.

La vie quotidienne se transformait en une sorte de spectacle, en quelque chose de théâtral. Je pense que c'est là que la vie et le documentaire se rejoignent, sans aucune contrainte. Les personnes les plus extravagantes m'ont beaucoup appris. Marie Losier

L’Oiseau de la Nuit 2016, 20’ Bim, Bam, Boom, las Luchas Morenas! 2014, 13’ Alan Vega, Just a Million Dreams 2014, 16’ Byun, Objet Trouvé 2012, 7’ Slap the Gondola! 2010, 15’ Manuelle Labour 2007, 10’ Eat My Make-up! 2005, 6’ Electrocute Your Stars 2004, 8’ Bird Bath and Beyond 2003, 13’ The Ontological Cowboy 2005, 16’

Marie Losier is the most effervescent and psychologically accurate portrait artist working in film today. Her fi lms wriggle with the energy and sweetness of a broken barrel full o’sugar worms!!! No one makes pictures like Marie, Edith Sitwell’s inner Tinkerbell!!! Aucun cinéma d’aujourd’hui n’égale l’effervescence et l’acuité psychologique des portraits de Marie Losier. Ses films débordants d’énergie sont aussi pétillants et sucrés qu’un baril de bonbons acidulés !!! Personne ne fait du cinéma comme Marie, la Fée clochette intérieure d’Edith Sitwell !!! Guy Maddin

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